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Datre answers Harold.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Harold and they are… “As I find myself at that point in life where disengagement from this experience approaches I find myself with unresolved issues in respect to settling affairs and detachment from those items, that I care a lot about. Books, writings, and accumulations that have been near and dear in the process of living a life need to be laid to rest in one way or some other way.
The thought of “my reality and my illusions” comes to mind and that maybe it simply does not matter, but because of the emotional ties or what I suppose is that just hangs there in limbo and has for a long time. I cannot just decide to toss it all or, on the other hand, to really get any plans in place achieve my trunks of notes, disks, old computer and miscellaneous family materials. I think I need some review of perspective here as the issue seems so evenly balance in respect to having my stuff stored, which I suppose is really the chronicle of my life in seeking the remembrance or awareness of our subjective reality for many years and years…
The quest for the universal bases for this place we visit… and that this stuff needs to be here in this particular objective reality – which I suppose will be the case either way, of being here or not being here, in respect to another’s reality with a connection to me of some way… or as a bag of energy that should be released? I have overstated the question I suppose in trying to articulate the question (to myself I realize) – but this matter of laying things to rest as a final undertaking 🙂 does pose some issues that has me very much puzzled and I would greatly appreciate any help you may offer.”

DATRE: Now, why do you feel the need that you have to leave that to rest? Where are you living? You’re living only ‘now’. This is the day that you are living. You’re not living your past and you’re not living your future. That does not mean that you cannot connect up with your past or not connect up with your future, you cannot connect with, that which you call, your ‘reincarnational’ activities – everything is ‘now’.

Now, from the sound of your question, you sound like you are ready to exit this physicality. And you are not prepared to release many things of this physical existence. Now, your decision to exit physicality is strictly up to you, at whatever time and whatever way you decide to do so.

If you look at this lifetime and all life times – it is all happening simultaneously, and yet it has been separated by that which you call, ‘periods’ of time in history. These experiences are all yours. You have chosen different avenues, different relationships with people, different experiences of different kinds. They’re all yours, every one of them. The thing is, your projection into this reality – is but a ‘projection’. This is where your focus is at the present time.

But the validity of ‘all’, is as great in one historical time period, as it is in another. The ‘body’ is what maintains ’emotional’ attachment to anything on your planet. Your ’emotion’ allows that which you call your physical construct and all that you interact with to be a very strong focus, so that you don’t just fly all over the place.

In other words, if your focus is not intent upon ‘this’ reality, then you will be in ‘another’ reality. But you have set things in motion to keep your ‘focus’ here and experience here in this particular ‘time’ construct.

Now, if your intent and focus shifted into another ‘historical’ time pattern, it would take you there into such a strong reality, that you will actually ‘feel’ that you are there. You will have your emotions, you will eat, you will sleep, you will take part in that experience in another reality ‘time’ span.

But, individuals focus their attention here, because ‘this’ is their present stage of evolution. Now, for you to have emotional ‘attachment’ to information that you have gathered, over this particular lifetime, because your intent and focus is on, ‘should I save it or should I discard it?’ your focus is such that your emotions get involved and you do not want to part with that which you have. What is wrong with saving all of it? As your focus changes, what you feel is important will also change.

That is why friendships, that are deep, deep, friendships, and many say, ‘oh, I always want to keep in touch with you’, and a point is reached in your existence where that particular friendship is no longer needed for what ‘you’ want for your evolution. So, for various reasons, you will move away from that individual or that individual will move away from you. ‘We’ll always keep in touch’. And you will write and you will call, back and forth, for… depending on what period of time you wish to maintain that contact.

You will find that you have one direction you are going in, and the other individual has another direction that they are going in. Meeting again, after what you call, several years, after a very short period of time, unless you just want to sit and recall the ‘good old days’, you’ll find that your present day lives have little to do with each other, and conversation ceases.

When people are no longer needed, in that which you call your evolution, they will “disappear”. The contact will be broken; there is no need to hang on to anything. The same way with a book, or information you thought was important. You move from one place to another. Or you loan a book to someone and that book never comes back. And maybe years down the line, you’ll wonder, whatever happened to that book and you don’t remember. You’ll say, ‘well, it was lost along the way’. It was lost, because your ‘focus’ was not in that area, your focus has changed.

That is why we say, ‘the day you begin to look at this physical existence as a ‘projection’ of a psychological construct – really, there is ‘nothing’ here. That is why those that go beyond the point of physicality realizes that that does not have to be there.

Now, you’re feeling attachment, do not be concerned about it, because you’re spending your time thinking of how to dispose of physical objects. Make a decision, today, one way or the other, and act upon it. But, do not go back and, shall we say, second guess your self.

That is what we talk about, when we talk about ‘reactions’ and ‘actions’. Even doing nothing, when thought about, is an ‘action’ and it is a positive action. If you decide, ‘I’m going to do nothing about this at the present time’. That is an ‘action’. If you decide to keep the information, that is an ‘action’. If you decide to get rid of the information, that also is an ‘action’. So you see, you have three options. Make a decision and abide by that decision and forget it.

It is in the constant remembrance from one day to the next, to the next, that you are finding that you are carrying baggage. If you drop the subject, after you have made your ‘action’, then it will resolve itself.

You might say, ‘how does that happen?’. Very simply, you change focus. You have forgotten about something that is a constant reminder to you that its something you have to do. You never forget, everything is recorded in your brain, just like a computer disk. It’s all there, but is it needed for your physical existence and evolution today? This is the question that needs to be asked, not only about what you have and are undecided about making a decision, but that is true of everything.

When the day is over, it is over. When the next day appears, then it should be brand new. And that is the difference with those that begin to realize ‘what’ this physicality is all about. It’s because, they look at each day new. Then you’ll say, ‘well that’s an impossibility, because we have the same people, we have the same work environment, we have the same house, we have the same, the same, the same…’. It is possible, when your focus changes as to ‘what’ is important to you ‘today’.

Whatever is the most important thing to you today, then do it. And if you concentrate in your ‘doing’ it, the day will bring satisfaction. It is in the ‘vacillation’ and the ‘undecided ness’ that you cause your bodies a great deal of stress. That is what those on your planet are living under, your emotional ‘stresses’ that you place upon your bodies – because, you have restricted yourselves by that which you call ‘time’. The big statement today is – ‘I wish that I could do that, but I don’t have ‘time”.

You have all the ‘time’ you need. You have all the time you need to complete ‘any’ project you wish to complete. Your day is as long or as short as you want it to be. And if you’re frustrated by ‘I didn’t get enough done today’ – you must have, or you wouldn’t have placed the day at its end. We thank you, we are Datre.


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