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Datre answers Milt and June (PART I).

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Milt and June and Milt’s first question is… “A major message which I have gleaned from Datre has been the desirability of just ‘being’, making every attempt to cease living in a ‘doing’ mode. Have I interpreted this correctly? If so, would such a modus operendi on my part exclude/preclude plans, expectations, judgments, assumptions, etc., of self and others?”

DATRE: Now, the ‘doing’ is an important part of living. In order to gain the most experience in this reality is by living.

When we talk about being an OBSERVER, that is part of your daily existence, it is not spending your time observing it is a part of being aware of everything that you do. Peoples on your planet are so rushed, so scattered, that they’re not paying attention to anything. What I’m saying is, you need to ‘do’, because in ‘doing’ is how you experience and being an OBSERVER is part of your living experience. In other words, if you’re not ‘doing’ anything, you’re not really contributing much to your living.

You can be an OBSERVER in everything that you do. In being an observer in everything that you do from the time you open your eyes in the morning, until you close them at night, you have a greater enjoyment, a greater appreciation of everything. You’ll begin to ‘see’ things differently. And many things you’ll find, that in being an OBSERVER, I believe you mentioned judgment. Judgment is not in the picture, because you’re not looking at things in a judgmental way. You are OBSERVING. That does not mean that you are passive, that means that you’re getting into LIFE and seeing life in its fullest.

So, the ‘doing’ is important, you have to ‘do’. But you don’t have to do it in nervous anxiety. When you become an OBSERVER, nervous anxiety takes the back seat instead of the front seat. In OBSERVING, you are living to the fullest extent, because you’re not only seeing things from ‘one’ point of view, you’re seeing things from many points of view. And, that’s what being an OBSERVER is all about. Everything that you do, becomes enriched by observing what you’re doing.

So, in non-doing and being passive, you are really not learning what you truly want to know. You need to get involved, but you don’t need to be scattered. The one thing that you hear constantly, where ever you go, in whatever company you happen to be in is, ‘I don’t have enough time’. You have all the time you want. But you don’t have to go lollygagging around either. You can be a very, very, active person and do many, many things but, as an OBSERVER, you drop the tension, because you are focused on what you are doing. We’ve talked about ‘focus’ before. Focus, is what enriches your life. If you focus on what you are doing, it enriches everything.

Its not sitting back and watching the show, its being part of the show. It’s being in there. It’s being the actor. An actor is not passive. A director is not passive. A producer is not passive. A writer is not passive. And the audience is not passive. And you are playing all these parts. But, many of you are ‘not’ playing all the parts, and that’s where the tension comes in. You’re not realizing the scope and the magnitude of the ‘whole’ play and everything that surrounds the play by getting in and ‘doing’. And being an OBSERVER in your doing you will see a great deal more.

Its the individuals that are ‘working’, that are ‘doing’, that are raising a family, that are doing all of these different things, they are the people that are benefiting. Because, if they are OBSERVING what they are doing, they’re getting twice as much out of everything. So, a ‘doer’ is the one that’s having these marvelous experiences. It’s not the mediator. It’s the one that puts on his shoes in the morning and does something. The mediator doesn’t go any place. Meditation is fine, but some people don’t get beyond that point. They think that’s the beginning and the end and the whole ball game, its not. It’s getting out there. It’s the interaction and the ‘observance’ of the interaction.

Once you begin to be a consummate OBSERVER, the tension will be released from your body and you will enjoy, that which you call living. Instead of ‘disliking’ life. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “We intend to live on the planet as many years as these bodies of ours are capable. Having not incorporated this intent during my first 50+ years, I now want to bring this body the healing which may be required to stick around for another 100+ years. Can you provide a discourse on very rudimentary actions or paths to pursue to assist our bodies to achieve their full longevity potential? Current allopathic (and, in some cases, alternative practices of healers) to aid and abet life extension in this era are not readily apparent to us.”

DATRE: You know how you can extend your life? By enjoying it! Enjoyment of what you are doing and how you are doing it, and being happy and content, is one of the best and most successful ways of living a long life. There are many, many, many, people that are living past 100 years of age on your planet. And when asked about it, they will recall incidences in their lives, all the changes that they have seen since they were children, and they’re content. They have not ‘fought’ life, they’ve enjoyed it. And that is the big thing; it’s the enjoyment of life. That is what will get you to be 100 or more. You can live as long as you want to.

