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Datre answers Pame, Ian and Stephen.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Pame and her first question is… “What would be considered proper behavior in response to people who go out of their way to make others look bad for their own gain?”

DATRE: Well, a response is never necessary. You are putting yourself in that position for you to learn something. We’ve said, over and over and over again, that you have a ‘black’ and ‘white’ reality that you’re working in. Its ‘black’, ‘white’, ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘good’, ‘bad’. That is what you are using to ‘push’ against for your learning.

Now, why are you encountering those individuals? They really are of no concern to you what-so-ever. Remember, you are the one that’s creating ‘your’ reality – you’re writing your stories yourself for your own learning. Then if you find that you are running into those individuals, then what are you showing yourself?

You see, when we give these transcripts, and we say ‘you’, we’re not referring to ‘you’ as an individual. We’re referring to ‘you’ as all of you on the planet that are having that particular experience. That is one of the things that we encounter very often, that people take our information as something we’re saying directly to ‘them’. The questions that you give to us are questions that perhaps many on the Datre list are wondering about them selves. So your question is not just a question that involves you, it involves a lot of people. The answer we give, is always, what you would call, a generic answer. In other words, we answer every one that has that particular kind of problem. So continue on to the next question.

JOHN: She continues on and asks… “What happens to those who do wrong to others and don’t get caught doing it?”

DATRE: Well, there again, does it really matter what happens to them? It’s ‘their’ evolution, it’s ‘their’ level of understanding. Its what ‘they’ experience.

You see the one thing that seems to be the biggest stumbling block on this planet, so far as the planet is concerned, is the fact that you think ‘spirituality’ has to be ‘good’. That in order to be ‘spiritual’ you have to be a ‘good’ person. Who’s standards are you using? Being ‘good’, ‘bad’ or indifferent has nothing to do with what you are learning. And you don’t know what the other person is learning, so how can you be ‘judge’ and ‘jury’?

So, there is no ‘proper’ action. There is no ‘proper’ response’. And, if you are an OBSERVER, you will learn. You will watch the situation and it doesn’t concern you – it doesn’t concern you in the least.

You see that is why they say, when you become that OBSERVER – that is what you do. You OBSERVE a ‘joyful’ situation, a ‘sad’ situation, a ‘murderous’ situation, all the same way. You OBSERVE it. What do you ‘learn’ from your OBSERVATION? But, the minute you jump in and ‘judge’ a situation, then you are no longer an OBSERVER. Then, all you’re doing is, creating problems for yourself, which you probably don’t even want.

So when you see something, okay, OBSERVE the situation, turn your back and go about your business. That is learning. And that’s what you’re to do is ‘learn’ – but don’t jump into it. That’s why you can’t get down your hi-ways is, because, if there’s an accident everybody has to stop and see how bad it is. It is not necessary. What does that have to do with you, except get you upset? And what do you want to get upset for? There’s no reason for you to get upset.

So, you see, you entangle your lives so much with ‘others’, that it’s very difficult for you to become an INDIVIDUAL. Continue.

JOHN: Her final question is… “What happens to those who just try and ride out this wrongful persecution and can’t prove the wrong?”

DATRE: Well, I don’t really understand that particular question – what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’? You have your ‘opposites’. You set up this planetary existence on ‘opposites’. You were doing that for a ‘learning’ experience. So that is what you should learn from. You did not do it to get ‘caught up’ in it; you are there to ‘learn’ from the OBSERVING “of” it. But, you’ve gotten so far past that, that its very difficult to OBSERVE and become your own INDIVIDUAL. You are caught up in everything. You get caught up in that which you call, your television set. You see all these terrible things happening – that is fine, if that is what you want to do. But, that is not ‘mastering’ anything, that is just jumping into Mass Consciousness and following along. I don’t think that’s what any of you really want to do. Continue.


JOHN: We now have a question from Ian and his question is… “About 10 years ago I became very involved with A Course in Miracles. I use a pendulum to talk to my own guide but I only get ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers with this method. My question is, is this book channeled by Jesus, and if not, how true is it? This was inspired by something Datre said about animals already knowing that they were not a physical body. This relates to one of the core ideas in A Course in Miracles.”

