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Datre answers Ann.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Ann, and her first question is… “I met a man through a communication program on our computer. We were so happy to become friends and cyber-pals because of our common interest in music, energy transformation, and metaphysical subjects. We now find that we have become so close that it’s difficult sometimes to maintain our daily lives easily and joyfully – without seeing each other physically and being together physically. Would you please address some of these issues that are coming up because of developing cyber-relationships? Had it not been for the computers, we would never have even known about each other!”

DATRE: Now, you are all excited about going into a new Millennium that began in your year 2000. Do you realize what a Millennium is all about? Millennium is change!

Now, if you will go back into that, which is called the Renaissance. That was a definite ‘change’ in many ways for the peoples living at that time. Your Millennium is a Renaissance. It is a ‘change’ in how you are going to be living, it is going to be different. You have been going in the direction of electronic energies. You have your TV’s, you have your radios, you have your Internet, your computers, you have your telephones, you have your cell phones. Do you see the direction you have been going in?

If you will look at the last 5 of your years, look at your acceleration in your electronic equipment. Computers, not that many years ago, when you relate it to the evolution of your species, was great big boxes, huge, that took up great big rooms. Now, you look and you’ll say, ‘well, that’s a long time ago’. If you’re standing on this earth, and you can remember that it’s a long time ago, just stop and think how short a time that was. You look at things from that vantage point, in comparison to the evolution of your species, and the direction it is going in – that’s a nano-second and even less.

So, look at it from the standpoint that from the time of your great big computers until now is a very, very short period of time. You’re the age of electronic communication. Your teachers in school are teaching with computers. If you go back to the time of your grandfathers, ‘my goodness’, they would say, ‘you’re going to learn from an electronic box?’ They could not imagine such a thing. And yet, you cannot imagine not having it.

So, when you look at the beginning of your 2000, the direction you are going, the changes that are taking place in the physical construct, your changes are taking place very rapidly – everything is changing.

Now, if you will look at your television set and watch the commercials, how many commercials do you have that put things together with little tiny pieces? They are called mosaics. Look at some of your crafts, what do they do? Put things together with little tiny pieces. They put mosaics on tables. They put them on pieces of furniture. What is that telling you? That is telling you, you are getting ‘pieces’ to put together you make your life the way you want it to be.

If you become an OBSERVER, you will ‘see’ these pieces that you are constantly telling the physical, different signs, different directions to go in. But, it’s all there. You see no one does anything for you or to you, but what you do yourself. You make your connections. You’ll say, ‘well its so unusual that this happens’ and its a great big surprise that it happens. No, its not a great big surprise that it happens, because you’re looking at a ‘distance’ factor, in terms of physicality in miles, you say, ‘its so far apart’. And yet, with your electronics, you immediately make a connection. Your just speeding up the ‘process’ of what you are doing.

Instead of making a connection with someone that you meet in person, shall we say, you’re connecting up through electronics to a meet a person. But, you’re doing it because this is what you want to do. This is what you want to experience. This is where the ‘excitement’ comes in. The excitement of meeting someone that you have a great deal in common with, that is just someone that has written something on a computer screen. But, that computer screen can be the beginning of a grand relationship.

These two here, John and the channel, they know people that have met on the internet that are thousands and thousands of miles away. And through communication on the internet, have decided they wanted to met each other. One goes to one country, one goes to another country. They keep up the communication and decide that this is the person they want to spend some time with. So, one goes to another country, they get married and live together. It is not any big magnificent thing, these two people wanted to meet. The decision was made.

Now, how are we going to get it to work? And the internet is only one way of doing it. You would say, ‘well how else would I ever meet that person?’. Not too many years ago, you would not have met that person unless one of you was in another country for an extended period of time. All you are doing is speeding up the process of getting to know the person you want to know. Now it is up to you to make the decisions as to what you and where you want to go with the information that you’ve already received. Continue.

JOHN: She continues along and asks… “How can we process the emotions?”

DATRE: That is entirely up to you, emotions are physical. So, that is up to you to decide. That is up to you two, to get together and come to a conclusion. That’s what other peoples are doing. They are making personal contact that is the only way to solve the dilemma. You may find that when you two get together that it’s not a compatible situation. Or you may find that it is. But the only way that that can ever be accomplished, is actually make the physical contact by one of you going to another country, another state, whatever it happens to be.

There’s a very interesting thing that is happening on your internet. You are communicating through that which you call, the words. There are individuals that are able to express themselves very differently when writing, then when seeing them in person.

Now, if you’ll go back to the time when there where individuals that wrote ‘grand’ novels. And yet, when they do a biography of that individual, and those that have know those individuals in person that have done these grand writings, that person was not what their writing expresses. Why does that happen? It happens in many different ways, but I’ll give you one way that it does happen. A writer can tap into an ‘aspect’ and write from that aspects experiences. So, what the aspect is experiencing, and what the writer is writing, has nothing to do with the writer.

So you see, the only way any decision can be made about any individual you meet on the internet is through physical communication. Continue.

JOHN: And she further goes on to ask… “How can we live our lives easily and joyfully when our hearts long for each other and the yearning for being together seems so impossible to manifest, because of economic factors, daily-life relationships, etc.?”

