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Datre answers Mahrouk.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Mahrouk and his first comment is… “Quote from Datre: “Body you reside in is a robot. And ‘you’ are the manipulator of the ‘robot’. Where the difference comes in, is the body has its own intelligence and ‘you’ inhabiting the body have your own intelligence and many times there’s a great fight between what ‘you’ want the body to do and what the body wants to do”.

“Datre I don’t understand this statement. If the body is a machine, a robot that is manipulated by me, then where does the fight come in?”

DATRE: The ‘fight’ comes in, in that the body has it’s own intelligence. In other words, the body works on an entirely different principle, in that the ‘cells’ of your body are intelligent. All the functions… when you stop and think that you do not have to ‘tell’ the insides of your body ‘how’ to function. You don’t have to tell the throat ‘how’ to swallow every time you swallow – you don’t think about it. You don’t think of… after the food goes through the throat, and you’ve swallowed it – what happens to the food? Who makes the decision as to what food is taken in different places and what is done with it? You don’t do that, that’s the body’s intelligence.

The body works the heart. You don’t have to sit and say, beat, beat, beat, beat. You don’t pay any attention to your heart. The digestive system works on its own. The liver, the kidneys, the glands, everything within your body. You don’t have to tell your eyes to blink, to keep moisture on them so they don’t get dry. That is the body’s intelligence.

When you stop and think what a ‘magnificent’ robot you have, you don’t appreciate it. You push it to limits that it cannot handle. And then you wonder why it “breaks down”. You see, the body has limitations. But, you don’t think of it as anything but, ‘I want to do this, I want to do that, I will do this, I will do that’. But, what if the body is not capable of sustaining the ‘energy’ level that ‘you’ insist it maintains to allow you to do what ‘you’ want to do? That’s the body’s intelligence. The body is screaming at you saying, ‘stop’, ‘stop, I can’t keep this up, I need rest’. You’ll say, ‘well after work I’m going out and I’m going to play baseball, I’m going to run, I’m going to aerobics, I’m going to do this, I’m going to do that’. And the body is tired, and the body says, rest. And you ‘push’ that body until one, two o’clock in the morning because its something ‘you’ want to do. But, you have no regard for the body. And you should, because what would you do without it? Continue.

JOHN: And he continues on and says… “Who manipulates the bodies intelligence?”

DATRE: Well, that body intelligence is all done by all the ‘cells’ in your body. You look at your ‘skin’. You’ll say, ‘well, its skin’. Yes, but the ‘skin’ has its intelligence. If it didn’t, it wouldn’t stay where it is. So, you see, it ‘has’ it’s own innate intelligence. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “And this takes me to the question of the big ‘I’ or Higher Self which you say does not exist.”

DATRE: You do not have a ‘higher self’. That has been referred to for many, many, years. Your ‘higher self’ is supposed to be ‘all’ knowing – you don’t ‘have’ a higher self. A portion of YOU is put into a physical containment for you to learn and experience. But, ‘that’ is not a higher self; it is just a ‘portion’ of ‘you’. That’s why you don’t understand universality. In the Universe, if we were only to do ‘one’ thing, it would be very boring. We take ‘portions’ of ourselves to experience many different things. That is what makes our existence very ‘rich’. You have taken a ‘portion’ of ‘yourself’ and put it in here for experience. And you should look at that as a ‘richness’. Its experience gained. Its ‘evolution’ of ‘you’. Continue.

JOHN: He continues on and asks… “You say it is YOU awake in Mass Consciousness and YOU in sleep being the Observer.”

DATRE: No, in sleep what you do is choose your experiences – that’s what you do in your sleep state. Everything is there for ‘you’ to experience, to take part in. Choosing what you want to do with your life – and you ‘do’ choose. You make choices at night. But, you’re so scrambled in your ‘thinking’ that you don’t bring the information back into your wakefulness and ‘watch’ what you’re doing.

An OBSERVER watches, and in watching knows what to do, because you’re always telling yourself where to go, what to do, what to look for. You put out these ‘pictures’ all the time. But you become ‘frazzled’ and inattentive and ‘rush’ through, and then wonder why things don’t work. Because, you are going contrary to what ‘you’ have chosen. If you were in constant connection with the ‘total’ YOU that ‘you’ are – which is no ‘higher’ or no ‘lower’, because its part of ‘you’ – if you were in constant communication, you would be at the ‘right’ place at the ‘right’ time all the time. But that is a learning process, and you’ve come so far away from it, its very hard for you to get back to where you understand ‘what’ this physicality is all about. That’s what its all about – is staying in contact with the ‘total’ You, acting out in the daytime ‘your’ choices – no one else’s. Your choices as to ‘what’ you want to experience. Then your life would ‘not’ be as difficult as it is.