DATRE: Now, you all are reading different books by different authors that have things that you are trying to explain and figure out. Now, ‘is this author valid?’ ‘Is that author valid?’ ‘Where is this coming from and where does that go?’. What you need to do is find out ‘how’ it relates to you – that’s why you’re reading the book. If there’s ‘one’ sentence in the whole book that you read, and it is pertinent to your understanding of a situation, or a thought pattern or whatever you want, and that helps you understand more about yourself and the reality that you are presently existing in, then the book has been worth reading. If you find that the ‘whole’ book is pertinent to you, then use the book for your further education. Then as your thought patterns change, you’ll be searching out another book. Then again as your thought patterns change, you’ll be searching out ‘other’ books.

It is a never ending process. Learning anything that you’re interested in, keeps going and going. Learning, and being interested in anything – regardless of what it is – does not cease until ‘you’ decide you’ve had enough of it.

You see, just because we’re out in what you call, the BIG Universe that does not mean that our ‘discovery’ quits. We’re always interested in new ‘discoveries’. That is ‘our’ evolution. And you have an evolution that… you’re finding books that are things that you want to read.

Every book has nothing but a bunch of black letters on a white page. And these people that read books together, they all ‘agree’ that this is the concept that is given forth. But, you take that same book and you go into another group of people and you sit and read that book to them, then see how many of them agree.

You see you will find those who are in agreement with you, until you change the way ‘you’ look at something. Then you will find ‘other’ people that are in agreement with you. And as you continue to ‘change’, you’ll find fewer and fewer people in agreement with you, because, you start moving away from the Mass Consciousness thinking. Then, when you start doing that, groups of people, that all agree on a common subject, become fewer and fewer and fewer. Then you find that you are beginning to ‘separate’ from them. Then you will begin to wonder, ‘I wonder what ever happened to that group? I wonder what ever happened to this other group?’. Because, you’ve out grown them, it just becomes an ‘automatic’ process.

But, who writes a book, who reads a book, who agrees what’s on the pages, it really doesn’t matter. The thing that matters is what are ‘you’ getting out of the book? And if you begin to notice that in a group of people that you are studying with a certain book, or talking to an other individual about the book, and they’ll say, ‘oh, yes, and this and this and this’, and you’re thinking to yourself, ‘that isn’t what I got out of that book’. Then you’ll begin to notice what you’re getting out of a book, and what the ‘group’ that you agreed with at one time, is getting out of that book are entirely different. Then you’ll begin to wonder, ‘now why am I thinking that way, when everyone else is thinking that way?’. That is a ‘big’ signpost. You are beginning to be an ‘individual’. You’re separating yourself from the Mass Consciousness. Once you start doing that, is when ‘you’ begin to make strides, because, what you’re searching for is something ‘different’. And you find that you will be searching in different areas for different things.

You can find commonality in everything. Everybody can take ‘something’ and find a common thread. Its when you begin to notice the ‘differences’ – that is when it begins to be very important – because you’re on the road to ‘individuation’. As we’ve said many times before, ‘This is a journey you make on your own. You don’t hold hands with any one. You don’t need any one to ‘guide’ you, to protect you, to agree with you, or any of these other things that people think are so necessary’. Then you begin your ‘individuation’ and it becomes a very fascinating world to live in. Because, ‘well I remember, I used to think such and such, but I can’t think that way any more’. Then you’re beginning your separation and you are on a ‘grand’ journey. Continue.


JOHN: Now we have a question from Stephen and his question is… “From my understanding of the Datre transcripts, it is in my best interest to always seek opportunities for new experiences, as this will increase my “hologramatic” rate of vibration, and thus my rate of allowing myself to accept new experiences. Also, that “who I am” is an eternally changing waveform [electromagnetic?], I’m never the same person, but more self-knowledgeable in my increasing experiences. In essence an open-book to new stories. Is this correct?”

DATRE: You are an open book to new stories? Of course you are, because you’re the one that’s writing them. You are continually writing new stories for your self. You are continually writing new experiences for your self. Who do you think thinks up the things that you are going to do in your ‘awake’ time in a body? Who do you think is ‘planning’ your life? It’s no one but ‘you’. So, an open book? Yes.

And ‘you’ write on the pages, then its up to ‘you’ to OBSERVE what you’ve written. See how good you are at making up your stories? Then the thing is you have to act them out in the daytime. You write them at night, you act them out in the daytime. You write them at night, you act them out in the daytime. How much more interesting can it be? You don’t have a director. You don’t have lights and camera and action, but you certainly have as much action as you want to put into anything. It is up to you. The book is open, the pages are blank – write yourself a good story and enjoy it. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last one.

DATRE: All right, we thank you, we’re Datre.


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