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Datre answers John D.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from John D, and his first question is… “One of the topics which do keep returning to me though which I am not sure of is Datre’s information on wave-like structures. From recall, Datre asserts that we don’t yet work with waves; rather we work only with particles within the waves. I glean from Datre’s words that they do not think we know about wave-like structures yet.

This puzzles me as in communication equipment we have worked with wave-like structures since Marconi invented what was then termed “wireless” or radio as it is called today.”

DATRE: The ‘one’ word that you use consistently is your answer. You keep referring to wave ‘structures’. That is where the difference is. Wave ‘structures’ implies that there is something that is ‘holding’ it together. You are a ‘particle’ based reality. Your ears, your eyes, all of your senses, your hands, everything, all of the senses of the physical body, are oriented toward ‘particles’. That is how you function.

In the Universe, we do not have bodies. We can’t smell, taste, touch, hear, see. We don’t have those senses that you have in physicality and that is what’s confusing to individuals upon your planet. They have difficulty comprehending that anything can exist ‘without’ particles or structure. And, the only way you can have ‘structure’ is through particles.

You see that is why it is so fascinating for us to come into bodies. To be able to experience all these senses that you have. It is indeed most fascinating. You see, we come into a body, and all of these things are happening. We can feel the heart beat, and we can feel the digestive system working. We can feel the hot or the cold of the body. With the hands we can ‘touch’ the arms of the chair and feel the texture of it. We can look and see sun light or moon light. We can see everything. We can hear the hum of a computer. We can taste water or food that is given to us. You have no idea what that is when you have never experienced it.

That is why there are many that are looking forward to experiencing ‘without’ a body. Just imagine how unique that is to have a ‘process’ that you will carry with you as that which you call ‘thinking’. Then take it out into the Universe, and there’s nothing there – including you.

So you see, from our vantage point, when we say, ‘you have never experienced ‘waves’ on your planet’, what we’re referring to is Universal waves, which are – as you would term it – nothing. Because, you experience ‘only’ through a ‘particle’ reality. Everything is there for you to see and work with; because ‘that’ was the fascination… this is why you originally were so fascinated with coming into a body. Because, to have these – what you call now ‘restrictions’ – was so utterly fascinating that you couldn’t wait for the experience.

You see, when you look at things from one vantage point to another vantage point, it is totally different. You can’t say, ‘well, this is this and that is that’ when they don’t fit together.

You use the words ‘wave’ and wave-like, because on your instruments you see something going that looks like an ocean wave, and that’s what your instruments detect. And that’s fine, because that’s what you’re here in physicality for – is to learn about ‘physicality’ – that’s why you’re here. I know you’ve been here too long, that’s why you’re bored with it. But that’s the way it is. Now, this BIRTH was to have taken place in the 1980’s. This is what I (Seth) was setting up. It was tried and there were those that went through the process but it was not successful. We didn’t want a BIRTH with only a handful of people. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “So One question for Datre is that would they be able to confirm or otherwise say that the wave-like structures we use in sound, light and communication is the same thing as they are talking about, but at a different frequency or wavelength?


And if so, then does it follow that everything does have a wave-like structure that forms its own unique signature which to other living wave-like structures which we can see, sense, feel or using other sensory perception, know what the other is?”

DATRE: There is no way… there is no way. You see your ‘waves’ etc. are ‘magnetic’s’ based. The Universe doesn’t use magnetic’s. Even your bodies are magnetic based, cells, blood etc.. If you were to put a piece of iron in your left shirt pocket, after a period of time you would find that it had become magnetized.

You have ‘Universal waves’ that are coming on to your planet. This information is not new. This information was known about back as early as the 50’s and 60’s. There is no way you can ‘detect’ them. However, your bodies ‘are’ changing frequency. Some bodies are changing ‘faster’ than others, depending on your desire to ‘know’. Your desire to know about physicality and your desire to know about non-physicality. But, the more you ‘know’ about physicality, the more you will begin to ‘know’ about non-physicality. You’ll begin to see the ‘transparency’ of physicality. Once you begin to see the ‘transparency’ of physicality, you are moving into another ‘state’ of AWARENESS. And, your body ‘follows’ what you tell the body.

Then it will begin to pick up the ‘waves’ that are coming ‘from’ the Universe, because, those that want to go and no longer experience physicality, need to have some way of making the transition that will not be traumatic. So they need to have that experience before the BIRTH comes.