You are the one that says what the year on the calendar is also. But one of the things that happens is, if you are watching anything in the sports, you will notice how often they will say, ‘he’s getting old now, he’s playing this game and he’s 36, so he quite old to do this.’. 36, you haven’t even started to live yet, and yet he’s too old to play a game. Now, how often are you going to be told that before you begin to believe it? That’s the question.

Then they’ll say, ‘well, my parents are getting up in years now, they’re in their 70’s and you know, they’re getting older’. From who’s vantage point? From the children’s vantage point, or the people that are living it?

You see, you constantly bring age into the picture, you don’t leave it alone. Are you proud of the fact that you are the age you are? Or, are you saying, ‘well, I don’t have that many more years left’? How many years have you got left? How do you know? How do you know you’re going to be here tomorrow?

You see, by focusing on certain things, you bring them to you. Why is it that so many peoples look forward to retirement, and less than a year after they retire, they’re not living on this planet any more. Why did they die? Because they have nothing to do. They have no reason to get up in the morning. They’re bored! ‘Well, I’m, too old to do this, and I’m too old to do that’.

How about learning to swim at 75, because you’ve never been able to have to opportunity to learn how to swim? So, at 75 you say, ‘there’s one thing I’ve wanted to do and I’ve never had the opportunity to do it, I want to learn how to swim’. And their friends say, ‘oh, but you’re too old to do that now’. How about these women that are in their 80’s and 90’s that get on the backs of parachuters and go up in an airplane and jump with a parachuter that knows how to handle someone on their back? And the first they say when they hit the ground, ‘oh, lets do that again’. Those are the people that are living, because they say, ‘I’m going to do everything I want to do’. That’s how come you get to be the age you are.

How about these two women in their 80’s that are trekking through the Amazon? Who told them they were too old? If somebody told them, they didn’t listen, they’re having the time of their life.

Now, let us talk about ‘time’. What is this thing called time?
You always need those individuals on the planet that put “THOUGHT” into ACTION to create “TIME” that you function with. The ‘mass consciousness’ uses this created “TIME”, with the RATIONAL THINKING brain, to continue the evolution of the species. The more individuals that put “THOUGHT” into “ACTION”, the more changes that can be made in evolution.

The brain cannot ‘act’, only ‘react’. The people on the planet do not distinguish between ‘mind’ and ‘brain’. All possibilities and probabilities are contained in that which is referred to as the MIND of your bubble. The brain is the physical construct that uses RATIONAL thinking to create your physical reality. Continue.

JOHN: And he continues on and asks… “Is it ‘necessary’ to seek guidance outside of our own ‘knowing’ toward these ends?”

DATRE: It’s not necessary. It is not necessary, we only tell you things you already know. But, maybe you only need some reinforcement. Maybe you need to look at something from a different angle. But, nothing magic. There’s no magic in the words. And you only read what you read out of the symbols, that’s why some people like Datre and some people like somebody else, because they’re reading something from the symbols that pertains to them. That’s all you do, you look for something to reinforce your belief system, or to give you a different slant on how to look for something, or look at something, to change a belief system. And sometime it changes your belief system, and sometime it doesn’t. But it doesn’t matter.

And if you never read another Datre, or if you never read another book, then you would turn inside and find your answers. But, that is a little bit harder. Then you see, when you do that, you question the validity of your own seeking. It is a very interesting thing to watch your cultures, and they say, ‘well, I read it in the newspaper’. And they feel if they read it in the newspaper that has to be valid. But, it doesn’t have to be.

They interpret someone’s speech that has been given. And everyone that interprets that speech will interpret it differently. So, rather than listen to everyone’s interpretation, listen to the speech and draw your own conclusions as to what you think they are saying. That’s all it is, nothing more, nothing less. Continue.

JOHN: And he further goes on to ask… “In other words, is it just our thoughts that create any ease and/or dis-ease and therefore is seeking any other ‘healer’ input of any value?”

DATRE: That depends entirely on you. If you have a healer that you believe in, and you believe this individual can help you, and can fix your problems, and the belief is that strong, that’s exactly what that individual can do.

Why do people, that want to loose weight, go on diets that are prescribed for them, rather than using their body to tell them, listening to themselves? It’s easier for them to listen to someone else. Why? Because you don’t believe in your own self worth. You don’t believe in your self. If you believe in your self, and you listen to your body, your body will tell you what it wants.

