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Datre answers Barbara and Erica.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Barbara and her first question is… “Datre stated that the body has its own intelligence. Does it have some kind of “consciousness” on its own as well?”

DATRE: When I said the body has its own intelligence, I was referring to ‘all’ the workings of your body. In other words, you take all your internal organs and you don’t have to ‘think’ about how they operate. If you were to constantly monitor the insides of your body, you’d have a fit.

How would you – all at the same time – digest your food, keep your heart going, keeping your fluids going through your kidneys, your bladders and purifying the system? How would you keep your blood flowing through your veins? The thing is, its not ‘pumped’ through, but that’s what you want to believe. But how would you do that? How would you blink your eyes? How would you manage to hear? How would you swallow? All at the same time?

They have a saying that’s very funny which say’s, ‘that person can’t walk and chew gum at the same time’. I think that’s very funny. But I think it would be even funnier, if you tried to get all your inside organs to function from your brain – it doesn’t work that way.

Now, is the body intelligent? We think so. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “And what happens to the cells if they are dying? I understand that I am not my body, but the cells of my body are themselves, aren’t they? So what happens to them – the idea of extinction doesn’t seem to fit in Datre’s explanation.”

DATRE: Well, okay, lets just take a real simple one. Have you ever reached down and scratched your arm and you get little white flaky stuff that falls off? Those are dying cells. What happens to them? They fall on the floor and you vacuum them up. But in vacuuming them up, they get in the dust bag, you empty the dust bag and where does the dust bag go, the dust bag goes in the garbage and the garbage goes to the dump, the dump moves all kinds of stuff around. But, you don’t know if that dead cell that falled off your arm, what it’s doing in the dump.

So you see, when you look at it from that standpoint – is the dead cell on your body really dead? It has reached the point where it is ‘incompatible’ with the rest of the cells of your body, and you don’t even pay any attention to it. But, because it is incompatible with the rest of the cells of your body, you say, ‘oh that’s just dry skin, that’s dead skin.’ Well, how ‘dead’ is it? Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “Does the body have sort of an evolution as well, and the cells, the cell particles, the atoms? Is there anything at all which doesn’t evolve?”

DATRE: Well, everything evolves – it’s in a constant state of evolution. I think your peoples that work with bodies say that your bodies are ‘totally’ different after seven years. In other words, seven years before, this is the way your body was and it changes. And by the end of seven years it’s totally ‘different’ than it was, but – it’s constantly changing.

Even in that which you call – when you die you leave the body – so the body goes through a state of deterioration. But, everything deteriorates, but that does not mean that… it just changes its composition. But that happens… your body ‘changes’ all the time. If a body didn’t change all the time, how would ever get past being a baby? You have to. You don’t mind the ‘growing up’ part. But from the time it starts – what you call – going into ‘old age’, then you don’t like it any more. You try and get rid of the ‘wrinkles’ on your face, because you don’t like the wrinkles. Well, if you look at those as signs of ‘expression’, and ‘experience’, then it becomes a different way of looking at things.

In other words, it says to people, ‘I’ve experienced’. Now, when you look at it ‘that’ way, you’re looking at as some of your cultures on your planet do. They revere an older person because they say, ‘that person has had experience’. These are the people that I want to talk to and learn about ‘their’ experience. So, it’s all in the way you ‘look’ at things. But, everything constantly ‘changes’.

Evolution perhaps is a word that we should not use any more. Maybe you would prefer that we use ‘constantly changing’ – because, that’s evolution? Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “Evolution implies the idea of something “getting better” – but as far as I have understood the Datre material there is no “better”, evolution just “is”. So, does it matter at all if we try to evolve “faster” (I mean, trying to understand the “lessons” which we are teaching ourselves, trying to be an observer, trying not to get caught in mass consciousness etc), if evolution happens anyway?”

DATRE: Well, it all depends on how anxious you are to learn about something. You see, maybe if you would look at it in a ‘different’ way, I think we recently did one on the hobby of a wood carver. The wood carver becomes interested, he starts whittling with a piece of wood and becomes so ‘fascinated’ by what he can do with different instruments to transform a piece of wood into something he wants to transform it into, be it a boat, or an animal, the face of a person, or whatever. That person becomes ‘fascinated’ with doing that process.

You don’t have to look at the Datre material or any of this as being something you ‘have’ to do. It is not going to help you to ‘have’ to do it. You have to be ‘excited’ about learning. That’s why the children going to school today are not learning, because they’re not ‘excited’ about what they’re learning. You give a child a subject in school that they are ‘fascinated’ with, and they will come home with straight A’s. Not because the parents have said, ‘I want you to get better marks in school’. The child is not looking at the marks he’s bringing home; he’s looking at ‘what’ he’s learning.