So you see, what happens is, when you get into these ‘states’ of knowingness – shall we say – then you need something else to work with. That does not mean that you ‘step out’ of physicality, you stay ‘in’ physicality. But you see, the only way you can get – shall we say – ‘out’ of anything, is to get so far ‘into’ it that you can go to the ‘other’ side – there is no other way. When you get so deep into physicality and you ‘know’ what physicality is all about, you comprehend it ‘totally’ and ‘completely’, that’s when you begin to make the ‘shift’. Because, when you begin to see the ‘transparency’, as we’ve said many times, you’re the ‘whole’ thing. This ‘theater’ is yours. You work with other individuals in your ‘cast’ of performers. But, you direct them. You write the material for them. You sit in the audience and watch them. And you’re also involved in the play. But, until the day comes, with ‘total’ certainty – within you – that you ‘know’ it’s a play, and you ‘know’ your part in it, that is when you begin to make your step.

And the ‘wave’ that is coming from the Universe is to help those that are making that transition. But they don’t disappear. They stay in physicality, because that’s when the ‘enjoyment’ begins. Continue.

JOHN: He further goes on to ask… “A second topic has to do with the planet. Datre says that the planet has begun leaving its orbit. I read another channeling where they said that planet Earth will fetch up orbiting a star which we call Alceone which is a part of the Pleiades star system (the so called seven sisters). Whether or not that will in time be the case is irrelevant. Datre did say in an earlier channeling that Earth would move to a new sun at the point that it’s vibrational rate or frequency is no longer compatible with our sun. So there seems a possibility that it could indeed make a trip to that star we call Alceone, or to another which perhaps we don’t have a name for.”

DATRE: You are going into another ‘portion’ of that which you call your Universe. Why would you go into Pleiades when Pleiades is completely established? You are going some place else. Why do you want to experience what they’re experiencing? Don’t you want to go some place entirely different and unique a system that you set up for yourself?

It is like what is happening now that we are out of that which you call ‘time’. What is happening? If you will watch your television, your movies and your music – those are three very good areas that you can look at. They’re taking the ‘old’ songs, the ‘old’ plays, the ‘old’ music and they’re redoing them, simply because there are so few people on the planet that are ‘visionaries’ that can look ‘forward’. The majority on your planet can only work from that which ‘has been’. It is very rare to find an individual that is going ‘forward’. They’re basing everything on what ‘has been’ – yesterday. They’re doing it over again – and doing it badly.

But you see, the thought patterns of today, don’t fit compatibly with the thought patterns of ‘yesterday’. What is ‘evolution’ about? – going forward.

So why would you want to go to someplace that’s already established? If you want to go there, then you would go there on your own for that experience. But, why would you ever bother to have the whole ‘planet’ go there? Peoples don’t want to do things over and over – that’s why you’re bored, you’re tired of repetition. So, your planet’s going someplace else – enjoy the ride. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Now it seems to me, that there is another factor which influences that greatly. That is, there may well be other suns which are not within the human visible band and not detectable by humans in this particular reality. That would imply that the universe as we see it is only those parts of it which have a similar vibrational rate or frequency to ours. That is, they are more or less to some degree in our own physicality, so to speak. Regardless of whether or not we would ever be able to physically visit them in a tin can.

It could well be that there are other solar systems and indeed other planets in our own neck of the woods which we simply cannot detect or see because they are in a different reality or dimension for want of a better term to describe the environment in what they might have existence.

Given that this later paragraph might be true, then it is possible that the so called Ascension of the planet, (that term is one other channels use for raising of the vibrational rate of the planet Earth and its inhabitants etc..) will take its being from our physical reality out to another one in which it will have a totally new existence where its frequency will match that of other stellar bodies around it. I can see the possibility for instance of there being another sun perhaps more in our solar system which doesn’t have any effect or bearing physically on us in this reality and certainly not detectable or visible to us. I may well be barking up the wrong tree here.”

DATRE: No, you’re not barking up the wrong tree. You are very right in stating the fact that there’s much that is very close to you that you have no way of knowing. Your eyes and your instruments are based on what you do with particles within your physicality on this planet. You see, you can’t ‘see’ but what is in front of your physical eyes, because they’re attuned to ‘your’ physicality.

