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Datre answers Elveta.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Elveta and her first question is… “Is there no GOD at all? By GOD, I mean a single originating source?”

DATRE: There was an ‘original’ source, undoubtedly, at one time or another. But, that was so many EONS ago that no one remembers when there was a ‘beginning’.

Now, you have the ‘big bang’ theory that was the ‘beginning’, from what ‘you’ refer to as the ‘beginning’. But, if you want to look at it ‘that’ way – a big bang – if you want to call it that way, you could say, that was the ‘beginning’ of a “Universe”. But, you’re not the only Universe that’s existing. There’s lots of Universes.

Now, to put things in perspective, the “Universe” that you are in – what you call your Universe, is anything that you can ‘see’, you say that’s your Universe. You can see the Milky Way and you can see all these other things and you can see all the stars and all that kind of stuff – and you call that your Universe. But, that Universe, that you call your Universe, is but ‘one’ little section of a BIG Universe that you reside in.

So, when you stop and get figured down like that, then you see, you’re only a ‘little’ portion of a BIGGER Universe. And, there is more than ‘one’ BIG Universe. Now, have you got your mind out so far you can’t get it back in your head again? But, you see, that’s what’s good to start ‘stretching’ to realize the magnitude of that which you call “creation”. Creation didn’t start on this planet with Adam and Eve. That’s what we’re trying to get you to do, is ‘think’ beyond that point.

Now, you have Adam and Eve and you have God and you have Jesus and you have all your different Hindu Gods and all of that – that’s ALL planet. That has nothing to do with Universal understanding. That’s planetary. And you are but ‘one’ planet and you look out and you say, ‘well, this is our Universe’. That’s fine, that’s all you can see, that’s all your instruments will provide you with. If you were to see even ‘one quarter’ of the Universe in which you are presently residing, it would be something you couldn’t comprehend.

So, you see, when you say, ‘is there a God?’ you’re thinking in planetary terms. We talk about EONS and it’s like you talk about ‘billions’ of dollars. And yet, you have no concept of a ‘billion’ dollars. You talk about it, its ‘paper’ talk. You don’t know what a ‘billion’ is. ‘Well, its so many zero’s that go down on a piece of paper’ and you don’t pay any attention to it. ‘This costs a million dollars. And we’re going to have to send millions here and billions there and that…’ But you have no ‘concept’ of what that’s all about – because its ‘paper’ transfer, you don’t ‘see’ anything.

Now, when you talk about a twenty dollar bill or a fifty dollar bill, or maybe even a hundred dollar bill, that maybe at some time you have seen, then you understand that. But, you put things in newspapers, on television and everything else, about ‘millions’ and ‘billions’ and you can’t comprehend. Its like taking a penny, and comparing that to a ‘billion’ dollars, is like comparing the planet Earth to the Universe that you can see. Does that put things into perspective?

So, then you ask if there is a God, and if there’s an ‘originating’ source – and this is but ‘one’ Universe and there are ‘other’ Universes – you figure. Continue.

JOHN: And she goes on to ask… “What happens to the animals at the time of the BIRTH?”

DATRE: They leave the planet. Animals are very different than you are. When an animal doesn’t want to live any more, they leave the physical construct and let the physical construct die in whatever way. They talk about, ‘oh, the poor cat or dog that got run over by a car’. That cat or that dog, left the body ‘before’ it got run over.

So, the planet is going to be no more – you’re not going to ‘live’ on this planet any more, you’re going to ‘other’ planets. The cat or dog will leave their bodies behind and ‘go’. That is no big deal for them – because, they ‘know’ they’re ‘not’ the body. That’s what you can’t comprehend yet. You can’t comprehend, that you are ‘not’ the body – but an animal can. That’s why we say, that an animal is ‘realized’. An animal is ‘realized’ at that point of their evolution – they have gone through a BIRTH for that understanding. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “At the time of the BIRTH, do we just wake up in the castle, so to speak?”

DATRE: That depends on your own ‘individual’ evolution as to what you understand – as to where you’re going to go. Now there are those that have absolutely ‘no’ understanding about what any of this is all about. They will be taken someplace else.