So, it’s all in the way you look at it. If you’re not interested in anything, regardless of what it is, whether its sports, or whether its the theater, or whether its wood carving, if you’re not interested in it, then put your mind to something you ‘are’ interested in. If you’re interested, things happen ‘automatically’. You become better and better at what you’re interested in – that’s an automatic. You don’t ‘have’ to do anything. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “Is a “faster” evolution in any way desirable, does “time” matter in any way?”

DATRE: No, time does not matter in any way. You can do whatever you want at whatever speed you want to do it, it doesn’t matter, its up to you. Those that go around ‘proclaiming’ that they’re this, that and the next thing, that’s fine, if that’s what they want to do. They want to have the ‘recognition’ of being a highly evolved ‘spiritual’ person.

The first thing that that tells me is that their ‘Ego’ is still in the way. A highly evolved ‘spiritual’ individual is someone you would never notice – but you will ‘feel’ their presence. Continue.

JOHN: And her last question is… “Last question: Could anyone choose not to evolve, or is this impossible?”

DATRE: You can choose not to evolve! For the first time – that is a possibility. There is no sense trying to get individuals to continue physicality, if there is no desire to do so. There are enough individuals on this planet that ‘want’ to do something. And if there are those that don’t want to do anything, then that is up to them. If the desire is ‘not’ there at the time of the change over of the BIRTH, they will just cease to exist, because that is their desire. That has never been allowed before.

But, why? Because you’ve never had an ‘evolution’ like this. This is totally unique and different. So things are totally and uniquely and different this time, then any other time. That is ‘evolution’. It’s something totally different and unique.

In other words, if you’re going to spend all these gillions of years evolving to this point, then those that don’t want to ‘evolve’ beyond this point, that is entirely up to them. Continue.


JOHN: We now have some questions from Erica, and her first question is… “When I (we) reach this place of enlightenment will I [she’s referring to the BIRTH] be able to have direct contact with all and how will it be that we can contain this kind of openness doesn’t it blow a few of our fuses, our physical energy and mental states? For those souls that come from Fear base consciousness won’t they react in a violent way?”

DATRE: Well, I can’t totally answer that question because, as we have said previously, this has never been done before. So if its never been done before, we can’t tell you ‘how’ its going to be done. The only way we know ‘how’ its going to work, is when its over, we can say, ‘this is what happened’ – there’s no other way. Its something that’s never been done before – how can you tell the out come? There is no way.

What is going to happen? We don’t know. If the tramatization reaches a certain point that we feel that we’re going to loose ‘everyone’ that has taken part in ‘this’ planetary existence, then there will be some sort of ‘help’ that will be offered to maintain ‘this’ level of physical existence – because, we don’t want to loose the whole thing.

But, this is but ‘one’ point of evolution. That is a ‘continuous’ thing. It doesn’t ‘stop’ here at this planet. Nor does it stop at the next planet, or the next planet, or the next planet. It is an ‘ongoing’ process. And, whether you want to take part in an ongoing process or not, that is entirely up to you.

But, the thing is, what we’ve tried to do, is get you ‘connected’ up with more of the ‘totality’ of YOU then you exhibit in physicality. The more that you can connect up with ‘that’, the more you will understand about your self and ‘who’ you really are. It is hard, because ‘this’ is the way you have set this up. You set this up, to bring but a ‘portion’ of yourself in here for experience.

But, in the process of ‘evolving’, you wanted to do so many things at the ‘same’ time, that you have set up a system of ASPECTS. Now, quite some time ago, maybe a year or so ago, we mentioned about that it was possible at this time, to allow ‘aspects’ of yourself to come back and ‘join’ with you in physicality. And many were beginning to experience things that they were surprised at. In other words, one day they were ‘totally’ and completely interested in something that they had never even thought about. They had ‘absorbed’ an ‘aspect’, and that ‘aspect’s’ desire to do something.
In other words, a business man, who had never ever had any desire to even pay any attention to a painting – yeah, paintings were hanging on the walls in the houses and buildings and so fourth – but he never paid any attention to them, so there were pictures there. Then one day, he had this burning desire to paint. And he was so astounded by it, but it wouldn’t go away. Finally he decided to get himself a piece of paper and some paint and found he thoroughly enjoyed it. Where did that come from? ‘I’m having a grand time’. He’d absorbed an ‘aspect’.

But, you see, some of these things are ‘subtle’ and they’re not noticed. But, if an ‘aspect’ had not developed to a point of anything other than the ‘one’ experience, that one ‘you’ desired to experience, the ‘aspect’ has no validity. It’s just another ‘exploratory’ whatever.

