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Datre answers RJ.

JOHN; Today we have some questions from RJ and the first question is… “It would appear (from various things I’ve read) that at times in our ‘past’ some individuals have had a better understanding of the energy we categorize as sound and how to utilize it for constructive purposes. Any chance we could do that now or is it a lost art?”

DATRE; Nothing is ever lost, your MASS CONSCIOUSNESS moves into different areas of exploration. At one point in time there was a great deal that was being done with sound – in fact, there is now. And that is not lost, it is just that people divert their attention into different areas.

There were many studies done with sound, with color, with all of these… with smells and everything. Now, at one time, one of the studies that was done was an individual playing on a piano. They could hit a particular cord and cause a boil to rise up on the skin of an individual – a real boil. Then they would play another cord and that boil would disappear. For those that are not that familiar with boils – because that is something that your physicality does not experience very much any more – at one point in the development of your physical construct, boils were very common. People would have great big boils which were an infection where the cells would become irritated and cause big rising’s on the skin and they would be inflamed and they would hurt real bad and have to be cut open to let that poison out of that particular area.

Now, that is something you don’t experience much any more because your bodies have changed. You have… the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS decided that they did not want to participate in having that type of reaction in the physical construct. So, with concerted effort, it was changed. It was not changed ‘magically’, it was that MASS CONSCIOUSNESS made the change in the physical construct. You’ll say, ‘well, how can you do that?’. Its because everybody’s concentrating on that and you eliminated it.

Anyway, that was one of the one of the things with sound that they were working with. The other thing that you work with is color. They’re finding that different colors have different effects on different people. They’ve tried in office buildings. They’ve tried it in hospitals. They’ve tried it in nursing homes. They’ve tried it in the homes that you live in. And they’ve found that different colors create different reactions within the physical construct.

Now, that is something you have been doing the last, I don’t know how many years. But that has been one of the things that they have concentrated on. But, now you don’t think that much of it because it is something that the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS has absorbed – so its no big deal any more.

Now what is your big deal – the candles, different smells. Now, many cultures have been working with that for long periods of time. But until it comes to the United States, its no big revelation – because, oh that is in another country. But, be an OBSERVER and notice what is happening. You’re no longer separating your selves like you used to. This is becoming more ‘global’. You are integrating. The internet has a great deal to do with that because your communication with other peoples in other parts of your globe are bringing different thought patterns into different areas. That is why we wanted to post to you the number on the Datre subscriber list that are in different countries all over your globe – 31 countries to date(plus over 3500 downloads per month.).

Now, this information is not just for those people that live in the United States. This is information that is going globally. So it doesn’t matter if you are in one country and someone is in another country, you can communicate on this subject, because you have information on it. You see how everything is connecting up? And this is why you’re making strides in the evolution of your MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. It is very simple things that are happening because people are ‘together’ instead of separate.

Now, if you will look at your sports. What sports are diminishing in popularity, and what sports are growing in popularity? Then look at the individuals that are playing in these sports. Be an OBSERVER. See what is happening, that is happening fast. What is happening in ‘lifetimes’ is magnificent. Then if you want to enjoy that which you call your ‘life’, expand it to see what is happening, what is going on.

Stop and smell the roses, like someone said. That does not mean go out and smell a flower. It means stop and see what is happening to the world around you. Those that are living and working in what you call the ‘global’ economy are excited because it is opening up different areas of excitement for them. It can open up areas of excitement for you, if you but OBSERVE. Then, don’t just hold it within your self. When a subject comes up about a sport, then say, ‘well look what’s happening here, look what’s happening there, look what’s happening to the individuals’. There’s a lot happening, but it may be so subtle that many are not ‘seeing’ it – because they’re not paying attention. Or, they’re reacting emotionally to what they’re observing.

Don’t react emotionally – be an OBSERVER, see what’s going on. If you want to act emotionally, fine that’s good, go scream and yell at a game – whatever game it happens to be – because that’s good for you, that gives you excitement in your life. Be happy! Be sad! Be everything that you can be. But don’t be passive – because passivity will never get you any place. Continue.

JOHN; And the next question is… “Our recent move has allowed me the ‘luxury’ of taking frequent walks in the woods. I feel close to the trees, plants, rocks and critters yet feel there are valuable experiences there I’m missing. Can you suggest anything that would allow me to (for lack of a better expression) ‘communicate’ with the forest better or is it not something you see as a benefit?”

