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Datre answers McLaod.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from McLaod and his first question is… “Its about a series of body reactions since I started a conscious spiritual path. For more than a year my spine has been cracking, (bones crack), it happened first when I started breathing exercises, cracks are always followed by belch, (I don’t understand why).”

DATRE: Well, you talk about cracking of the bones. Your breathing exercises are expanding areas of your body. Now, at one time I believe we talked about the fact of a change within that which is your spinal cord.

Now, if you’re doing breathing exercises, you are realigning your body construct. Breathing exercises are no different than those who go to these gymnastic places and work out with different pieces of equipment. What happens? They get muscles, their whole body structure changes. Breathing exercises do the same thing. You think of breathing exercises as just being a natural part of everything.

Now, when you breath, what you’re doing is, you’re changing your construct. When a singer begins to develop the voice… not the people that sing pop songs, but the people that do the operatic singing type of singing, those that don’t need a microphone to reach the people in the back row of the audience, they only sing notes because of the breath that goes by the vocal cords.

Now, they take in breath, they control the breath that goes through the vocal cords, through the mouth. That’s why they can reach the last row in the audience. It is very unusual to find a ‘skinny’ opera singer, simply because their whole chest cavity and their throat expands to accommodate the breath.

What you are doing in breathing exercises is no different. You’re not producing a sound, but you’re expanding and as you expand, something is going to crack. And it doesn’t matter what age you are.

Now, leave the breathing exercise out of it entirely. The cracking of the bones has been mentioned many times through those in contact with us. ‘I go to turn my head, and crack, crack, crack.’ ‘I go to reach for something and snap, crack, in my arm or in my shoulder or my knees crack.’ What does that tell you? Your bodies are changing with the new energies. Very simple!

You’ll have periods where every time you move, it seems like something is cracking. And then one day, you’ll realize you don’t hear it any more. That means your body has settled into that alignment. It is nothing to be concerned about.

Why does the belch follow? Real simple, you’ve probably never had that much air inside of you, you’re expanding, you’re releasing the air from the stomach cavity and up it comes. Nothing magical.

How does this body that we’re in at the present time release the air within the stomach cavity? By stretching. All you have to do, instead of sitting with your head over your plate all hunched over, is sit up straight. What happens, you sit up straight, you expand, you relax the body, and the gas comes out of the body. You don’t have to go and take a medication. Learn what your body is doing, that’s one of the things you need to know. Continue.

JOHN: And the final question is… “I had to relax all the tensions in my neck to try to cure a buzzing hearing, which is not cured yet. Since I began the process, each few months I’ve been loosing my hearing JUST on the area of the coronal charka! I eat healthy. I use many good medicines, homeopathy, kinesiology, osteopathy etc.. Could this be signs of an unbalance at the coronal charka? Or is it a sign of Kundalini awakening?”

DATRE: Those words are all up to you to figure out. But it sounds like you’re getting so involved in things you’ve forgotten to enjoy life.

Why do you eat healthy? Is it fun? Why is a vegetarian a vegetarian? Is it because its fun or because they want to achieve something they think that they can achieve that they can’t achieve otherwise? Everything on this planet was put here for you to use in whatever way you wanted to use it. To eat healthy in one man’s country is suicide in another man’s country. What is your ‘belief’ system? Remember, everything that you do, in physicality, is filtered through your ‘belief’ system. That is the way you function. As you change your belief system, other things will change.

If you’re going to find problems in areas, then what are you telling yourself? What is your ‘belief’ about it? That is very important. Your belief system shows itself in your ‘exterior’, because your belief system alters your body, it alters your body chemistry.

You are what you ‘believe’ that you are, there is no other way that you function. So, perhaps it would be a good idea for you to relax and enjoy life. It is interesting to ‘try’ all of these different things. But, what works and what doesn’t work and why does it work and why doesn’t it work? Those are the questions to ask yourself, continuously because, if you get deep enough into it, you will reveal a great deal about yourself.