You have been told, I’m sure, many times, that everything has a vibrational rate. Even that which you call, your walls, your furniture, everything, you’ll say, ‘well that’s solid’. No, everything is vibrating. There is a vibrational rate to everything. Your senses of the physical body are ‘tuned’ to those vibrations that you are working with. So, there is a great deal that you have no idea of its existence.

As to the word ‘ascension’, there’s no such thing – I’m sorry to tell you that. But, there is no such thing as ascension. There is an ‘evolutionary’ process that is continuous – not only on ‘your’ planet, but on every other planetary existence, every other reality. There’s always ‘changes’ taking place. And changing the vibrational rate of ‘anything’ does not ascend it – there is no such thing. That has become a concept that for whatever reason is supposed to be magnificent. Those people that are ‘evolving’ with their ‘knowledge’ of physicality are not ascending, they’ve got their feet firmly planted – because ‘that’s’ what you’re here for.

The planet is not going to ‘ascend’. The planet’s going to change. The planet’s going to move. The planet will move when the vibration within the orbit is not compatible, and it will move to another orbit. But that will… the minute the planet finds an orbit that is compatible, it ‘locks’ in – and you have another planetary existence. It’s not… it doesn’t have anything to do with ‘spirituality’ or ‘ascension’ or anything like that.

It would be a ‘shocker’ if they knew how much of your physical existence is just plane and simply, a ‘physics’ principle – that’s all it is – as your science will attest to. Continue.

JOHN: He next asks… “Is there other suns or planets in or close to our solar system that are simply out of view to our instruments and human eyes?”

DATRE: Absolutely! Continue.

JOHN: He continues… “If that is so, is it to such a destination (for want of a better term) that our planet is headed?”

DATRE: You have no idea where your planet is headed and neither do I. At such time as this planet totally and completely leaves its orbit it will find another orbit that is compatible. And, does it matter ‘where’ it is? It really does not matter ‘where’ it is located.

You see, planets travel all the time. Just because you have been in one orbit for such a… for what you call a long period of time, you think that that will continue – it doesn’t. Evolution is evolution – its not staying in the same place forever. Continue.

JOHN: And he continues… “Given that earth is off to pastures new, we may well need new biology. Other channeled information from such entities as one called Kryon and another group who I suppose are like Datre but who will only allow themselves to be called “The group” (they don’t have names) have told us our bodies are undergoing physical changes to a less dense version. Datre says to a silica based one. It would appear to me that if we are to move off this planet at the so called Birth, it can be accomplished by one of two ways.

One: we are lifted off by some mechanical means and transported to whichever of the three realities we are supposed to fetch up at, and of which Datre has told us about with regards to the so called Birth.

Two; we die on this planet and incarnate into biology already on the planets to which we are assigned or have chosen to go to. The latter implies that there is an operator/s there somewhere who set up the biology in the first place.”

DATRE: It can go both ways. That is something that we have answered in another one that we wrote recently – we don’t know. How can ‘we’ know what you as individuals are going to do?

Now as to being taken off the planet and transported someplace else – that will happen in the ‘sleep’ state. There’s nothing ‘mechanical’ that’s going to take you anyplace. The minute you get off this planet, you’re going to be in a ‘different’ vibration. Then, in a different vibration, everything is going to be different.

You see, the thing that you don’t understand is – and we’ve explained it before – you ‘die’ on this planet, and then you come back into another body for experience. Then when you’re in ‘this’ bodily experience, how much do you know about the last life that you lived? Is there any panic in that? No, because ‘that’ is the way you’ve set it up to get a brand new body. That’s the way you wanted to make it work.

What about ‘other’ realities on other planetary existence’s where they keep the same body? The bodies are ‘birthed’ at maturity and they stay that way for as long as the indwelling entity wants it. When the indwelling entity doesn’t want it any more, they just drop it and walks off and leaves it. But, that’s something that’s very hard for you to comprehend – because, even in that which you call ‘death’, you create another body, because you can’t be without one. That is your ‘belief’.

Now, there are those that go through that which you call the ‘death’ state, and don’t want to get back into a physical body, don’t ‘need’ a physical body – and still maintain their existence within this ‘bubble’ until the time of the BIRTH. But you see, those are different ‘states’ of existence; even within this planetary ‘bubble’ that you’re in.