DATRE: Why are you setting up barriers? If the desire is to be with a person, then the barriers can also be eliminated. It is no different being over the net, than it is with two individuals that meet each other and they live in the same town. They work in the same office building. It seems to me, that if there are relationships that they’re involved in, there’s that which you call divorce which frees the individuals to be together.

You see the ‘space’ has nothing to do with anything. If the desire to do anything is there, you will find a way to achieve anything that you want to achieve. It doesn’t matter if it’s a love relationship, or it is to be the grandest athlete, to be the greatest painter, to be the greatest writer. To achieve your goal, you have to put something into action. In the action you will find out what you are capable of doing.

There are many athletes who have the desire to be the greatest athlete in their field, and find that after they begin there comes the questioning, ‘am I ever going to be able to be good enough to be able to achieve what I want to achieve?’. Now, there’s two things that will happen there, either the determination will be there so strong that that individual will continue to pursue the athletic endeavor to be the very best that he or she can be. Or the decision will be made, ‘it is not worth it for me to spend my time trying to be something that I don’t think I can be’ and change to something else.

Choices are ‘always’ there. But in order to make a choice in anything, you have to begin with ‘action’. Just sitting and wondering about it and being concerned about it and doing nothing about it, you will accomplish nothing – except being frustrated. And that is not achieving anything. No one needs to be frustrated for any length of time. But, that is again, one of the things that you must do if you are going to find out ‘who’ you really are.

What is your determination factor? Then you’ll say, ‘well, this is only in physicality’. But this is your learning space. It isn’t ‘only’ physicality. It’s your ability to take ‘guidance’ – which is your own – and go forward into that which you want to do.

Great men that have amassed great amounts of wealth have said, ‘if it weren’t for the fact that I went broke more than once, I never would be where I am today’. One thing with people is that they will set up stumbling blocks. But, one man’s stumbling block is another man’s stepping stone. They’re still blocks, they’re blocks that you can put together to walk up – stepping stones, or blocks that you can put in your way to stumble over and complain about. Continue.

JOHN: And her final question is… “What is this in love stuff all about, really?”

DATRE: The ‘love stuff’ is physical emotion. Physical emotion is what you work with and from. Now, you use physical emotion to do something you desire to experience, be it good, bad or indifferent – it is what ‘you’ want to experience. It is what you set before your self that propels you forward. That is what it is all about. Without the physical emotions of the body, where would you ever learn?

Your looking at a tree can give you emotion, because of its beauty. Or, it can give you emotion because it’s in the way, so we’re going to cut it down. But a tree will give you some kind of an emotion. Emotion doesn’t have to be grand and glorious but it is what ‘propels’ you to do something.

So, if your physically emotional, then focus on that emotion and find out what it is telling you. You are setting things in front of yourself constantly. And what you ‘do’ with what is in front of you, is what makes you in physicality ‘what’ you are.

You came into physicality because you wanted to learn. You wanted to learn different things and that is what you’re doing. You’re examining your self in relationship to ‘other’ individuals, or other things. You don’t realize that you are the only one that is experiencing how you ‘act’ and ‘react’ in any given situation. We go back to the old banana, I peel a banana, I take half, and you take half. We both agree it is a very good banana. But I will never know what your banana tastes like, and you will never know what my banana taste like. And regardless of how close you ever get to another person, you will never know what’s going on in that person’s brain, it is an impossibility.

The decisions are ‘always’ yours to make. Other individual’s actions or reactions to your decisions will show you which way you want to go – in every instance. That’s what we talk about in being an OBSERVER. If you OBSERVE actions and reactions, then ‘your’ decisions can be made as to what ‘you’ want to put into action. If you’re not paying attention, you will ‘re-act’.

That is not the new game. The new game is taking all these little bits and pieces of new information and putting them together to build the picture of ‘your’ life the way ‘you’ want to make it. The person that’s given all these bits and pieces of colored stone and given a piece of board and some glue, says, ‘Here’s all the little pieces, put the glue on the board and put down the pieces and make your own picture. That’s what a mosaic is.

Physical existence is your board that you are working with – your physical body is your ‘board’ that you are working with. The ‘glue’ is your connection between YOU and the ‘you’ that you are in physicality.

In other words, at night when you go to sleep, you go and pick up what you want to experience the next day. You came back into physicality. Do you act out and through what you have set up for yourself the next day? Or do you go flying off into seventeen directions? The ‘glue’ is when you make a ‘good’ connection between that which you chose in sleep and that which you experience during the day.

So you put the ‘glue’ down at the beginning of the day and you take all these little pieces – some people get so frustrated with these little pieces that they don’t know what to do with them and they just start putting them down and the ‘glue’ isn’t holding, and then they wonder why they live in chaos.

Put your ‘glue’ down on your board (body) in the morning, take your physicality and go out and meet the world. Take all your little bitty pieces and put them down and make a grand mosaic. That is why we say, ‘your life can be beautiful’. The mosaic doesn’t have to be big, it can be very tiny. It doesn’t have to have brilliant colors, it can be all in blacks and grays and whites. But it can be beautiful – if you ‘know’ that you are doing what you want to do. Continue.

JOHN: That was it.

DATRE: That was the end? Okay, we thank you, we are Datre.


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