You send things in space all the time – for exploration. And, after the information is brought back, you don’t much care about what brought you the information. If it disintegrates in the atmosphere, it doesn’t matter; you have the information you want. Same with an ‘aspect’. But, if the ‘aspect’ doesn’t return the information to you, it has decided to go on its own and continue experiencing – because, from that point, it can have its own validity. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “In regards to our evolution… I believe my body does understand it all. It seems I am changing and becoming more sensitive to the vibrational levels. I hear and see thoughts and sense peoples thoughts. Almost as though I perceive peoples’ real intentions. It is not a constant state but rather I find myself drifting in and out of like the tide of the ocean. I feel a big gap between myself and others and then union. I understand there will be a separation of consciousness. And I am sure it will happen with discord through the Group Consciousness. I feel my responsibility is to stay centered and real, my only reference is what my body feels. Could you please expand on this process?”

DATRE: Your bodies ‘are’ changing there is no doubt about that. You’ll find that the bodies are becoming more sensitive. Your bodies are changing tremendously. Look at how big your peoples are. A few generations back the peoples were not big, they were not tall, they were very small. The women were around 5 feet tall, they were very small peoples. Look at how big your peoples are now. Look at what you’re doing; the men and women are athletic. My goodness, you go back to Victorian times and what did the women do? They didn’t do any of these activities; they had too many clothes on to do anything to start with. And they were all strapped up and laced up to make themselves beautiful for men.

You see, you don’t ‘look’ at evolution from that standpoint. The thing is, you have evolved in many ways. But the ways you have ‘not’ evolved in is in ‘knowing’ your selves. Its always ‘you’ in relationship to ‘another’ individual. Its ‘not’ you in relationship to ‘yourself’. You don’t know yourselves. And it takes a little effort to ‘know’ yourself.

The woman says, ‘if I had the right husband, I would be…’. And the man says, ‘if I had the right wife, I would be…’. But they never say, ‘when I become the right person, the right man or woman will be there’. That is working on yourself and getting to ‘know’ yourself. You need to ‘know’ your ‘self’, and be comfortable with your ‘self’. The majority of the individuals reading the Datre material have reached the point that they are ‘past’ being ‘reactionary’. They’re “settling down into their lives”.

So, at ‘that’ point, when you are beginning to settle ‘into’ a life, then their need is to begin to ‘know’ them ‘selves’. There are some portions of your planet where the women wear a ‘dot’ on their forehead. I don’t know what it signifies today, whether it signifies what it did many years ago? But, many years ago, that ‘dot’ was put on the forehead of a woman at the time of marriage. That was to ‘remind’ the woman, that after she had raised her family, she was to begin to work on herself. The men are the ones that go to the temples. The men are the ones that do the praying, and all this other. The woman is busy with the family, the house, the cooking and all this ‘other’. But it is to ‘remind’ her – and it is a constant reminder – because, how can you look in the mirror and not see that red dot? It’s also a constant reminder of… for her relatives, to remind her, that when her children are gone, she is to begin working on her self. You don’t have such a thing. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “My love of animals has given me the gift of unconditional love. I am aware of my “Pet Buddies” even in my dream state, we travel together. Are the animals going to blossom as well? Will they live through this rebirth? How closely are we ALL intertwined in this evolution step together? I think animals really do laugh at us. Is humor an evolutionary step? It seems enlightened persons have great humor, do animals have this?”

DATRE: Well, animals are, as we have said, animals are ‘realized’. So they look at things entirely different than you look at things – there is no comparison. Now what an animal does living with a person, an animal ‘mimics’. Animals are very good mimics. Why do you suppose you have all the veterinary services for animals that you have now? Why do animals have arthritis? That is something that they have learned from the humans they live with.

Now, are the animals going to evolve with you? I don’t know. I have no idea what you’re going to set up for your ‘next’ existence. Each and every one of you, on this planet – now you stop and think how many peoples you have here – have all decided what ‘they’ want to experience. Now you will find that there’s commonality in what some people want to experience and what ‘other’ people want to experience. And that is what will ‘separate’ you as to what your ‘experiences’ will be.

When you started out, I’m sure you did not know that you would end up being an ‘electronic’ planet – because that’s what you are, that’s what you’re interested in, that’s the way you function. Everything you use today, has something to do with an ‘electronic’ existence. In order to have light at night, you use electricity. In order to connect with people, you have cell phones, you have regular phones, you have computers, you have tape recorders, this is what you use for ‘connections’. So actually, when you look at it from our standpoint, you are an ‘electronic’ planet.