Now, that may strike a note of ‘fear’ to some, but not to those who don’t want bodies any more. They don’t want the encumbrance. But they want to be able to use, that which you call, the ‘mind’, which is entirely different than your ‘thinks’. There you work with ‘thoughts’. Thoughts are very important, very potent, and you can do a lot more with ‘thoughts’ than you can with ‘thinks’ – ‘thinks’ is brain.

And those that desire to go from ‘thinks’ to ‘thoughts’ – to go from ‘body’ to ‘no body’, understand physicality. They’ve gotten so far ‘into’ it, that they can get ‘out’ of it.

You also mention, would we go to bodies that were already there – that depends. We’ll have to wait and see. Continue.

JOHN: He further goes on to ask… “Indeed, I see the Adam and Eve story as being the beginning of man’s jump from a so called cloned body to a self manufactured one. i.e. the Adam and Eve story is a very shortened story of mankind at the time of the change in biology to accommodate this jump and hence the story is genetic.

Datre and I think Seth, and certainly other groups and or entities have said we were once clones.”

DATRE: There was a ‘cloned’ reality to begin with – that is how it all begins when you start a ‘new’ experiment. A new experiment always starts out with ‘clones’. It’s no different than in your laboratories when you start out making something. You make several of them to see ‘how’ they react. To see if they ‘react’ differently, or if they work from a ‘group’ concept. What attracts ‘what’ to ‘what’? So when you started out with that which you call, your physicality, it was ‘what’ would stay attached to ‘what’? That’s what it amounts to. What will stay attached to what?

In other words, if the components of your body did not ‘attach’ to each other, you’d be just scattered all over the place. You have to have something that makes a ‘cohesive’ form for physicality. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Who were the operators who originally set up our biology and who did the cloning of the bodies for us?”

DATRE: That originated on the planet that you call Jupiter. Many experiments take place on that planet. That is where a ‘specific’ species decided to experiment and they were the ones that ‘engineered’ your bodies.

When you got to the point where it was causing confusion – among those that were doing it and those that were watching it and those that were unaware of it – they took that which they thought ‘might’ be a body, and put it on another planet – and that’s this one that you’re on now. This was originally a satellite that went around Jupiter. Just like you have things going around planets, you have satellites that go around Jupiter. So, they put you on that.

And some of them went on the planet, and you have a remembrance of ‘ships’? That species used ‘shuttles’ to go back and forth between the satellite and Jupiter, because they were monitoring your bodies. And this thing that started out as an ‘experiment’ soon became, that which you call a ‘body’ – this was your ‘cloned’ body. Not as you see it today, because that is an ‘evolutionary’ process. But, you started out as being very ‘big’ bodies, because that’s what they could work with. But, at some point in time, when they found that the bodies were able to sustain themselves, they shoved the satellite away. The satellite got into a compatible orbit – and this is where you are.

See, it doesn’t matter ‘who’ started you out – that’s immaterial. The thing is, how much do you know about what you’re doing ‘today’? That’s what’s important. That’s ‘evolution’. Continue.

JOHN: He further goes on to ask… “What is their relationship to us humans and to us as spiritual beings (spiritual being one way we can understand as being that which we are)?

DATRE: There is no relationship. They engineered you – they turned you loose. You got to the point they didn’t need to baby sit you any more.

This happens all the time – you are ‘not’ unique. You’re not unique in any way. The only thing is, you have not reached the point of knowing enough about your human bodies, so that you are able to start making ‘other’ bodies. Where would you start? What would you use? That’s the thing, that species was to the point that they thought this would be fun – lets make something that’s kind of like us. I’m using the word ‘kind of’, so don’t say, ‘well we can go back and find our ancestors on Jupiter’ – no you can’t. No you can’t, because ‘your’ evolution started on your satellite – which became planet Earth, as you call it.

This is your beginning. Now, keep on going – you’ve got a good beginning. You have gone further, faster, in ‘electronics’ and in many different areas that are ‘unfamiliar’ to any other planetary existence. So, continue your evolution. But don’t try and be like ‘others’. That’s one thing on your planet that is a deterrent. Everybody wears bell bottom pants because they want to be different. Then you walk down the street and everybody is wearing bell bottom pants, because they’re all different. Everybody wants to wear their hair long and in a pony tail, because everybody else does, and I want to be different – ‘I want to look like’. Why don’t you learn to be ‘individuals’? That’s evolution.

So don’t try and be like everybody else. Don’t try and figure out all of this stuff. Try and figure out what you are today. It is a fascinating journey. Continue.