I cannot tell you what is wrong with you. And I cannot tell you about your belief system, because that is your own. No one else can tell you about your belief system, because they have no idea what it is. What you voice to another person, and say, ‘well I believe this and I believe that or I believe something else’, when they begin to ask you questions is what you come up with as the obvious. Its what ‘isn’t’ obvious is what is important.

So, along with everything else, find out ‘why’ and ‘what’. Are you afraid of the kundalini? Are you afraid of that coronal charka? Are you afraid of the body in which you are living? You’ll say, ‘well, I’m not afraid of my own body’. You’d be suppressed how many people are. People ‘are’ afraid of their bodies. If you have to monitor your body to that extent, you are not comfortable in your body. If you were comfortable in your body, you would not be concerned about it. The body follows a belief system.

Then what happens is, you’ll say, ‘well I certainly wasn’t expecting that to happen’. All right, you weren’t expecting it to happen, but why did it? What are you trying to say? You’re trying to get your attention in an area. And if all of these different things that you are doing and trying is building the amount of tension that you’re loosing your hearing, are all of these things that you’re trying that important? Wouldn’t it be far better to forget the whole thing and rely on yourself? Enjoy life; your body was put there for your enjoyment. That’s why you chose it. You put it together yourself, nobody else put it together. Nobody else is living in it, and no one can tell you how to take care of it.

You can go to all the doctors in the world and you can take all the medication, you can take all the food they prescribe and everything else, but, remember one thing, the people that you get the information from, and I’m not speaking only to you, I’m speaking to everyone who is reading this transcript. Don’t you know your body better than they do? There are some very wise doctors who say, ‘I can not heal you, you must heal yourself.’ And that is the truth, no one else can heal you, you have to heal yourself. Then they’ll say, ‘well I don’t know why I can’t heal myself? I have this problem and I can’t get it fixed.’

Why? Because you have a belief system that there’s something that you can’t find, you can’t uncover. Is it something that someone has recently told you or is it something further back that’s hidden, that you can’t find?

They have said, there are many types of cancer that are caused by very traumatic experiences in children. Now, go back and try and find that one!

You see we have talked about that so often, is that you function through a belief system that is how you work in physicality. Now, your belief system can be very insidious, because, they’ll say that you create your own reality. Do you? You may try, but remember, it comes through a belief system. And that belief system is what makes your physicality as fascinating as it is.

So, take a good look at what is happening, see if you can find out what is causing what is happening. And this goes for everyone on the planet, including the body that I’m speaking through. Why are these things happening? What is it telling me? There’s a message in there someplace.

And when this body becomes very ill, and someone will say, ‘oh, you better go to a doctor’. No! I need to find out what I’m doing and why. What is the reason for it? Notice the ‘timing’. This body is very interesting in that it will ‘time’ feelings of illness at a time when there is nothing demanding that she needs to do. Watch those things. When the body has readjusted and realigned itself, it will be fine. But that is paying attention to what’s going on.

I cannot tell you what is wrong. That is for you to find out. No one else can tell you what is wrong, because they don’t know the body as well as you do. This is going to everyone, this is very important. You may think it’s insignificant, but it is one of the first steps in really discovering ‘who’ you are. Because, you are an integral part of the body, you’re not separated from it. You are working through it.

You are training the body the way you want to have it. You’re training the brain. But, it has to be a cooperative effort, because, if you’re shoving things on the body the body doesn’t want, then what good is that?

People will say, ‘oh, I love my body, I need another tattoo or I need another ring in my ear’. And what are you doing, the body is saying, ‘what are you hurting me for, I don’t want to be hurt?’ And you say, ‘Oh, but I want it.’. So okay, so we stick rings in our ears and our nose and our tongue or wherever. And we’ll go through hours of having tattoos on our body, which are painful. Why? What are you doing? You’re not working in cooperation with the body. And then you wonder why relationships don’t work? You can’t even get along with your own bodies. I’m not being funny. I’m being very straightforward and trying to get you to pay attention as to how you are living. Next question.

JOHN: That was it.

DATRE: That was it, we thank you, we are Datre.


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