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Datre answers Milt and June (PART II continued)

JOHN: Now we have some questions from June, and she asks… “I am not clear about Datre’s position on the concept of what many would call predestination. If we choose to come here to experience earth, humanity, parents, children, etc., have we also chosen (prior to coming) when we depart, i.e., death?”

DATRE: There are those that believe that. They believe that the day they are born, they also know the day they are to die – that is a belief. Now, your ‘belief’ is what changes what happens, that is the only thing that changes anything, is what you believe.

So, as far as predestination, what is your belief? If you believe you’ve set up the day you’re going to die and you are comfortable with that, then that is what you believe. It has nothing to do with actuality, because everything is filtered through your belief system. Your whole existence is filtered through a belief system. There’s no other way to function in this reality. So, what you believe, so it is.

There are those that believe in karma. Their belief is so strong that they filter everything through a karmic belief system. There are those that believe, when you die, you are ‘dead’ – that’s it, done, finished, its over with. So, you see, it is all a belief system.

There are those that believe that when you die, you change your concept of what’s going to happen next. You drop the ‘particle’ mass from the body, and continue on and continue your learning process, because the minute you are without a physical containment that you can see, you hurry up and make one that you can see. But the only thing that surprises you, is that you can make it any age you want it to be. So you make it the age you want it to be and continue your discovery of what everything is all about.

But, it’s your belief system that takes you from one place to another. It’s your belief system that takes you through life, through death, and back into life again in a continuum – if that’s your belief. So it comes right back to the beginning – its your belief system. It has nothing to do with what actually is happening.

We have said before, when you reach the point of getting so deep into life, that you understand it, you are on the other side of it and no longer have your feet planted here on this Earth. You do not go to the dead zone, you go beyond that point. Continue.

JOHN: And she continues on and asks… “In other words, are the aspects (mainly timing) of our exit predetermined?”

DATRE: Nothing is predetermined. That’s why, when they say, ‘well, when is the birth going to take place?’ we cannot tell you – nothing is predetermined. That is what makes the exploration of life interesting. If everything was predetermined, and everything was written in stone, what would there be to be discovered?

You need to discover. That is part of your existence in this reality, that’s what its all about – its the discovery. And if its all laid out, and you’re just walking a path that says that you turn here and you go there, and you have to learn this and you do that, and if you learn that something else, something else. That’s not ‘living’, that’s someone else telling you what to do and how to do it. Don’t you want to get out there and do it yourself? That’s what learning is all about, that’s what discovery is all about.

Your focus is here, know that your focus is here, and enjoy life from here. See, the thing is, everybody thinks that ‘out there’ is so much better. We’ve said before, just because you die, you don’t get smarter, it doesn’t work that way. Your concepts now, are the ones you take with you, regardless of where you go and what you do – dead or alive.

So, if you think that there’s something ‘magic’ going to happen because you die, you’re going to become brilliant, it doesn’t work that way. You’re not going to be any different than you are here. That’s why people have, what they call, the gnashing of teeth, because, ‘I should not have left. I should have finished up what I had started’. But it’s too late. They wanted out of the body, they wanted out of the body, now they’re out of the body and they can’t ‘do’ anything. So, they’re as frustrated in death as they were when they were alive – they’ve accomplished nothing.

So, keep those things in mind, we’re going into 2000. A lot of things are changing. The energies on the planet are supporting different thought patterns, thought patterns that can help you in every way possible, because they are seeping into ‘mass consciousness’. And as ‘mass consciousness’ changes, that is where the majority on your planet function from, if that changes, and that’s the information they’re picking up, they’re going to change. And that’s going to help you, because you’re not going to be plowing through a lot of ‘mass consciousness’ that you no longer believe in. You’re beginning to realize what ‘mass consciousness’ thinks and you think, are at opposite ends of the pole.

Realization is setting in. That all of these old concepts are no longer valid. And, the more people that discover that the old concepts are no longer valid, change will take place. And as change takes place and becomes more in alignment with how ‘you’ feel about your concepts of living, and more in alignment with that, you will become more comfortable and begin to enjoy your life to a greater extent.

Don’t be concerned about the nitty gritty, get out, enjoy, whatever you are doing, and if you don’t enjoy it, figure out why, that also is a learning process. You know, everybody says, ‘when I get to heaven and I get to be up there and all this, it will be wonderful’. And the question is asked, ‘what are you going to do when you get there?’. Then the blank stare comes across the face and says, ‘I never thought about that’. Never thought about that – very interesting. Continue.

JOHN: And she continues to ask… “And, how does this ‘square’ with the Datre quote: “You see, what you have, is your ‘bubble’ which contains your Earth and your moon. When that was formed, everything that you could possibly think of to experience, to learn, to express, was put into that ‘bubble’?”

DATRE: The fact that all of your possibilities/probabilities were put into your ‘bubble’ does not make them predetermined. For example, if you were to go from Boston to San Francisco, you could get there by a finite number of routes or ways. And even though all possible options presently exist, the route that you choose to get there is your choice, and that choice cannot be called predetermined, even though all options are known in advance.