Now, that’s not saying, ‘I’m hungry for a piece of candy and I know I shouldn’t have it’. There you’ve done it right there. You’ve set up the trigger, because you know what you said? ‘I know I shouldn’t have it, I’m watching my weight’. Well that isn’t very difficult, all you have to do is go to the mirror and watch it.

But, what is causing you to feel that you don’t have any self worth? ‘I don’t have any self worth because I’m fat’. All right, you’ve admitted that you’re fat. Now what are you going to do about it? Are you going to enjoy being fat? Or, are you going to say, ‘I don’t want to be fat’ and do something about it. The choice is always yours, it’s nobody else’s. And it is not up to anyone else to tell you how to run your life. That’s why you don’t have self worth, because you listen to what other people tell you. You need to listen to your self.

You have self worth. Everyone on this planet is necessary for this civilization to move in the direction it is going. Regardless of where you’re located, what you’re doing, or anything else. Each individual is important on this planet. That does not mean that you have to go around with a great big Ego. But realize, you ‘are’ important. You don’t realize that your desire to come here and participate took a lot of nerve in the first place. You’ve done it so often you think its insignificant, but its ‘not’ insignificant. You’ve cut yourselves off from realizing ‘who’ you are and how important you are to everything and everyone on this planet.

So, if you look at situations from that vantage point, maybe you’ll say, ‘well, maybe I’m not so bad after all’, of course you’re not. It doesn’t matter what ‘package’ you have chosen. If you want to change the package, change the package. But, remember that takes a little bit of doing – its ‘desire’. That’s what it is all about. It’s the ‘desire’ to LIVE, ENJOY, APPRECIATE, have respect, for yourself and others – that’s what it is all about. Very simple words, and if you do these things, if you live in that manner, it will change.

There are all kinds of books and all kinds of programs and all kinds of channels that will tell you the same thing, because that message is coming through loud and clear. And it’s coming through loud and clear, so that all the channels are picking it up. Datre is not the only one that is saying this. Oprah Winfrey is not the only one that is saying it on her program. And all the others that are saying the same thing.

Where is this information coming from? Its coming from ‘mass consciousness’, that’s why everyone is picking it up. It was brought through, a number of years ago, and it has been picked up and intensified until it is to the point now, where ‘mass consciousness’ is becoming ‘aware’ of the very words that we’re saying – its nothing new. But it is intensifying, and this is what is going to make your new MILLENNIUM as beautiful as can be. Continue.

JOHN: And Milt further asks… “Learning completely through Observation appears to be a pain-less and perhaps the shortest linear way of experiencing. Is it possible to complete my learning’s by perfecting only the ‘observational’ aspect of my being?”

DATRE: No, definitely not. Definitely not, it is in ‘living’ and observing the living process through OBSERVATION that enriches your life. No one can tell you, not even the psychics, what is going to happen to you as an individual. What have you set up for your self? What do you want to learn? What do you want to accomplish in this lifetime? Not as far as a job is concerned, but as far as ‘knowing’ is concerned. As far as taking ‘knowledge’ and making it into ‘wisdom’. That’s what you all want to do.

Everyone says, ‘that wasn’t very spiritual’. LIVING is ‘spiritual’, it cannot be separated, it’s not a ‘separate’ thing. It is an integral part of each and every one of you. There is a little flame inside of you that says, ‘I WANT TO KNOW’. And pursuing that ‘I want to know’, comes in many different ways. But, it is only in OBSERVING that you learn what you are doing. In other words, you’ll say, ‘well, I didn’t know why I was in that accident. Why did this happen to me?’. And the easy way out, is to say, ‘It was God’s will’, so that takes care of everything, but you haven’t learned anything from it. That’s why people are turning away from that phrase. Its God’s will, no, its what you put there to teach yourself. Nobody put it there, you did it yourself. What did you want to learn? No one has the answer but you. And, in finding that answer, that will change your life. They will say, ‘I don’t understand what happened to that person, their life is so completely changed’. Maybe he’s starting to pay attention to what he’s doing and why he’s doing it. That does change lives. Continue.

JOHN: And Milt further asks… “Much of the Datre input appears to focus on an ‘achieved’ ‘vibration’ level. Is there an earthly measure for me to use to become aware of my vibratory ‘level’ while I am awake in this existence?”

