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Datre answers James.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from James, and his first question is… “My question is regarding transitions. More specifically the transition involving the change from external worldly perceptions to internal “inner landscapes”. This transition occurs at the end of the fourth cycle of physical plane existence.”

DATRE: Now, you don’t have to reach any… you don’t need to reach a fourth cycle of the physical plane, that’s where you reside all the time. The thing is, you are where you are functioning from, on the ‘inner’ level as well as the ‘outer’ level. Interior and exterior at all times.

The only difference is, as a child, you work from what you call, the inner landscapes – because a child works with ‘imagination’. That’s what “inner landscapes” are. Inner landscapes are ‘imagination’.

Belief systems are what ‘changes’ your perceptions of “outer” landscapes – which you call physicality. It is nothing more, nothing less. You constantly function from an ‘inner’ landscape. But your ‘belief’ system ‘changes’ what you experience in an ‘outer’ landscape of physicality. That’s what changes everything.

If you were to continue, from the time you were a child, with your ‘imagination’, and working from ‘that’ vantage point – your world would be so entirely different, that you would find difficulty living in the physical, because, your ‘imagination’ has no limitations. Remember that – that’s a very important statement. IMAGINATION HAS NO LIMITATION. That’s your ‘inner’ landscape.

Your ‘belief’ system shuts it down. You have reached a point in, shall we say, your worldly existence, that you don’t ‘trust’ your imagination. You question your imagination – you don’t believe in it. Therefore, you have set up a ‘true’ – ‘false’ world, a ‘black’ – ‘white’ world, where you constantly work from what you ‘see’, ‘smell’, ‘taste’, ‘hear’ and ‘touch’. You don’t have “time” for imagination. You have shut yourselves down. When you shut yourselves down, it takes a while to get back into ‘opening’ up again.

That’s what we have spoken about in being an OBSERVER. Watching things, being an observer ‘changes’ your perspective. It ‘allows’ you to function from a different standpoint – that’s what we’re trying to achieve.

Where IMAGINATION exists, you have an entirely different ‘outer’ physical reality – because, you’re ‘creating’ from a different standpoint.

Now, someone opens up to ‘imagination’, and makes a “discovery”, and everybody jumps on the bandwagon, which you have done in your technology, and your technology ‘flourishes’, because all of a sudden you have a new emphasis – something to ‘drive’ you in another direction. That all comes from ‘inner’ landscapes. But, the ‘inner’ landscape is always there.

Just like you try to separate ‘consciousness’. Consciousness “IS”. If it weren’t, nothing would exist – nothing or no-thing would exist. Because, ‘everything’ contains consciousness. Everything ‘contains’ and is ‘in’ the ‘inner’ landscape. Then through ‘imagination’, you enter the inner landscape to bring back ideas into physicality. So you’re experiencing from an entirely ‘different’ standpoint. Now, have I got you totally confused? Or did we straighten it out? Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “I am concerned with another transition that occurs during an incarnation. This is also the fourth and occurs at about the age thirty five. From Datre’s perspective what could I do to assist others in these transitions, especially in terms of inner landscapes?”

DATRE: There is nothing you can do. That is not an area that you can work in, because you’re working in ‘your’ inner landscapes, another individual is working in ‘their’ inner landscapes. That’s what dreams are all about. And everyone is interested in interpreting everyone else’s dreams. And, if people buy into that, and says, ‘well, this person knows what my dreams are all about’, and you buy into that – where is ‘your’ life? You don’t have one, if you let everyone tell ‘you’ what you’re thinking, what you’re dreaming, how you are supposed to interpret ‘your’ existence – where is your ‘personal’ evolution?

You see everyone tries to help everyone else, that is the way your whole planet is going now. We’ll help the other person. Now, is it help or is it hindrance? Peoples are always ‘looking’ for answers – constantly. So they run to whoever they think they can get an answer from. But, I think that anyone that is interested in their ‘own’ evolution, and getting to know more of what physicality is all about, don’t ‘want’ other peoples answers. They want their ‘own’ discovery.

So, whatever way you decide you’re going to help someone else, that is entirely up to you because, those are ‘your’ decisions, those are ‘your’ belief systems. And I’m getting back to ‘belief’ systems, because that’s exactly what it is.

You ‘believe’ that in helping another person that you are doing a great service to mankind. You’ll never ‘do’ anything for another person, unless you get ‘glory’ out of it yourself – unless you get that ‘feel good’ feeling. That’s why you do things in the first place. Because, you feel compelled to do it, to help someone else, ‘and boy do I feel good when I’m doing that’.

Now, these are ‘your’ decisions, as to what ‘you’ want to do. We do not make decisions for you. we try to present information for you to make your ‘own’ decisions, looking at it from an entirely different standpoint than what you may have previously looked at any given situation.

The information we give is not ‘new’, its just trying to turn it around as many times as we can, in different wordings for your understanding because, everyone reading this transcript will come to a different conclusion – as it should be. Because, if everyone reads it and has a different conclusion, then, in that respect, you have expanded the ‘outer’ landscape of ‘thinks’.

Because ‘thinks’ move constantly – nobody stops them. They continue on, and the more different ‘thinks’ that are out there, the more ‘options’ individuals have for making their own decisions.

This is what Mass Consciousness is all about – the variance of ‘thinks’. What has happened is, there hasn’t been any ‘new’ input, so your ‘thinks’ remain comparatively ‘static’. By pointing out different ways of looking at situations and getting out different information, your ‘thinks’ change.

Remember, the ‘exterior’ is the “end product” of the inner landscape. The exterior is a psychological “projection” of the ‘inner landscape’. Continue.

JOHN: I am aware of the gains I would receive so this isn’t totally altruistic as I’m sure Datre will understand.”

DATRE: I think we’ve covered that did we not?

JOHN: I think you did a pretty good job.

DATRE: I don’t think we need to go any further. We will leave you now, we are Datre.


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