JOHN: He continues on and asks… “Given that there will be a birth, the likely hood from our perspective is that we will all die physically and reincarnate into new biology, who prepares the biology we incarnate into?”

DATRE: Well, there might be some species that’s ‘engineering’ some stuff, we don’t know. We don’t know whether ‘you’ are going to be compatible with that species that ‘thinks’ it up. If not, then you’re going to have to find something else.

You’ll say, ‘Oh, what’s going to happen to me?’ – nothing. You don’t realize you are ‘not’ your body. So, it will all be taken care of. As to ‘how’ – we don’t know. But then, ‘what’ is a day in eternity? What’s a day in foreverness? What’s a day in that which has no beginning and no end?

Your ‘days’ on the planet have been very recent. They go back and say that so-and-so was such and such an age – how do they know? ‘This was the birthday of so-and-so’. They didn’t have calendars then. They didn’t have days, they went by moon and sun cycles. But, now you have calendars so that you can mark everything on. You’ve gone down into, what they call, nanoseconds, or something like that. That’s the evolutionary path that Mass Consciousness has taken.

But, this is where you are, figure out ‘where’ you are, ‘who’ you are, and go from there. It’s an adventure. You’re so used to having people ‘tell’ you ‘where’ you’re going, ‘what’ you’re going to do, ‘where’ you came from.

You can find all these channels, all over the globe that will give you ‘all’ the answers. Datre will not give you ‘answers’. What is the ‘joy’ in discovery if you’re given the answers? The ‘joy’ in discovery, is finding your own. Don’t settle for what someone else ‘tells’ you. We ‘tell’ you things, because you’re asking questions. But we always leave something in there to look for for your self. That’s the name of the game – ‘self’ discovery.

If you don’t think that these vibrations are picked up by everyone on the planet, you’ve got another guess coming. The minute any ‘words’ are put into ‘vibratory’ form on this planet as spoken, what’s to ‘stop’ them? There’s nothing. You don’t stop a radio wave unless you have a piece of equipment set up that will pick up the radio wave. But it doesn’t ‘stop’ it – it keeps on going. So these ‘waves’ that are put out, through that which you call, your vocal cords, into ‘words’, will not stop unless it hits something compatible, which could be another person in physicality. But that doesn’t ‘stop’ it, it keeps on going. This is why so many channels seemingly pick up the same information. It is easy to pick up information from the ‘dead zone’, because their vibration is not that much different than those in physicality. Training is required to pick up a ‘Universal’ vibration, which is a higher frequency range, however, once this information is spoken it can be picked up by any body.

Now, as an example, you have on your television, a station called ‘discovery’. And they are doing things on the planet – they are ‘discovering’ things. Individuals are ‘discovering’ things. Those individuals are happy, because they’re finding something new, different and interesting.

If you were told what was at the end of a river, or the end of a forest, what was on the other side, what would be the object of going there in the first place? That’s why we say, ‘discovery’. Are you willing to search? Are you willing to ‘discover’? Not through somebody else, not through another channel, but on your own? Continue.

JOHN: He continues and asks… “In the event that we are to change our biology by ourselves or with help in some way on this our current planet to prior to making a move to other planets, what methodology is to be used to get our biology to another planet by some mechanical means?”

DATRE: Nope! If your biology is going, it will go in what you call, your ‘present day’ mind. What you have stored in that which you call, your brain that will be a ‘package’ you will take with you.

In other words, when you discover yourself on another planet, you will have your existing ‘think’ patterns. So, what you are today, were the BIRTH to take place at 5 o’clock, and you were on another planet at 7 o’clock, you would have the same ‘brain’ thinking you had at 5 o’clock. So, if you can take, that which you call, your ‘brain’ thinking with you, then regardless of what the circumstances were, you would adapt to it. Just like you take your ‘brain’ thinking with you when you die. The only thing is, you get rid of most of it and when you come back in you haven’t got anything, so you start over again. Continue.

JOHN: He further goes on to ask… “What time frame in generation terms will we need before our current biology has made all the necessary changes to accommodate the environment of our new homes as it were? I guess I mean how many human generations will be needed to accomplish the biology change?”