DATRE; Everything is a benefit to every individual, because everything you experience is of benefit to you. When you look at a tree, as an example, what experiences has that tree had? It has gone through weather changes. It may have see a person or experienced the vibration of a person before, it may never have experienced the vibration of an individual. So, you look at a big tree that has been standing there a long time and you go up and you ‘hug’ a tree, or you ‘pat’ the tree. Then you have made communication with it through vibration – because, as we’ve said, everything has an ‘intelligent’ CORE in it. It has that which ‘responds’. So by ‘touch’, the tree has as much in their cells as you have in yours. So when you ‘touch’ the tree, there’s communication there. And the more you do that, the more communication you will feel with the tree.

The same thing when you see an animal – you see a squirrel go by. ‘Hi squirrel, how are things doing today?’. The squirrel has no idea what you’re saying, but, through the vibration of the voice you have communicated with an animal. And, if you’re happy in your communication, the animal will ‘feel’ it. The animal will stop and turn around and ‘look’ at you. Then you’ll say, ‘hi, how are you?’ and the animal will look at you and then go away. If you have anger in your voice, they will pick up that vibration, because that will be harsh, it will be like sandpaper and they will skitter away.

Now, maybe on hearing your voice, they’ll go a little ways, but they realize that you’re not going to harm them, so they’ll turn around and look at you. You’ve made communication. So, walking in the wood will become fun. You hear a bird up there sitting on a branch singing away. You look at the bird and say, ‘thank you for your pretty sound’. The bird doesn’t know what you’re saying and it doesn’t care what you said, but you have ‘exchanged’ a vibration. Continue.

JOHN; The next question goes on to ask… “I know that my body is basically the vehicle I am working with during physicality and that I am not my body. I understand that your comments about being an observer indicate I should have awareness of what I’m doing and why. I am starting to better understand that the lessons of physicality are to be learned here/now not in some other mystical state. However, can you offer suggestions on maintaining a balance between being an OBSERVER yet still allowing myself to learn the full lessons physical experience has to offer?”

DATRE; Sure, you get up in the morning, you go to work, you do your job and you’re involved in it, but you also talk to people during the day. Now, what are you learning in talking with people? Are you just jabber jabbering or are you paying attention to what the other person is saying? That is one of the things we notice in physicality. Everyone is interested in talking and telling. But, not too many people are interested in ‘listening’.

People will say things to you and they are of no consequence to you. Like you go in a store and they will say, when you’ve paid your bill, ‘have a good day’. They have been programmed to say nice things to people, so ‘have a good day’. They don’t care whether you’re going to have a good day or not. Its just something they’re supposed to say.

Now, be an OBSERVER, it doesn’t take any big effort. When someone looks at you and smiles when you’ve paid your bill, and they say, ‘have a good day’. That is a person that means it. Then you smile in return, and say, ‘and you have a nice day too even if you have to work’. You see, its so easy to be an OBSERVER. I have seen people say that to people that have paid their bill, they look at them and they smile and they say, ‘now you have a nice day’ and they mean it. And the people will pick up their bag and walk off. Now, is that any way to react?

Being an OBSERVER is not just standing and watching the world go by – its participating. Its ‘action’ – that’s what you want. You want activity. Not scurrying around the place. You want positive action in everything you do – regardless of what it is, it does not matter. So maybe that will help you. But pay attention to other people. There are other people that know nothing about Datre – it doesn’t matter, they’re kind people. When they say, ‘and you have a nice day’ and mean it, then acknowledge it. Continue.

JOHN; The next question is… “At times I feel I’m pretty much on the right track in my understanding of things. Other times I think that to presume I’ll EVER understand even a little of what’s really going on from my current perspective is on the scale of looking at an acorn and not being aware of the tree it can become. Which is closer to the truth?”

DATRE; The latter. You can not judge your own evolution. The reason it can not be done is, because in the physical, you are only ‘acting out’ what the YOU that you ‘are’ wants to learn. So, in the physical, you can’t evaluate it. But ‘know’ that you are doing what you want to do. When you ‘know’ that you are doing what ‘you’ want to do, and learning what ‘you’ want to learn, you will, instead of questioning it, settle back and experience and ‘enjoy’ it.

You see, in school you are always trying to attain a great deal of ‘intellectual’ knowledge so that you can get good grades. So that you can get a diploma. So that you can get a good job. So that the good job can lead to a better job in that progression. That is the way you have set things up on your planet, to work on the ‘outside’, shall we say. But, by relaxing in the body and ‘knowing’ that you are doing the right thing, at the right time, and just say, ‘okay, so I messed up. I messed up for a reason. I don’t know what it is at the present time, but I’ll find out.’. Or it may come to you in a blink of an eye and say, ‘so that’s why I did what I did’.

