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Datre answers Gerardus.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Gerardus and his first question is… “You have told us that your group lives in the big universe, as you call it. Is this “area” beyond the energy of consciousness?”

DATRE: Yes it is. It is beyond the area of consciousness, as you know it. The consciousness the you have within the physical construct is strictly for your body use – we don’t have bodies; it would not be anything we could use.

We have more, what you would call, an ‘awareness’. But, our ‘awareness’ would be different than your ‘awareness’, because of that which you call body and we who have no body. So, there is a distinct difference, because functioning without a body cannot be explained because you have nothing you can equate it to. All you can equate to is ‘physicality’ and anything related to physicality. Even that which you call ‘out-of-body’ experiences are still related to physicality. That which you call ‘death’ is related to physicality. You see, everything that you would experience, in this construct, is related to physicality. Continue.

JOHN: And he goes on with… “Is there more than Consciousness in the Universe?”

DATRE: Very definitely! You see, consciousness is… well lets put it this way. You’re all wanting to go out into the big Universe – eventually. Whether you do it through this physical experience ‘this’ time or the next time or ten thousand years from now, or whatever numbers you want to put on it, that is the evolutionary drive, is to be out there. It gives you something to strive for. So, let’s put it this way… in functioning in physicality, you have been given a new bicycle with training wheels. What you’re trying to do is become proficient enough at riding the bicycle, to be able to take off the training wheels.

Now, there are those that will say, ‘I know that I don’t belong in this… in physicality, that I have an awareness of having been someplace else’ or whatever. There are those that have that remembrance. The thing is, they’re striving for that again. But, many loose sight of what is ‘here’ for you to learn, because that’s what you came here for.

But, consciousness is something that you’re using now. Consciousness, as you proceed in your evolution, will turn into ‘awareness’ – which is a different ‘type’ of understanding than consciousness. Awareness works from an entirely different principle. You will reach a certain stage in your evolution where you’ll begin to notice a distinct ‘difference’ and you will begin to work from the point of ‘awareness’. That will change your life considerably. That does not mean that the consciousness that’s within the physical construct is not going to be there, but you will function more and more without it and ‘develop’ awareness. Continue.

JOHN: He continues with… “Is there Life beyond Consciousness?”

DATRE: Very definitely! If that were not true, then we would not be here to speak to you. You see there’s a difference between Consciousness and MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and all ‘other’ different kinds of consciousness. But, that is only a physical construct that you work with. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “What is consciousness? Is it a certain Energy with a certain range of vibration?”

DATRE: No, it is something that was put into the bodily construct. In your development of your physical construct, many things were introduced into the physical body. When you worked beyond the point of a ‘cloned’ reality, that’s when consciousness was introduced. This is stretching the statement a little bit far, but look at consciousness as a ‘connection’ between ‘you’ and your Entity.

In other words, that which you call consciousness is that portion of you that is connected to the YOU that ‘you’ are and allows you to explore different realities through your ‘Aspect’ selves. It is your means of connection to your ‘Aspects’ by way of the YOU that ‘you’ are.

You can only access other realities that contain some of your ‘Aspects’. If you do not have an ‘Aspect’ in a reality, you can not go there. All three (‘you’, the YOU that ‘you’ are and your ‘Aspects’) are greater when these connections are made, but not ‘less’ in not having these experiences. You cannot be ‘less’, but you can be ‘more’.

Consciousness is such an integral part of your bodily construct that you could not function without it. In other words, even in that which you call ‘death’, you still carry that with you. That is a ‘part’ of physicality. Continue.

JOHN: His next question asks… “Would it be to our advantage to ingest the so called White Gold or Etherium Gold powders as most likely was done by the Elite in the past?”

DATRE: Those decisions are strictly up to you as an individual. That is something concerning your body and what you do with your body is entirely up to you ‘and’ your body.

When you begin to ‘realize’ that you and your body are two separate constructs and work together as a ‘team’, you can ask your body if it ‘wants’ and you will get a feeling within – yes or no. As you continue, some day the body will even speak back to you. But, at this point it will be a ‘feeling’ that you have whether its ‘right’ for you or ‘wrong’ for you. Your body knows what it ‘needs’ and what it wants. But, that is one thing that most people don’t do anything about. ‘Oh, I’m hungry, I think I’ll have a hamburger’. Is that what your body wants? Ever think about ‘asking’ the body? Maybe the body would rather have something else – after all ‘its’ the one being fed, not ‘you’. But, because it’s simple to jump into the car and get a hamburger, that’s what you think about or whatever you get. ‘Well, I think I’d like’. But, is it what the body likes?

See, the body definitely has ideas of what it wants – especially now, when so many changes are taking place within the bodily construct.

You see, you figure that you read an article someplace and it says, ‘for this, this and this, you need such and such a vitamin’ or ‘you need such and such a medication’. ‘Well, I’ve got those symptoms, so therefore I must need this or I must need that or I must need something else’. But, if you got to the point of asking the body, the body would tell you.

So, I’m sure that all of the medications that peoples are taking now, the body is saying, ‘what are you giving that to me for now, when I’m trying to make adjustments? And you’re stuffing me with all this medication that I don’t want. You’re shutting off a lot of the things that I’m trying to do.’

Your body is ‘carbon based’ at the present time. You are in the process of changing ‘this’ body into a “silica” based body. Now, where do you get “silica” from in your body? You get it in your sinus cavities. That’s what all this ‘sinus’ business is about. And yet, ‘oh, my sinuses are bothering me, I’ll go take a pill and I’ll feel better’. What you’ve said to the body is, ‘I’m running the show, and I’m shutting you down’. The thing is, that just compounds the problem. You need to allow the body its freedom to ‘make’ the changes – you all want to make changes, you all want to evolve. But the body is ‘evolving’ too. The body has ‘it’s’ evolution, you have ‘your’ evolution, but if you work as a ‘team’ it sure works a lot better.

So, if you want to take something, ask the body if it wants it. That’s your best answer. You see your ‘teacher’ is your body. Now, ‘you’ are to train the body in many areas and work ‘with’ the body, but don’t ‘shove’ things at the body that the body doesn’t want. Continue.

JOHN: And his final question is… “Is it indeed possible to feed our body a certain form of matter and reach a state of awareness that would propel us into the Fifth Dimension making our body invisible to third dimensional life?”

DATRE: No, there is not. Now, that is within the bodily construct that can be developed. But, you have to have a certain amount of ‘awareness’ to be able to develop anything like that. It would not be to your advantage, to take a ‘pill’ and be able to become ‘invisible’ on this planet. Have you thought what would happen if you did such a thing? You’re still ‘here’. You’re still viable in a physical construct, even if you are ‘invisible’ to others on this planet and you walk across the street and get hit by a car, and you’re dead, because they could not ‘see’ you. But, where have you gone? You’ve gone no place but to the dead zone.

You see invisibility, living in this construct, is not anything that’s feasible.

JOHN: Invisibility does not change your ‘viability’.

DATRE: Not one bit. Absolutely not. The only time that you can change anything is when you’re to the point of ‘awareness’ where you know ‘what’ you’re doing. There are those that ‘can’ make themselves invisible. But, they do it with discretion. They do it for very short periods of time. They do it under circumstances where they know the physical construct is safe. But, that comes from ‘knowing’ what they’re doing. It isn’t something that you can take a ‘pill’ for. It is a process of ‘evolution’. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last question.

DATRE: All right, we thank you, we are Datre.


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