You see, as soon as you get out of the body, ‘you’ act and react differently to situations. See, the only thing that you can relate to is, when you leave the body – its death. So you have life/death, life/death, life/death and that’s all you have to remember. But, at the time of the BIRTH, for many, it can be like ‘death’. In other words, you will ‘leave’ the body behind. And there will be a ‘recognition’ that, all of a sudden you are someplace else. But you will continue your ‘evolution’ at whatever stage you are at, at the time that happens.

Your evolution does not stop, simply because you get out of one physical containment and get into another. If you get out of one physical containment and get into another, and you are on another planet, what difference does it make? You ‘evolve’ at your ‘own’ rate of speed.

JOHN: It’s just like going from one classroom to another.

DATRE: Exactly the same. If you go – if you’re in school – when you go from one grade to another, you’re going into a new set of rooms. Is that traumatic? You look forward to it, because it’s something new different and interesting. Same thing with the BIRTH. You’ve got a different kind of a body. You’ve got a different kind of environment – gee, this is fun. I’m tired of the old way of doing things. This is all brand new, what do we do here? What can we do here? And that’s the excitement of the BIRTH. Continue.

JOHN: And she continues along and asks… “In other words, will we “materialize”, for lack of a better word, or will we actually have to go through a physical birth and be infants again?”

DATRE: Well, what do you do here? No big deal, you come back in every time as babies and start over again.

Now, do you go to babies again? Who knows, I don’t know where you’re going. And I cannot tell ‘you’ where you are going, because it’s ‘your’ evolution. But, I will tell you there is nothing to be feared, there is only excitement to be gained – because it is ‘your’ evolution. Evolution is a ‘fun’ thing. You’ve been on this planet doing the same thing for long periods of time – wouldn’t you like to have something new? Wouldn’t you like to have some ‘new’ things to ‘explore’ and experiment with? Depending upon your ‘individual’ evolution will depend upon what type of an environment you will find yourself in.

Some of you will find yourself in something similar to a physical existence like you have here on this planet. And there are others that are anxious to ‘avoid’ any more ‘physical’ existence’s, because they ‘understand’ physicality. They understand ‘who’ they are. They understand they are ‘not’ the body. They understand ‘what’ makes this planet ‘tick’, shall we say. They understand the trees and the plants and the animals. Not ‘intellectually’, but from a ‘knowingness’ – because they have evolved to that point. And when they have evolved to that point, and when they ‘know’ that when they come into a body, its just something they use for a few hours a day, and then they leave it, in that which you call sleep in nighttime, or whatever. They come and go, in and out of their bodies – its no big deal to them. So, they’re ready for a change.

The trauma is going to happen to those that ‘die’ and don’t know anything ‘about’ evolution. Its amazing how much smarter you can get, with just understanding the first, very simple principle – you’re ‘not’ your body. And once you’ve figured ‘that’ one out, everything becomes a lot easier. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “Are these energies coming onto the planet related to the CME’s?”

DATRE: What’s a CME?

JOHN: “CME’s are corona mass ejection’s. Solar flares which blast the earth with bursts of electrically charged particles.”

DATRE: My, but that’s an interesting observation. We are being blasted with electrical particles – all right, if that’s the way you figure it, we’ll go from that point. The solar flares have an effect on your planet – your science knows that. This has nothing to do with ‘solar’ flares what-so-ever.

The energy WAVES that are coming on the planet, are WAVES that you cannot detect with your present instrumentation. What is coming on your planet is what are referred to as WAVE form energy. And you do not know WAVE form energy – we’ve said that before. Your science says, ‘these are wave forms’ – because they make a certain pattern. They’re detecting the ‘particles’ in the WAVEform, but not a WAVEform.

WAVE form energy, is that which you have in the Universe. The individuals, on this planet, in physicality, that are used to working with the WAVEform energy of the Universe, recognize these WAVES because, they are able to work with them – even in physicality. And the more that they work with those energies of which they are familiar with, the more ‘their’ physical construct changes, the more their brain patterning changes, that allows them greater understanding of ‘Universality’ – where they came from. They will get to the point, where they will ‘totally’ disappear from this planet. They are familiar with doing that.

