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Datre answers Christine.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Christine and her first question is…”Datre, please sum the whole of “me”, the me in this current life, here now, up.”

DATRE: Now, that is very difficult to do. Then you’ll say, why? Number one; there are different classifications of that which you call, your peoples that are on your planet.

There are peoples that ‘originated’ – their origins – was ‘this’ planet. That’s where they started. That was the ‘beginning’ of their evolution. Now, you have those from that, which you call, ‘beyond’ your dead zone. Those peoples that have gone into the dead zone that have accelerated their ‘knowingness’ of the ‘workings’ of the planet and have continued to keep in touch with the ‘mass consciousness’ of the planet in a ‘learning’ experience. They have kept up with the ‘evolution’ of the individuals upon the planet, to the point that they have not been “left behind”. Those individuals have chosen to do it in that manner, because they reached the point, where they understood physicality as it was at the time that they were in a physical body.

So rather than just go into a state of almost comatose, shall we say, and experience from the dead zone, their vibrations took them to a point ‘beyond’ the dead zone, where they continued their learning process.

Those individuals, from time to time, have had physical bodies made available to them that they come down and experience through. Now, what they do in those cases is they can see what is happening in ‘mass consciousness’, and will bring down, through a physical body, some information that is pertinent to the evolution of the peoples of the planet. Then, when that body, has lived as long as it is going to live, then those individuals go back again to another point ‘beyond’ that which you call the dead zone. Surprisingly enough, they do not go back to where they were, but because of a physical existence, go beyond that point where they were previously.

You see, that is something that many are not aware of. There are those that come onto the planet that will stay for long periods of time. They will be seen and they will be interacting with peoples on your planet. And these peoples, in these bodies, do not stay in any one place any length of time. They’re continually moving. They are going from country to country. They are contacting peoples in different civilizations on your planet – leaving information as they go.

But, you see, until you reach the point of ‘that’ understanding and ‘knowing’ what you can do, you’re in a ‘static’ cycle. We talk about getting to know ‘who’ you are. Those people ‘know’ who they are and they know what they can do. They will come back and function in a body, as long as they want to. So, there you have two different kinds of people.

Then you have those individuals that are what we call the ‘specialists’. They will come in – the same way – sometimes, they will even decide to be born into a family where they know that they will be brought up in an environment that they can use to their advantage, to bring forth vital information. That can be in the sciences. That can be in politics. That can be in, what you call, your religions. These are the people that make ‘dynamic’ impact upon the planet. As a rule, the majority of those individuals do not live very long lives. They live with ‘intensity’. But the duration of their life span – as a rule – is comparatively short. They come in, they do what they want to do to influence a ‘specific’ group of people – their impact is great. There we have three, and there are more.

So for us to tell you, who ‘you’ are, is an impossibility. And that is when finding out ‘who’ you are becomes very interesting. Because, in your search to know ‘self’, you will find ‘you’. And you probably will be very surprised at ‘who’ you are and what you are capable of.

You see, you all ‘limit’ yourselves to such a great extent. You have been on this planet a long time.

Now, you will say, ‘well how come some of these civilizations are so ‘backward’, uneducated and all of these other things?’. You have what you call ASPECTS. It depends on ‘how much’ intent of purpose that goes into an ‘aspect’ when you release it. You may release an ‘aspect’ just because you want to experience going to two places at the same time. You see, that ‘aspect’ doesn’t have a great deal to work with. So that ‘aspect’ will probably continue until it feels no more viability, so it will “go into the dead zone”. And it may never return to the planet again, because it’s a process of not enough to work with to go any further. But nothing is lost.

So, you have those ‘aspects’ that, you’re working on a vital project, and you want to figure out all the different ways of how to get this project working. You’ll say, ‘well I’m going to study this part and get this part working first. I wish there were three of me.’. Why not become three? The three are working so closely together on one project that – unaware to you, in your daytime existence, you’re not connecting up. But you are, because you’ll get an idea, and that idea is from one of your other ‘aspects’. Then when your body goes to sleep, that’s when you can really get to work. Then you can really work with each other. Then, if only one of you decides to come back into the body, all right, then one comes back into the body. One says, ‘well, I’ve had enough of this; I don’t care to go on any further. So that’s that, I want to go in another direction.’. Fine, go on your way.

