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Datre answers; Raphiem, Keim, Ian, Sue and Consciousness.

JOHN: Today we have a question from Raphiem, and his question is… “Who/What is Merlin?? Apart from the well known Arthurian legends which we have lots of info… I’m asking from a spiritual/metaphysics angle rather than the legend… what does Merlin represent??? What was his purpose??”

DATRE: Well, that is something we know nothing about. You have a lot of story lines that you have used in the ‘evolution’ of the species. What has happened is, at the time these ‘myths’ or stories are ‘told’, shall we say, they were pertinent information for the people of the time.

Now, that has been and still is in existence in many of that which you call your ‘tribes’. Your Indians and your Aborigines and a lot of your people in the remote areas of your planet, still have the ‘stories’. And they’re passed down from generation to generation.

Now, that is no longer done where you have the speed of computers. If you want information, you sit down at a computer and plug in whatever you can find on that particular subject and it will give you all the information that you are looking for.

Now, in the ‘tribes’ that exist today that still carry on their ancestral information by word of mouth, these stories are carried down through the generations. But, their evolution is different than yours. Your evolution, at this point in time is of… ‘how fast can we get information?’. The tribes don’t care how ‘fast’ they get information, its what they ‘do’ with the information that they get.

Now, as to looking for anything that’s of a ‘spiritual’ nature in any ‘stories’, it would depend on the ‘story’ at the ‘time’ it was given to the people that were in the area. So you see, its very difficult to say – from this vantage point – what that was all about. Because, you don’t ‘think’ the same now as the people at that time did.

You don’t… like with this King Arthur, John said that was the connection, what did King Arthur and his men do? Number one, they rode on horses. They went into battle with metal armor that they wore. They had shields and spears, and this is the way they fought. What do you have now? You have huge airplanes that drop bombs. You have super great rifles to ‘kill’ with. Do you see the difference?

It’s the same thing with any ‘myth’ or story line that came out of a ‘particular’ portion of that which you call ‘time’. What in the world would someone like King Arthur do today if he were able to step from his round table into ‘this’ reality? He would go stark raving mad because his ‘brain’ could not handle the ‘concepts’ that you use for everyday living.

So, I’m not trying to be evasive, but I think what needs to be done is not be concerned with what ‘was’, but what ‘is’. Then not with what ‘is’, but what is going to happen. Where are you going and what are you going to do? It is the ‘forward’ thrust that is important.

They always say, ‘history repeats itself’. It repeats itself, but it does not give you any ‘lessons’, because you don’t ‘learn’ from it. They were talking on the radio today, about the World war in Korsavo with the Arabs and the Serbs. That war was started because the Arabs and the Serbs were fighting. They’ve only been fighting for seven hundred years – that’s no big deal. But, the thing is you had two countries that took different sides. One country took the side of the Serbs and the side of the Arabs, and you got yourselves into a World War that lasted five years. That is what you are trying to avoid today.

History has repeated itself, you have the Arabs and the Serbs fighting again, hating each other, what did you learn from the last one? Nothing. History repeats it self, but why does it repeat itself? Because you don’t use the abilities that you have for ‘forward’ thinking. Continue.


JOHN: We now have a question from Keim and the question is… “I want to know if the body is able to fly… and how we can fly… did we forget? They should have given a manual with this vehicle.”

DATRE: Well, if you can get to know your body well enough to be able to make it fly, it’s all up to you. It’s nobody else’s body but yours. Do you know your body well enough to be able to get it off the ground?

If you want to try flying, why don’t you try ‘levitation’? That would be a good beginning. There are people that can do that very easily. That would be a good experiment for you. Lie down on a floor, and relax to the point that the body leaves the ground. Have someone there to put their hands underneath your body so that you ‘know’ that you have actually come off the floor. That can be done. So, if you want to try that, that would be a great deal of fun for you to try.

Get to ‘know’ your bodies, that is what you came here for. It’s a vehicle that you use every day and pay no attention to. So, if you want to have fun, first try levitating your body – get it off the floor. See how high you can go. But, you know what will happen? You’ll ‘think’ about it, and the minute you ‘think’ about it, you’re going to hit the floor again. Because, that’s the one thing that stands in your way. The body is a marvelous instrument – if you allow it. But, your ‘brain’ – that ‘you’ control – is what stops it. You need to work ‘with’ your body. Find out what it can do – it is a great deal of fun. Continue.


JOHN: And now we have a question from Ian and the question is… “Hi. I was wondering if Datre could elaborate on these ‘new energies’ mentioned in the introduction. What is meant by ‘those will go to another reality’?”

DATRE: I believe, if you were to go back through all the Datre material, of which there is ‘tons’ of it, over a period of I don’t know how much time (almost a million words) you will find that we have explained over and over again… in fact we just did a transcript – which you should have now – on the ‘energies’. That should have given you some idea of what that is all about.

Now, the ‘energies’ are there to help those that are able to use them to further their ‘evolution’. In other words, you all try to get your bodies to be more sensitive all the time. Then as your bodies become more sensitive they are able to detect a ‘difference’ in what you call your ‘atmosphere’ – and they begin to work with that. And that is what is going to ‘allow’ them to be able to leave this planet.

They talk about the Mayan civilization and what happened to it – it disappeared. Now, you must remember that there was a great deal of difference at that time. Everyone worked together on a ‘common’ thought. And they reached, through their commonality, a stage where they figured that they ‘knew’ all that they desired to know about ‘physicality’ at ‘that’ time of their evolution – and they all left the planet together. Where did they disappear to?

