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Datre answers Mary Ann, Lori and Will.

JOHN: Today we have a question from Mary Ann, and her question is… “In case this hasn’t been asked, would you ask Datre what is the significance of the Aug. 11 eclipse? How will this affect us? Will we split into different realities? Will whatever is in our mind/heart – fear or love, negative or positive, be magnified 1000 times? What is this the beginning of?”

DATRE: Well, as far as we can tell, it’s just an eclipse. Now you see, what you’ve been doing and will continue to do is, build all sorts of things in regards to Armageddon – which you think is going to be occurring in the year 2000. So, anything that happens is going to be magnified by those who want something ‘special’ to happen.

How many times do you have eclipses? You have Moon eclipses, you have Sun eclipses, you have volcanos, you have earthquakes, and you have all sorts of things. So, what significance you as humans attach to it, is of your making.

You see, from our standpoint, so you’re going to have an eclipse. So, you’re going to have Y2K problems. So, you’re going to have this happen. So, you’re going to have that happen. From our standpoint, all we can see is, you’re going to have an eclipse.

Now, you can say ‘after’ the eclipse, ‘well, this happened because of the eclipse’, ‘that happened because of the eclipse’, ‘and this happened because of the eclipse’. But see, that’s ‘brain’ stories. And when you get into Mass Consciousness, you all grab onto ‘brain’ stories, because that’s your level of excitement.

It’s like the man that is walking down a busy street in, say, New York City. He starts looking up, and he’s looking up intently, he’s staring up in the sky and he’s focused on something. And pretty soon another person comes by and wonders what he’s looking at, so he goes and stands and looks – now there’s two people looking. If there are two people looking, there’s got to be something important. Then, pretty soon he’s got 10, 15 people standing looking up wondering what they’re supposed to be seeing, and he walks away and laughs.

Now, you can laugh at that, and you can think it funny – but its truth. From our standpoint, that’s the way we see things. You set things up to get yourselves excited about something – because you’re so unhappy with plain ordinary living in your human bodies. You’re so looking forward to something exciting, that when there isn’t anything exciting, then somebody gets together with somebody else and say’s, ‘well, ‘this’ has got to be exciting’.

You see, from our standpoint, we don’t understand what the excitement is all about. But, because you’ve set it up as a grand and glorious event, many things that happen ‘after’ that are going to be ‘because’ of the eclipse. See how you set up your stories? You don’t set up your stories ‘forward’, you set them up all ‘backwards’. Anyway, continue.


JOHN: We now have a question from Lori, and her question is… “My question is, are those who are ‘handicapped’ all entities that simply wish to experience physicality with this ‘handicap’ or at least some of the handicapped people just entities who can’t successfully get into the body and they’re doing the best they can because they ‘want’ to be here? If so, would this apply to mentally handicapped people?”

DATRE: Well, there are many different reasons for that. Number one is, you all go back basically into your same family genetics, because that’s where you’re comfortable. You don’t have the courage to step into a family with genetics that are entirely different than the ones that you have previously experienced.

So, there is that desire, that ‘want’ to get back into a human body and you’re noticing that there’s a great weakness in that line. But there’s a baby that’s going to be born so you say, ‘well, that’s okay, I’d rather get back into physicality than stay in the state I’m in, so I will take it, and I can fix it, I know how to fix it.’ But, you jump into a baby body and say, ‘well, I forgot what to do’.

Okay, that’s one scenario. There’s another scenario – particularly those that have been in wars. In the middle of a war, they came to the realization that, ‘what am I doing here? Why am I killing other people because someone else wanted me to?’. That is one of the things that happened in your last war that you had. Many discovered that they were doing something for somebody else that they didn’t want to do. So, this individual says, ‘if I get out of this thing alive, believe me, I’m never, ever, ever, going to experience war again’.

All right, they get ready to come back and have another experience – another human body experience. They choose something, that there is no possible way that they can go to war. They will choose a ‘minor’ mental deficiency. They will choose a handicap of some sort. And they will be happy in it, because they know that they did what they wanted to do and will never have to go to war again. So, there are two scenarios.

You know, there’s nothing ‘pat’, there’s nothing that definitely that says one thing or another. There’s always different reasons for everything. Now, there’s a third reason. And that is because the individual has said, ‘I’ve done this, I’ve done that, I’ve done something else. I’m going to try something different this time, I’m going to ‘stretch’ my experiential patterns and I’m going to find a handicap that I can work with, I want that experience’. There again, they ‘choose’ the handicap.

It is like a ‘crib’ death. They say, ‘crib deaths are caused by…’. They will give you a whole list of reasons why that baby child choose ‘crib’ death. There are many reasons for that. The parents are arguing and squabbling, because now the baby’s there, one of them or both of them don’t want the child. Or, one of the children has turned out to be mean to the baby and hits the baby every time it has a chance to. Or, they have animals that are ‘unkind’ to the baby. So the one that is inhabiting the body says, ‘I don’t particularly care for this situation, it is not as I saw it’ so it leaves the body.

But, your scientists, your doctors and nurses and everybody else will tell you a million different reasons why the baby died. The baby suffocated. Don’t put the baby on the stomach. Don’t lay the baby on its back. Don’t use this kind of blanket. You had the air blowing in on the child. You don’t have enough air in the room. They can come up with a gillion different answers as to why this happened. The one inhabiting the baby body says, ‘I don’t care for this situation, I can find another body’. Okay, continue.

JOHN: Comment. [Yes?] There’s also a forth situation on the handicap. [Yes?] Where they come in and they want to use their ‘mental’ facilities to a grander extent than they had before.