So, the one that goes on it’s other way, it has absorbed a great deal of physicality and how physicality works and a great deal of this information, but wants to take it in another direction. That one has something to go on. And that one will go on until the body dies. But it is so full of ‘animation’ and ‘I want to do more, I want to do more’. Comes back into another body experience, shall we say, and continues going in that way. And that one becomes very ‘viable’, because it continues. So, there’s another way to look at things. And I’ll bet you thought everybody was the same – they’re not.

JOHN: You broached the question of cultures that are uneducated and primitive. You started into that, but never answered that part.

DATRE: We’ll go into that. The majority of those are ‘aspects’. They want to get back into the body but they’re not particular about where, they just want another ‘body’ existence. There is not that much that is ‘pushing’ them. So depending upon… that doesn’t matter ‘what’ civilization it is, it doesn’t matter where it is in your line of evolution, because ‘everything’ continually evolves. The majority of those that come back in again, have not made good choices.

You will find that… I don’t know how many that are reading the Datre transcripts are familiar with that which you call, the ‘reincarnation’. When that began to flourish, that idea of reincarnation began to flourish in that which you call, your United States, a number of years ago, individuals became interested in it, because it was something that was not anything they were familiar with here, as they are in other portions of the world. So, peoples “jumped on the bandwagon” and were interested in reincarnation. Then they went where they could see people being hypnotized or doing it themselves, that could go into “past lives”.

Many, many, times – more times than anything else – you will find, the poor dirt farmer was a poor dirt farmer, was a dirt farmer, was a dirt farmer. And every time he went back further in that which you called your ‘time’ experiences, it was the same thing, again and again and again.

So you see what happens is, the evaluations in that particular individuals life experiences/expressions have been consistent, and have not developed to the point of working him or herself ‘out’ of that existence. That’s complacency. Then you have those which go into which you call ‘reincarnation’ and of course, everybody has to have been somebody that’s important. If its a woman, she has to have been Cleopatra, or somebody that was very important and a man when he goes back, he has to be some Duke or Earl or general or whatever it happened to be. That’s because they are not ‘allowing’ themselves to go into the ‘past’ – they’re only ‘projecting’ what they want to see and hear.

You’ll say it can’t be done. Oh yes it can. Oh, yes it can, you’re not all those famous people. Maybe you were a dirt farmer and you don’t ‘want’ to know you’re a dirt farmer. You can ‘block’ anything and everything you want to.

So, for me to tell you ‘who’ you are, I cannot. I don’t know ‘where’ you are in what you call, evolution of ‘self’. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “Where did I come from, where am I headed? And give me some specifics, something that will click.”

DATRE: Well, that is very difficult to do. There are a great many peoples on your planet that are so convinced that they came from Venus, that they came from the Pleiades, that they came from all these different places, that its hard to tell ‘what’ you’re connecting up with, what you’re feeling, where ‘you’ want to go. It’s an impossibility.

The more you get to know ‘who’ you are, as an individual, the more you’ll discover that all of these fancy places – that many think they came from and are going back to – are but “imagination”. They have ‘imagined’ it to the point that they feel that that is real. Now, if they’ve imagined it to the point that they feel that that is ‘real’, and that’s where they’re going, then that is up to ‘them’ to know themselves well enough to ‘know’ that they can go there – because, you’re not going with anyone else. No one else can ‘take’ you there. No one else can ‘get’ you there, but your self. And if your vibration doesn’t ‘match’ wherever you think you’re going, you’re going to hit a stonewall because you can’t go any further. Vibration is what indicates ‘where’ you’re going and ‘what’ you’re going to do.

And that is an impossibility to ‘measure’ another persons vibration. It is like trying to know what is in the mind of another individual – you can’t. You can never know what is in the mind of another individual – it’s an impossibility. Oh, they say, they can ‘read’ your mind. They’re only catching your ‘brain’; they’re not catching your ‘mind’. Your ‘brain’ is what they can contact, because that is a ‘physical’ object. But, your ‘mind’ is yours and that cannot be touched by another person – it is an impossibility.

When you go to sleep at night, you leave the body. You don’t take your ‘brain’ with you, you don’t have to, you have your ‘mind’ – that’s what you work with. When you come ‘back’ into the body, you work with your brain.