DATRE: No, there is not. That is something that happens to the body as you change your thought patterning. There are… I know you all know, you can walk by someone and you’ll say, ‘oh, I don’t like that person’ and you don’t even know the person. What you’re doing is, you’re picking up the vibration of that physical construct. Now, you don’t know what your own is, there is no way for you to know what your own is. You will instantly dislike someone that has a vibration that is not comfortable to you.

Now, that can work in two ways. An individual with a very high vibratory level in their body will scare many people, because they’re different. There will be those that will gravitate to an individual with a high vibratory rate, and say, ‘it is so comfortable to be next to you’. Why? Because they’re looking for that higher vibration because it relaxes their body, because they are of a higher vibratory level than the ‘mass consciousness’ that they are around. So, to find someone else that has a higher vibration, they become comfortable in that. Another person will walk by and say, ‘I hate that person, why don’t you get away from that person? That person can’t be any good at all’. Why? Because they don’t like the higher vibration.

Who’s going to say who’s body got what? You don’t know, and it doesn’t matter, because that is an automatic thing that happens with the cells in your body. That comes from your ‘knowingness’. There is no way that you can say, ‘I want my body to vibrate higher or slower’, or any other way. That is an automatic thing that happens ‘to’ the body as your understanding of ‘your’ life changes. There is no way that I can tell you anything to achieve that.

How come some people have, what they call, a little skinny aura that’s only about 6 inches outside their body? Then another person, when they come through the doorway, the whole doorway lights up and when they walk into the room, the aura spreads out and almost encompasses the whole room that they walk into. What makes the difference? The thought patterns of the individual.

You can’t have a great big aura and tension and anxiety at the same time – it doesn’t work. When people are all tense and anxious, and like you say, all strung out, they have a very tiny aura. It’s the individual that’s relaxed, that’s enjoying their life, that’s the individual that has the large aura.

What causes that? Chemicals within the body. The chemicals within the body ‘change’ as your attitude towards your individual lives change. Continue.

JOHN: He further goes on to ask… “If not, is there any way to monitor/assess my vibratory ‘status’? If this is a non-issue, can you please explain it again to help in understanding the vibratory issue more clearly?”

DATRE: Well, all that can be said about that is, the vibration allows you more flexibility in your experiences. In other words, if you want to travel out of body, which a lot of people do, they enjoy that, in traveling out of body, the vibration that you carry when you go out of body, is what allows you to go into certain areas, and dis-allows certain areas. Because, your vibration has to match an area that you’re going into. You can call it a reality, you can call it anything you want to, but in the body, it doesn’t matter. It is only when you get ‘out’ of body that your vibration will take you into areas of exploration.

There again, if your vibration doesn’t match you’re not going to go – it’s as simple as that. There are many that will talk about out of body travel and be going along just fine, then hitting a stonewall. You’ll hear that many, many times and they don’t know why. Well, the why is the vibration that they’re carrying? But, in your everyday life, it does not matter. If you pursue your life and you’re happy in doing so, then your body automatically will change to accommodate what you want to do. Your vibration doesn’t matter, so do not be concerned. Continue.

JOHN: And Milt continues on and asks… “I believe it was P’taah who said something to the effect that one need not dwell on past or future lives, and that what we experience and learn in the ‘now’ updates all three aspects of our being while in this bubble (past, present and future). If this ‘simultaneity’ concept is valid, can you elucidate Datre’s understanding of this concept?”

DATRE: You are constantly changing everything all the time, everything is in constant change. It is your understanding of what you are doing ‘now’ that changes your past and your future, simply because every time you look at something, and look at change in what you’re OBSERVING, you’re looking at the ‘past’ and ‘future’ differently. That’s why some peoples lives stay the same from beginning to end, because there’s no change in how they’re viewing their life. They’re going through all their experiences, but not ‘observing’ them and finding out ‘why’ they’re doing what they’re doing and learning from it.

But, if you are learning from all your experiences, and understanding them, naturally everything going to change, because the way you ‘look’ at things is going to change. It’s not how anyone else sees it, but you will constantly see it different.

That’s why you get bored with life, you don’t see any difference. Everything looks the same. But, if you begin to OBSERVE and understand, then everything looks different, everything changes, it changes constantly. But, it can’t be done from yesterday and it isn’t done from tomorrow, its done from ‘now’ – what you do right now. This is where your focus is, your focus is today, this is the day to learn in whatever way you want to learn – it is up to you. Continue.



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