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Datre answers Frank.

JOHN; Today we have some questions from Frank, and his first question is… “You have stated that when it’s “time” for the BIRTH, we will suddenly be “there”… where ever it is that our evolution dictates us to be. What about the “Dead Zone” and those in it?”

DATRE; They certainly will not be left behind. You see, you think of the ‘dead zone’ and the ‘living zone’ as being two separate things. They are different ways of learning and because when you’re ‘alive’ the only thing you work with and through is a ‘physical’ body. Now, when you’re in the ‘dead zone’, you have physical body, but it is a ‘pseudo’ physical body per se. In other words, it is of a different vibratory make up – you pick up a different vibration to be in the ‘dead zone’.

You immediately, upon death, as soon as someone can help you correct your thoughts and show you what is really happening – what has really happened ‘to’ you by your desire to loose the physical – you will be helped, if you were traumatized, to build a body around you that you are comfortable in again. We have said, many, many, many times – and it is a hard concept for you to realize, and we know that – but remember, THIS IS ‘ALL’ A PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSTRUCT. In other words, your bodies, that you think are so real, are nothing more than a PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSTRUCT that you’ve set up for learning.

So you, in the physical, that is a ‘portion’ of YOU that you put into the physical for experience. You will take that into the ‘dead zone’ for experience. Then you will put it back into the physical for experience, and you know ‘how’ to do that, you know how to do ‘all’ of these things. But in order to function in a reality of the ‘living body’, shall we say, you can not allow your selves to know what the whole situation is, because that would stop your learning experience. So it is ‘all’ a PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSTRUCT, whether you are “living” or “dead”, because it is a portion of the ‘whole’ YOU that is experiencing either one.

We don’t like to call the YOU that you are, the ‘higher’ self, because that is not higher. Nothing is higher or lower, its all the same – its all “you”, but its what YOU are experiencing. We have said, at one point in time, that you can get to the point of being able to live in two worlds. In other words, you will be able to live in ‘one’ physical body, and live in ‘another’ physical body and work ‘both’ physical bodies at the same time with full knowledge. That is not an impossibility, but you have to know what the process is all about in order to be able to do it.

Then, as soon as you figure out, and really, truly ‘know’ that this ‘is’ a PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSTRUCT, you won’t be here any more – because you’ve ‘learned’ what its all about. So when the BIRTH takes place, you will be someplace else. But, if you’re in a ‘living’ body or the ‘dead’ body that you’ve created for your self in the dead zone, it doesn’t matter, because its still a portion of ‘you’ that’s experiencing physicality.

I don’t know whether I’ve explained that or its become more difficult to understand, but continue.

JOHN; And his next and final question is… “I realize that the Dead Zone is not actually on the planet, or is it? Will the ‘dead’ also have their BIRTH? Will they be part of the BIRTH process?”

DATRE; Well, I believe we’ve answered that. You ask if the ‘dead zone’ is on the Earth or not on the Earth, that depends on your level of understanding in that which you call the ‘physical’.

Now, there are many who “die” that don’t know that they’re dead, you’ve seen it many, many, many times. You see it in movies, you see it on TV. They’re running around in a pseudo body on the Earth and trying to get people to listen to them and pay attention to them and they don’t know that the people in the physical can not ‘see’ them. So, you see what happens in those cases is, someone else in the “dead zone” will come and help those people to understand what has happened to them.

Now, the person that does that needs a fair amount of understanding in order to explain to them what its all about. You have heard it said, that there are those individuals that when they die, one of the first things they want to do is to ‘help’ people with that which you call the ‘crossover’. In other words, they have been ‘nurturing’ people. They have been ‘mothering’ people or ‘fatherly’ people, bring up the children, nurturing the children, taking care of the children until they’re old enough to take care of themselves. That has been their main purpose in physical existence. So when they “go” to that which you call the dead zone, they still want to continue the process.

So, what they do is, they help these individuals that “die” to understand the process of what has happened to them. So, perhaps that will help you understand a little bit about that. There are those that upon that which you call ‘death’, who have been deeply involved in their vocation during their life time, be it music, be it art, be it writing, be it sports, be it scientific endeavors, or what ever, they have been extremely involved in it and want to – to use your words – push the envelop in those particular areas. They will concentrate on working in those areas, because they want to learn more about what they were doing and will connect up with others who are doing and have done that same process. And they’re anxious to get back into physicality to bring the information that they have gathered back into the physical again.

So you see, it is a multi process. Then you have those individuals that understand what the ‘whole’ process is about. And they go to the dead zone, but the time that they go to the dead zone they say, ‘this is the last time, I understand it is nothing but a PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSTRUCT of learning and understanding, and I have no desire to do it any more, because I understand what its all about’. They will go to a portion of the dead zone where they don’t need communication – they exist as their TOTALITY. As their ‘totality’, they are what they have gathered here in this particular expression – a total understanding of ‘all’ of it. They don’t need a body – pseudo or otherwise. They don’t need to eat and have physical activity. That is not of any interest to them any more.