DATRE: All right yes that is very definitely true John. There is a very brilliant man (Prof. Stephen Hawking) now, who is severely crippled now in a wheelchair that is at the (Oxford University), I have seen pictures of him on television in his wheelchair. They have trouble understanding him, but he has a brilliant mind. What a challenge he took upon himself. And you don’t hear him complaining. But, you see, he is single focused. And if he had a body that could do all kinds of things, he probably would not have the focus that he has. He’s done that for ‘focusing’, to get answers to questions that other people are trying to find and cannot find. There again, you have that situation also. So, continue.

JOHN: One more. [All right] There are people, like Christopher Reeves (Superman), who see an issue that they feel needs to be addressed and they feel that the only way to really address it is to get involved ‘in’ it.

DATRE: That is correct. Why did he make the movie where he played the part of someone that was in a wheelchair? He played out the role in a movie, to see how it felt, to be sure that that’s what he wanted to do. You see, you in physicality can give me these pieces of information on specific individuals which I can’t… unless I see it and remember it from that which you call your television, I don’t have any contact with that. So, that is fine. So now there’s… I think we’ve answered her in every way we can think of, maybe other people can think of more. Continue.


JOHN: Now we have some questions from Will, and his first question is… “You are aware of our existence’s and equally aware of events in the “Dead Zone”. Can you tell us whether monsters like Hitler and Stalin, or any other “Bad Guys”, face any sort of retribution for their destructive careers on Planet Earth?”

DATRE: Well, the one thing you don’t seem to understand is, there’s no ‘judge’ and jury, other than you. You’re it! There’s nobody standing up there at the ‘pearly gates’ that is going to ‘judge’ you. I know that is the belief system of many individuals on the planet. But, it is not so. This, which we call your evolution, is your own. If you haven’t done what you set out to do, then you’re the only one to “blame”. You can’t point your finger at somebody and say, ‘well, I didn’t achieve what I wanted to do, because of…’. It doesn’t work that way, and as soon as you get on the other side, you’ll realize it doesn’t work that way.

And as to these others, were they but ‘puppets’? Did they sit up there, and the other people do all the maneuvering. When Hitler started out, he wanted an automobile for the people. There came your Volkswagen. He wanted nice roads for the people – he was building roads. What changed him? Or, did he never change, and ‘others’ took over and made him a puppet? There’s at least two ways of looking at everything.

But you see, his evolution was ‘his’ evolution. And he worked with it whatever way ‘he’ wanted to work with it. So, continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “Do they suffer at all in their own minds and are they confronted by their, also dead, earthly victims? They can’t be killed so what punishment if they/can they/do they receive?”

DATRE: Well, you have a word that you call ‘remorse’ and I could say that that’s probably what you use when you’re thinking about, what you call, the lifetime spent. It is said that remorse is what sets in. In other words, it’s your ‘inability’ to correct a situation – because you’re not in physicality. That is the only thing I can say about that, is that you didn’t do what you ‘wanted’ to do, or you did some things that you didn’t want to… that you’re ashamed of or wish that you hadn’t done. And from what I understand, that’s what you call ‘remorse’. Continue.

JOHN: He continues with… “Suppose we are driving our car, or something, then “In the blink of a eye”… whoosh.. into the new planet…..will we suddenly be standing there, an adult creature, naked, no home, no means of support, surrounded by some friendly and some hostile life forms? Will we be ‘New Age’ Cave Men?

DATRE: When you have been asleep and you wake up – how long did you sleep? When you leave this planet – how long will it take to get to the next one? You will fill in the “blank spots” to maintain your sense of continuation. The story is yours. You will experience, what ‘you’ want to experience. Things will be set up. Different life styles on different planets. And you will be, where ever your vibration sets you to be. It’s as simple as that.

In other words, you can’t get into areas that your ‘evolution’ doesn’t fit. Your mind that you use – your brain patterning – and everything that you use on ‘this’ planetary existence, is what you work from. So, you move into another reality, based on what you are experiencing – and ‘have’ experienced – through that which you call your periods of time here on this planet.

So, it is… see, nobody say’s… that’s the thing here on this planet, you say, ‘well, you can only do this, because you’re not qualified to do that’. And others would say, ‘well, you don’t meet the qualifications, therefore’. Its sort of the same thing, except nobody ‘tells’ you. You tell your self. You know where you can go, and you know where you can’t go – because your vibration won’t ‘allow’ it. Its something that is ‘set’, so that you’re your own ‘decider’ – always. Nobody else ‘tells’ you anything. But, you’re so used to being ‘told’ on the planet, that you don’t realize, you can be your own ‘individual’ and make your ‘own’ decisions. Continue.

JOHN: And his final question is… “Will there be a “Dead Zone” on the New Planet, because some of us might need it pretty quick!”

DATRE: That is one of the things that is not completely decided. There might be one group of civilization on a planet that would have a very small ‘type’ of Dead Zone, but it would only be a planetary thing. But, that is still undecided. The other planets – no! No need for a Dead Zone.

You can live as long as you want to live. That is one of the things that is not known on your planet. The body was not set up to wear out. But, there are certain things in your body that cause deterioration, and you get to a certain point and the body is of no use, so you put it down. But, in another reality, when you reach that point where you have no ‘desire’ to die, you can keep on going.

There are those that have lived for thousands and thousands of years on other planetary existence’s, in other forms at another point in that which you call ‘time’ – because, there was no need to die. But, their evolution was different than ‘your’ evolution. You see every planet has a ‘different’ construct. Continue.

JOHN: That was it.

DATRE: All right, we thank you, we are Datre.


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