But, everything is there, that’s all the possibilities/probabilities are all there; you’re the one that picks and chooses. You pick and you choose, but remember, it all filters through your belief system, and that changes what you experience.

Now, if you choose something and you are clear enough, and you bring it through a clear belief system of where you are right now, that will change what you experience – guaranteed. Because, if you have a belief system in an area that says, if this and this and this happens, then this will be the outcome, and you set that experience up for yourself, you will follow ‘that’ belief system, because, if this and this and this happens, I believe that this is what will happen as an outcome. That’s exactly the way it will turn out.

But, as you pick up a possibility or a probability and say, ‘I would like to experience this’, and in the physical expression you say, ‘I will allow it, lets see how I’m going to handle it’. Then you will have a free flowing experience, and it can be tragic or it can be over in the blink of an eye, because it is what ‘you’ expect to happen.

They keep telling you, ‘prevention is the best medicine, be sure and check with your doctor’. Okay, be sure and check with your doctor to find out if you have anything wrong with you. You think you’re feeling fine. But be sure and check with your doctor, because he might find something wrong with you.

Now, if you believe that its necessary to constantly check with your doctor to see that you’re alright, that your blood pressure isn’t too high, that you’re cholesterol isn’t too high, or you’ve got this or that or the next thing and you have to keep checking it all the time. If that’s your belief, then you better do it, because your belief is that strong, that if you don’t, you are going to experience something else.

But, if you’re an individual that says, ‘well, if there’s anything wrong with me, I don’t care to find out’. And you truly believe that, then you’ll just keep on going. They do autopsies on people that have cured themselves of cancer, time, after time, after time. Why? Why does that person live to be 90 years old and cured themselves of cancer many times? Where another person finds out he’s got cancer and dies the first time he’s got it. BELIEF SYSTEM!

The minute you name something, you set up fear. And setting up fear aggravates whatever you found out that you’ve got. I’m not trying to be hard on you, but I’m trying to show you how differently you can look at things. Your belief system is stronger than you have any idea. If you believe, that everything is going to be okay, and you really truly believe that, it will be. And everything you filter through your belief system will be okay – you’ve set it up that way. You believe it, and believing it, it is so. So that is why we say, be an OBSERVER, because you also have to observe ‘your’ actions and reactions. Otherwise, how are you going to find your present ‘belief’ system and make changes? Continue.

JOHN: And June’s last question is… “As it was our decision to enter and experience this path, how do we know we are actually experiencing what we decided upon prior to entering?”

DATRE: How do you feel today? How do you feel today about where you are in your life? Are you content? Are you upset? How do you feel? That’s the only way you know. If you are content in living as you are living, then you’ve achieved it and you go from there.

There are no ‘standards’. There’s no one ‘higher’, no one lower. You may look at someone and say, ‘oh, they’re not spiritually advanced’. How do you know? You don’t! They’ll say, ‘oh, that person is an old soul’. How do you know? Don’t compare ‘your’ life with others. Access your life by how ‘you’ feel about the way you are living, not what somebody else has to say.

You see, that’s why you connect yourself up with those phones up to your ear; I think some people sleep with them. They walk along connected with a phone to their ear all day long, all night long. They can’t go to the grocery store, they can’t get into the car, they can’t do anything unless they’re connected up with someone else. Why? Is it a fear of being by yourself? Is it a fear of listening to your self and to your body? You’re an integral part; you and your body need to work together. And if you’re both happy, what do you need anthers input for? It is not necessary. You don’t have to be connected up with something all the time.

It’s in all the ‘noise’ that you have on your planet, that you can’t find yourself. That doesn’t mean you should go and live in a cave. But, watch what’s happening. Why all the immediate fear of not being connected with another individual? They’re in a store, there’s all kind of people around them, they’re in a car and stuck in traffic and you can’t move, you’re surrounded by people all the time, and yet there is that fear of being alone. Now, how are you ever going to get anyplace if you have a fear of being alone?

Because, your ‘path’ as you call it, is your own. Nobody sets the standards, nobody keeps score, it is ‘your’ life to do as ‘you’ wish. Watch what you’re doing. Make every day count. Because, if you know what you did today and are happy and content with what you did today, and how you did what you did, and you’ll say, ‘well, I made a mistake, I could have done this better’. All right, then don’t fret about it, forget it. The next time that situation comes up; your body will automatically come up with that same thing that you went through before. Then you can say, ‘oh, that’s right, that’s what I did the last time, alright, I’m not going to do it that way this time’. And you will never have that experience again, because you learned from it – you changed. So, don’t carry old baggage. Enjoy today. Continue.

JOHN: We have one final note… “A special thanks to you both for making/taking the time for these channeling’s which we know are exacting of both your minds and bodies.”

DATRE: Now, as to the channeling being exacting on the mind and the body, this is not a dead zone channeling. People will channel and they’re exhausted. People will do a healing, and they’re exhausted. Why? Because they don’t know ‘how’ to handle energy. Channeling is not exhausting. This channeling is coming back into a body that has had an elevated vibratory rate, and it is readjusting to the new vibratory rate of the ‘particles’ within the physical construct. But it is not exhausting. It is not taxing. It takes ‘time’ out of that which you would call a day. But, then, if you don’t have any ‘time’, then what difference does it make? It all adjusts itself.