They’ll say, ‘well I don’t understand why that person is so peaceful all the time’. If they’re in ‘contact’, what’s to get excited about? You know ‘what’ you’re going to do, you know where you’re going to go, and you know the outcome, what’s to be frazzled about? The frazzling comes, when you don’t pay attention. If you start out being an OBSERVER the first thing in the morning and keep it up all day long, you would find your lives entirely different. Continue.

JOHN: He further goes on to say… “But isn’t this another way of referring to the big ‘I’ or Higher Self?”

DATRE: Well, that higher self is no more than ‘you’. You could not bring ‘all’ of YOU into physicality. That’s why you brought a ‘portion’ of YOU in here. Just because it’s a ‘portion’ of YOU does not mean it’s ‘less’.

Take for example, a loaf of bread. Is the slice that you cut off of a loaf of bread any less tasty, or any different texture or anything else, than the loaf itself? It is but a ‘piece’ of it. So, continue.

JOHN: He continues along and says… “You say in Mass Consciousness one has no Free Will, again isn’t that the small ‘I’?”

DATRE: If I said, you have no Free Will; it was in context with another statement. You definitely ‘have’ Free Will. It’s that you don’t take advantage of it. When you wake up in the morning – and this is 99,9% of the people on the planet – you’ve completely forgotten about what you decided what you were going to do, what you were going to experience. The Free Will is there, you don’t pay attention so that you can live FREE, because, you begin to take your ‘thinks’ into your brain off of Mass Consciousness, instead of taking your ‘thinks’ from your YOU that ‘you’ are.

When ‘that’ connection is made and you’re thinking from ‘that’ vantage point, your life completely changes. But, you ‘all’ think using Mass Consciousness. If you use Mass Consciousness, you’re not using ‘your’ Free Will. If you take your ‘thinks’ from Mass Consciousness, you’re just recycling other peoples ‘thinks’. You are not giving yourself the opportunity to express your ‘self’ with clarity. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “If it is just one YOU in charge of the whole show, why can it not ‘awaken’ it’s waking self instantly?”

DATRE: It can, but that all depends upon ‘you’ in physicality. That is a ‘learned’ process, because you have forgotten what its like to stay connected. You were not always where you are today. You’ve had a long time to lose touch. You can’t blame it on anyone; you can’t even blame it on yourself, really. Because of your ‘inattentiveness’ and no one has told you about ‘inattentiveness’ – you don’t have people telling you these things. You’re always told to rely on ‘other’ people.

Why do you have ‘governing’ bodies? Because they’re smarter than you are? No, they’re not; they just get up there and take their money and tell you what to do. That does not make them any smarter than you are. In being part of ‘governing’ bodies, they are but servants of Mass Consciousness. They are doing what Mass Consciousness wants them to do. Why do you have people telling you what to do? Because, you don’t pay attention and do what ‘you’ want to do.

Once you can begin connecting up, even if it is only once or twice a day to make that connection, to see the ‘possibilities’ and ‘probabilities’, once or twice and you’d begin to see the difference. The only thing you have to ‘master’, is yourself. It has nothing to do with what the person next to you in your office does, it has nothing to do with what someone else ‘tells’ you. When you become a MASTER, you listen to your ‘self’. If you want to call it a ‘still’ small voice, that’s fine, some people have that. But, there again, that still small voice could be something else that you are picking up. When you hear that still small voice, say to yourself, ‘now, is that really ‘me’ talking to me or am I picking that up from Mass Consciousness?’. There is a great deal of difference, and once you begin to discover that… even if it only happens once, it will make a difference. Then you will begin searching for that very thing that you have experienced. Continue.

JOHN: He continues on and says… “Why the pain and suffering?”

DATRE: Because you’re going ‘against’ your self. Look at the word dis-ease, what does that tell you? You’re not at ease in the physical body. You’re not working as a cooperative team. We have done transcripts at some other time where we said, ‘do you ever ask your body what it wants to eat? Have you ever been doing something and your body has been ‘resisting’?’. And you stop doing what you’ve been doing, and say, ‘okay body, you’re resisting me, you don’t want to do it, I’ll go along with you, because you go along with me’. Very different, a very different way of living.