That is why the WAVEform energies are coming on this planet, to assist them in their BIRTH – because, they do not need to be ‘tied’ to this physicality. Now, those in physicality, have the opportunity to be able to work with this new type of energy. That is something very different and ‘new’ to them. Now, I can hear the next question, ‘how do we do it?’. There is no way to teach it. There will be those that will ‘tell’ you that they can do it, but they can’t. That is something that each ‘individual’ is going to have to be able to understand and be able to work with. It’s not something that can be ‘taught’.

It is no different than, they’ll say, ‘so and so is a great teacher’. We can teach you ‘intellectually’. And you can say all the buzzwords, and you can have all the right answers to every question – but do you ‘know’ what you’re talking about? You have to get the information ‘intellectually’ into the brain to be able to work with it – that’s why we talk to you. But, when its there, can “you” work with it? Can “you” understand what’s going on? That’s the difference. Continue.

JOHN: And her final question is… “I have also chosen to have a healthy body and have further chosen to avoid physical pain and discomfort. Will I therefore not feel these physical symptoms, which you speak of in relation to the energies? Because I never get headaches – never have, don’t want to! Never have back problems, never want to.”

DATRE: That depends on your evolution. We can tell you right now, of very healthy individuals, they are not sick individuals, they don’t have headaches, they don’t have backaches, they don’t have any of this. They don’t know what its like to be sick – they’re perfectly healthy people. Sickness and illness is not something they’re familiar with. But, we get letters from them saying, ‘something’s happening, and I don’t understand what its all about. I’m getting strange sensations in my body. I’m getting headaches, I’ve never had a headache, I didn’t know what a headache was. I know what a headache is now. I don’t understand these problems.’. They have reached an understanding and sensitivity, and the sensitivity of the body is what’s being affected.

If you have a very strong healthy body and you don’t know anything about any of this, about evolution… about any of it, no interest in it what-so-ever – they’re not going to have as many problems. They probably will have dis-ease, which is something they can die from – because they’re ready for death. But as far as experiencing a lot of these ‘finer’ energies, they won’t. Its only in understanding your surrounding environment that you will begin to feel changes within the physical body – because, your brain changes with your thought patterns.

You start making connections with your environment and begin to understand some of these things we’re talking about, your brain ‘changes’ the physical construct. That may be hard to understand, but it actually does. When your physical construct changes, that’s when you will begin to ‘feel’ these things because of your sensitivity. Strong healthy people, that live in great big cities, all of a sudden are noticing ‘odors’ that they’ve never noticed before. ‘Why do I smell this, I never smelled that before?’ ‘Why do I taste things so differently?’ Because, the body is changing. They’re beginning to work with the WAVE energies. WAVE energies cause your whole physical construct to change.

Now, you’ll say, ‘well, they don’t look any different than they ever did before’. The change goes on in the inside. Its not on the outside, you don’t wear it like you do your clothing. People change their clothing to be ‘different’ and in being ‘different’ they all look like the ‘group’ that they’re in. It doesn’t change a thing. You can dress any way you want to on the ‘outside’, it doesn’t matter. It’s on the ‘inside’ that matters. Your whole physical construct changes. Your hormones change. You lymph nodes, your glands, your blood. Everything within your body changes. It becomes ‘finer’, if you want to use that word. You’ll find that as these peoples bodies changes, they become more sensitive. And in becoming more sensitive, they will ‘notice’ all of these things.

When your body has less heavy particles in it, you have to ‘push’ yourself around during the day, in this environment – when you have ‘heavy’ particles, you don’t notice it. But, you take a finer body, and there are days when it feels like you have to ‘plow’ through, that which you call, physical ‘air’ – because it feels heavy, it feels like you’re ‘pushing’ against it, and its a beautiful day. But, that all comes with the understanding. It is a ‘grand’ journey – enjoy. We thank you, we are Datre.


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