Well, we could ask you, where do you disappear to when you put the body to sleep? You never stop and think about that. You don’t stay in your body – why would you? That would be so boring. You couldn’t ‘do’ anything with the body, the body is asleep. So you leave it. No big deal. But, when you get ‘into’ the body and open the ‘eyes’, that’s when your ‘fear’ comes in. That one simple process creates ‘fear’ – and we do not know why. This was supposed to be an evolution of the ‘body’. You had the manual. You were the one that was going to make all the changes. You got in the body and you ‘forgot’ all about it. And you’ve forgotten all about it for all this time – you pay no attention to it, it’s a nuisance. If it was such a nuisance, why do you keep coming back into it? Learn about it and have ‘fun’ with it. Continue.


JOHN: Now we have a question from Sue, and her question is… “How do we reprogram the subconscious? There have been a lot of easy answers, but none of them worked for me.”

DATRE: Well, you don’t ‘program’ the subconscious. You have a lot of fancy words in your physicality. You have your ‘conscious’ and your ‘subconscious’ and all these other things.

If you OBSERVE ‘what’ is happening and ‘why’ it is happening, you’ll begin to understand that your answers are all there. Remember, this is ‘your’ reality. It is yours to create, as you so desire. No one else has any control over you, in any way-shape-or-form, unless it is allowed. If you ‘allow’ someone to have control over you in the body, you have to turn around and ‘look’ – ‘you’ are the one that ‘allowed’ it. If you don’t want anyone to have control over you or your body, then don’t ‘allow’ it. That is one of your big ‘learning’ things, right there.

There are no ‘accidents’. You plan ‘everything’ for whatever reason you ‘want’ to plan it. Then they’ll say, ‘I don’t know why some people have so many problems?’. Because, your ‘learning’ process is to learn certain lessons that ‘you’ decided that ‘you’ wanted to learn – for your own evolution. Then they’ll say, ‘well, this tragedy and that tragedy and another tragedy keeps happening to that person all the time’. Well, if that person ‘learned’ from the ‘first’ tragedy, as it is called, there wouldn’t have to be a second. It’s that simple.

So, its up to ‘you’ to do as ‘you’ so desire. But, you just don’t go around willy-nilly – you ‘watch’ what’s happening.

It is very simple, John had a question that was ‘nagging’ him, and he kept saying, why? why?, I can’t understand, why? And then last night he was listening to something – ‘one’ sentence – in two hours of dialogue gave him the answer. It’s always there, but are you able to pick it up? You’re putting up ‘sign-posts’ all the time for yourself. Something for you to ‘see’, something for you to ‘listen’ to, for ‘your’ understanding. You do it all the time, but you don’t pay attention to what you’re doing. You’ll say, well, this is a busy world and I don’t have time. We’ve heard that enough times.

But, if you’re more interested in running around in physicality, then you are in your ‘evolution’, that also is up to you. There are those that are ‘fascinated’ by the ‘evolutionary’ process – not of the people, but of themselves. It is a fascinating ‘game’ you play with your self. And when you begin to learn what the ‘game’ is all about, it becomes more ‘fascinating’.

So, I know there are people who have said, ‘Datre said, ‘its all up to ‘you” and its the first time I’ve ever heard that said. But, in turn they have said, ‘I have gained a ‘freedom’ that I never knew I could possibly have’ – because, its not up to anybody else, its up to ‘me”. That EMPOWERS you to do what you want to do. Continue.


JOHN: And finally, we have a question from a person who calls them self Consciousness, and their question is… “GOD put us on Earth to learn by ourselves and make our own decisions. (I refer to GOD as any superior mind state). Why is Datre interfering?”

DATRE: Well, we are not ‘interfering’; we are supplying you with information. Now, it is ‘your’ belief system that you have a God that has these certain things that he allows you to do and/or tells you to do or whatever. That is your “belief system”. Everyone’s belief system is different. There are those that ‘believe’ that ‘they’ create everything that they experience. Their belief says, ‘I decide when I’m coming back again into physicality. I decide ‘who’ my parents are going to be – I pick my parents. Because, I pick my parents for a ‘specific’ reason to ‘learn’ something that I wanted to learn.’ They have complete control. Those people have ‘that’ belief. They are the ‘creators’ of their own reality – beginning to end.

There are others that have a ‘different’ belief system. They believe that God puts them here to do different things. Well, if something happens – it’s the will of God. It is two different sides of the same coin.

The one thing that you have to look at – at both sides of the coin – is the one thing that you want to keep in mind, at all times, regardless of which side of the coin you believe in, “THIS IS YOUR EVOLUTION”. What do ‘you’ want to learn? What do ‘you’ want to get out of this physical existence? What is it you want to understand? Understand with a ‘knowingness’ that is not intellectual, but a ‘deep’ feeling within you.

There are those in the psychic community that say, ‘we all have the feeling we want to go ‘home”. And yet no one knows where ‘home’ is. You know why they can’t find ‘home’? Because, its there all the time. You are ‘not’ your body; you are using the body for your experience. But, you always ‘have been’, you ‘are’ and you always ‘will be’.

So… there’s another saying, ‘home is where the heart is’. Home is where ‘you’ are at ‘this’ particular moment. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s in ‘this’ reality, or ‘another’ reality – your ‘home’ is where ‘you’ are. And you know where you are? It’s where ever you desire to put your ‘focus’ of attention for ‘your’ evolution.

Datre is not interfering, as you call it. We are trying to give you ‘options’. Giving you other ways of thinking about your physical reality. It is entirely up to ‘you’ as to whether you wish to read the information or not. It doesn’t matter; the information is there for you to do as you please. But, remember, there are always two sides to every coin. Why are there two sides to every coin? Because, this is the way this physical existence, this reality, is set into motion. And it will remain that way until the BIRTH. At the time of the BIRTH, and you go to ‘other’ planets for your experiences, it will be different. But, it will still be ‘your’ evolution. Enjoy your evolution, in whatever way you wish to do so. We thank you, we are Datre.


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