This body is not getting older. So do not be concerned about it. What happens when the vibratory rate of the physical construct is increased, it changes many things in the body. But, that is part of channeling that has been accepted by the individual that spends the majority of her time in the body.

The adjustment came many years ago. Learning ‘how’ to handle the energies. Now, it is very simple, so do not be concerned about the channel, because the channel is not working with the vibratory rate of the dead zone. When you bypass that, you get a different type of energy entirely. It does not deteriorate the body, it excites the body. And the excitement is good for every one of the cells in the body.

You see, when you work with the dead zone energy, you are working with an energy that is no different than a ‘live’ physical body – it’s the same energy. The only thing, when you work with the dead zone energy is, that that energy stays with the body construct, because the particles adapt and adopt that energy because it is compatible. Some channels do know how to dissipate that energy. The higher frequency energy actually changes the cellular construct.

Now, for those of you that have seen pictures of Jane Roberts, Jane Roberts was not a big fat women, she is slender. There’s the difference. Jane did not work with dead zone energy. This channel does not work with dead zone energies, and she does not have an ounce of extra weight. But it’s a different energy that you’re working with that makes the difference in your existence. So, do not be concerned. This is what we enjoy doing. We enjoy having these questions, trying to help you to understand more about what you are doing, why you are doing it. And if there is a way we can bring through information that will help you understand, this is what we want to do. This is what the owner of this body wants to do. She’s very happy to relinquish it. Then when we’re through with it, we give it back.

Now, as to the transcribing, that takes a great deal more time, because the tape must be listened to and typed onto the computer. Then when it has been typed on the computer, then we go back and go through the whole transcript again, to be sure there is continuity. The reason that is done is, because, there are times when there are changes in those that come through and bring forth the information. So in going back and reading the transcript that is in the computer, we’ll often find that the continuity has been lost. So it needs to be adjusted.

All right now, we were talking about stress and tension, and we mentioned that tension in the body makes a narrow aura. What happens is, when you live in daily stress and tension, you build up a type of toxicity in the body that the body has to deal with. What happens is, if you live very ‘free flowing’ and in a non-tense mode, you do not build up that huge amount of toxins in the body.

Now, how does the body rid itself of these toxins? At night! At night, the body releases these toxic tensions from the body. So, if you have accumulated very few toxins during the day, it’s very easy for the body to dissipate them. But, if you have lived the whole day, in extreme tension, the body has trouble getting rid of all those toxins that you’ve built up in the daytime. So there’s a residual that is left within the body when you wake up the next morning.

Now, the next day is lived in tension and more toxicity is built up in the body. Now, you go to bed and the body has a tremendous time trying to release all those toxins from the body. Now you have even more residual that the body can’t get rid of. And you keep building and building and building and building what the body can’t get rid of in one nights time. So, there’s always this residual. And as the residual begins to build – then you wonder where disease comes from?

What is going to happen? You have these toxins within the body. Your weakest cells in the body are the ones that are going to have to handle those toxins. And the weakest cells can’t handle them, and therefore, disease is set up within the physical construct.

So you see, tension and stress is, shall we say, the body’s worst enemy. The body has a tremendous job to do, in trying to keep the body clean and clear. So, living in a state of stress and tension is perhaps, the most detrimental to the body. And there’s no one that can release the tensions but you.

Now, you can sit and relax, and that will help. But, if you live in a state of relaxation, your body is not fighting to get rid of excess toxins. That is where your aging comes in, because your body is fighting excess toxins. If you’re constantly fighting within yourself, the body is constantly fighting within itself of all these toxins that the tension has built up within the body, you’re going to be constantly tired. Tiredness comes from the inability of the cells to function the way they were intended to function. The cells function with ease if they’re not fighting the tension built up within the body. All these chemicals within the body are not advantageous to the cells within the body. It deteriorates the cells. Deterioration of the cells causes aging and also causes disease.

Now, there are countries where you are given, shall we call it, a leave of absence where they will allow you to go to a spa to relax the body, to have the body taken care of. These spa’s are where people’s bodies are relaxed, the tension goes out of them. They go back to work and they are working from an entirely different concept with their body. The bodies finally have released themselves of the excess toxins that resulted from the tensions. But you probable will work a whole year and get one or two weeks vacation. At which time you have to run around and do something, because this is the time to have fun. But, you see, you’re already going with a body that is too tired to go in the first place.

So, stress and tension is something that when you begin to OBSERVE what you’re doing, and enjoying what you are doing, and paying attention to your body, will be greatly reduced. You’ll say, ‘I’m tired but I’ve got to do this. I’m tired, but I’ve got that to do.’. Who’s going to take care of your body, but you? No one! Doctors already know that. You are the one that has to take care of your self. Be kind to your self.

If you want to make a New Years resolution, which a lot of people still do, say that ‘I WILL BE KIND TO MY BODY AND I WILL WORK WITH THE BODY KNOWING THAT WITHOUT IT I CAN DO NOTHING’. We thank you, we are Datre.


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