So, to tell where you’re going – I’m sorry dear lady, no one can, but you. Continue.

JOHN: And her final question is… “I’m new to you, please give me some background about YOU and those around you. I’m not so good on reading archives and I’d love a nice neat summary to bring me up to date and knowing.”

DATRE: It is very difficult, because, number one, we have a chosen name of Datre, which means nothing. People didn’t like the idea that they couldn’t call a name, so, we made a name. But, because we have a ‘body’ with the flexibility that this one has, this body makes no discrimination on the individuals that ‘use’ the body. Because, those that use the body are ‘not’ from the dead zone. This body has been ‘totally’ reconstructed and there is no way that anyone from the dead zone can ‘use’ this body. This body takes Universal information.

Now, you’ll say, ‘well, you bring forth information from those that are still around the planet.’. The information that we bring through from ‘those’ individuals, are individuals on the very outer most, outer most rim of that which you call your ‘bubble’. They’re on the ‘inside’, but they’re right there where they can connect up with the vibrations of the Universe. Those individuals that are at ‘that’ point do not have bodies, they don’t work with ‘particles’ – that’s ‘sandbox one’ is particle reality – there’s no need for them to work with ‘particles’. They don’t function from a body. That is why they enjoy from time to time coming into a body, because it’s a unique experience.

But those that are on the ‘inside’ edge of the ‘bubble’ – the very outer most point – and those that are on the ‘other’ side of the ‘bubble’, that information is also brought through.

You see, for individuals to ‘channel’ the dead zone, it is very easy. It’s very simple, there’s nothing you have to do except to just relax and let them use your body – because they do from time to time anyway. You don’t run your bodies as much as you think you do. Those in the dead zone love to come in and run your body. The dead zone especially loves to come in and run your body if you’re doing something they enjoyed doing when they were alive. They like to come in when you’re smoking. They like to come in when you’re drinking. They like to come in if you’re playing football or playing golf or doing many of these things that they enjoyed when they were in their life experience. But, because you’re not aware of it, you walk down a street and all of a sudden you’ll say, ‘I wonder how I got here? I don’t remember… I must have passed that store I was looking for.’. Were you in the body or was someone else in the body? Very simple.

But, if you’re going to bring in any Universal information, you’re going to have to go through years of training. Because, your vibration has to be ‘changed’ to accept the ‘higher’ vibratory frequency. So it is not a simple thing. So, this body brings through that ‘type’ of information. I’m bringing forth this information today. I started this one and I’m ending this one. That is not true of all transcripts.

Many transcripts are done with four, five, six, seven different ones that will come through with just, probably, two or three sentences of information that they want to interject, that they feel is important and pertinent at that time. I don’t know when I’ll get back again. I may be back on the next transcript or I may not be back for another year. But it does not matter.

When this body reads the information that is on the written page – with the questions from the questioner – at that point the decision is made as to who wants to come in and answer the questions. Its just like you’re sitting in school and the teacher asks a question, and you’ve got the answer, so you raise your hand. Then if you’re the first one to raise your hand, you’re the one that gets to answer the question – same thing. Of course we don’t have hands, but its the same thing, its the same principle. And sometimes the information we bring through may sound very simplistic. But, you must remember, the most profound statements are the most simplistic.

And, in keeping it simple or giving you a picture, something that you can understand and make a picture of for your understanding, that is what we try and do. The reason we do it is, because we have individuals from all over the globe, from many different countries, speaking many different languages, many different thought patterns as far as their… what they think physicality is all about. We try and keep it, so that everyone will understand so there’s the ‘exclusion’ of ‘none’.

We could come in and give you a transcript that would ‘knock your socks off’. And probably… what we have close to 300 people, maybe 4 people would understand it. What good is that? It doesn’t do any good – you loose the audience. The main reason for bringing through the information is for ‘your’ evolution. Your understanding of your self. Your understanding of physicality and what its all about. And the more you learn about those things, the more your ‘perception’ of everything changes. And, everything becomes ‘different’.

You have been on this planet for so long that you’re sick and tired of it. We’re trying to influence you in some way, by giving you some information, so that you can find contentment “in your own little corner of the world”. We thank you, we’re Datre.


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