DATRE: Why do you need any? Why do you need any ‘generational’ changes? Remember, this is ‘engineered’. You’re working off a ‘physics’ principle, why can’t physics be changed instantly? There’s no reason to have ‘generational’ changes. That’s ‘old’, that’s what you’ve been doing. That’s what you want to get away from; you want something ‘new’. You’re tired of physicality, as it exists at the present time. You want ‘change’ – you’re getting change. There are those who have always ‘known’ that they could change themselves and their surroundings in the blink of an eye, and have done so. The only thing that stops you from doing the same thing is your ‘belief’ system. These concepts are not new – they have existed for hundreds of years. For example, if you were to go back into some of the literature of the l890’s to 1920’s you would find quite a lot of material about people levitating and doing other very interesting phenomena. Because of the age of the ‘body’ of this channel we have access to a tremendous amount of information.

And those that don’t want it are getting it whether they want to or not, because there are, shall we say, certain ‘Universal’ timings. Things that happen on ‘other’ planets effect what happens on your planet, as well as things that happen on your planet effect things that happen on ‘other’ planets. So, there is a ‘Universal’ timing to things. And, the Universal timing is based on your planets and your suns. And it’s ‘approximately’ so long before a change takes place. But, because we don’t figure in numbers, we work with what the situation is at the present time.

In other words, if you’re up skiing, you’re in the snow and you’re coming down the hill, and you can see a great big bolder coming down and it keeps getting bigger and bigger because it keeps picking up snow what are you going to do? Aren’t you going to try and get out of the way? Same thing with planets. Planets are ‘not’ stationary. You’ve been stationary for so long, you think that that’s existence – it isn’t. Planets are ‘not’ stationary. Planets move from orbits to orbits. Just because you’re going to be changing ‘orbits’, you’re getting all excited about it. And you should, because it’s going to be interesting. And, what you’re going to do when your planet changes orbit, you’ll find out when you get there – because we can’t tell you either. Talk about the ‘age’ of discovery. Continue.

JOHN: And his final question is… “No matter what way you look at it from our perspective, there has to be some behind the scenes operation. Who are these unseen to us background workers?”

DATRE: Well, as I said, it is ‘Universal’ timing. Like the snowball coming down the hill. When one thing changes, something else changes, and something else changes, and something else changes. So the little stone that started out at the top of the hill has all kinds of snow packed all the way around it and now it’s huge. You can say, that that’s what your planet is doing. Your planet is not getting huge, your planet is not going to ‘ascend’ or any of those things, your planet is changing its ‘vibration’. You on the planet are changing ‘your’ vibration. Okay, so you’re not compatible to the orbit. Okay, so you go to another orbit.

Whatever is in the orbit on the other planet is going to be compatible with your evolution – and it will be. You can’t look at the ‘past’ and you can’t look at the ‘future’, because, really, if you look at it, both are ‘unknown’. As your concept of reality changes, so does your ‘past’ and your ‘future’. The only thing that you really can put your hands on is ‘today’. That’s all you have. And today is ‘eternity’ – you don’t realize that. Today is your ‘now’. This is the only place that you can exist – is right here, right now in this physical body. You’re here, because you ‘want’ to be, because you came here to ‘discover’ what it was all about.

Now, find out the ‘fantasy’ of it all. Get to know physicality so well, that you can see that is very ‘transparent’. And then you can move on to something else. But its not being ‘out of the body’. It’s not meditating or being ‘spiritual’ or waiting for ‘ascension’ or anything, it’s ‘living’ today. And that’s the ‘one’ thing that peoples don’t want to hear. They avoid that. It’s my relationship. This is happening, that’s happening and something else is happening. Find out ‘why’ it is happening. This is your day of ‘discovery’, it’s the only one you have.

You don’t get ‘out’ of physicality, because that’s what you desired to be in. Now, when the BIRTH comes, if you don’t want physicality any more, then what are you going to want? Are you going to want ‘evolution’ without a body? Or do you want to be completely and totally annihilated?

It is like that individual that has been sick for 15 years, and has faced death everyday of his life for 15 years, and when the time and day comes and he ‘knows’ it – he fights to live. That’s what you should do. Fight for your existence, fight to ‘know’ your existence, discover what its all about. Then in ‘discovery’, you will continue your evolution in whatever way you want to. There is no one that can tell you, what to do, how to do it. There is no one that has ‘control’ over you. There is no one out here in the Datre group or any other group that has any control over your existence. None what-so-ever, unless you ‘allow’ yourself to be pulled around by the nose. I think we have said enough on that subject, we will leave you. Thank you very much, we are Datre.


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