They go to another portion of the dead zone where they do entirely different things, which you would not understand here. But there are those of us that are, shall we say, ‘inside’ the ‘bubble’ and those that are on the ‘outside’ of the ‘bubble’ that wish to make communication and bring information in here, because that is the only way that you will learn. Its the only way the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS can be brought to understand itself as individuals.

That is why information comes through a channel, because the words need to be spoken, because in the words there is a vibration that is carried. You’re sitting in a room with all the doors and windows closed – it doesn’t matter, because there is nothing to stop that vibration of the voice.

You don’t realize that, but when you speak all your… everything you say is immediately into vibration – and what stops a vibration? That’s why, if you have people in areas that have a heavy MASS CONSCIOUSNESS of destruction, that permeates that area and that vibration continues to go out and out and out from that area. It takes up a bigger and bigger scope continuously. So you need other vibrations coming into those areas to make any changes in physicality.

If you will notice, that after the year 2000 – the day, the following week it is as if the whole planet sighed with relief – ‘we are still here’. There was a belief of many, that at 2000 you’d be taken up in ships or what ever. That you would be rescued from this place of wrath and tears and all this other stuff. No, it doesn’t work that way. But, that was a learning process. Then when you found out, you woke up the next morning and you said, ‘I’m still here’, when you had expected ‘not’ to be still here. It was saying, ‘oh, so its business as usual’. And you could feel the whole planet changing its thinking and direction – because “nothing happened”.

You see, that’s the thing, that is much like a death process. You’re alive, you die, and you find yourself in the dead zone and you say, ‘oh, nothing happened, I’m still me, business as usual, what do I do now?’. Maybe that will help you understand what I’m trying to get across. You were – you are – you will be. Changing physical expressions – physical bodies – going from this planet to another planet for a different experience, for some it can be tragic, for others it can be excitement, something new.

But the only thing that ‘evolves’ is the individual. You don’t realize, that that’s what you’re looking for, that’s what you’re trying to become is that ‘total’ individual – knowing who you are. You live alone! They say, you’re born alone and you die alone. That is true, but you also live your entire life alone. You like ‘shared’ experiences and the excitement of shared experiences. But you don’t know how the other person is experiencing – you only know how ‘you’ are experiencing. So when you look at everything from that standpoint, then the world doesn’t change – its only the way you look at it and how ‘you’ experience it, because you’re trying to get as much understanding as you can. Continue.

JOHN; That was it, but I have a comment.


JOHN; You mentioned that this is all a PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSTRUCT and there’s really nothing here, including the cells and atoms. You have also mentioned previously that the body needs to learn and so forth. What is it, if this is all a PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSTRUCT – what is it that ‘learns’?

DATRE; What learns, is that which you call the ‘core’ intelligence that is in every atom, every cell, every portion of everything on this planet. It is a ‘core’ intelligence that was put into… it was ‘activated’ into everything on this planet to make it useable.

In other words, if your skin and all the pieces that make up your skin, did not have a ‘core’ intelligence within each little piece that makes up the skin, your skin would not hold together. So, that was put into and activated within this bubble in everything that was placed in here to make this work.

So what happens is, that everything that makes up your bodily construct is in a process of learning – just as you are in a process of learning. In other words, if… say that in your body construct everything stayed exactly the same, cells that did not have a ‘core’ intelligence, you would be exactly the same as when you were originally put together. So by putting a ‘core’ intelligence into every cell, the cell learns in communication with other cells that make up bones, that make up your internal organs and all the rest of this. Then what happens is, that is how your bodies evolve in physicality.

In other words, at one point in your existence, your appendix was a very important part of your make up. Your appendix was there because it had a job to do. Now, there are many today… the children don’t have an appendix when they are born. You’ll say, ‘well, why don’t they have an appendix?’. It is not needed. But its the ‘core’ intelligence of those cells that made up that particular organ, that finally did not have a job to perform. So, that is how change takes place. And eventually – what you call eventually – you won’t have an appendix in any of your physical bodies that are born.

There’s a very definite reason for that. The food that you eat all over your planet, is different than the food that you ate many hundreds of years ago. Then you ate very ‘rough’ food, very course food. Your body’s digestive system was entirely different. So when you look at the refined food that you have now – even in remote areas of your planet, they still have changed, the bodies changed. And that innate intelligence within the cells changes and adapts – because, that for them is a learning process.

The same way with your animals. Animals… cats would go out and eat mice. My goodness, you think of living in an apartment and having your cat drag home a mouse and sit on the living room floor eating a mouse while you’re watching TV. Doesn’t sound very good, does it? I think you’d much rather open up a can of something and put it down in front of the cat. But you see, in that very thing, the cat has evolved. The whole bodily system has evolved.

But if it were not for the innate intelligence – the ‘core’ intelligence – in each and every cell, then that could not happen. So this is a great big school room for everything. It is for the animals, the fish, the birds, the people, the trees, the grass, flowers, everything. It is ‘all’ – there is a ‘core’ intelligence that is in everything. So, perhaps that will help you understand a little bit more about how things work and why they work.

Now, if you really want to stretch your brain, you think of those that did that. Think of those that decided to put ‘core’ intelligence into everything within this ‘bubble’ for a learning experience.

JOHN; Okay, thank you very much.

DATRE; You are welcome, we thank you, we are Datre.


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