Electronic is anything that ‘pushes’. Now you say, ‘anything’ that pushes, that includes gasoline’. Gasoline ‘pushes’, how does it ‘push’ – because it explodes. When it explodes, it ‘pushes’. That’s what ‘pushes’ your cars, that’s what ‘pushes’ thing up into the air. You also have things that change your planet, and that’s ‘water’. Your rivers, your oceans, your seas, it all ‘pushes’. There’s where your tides come in. What makes your waters run in your rivers? It’s a ‘pushing’ force.

So, how can we say what ‘you’ want to experience in your next evolution? There are some that are not going to be interested that much in bodies. They’re not going to appreciate having a body any more. They’re not interested in continuing to experience and ‘electronic’ evolution. They are not interested in raising food, preparing it, or eating it. They are not interested in physicality. They would rather experience ‘without’ a body. There are those that want to experience ‘through’ a body. But that is up to each individual. Nobody will separate you, you will separate your self – it’s as simple as that. Change takes place, on a ‘individual’ basis. So we can’t say what you decide you want.

What you… it is like when you are 5 years old and you want that ‘special’ toy for Christmas. And you don’t get that special toy, and the next year, you would still like that special toy – but you don’t get it. At the age of 7 guess what you have under the Christmas tree? That toy that you wanted when you were 5 and 6. But, now you’re 7 and you don’t want it any more. We cannot tell you, because many things will change in your life experiences. And if you were to decide today what you wanted, ten years from now you’ll say, ‘I don’t know why in the world I ever wanted that?’. That’s evolution. Continue.

JOHN: And her final question is… “Who were the Samaritans, where did they come from? Is it true that they genially engineered us? Are we a type of hybrids? How did the different races come about?”

DATRE: Well, number one the Samaritans were peoples on your planet. How could they engineer you if they were here? It can’t be. You were engineered, but you were not engineered by any living group on the planet. No! And really, what difference does it make? Does it matter ‘who’ put your body together, today? Does it really matter? You can’t go ‘forward’ very easily, if you keep looking ‘backward’. It really doesn’t matter. You have to begin to live every day of your life.

When you wake up in the morning, look at it as brand ‘new’. And that is almost an ‘impossibility’, because you have your ‘past’ that is right on the other side of your sleep stage – and you haven’t let it go. When you go to bed at night if you will say, ‘I release all of my uncompleted thoughts’, you will find your body relaxing and sleep will be peaceful. You’ll say, ‘well I couldn’t exist if I lived that way’. Oh yes you can. You can have ‘memories’. And if there’s something you need know, you can go back in there and dig for it and find it. You’ll say, ‘well I can’t forget because I have to use that in my everyday world, I’ve got to ‘work’ with that’. All right, go back and find it. Use it, but then ‘drop’ it – let it go again. Don’t try and ‘file’ it someplace, because you’ll never find it. It’s like the men and women who put things away, ‘I’ll put it here so I’ll be sure and remember where I put it’. Then a week later, they can’t find it.

That is showing you something – but you’re not paying attention to it. Don’t ‘try’ and remember everything – drop it, let it go. When you ‘need’ it, the brain will find it for you – it’s a good computer. How do you suppose you got computers? Computers are modeled ‘after’ brains. So if a computer can find something, my goodness, your brain certainly can. But that doesn’t mean you have to carry it ‘with’ you. That’s why people are unhappy – they carry ‘yesterday’ with them. ‘Well, things always go bad for me, so I don’t know what’s going to happen to me today.’ That’s a good way to start! But ‘start’ what – repetition of what you had.

So really, it does not matter. It doesn’t matter ‘where’ you came from. And it doesn’t matter ‘where’ you are going. It’s your daily existence that matters. That’s what we’ve talked about – living in the ‘moment’, living in the ‘now’. You’ll say, ‘well I’m too busy, I’m too stressed out’. You’re too busy and too stressed out, because you don’t ‘relax’ and let things ‘happen’. You’d be surprised, if you had a workload that is overwhelming – if you’ll say, ‘alright, I’ll do as best I can and I can not do any more’. Then if someone else doesn’t like it, you have done your best. And you tell them, and they say, ‘well, you should have done this and you should have done that’ – you turn around and say, ‘I did the very best I could’. Don’t accept a ‘guilt’ trip that someone else is trying to put on you.

I know these are ‘different’ concepts, but if you will put them to work and put them in ‘action’ you won’t be ‘stressed’ out, because nobody can stress you. You cannot be ‘stressed’ if you do the very best that you can – and you are satisfied with your ‘self’. You’re not here to please ‘other’ people, that is not why you came into this physicality. You came in here to learn what physicality was about, and enjoy it. Then you should start doing it.

Don’t be concerned about ‘yesterday’ – be concerned about ‘today’, because a ‘good’ today, leads to a better tomorrow. We thank you, we are Datre.


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