You are not getting this information from other peoples. But this is what you are looking for, because in finding those little things, is where ‘your’ evolution is going to blossom. You don’t care about the evolution of anyone else, because you can’t do it, you can’t force other people into their evolution. But you ‘can’ make your own evolution, and you can make it as ‘grand’ as you want it to be. You’ll say, ‘well I can’t’. Already you’ve told the body it couldn’t. Remember that one thing, the brain is a computer. You tell the body to do something and it will do exactly what you tell it to do. All it does is put ‘pieces’ together, just like your computer.

So begin to work ‘with’ your body. It is a cooperative effort. You see that is why many things happen… you talk about disease, how do you suppose the body feels when it is serving you on a daily basis, and you keep complaining about the size of it? ‘I’m ugly. I’m too fat. My feet are too big. My nose is too long. My hair isn’t curly.’ All of those things. You’re berating the very vehicle that you have ‘chosen’ to use for ‘your’ expression for your evolution. Next.

JOHN: And he continues along and says… “Why is Mass Consciousness so all pervasive?”

DATRE: Because, there are more people working off of Mass Consciousness, then working with themselves. You have all of this ‘chatter’ that goes on all over your planet. If you were to be able to go off the planet, far enough so that you didn’t hear any chattering – any noise, and then turned around and come back in, you would never believe the amount of ‘noise’ that is on your planet – it is a perpetual din. That is why, quite times in a room by yourself is good for you. You can sit in a room, you can do a craft, you can work on your computer, you can read a book, you can do anything you want to do. But, how many of you, take one hour a day or – even with your busy lives, because you’re ‘pushing’ yourself against the clock – take a half hour, just for you and your body – to enjoy each other.

You’re talking about how you see on television, there are more women taking these baths, where they have oils and candles and all of those things. They say that when they come out, they’re completely rejuvenated. Sometimes they take a book and read. But it’s the idea that you’re giving the body a chance to relax. You’re giving your self a chance to get away from all the ‘chatter’ on the planet. It is important. You don’t have to sit and meditate, because, in enjoying your body and giving your body a happy sensation, that is meditation enough.

You don’t always have to have ‘input’. That is what is happening now, you have ‘input’, ‘input’, ‘input’. Bits and bites, bits and bites. Do you know the ‘attention’ span of individuals on the planet is about 20 minutes? They can’t stick with any subject longer than that. If you keep on going, and you’re talking about something – you can ask any of these people that give seminars – they have to get people started. They have to tell a joke, or they have to do something to keep you stimulated all the time so that they can get their message across – because your attention span is so short. You’ve got to have everything fast, fast, fast, fast. But if its fast, fast, fast, how are you going to be doing any connecting up with ‘you’? The larger portion of ‘you’, but not ‘higher’ – its just a larger portion of you. It is just like the bread. You’re just a ‘slice’ of a loaf. And its just as tasty one place as the other.

It’s ‘your’ choice. You choose to come into physicality. Nobody forced you into it. Nobody told you that you had to be born. Nobody told you that you had to suffer. You’re doing it all your self, and that is a ‘hard’ number. Because, everyone tells you, ‘if you do this or if you do that or if you do something else, your life will be wonderful’. But, you’re always leaning on someone else or something else. Turn around and become, the ‘you’ that you were intended to be in the first place. Continue.

JOHN: And his final question is… “Why the need for lessons and experiences to gradually become the Observer?”

DATRE: Now, how do you suppose you’re going to evolve? What would be your evolution if, every time you have a thought – it was finished? What would you learn? It is the ‘resistance’ that catches your attention.

Now, the ‘resistance’ catches your attention, an OBSERVER looks to see where the ‘resistance’ is coming from. Then quiets themselves – just for a moment – to see what the situation is all about, and goes from there. It’s as simple as that. But, people will say, ‘I don’t have time’ – that’s the big number. Continue.

JOHN: That was it.

DATRE: Always remember, your personal evolution is ‘not’ based on what other people tell you they know. Each person is unique and as you connect more and more, you will ‘know’ deep inside and become comfortable in your ‘knowingness’. We thank you, we are Datre.


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