But it doesn’t matter whether it in the blink of an eye or whether its two years down the road and you’ll say, ‘that’s why that situation was like it was’. It doesn’t matter, because ‘time’ doesn’t exist. So, don’t put pressure on your self, you are learning what you want to learn and you’re doing a good job of it – and ‘know’ that, deep down inside, not just intellectually. Deep down inside, keep telling your self, ‘I’m doing what I’m doing for a learning experience’. And be satisfied that its happening and don’t question it. You’ll find you’ll be much happier – because you ‘really’ are doing what you are supposed to be doing.

Now, when something repeats itself – that means that the first time you weren’t paying attention. So try to eliminate the repeats. Continue.

JOHN; And the final question is… “As a humorous aside… is it possible that part of the challenge we’ve set for ourselves in physicality is to master the ability to learn it all in ONE lifetime? There has to be SOME good reason why we keep throwing away the lessons we’ve learned and start each time from scratch.”

DATRE; No! You’re not supposed to do it in one life time. That is… at this stage of the game of physicality, lets say, you’re not to learn it in one life time. You’re to learn as much as you can – each and every day. But don’t put pressure on your self to keep constantly saying, ‘well I should be learning something’ – because that achieves nothing. That’s like the weight watchers who step on the scale every day, ‘well I haven’t lost any weight, I haven’t lost any weight’. Well of course you don’t, because you do it in increments. So that’s why its futile to check out what you’re doing every day. That’s why we say, ‘know what you’re doing all the time’.

The reason you keep throwing it away is a ‘belief’ system. Here we are back to the same old repetitive ‘belief’ system. Its your ‘belief’ system that says at the time that you die when many experience – not all – but many experience seeing their whole lifetime in front of them, and ‘oh, I’ve sinned. That was a terrible thing I did, I don’t want any part of that. I don’t want any part of what that bad experience was. I don’t want to remember it, I don’t want to acknowledge it’. That is a ‘belief’ system, nothing more, nothing less. Look at that situation, what did you learn from it? If you learned from it, which you did, knowingly or unknowingly, it is yours, own it.

You see, that is one of the things that periodically come up and its going to come up again very soon, is the issue of abortion. That is going to be rearing up again. Now, what causes that to be such a big thing? A ‘belief’ system. A belief, that if you abort a hunk of something from a system, something you don’t want, that that’s a terrible thing. You as a civilization – for all these many years – have a ‘belief’ system so strong that says, ‘that’s wrong’. And who is telling you that you are doing wrong? The ‘men’ that wrote the Bible.

A man has no right to tell a woman what to do with her body. Any more than a woman has the right to tell a man what to do with his body. Its a ‘belief’ system – plain and simply. So, a woman has had an abortion, she dies and she remembers what she has done. ‘That’s a sin, I don’t want it, take it away from me’. No! It was an experience. What did that woman go through mentally during that experience? She grew in strength and character – if she had the determination to do so. Or, she collapsed and felt like nothing and lived the rest of her life as a no thing, simply because of a ‘belief’ system that has continued.

That’s why we say it is so important that you ‘look’ at your ‘belief’ systems. They’re very important to an individual, because as we’ve said, ‘you live alone’. Your experiences, what you experience, what you think, how you act and react is ‘yours’ no one else’s. There’s not another person that knows what another person feels like at any time. These are ‘your’ experiences. And that’s why we keep telling you to OBSERVE. And in observation understand. Everything is a learning experience.

So, that is all I can tell you is, number one – you chose this experience of physicality when this all originated. You have gone through all of these expressions. You’ve gone through all the different, shall we say ‘times’ that this ‘bubble’ has existed. You have gathered experience after experience after experience after experience. Why not take it ‘all’ with you? You see, you can do the same thing twice, but it will never be identical. It will always be just a little bit different. It is like we have been talking – I don’t know how many years now on the internet – and basically have said the same thing, again and again and again. And people that have been reading all of this material again and again and again – this has been over a period of years – and we’ll get a letter that will say, ‘I finally ‘know’ and understand. I thought I knew, I said I knew, and then one day it was there and I knew it’. And in ‘knowing’ it, you ‘own’ it, and that is what is important.

You would not have chosen… there’s all kinds of experiences in the Universe. Physicality, in this particular ‘bubble’ is but one. But you thought this would be interesting. And its more interesting than anyone thought it would be, because of the ‘evolution’ that has taken place. You have evolved at a tremendously fast rate as far as a species of understanding is concerned. Tremendously fast, and yet you won’t give yourselves credit for what you’re doing. Look at how important each one on this planet is – regardless of their status of what they’re doing or what they’re not doing.

So, don’t put your self down. You get the feeling sometimes, ‘I don’t think I know anything’. You know what that is? Its a period in which your brain is trying to assimilate the new experiences that you’re getting and comparing them with the information that Datre is giving you, to put into some kind of perspective for understanding. Its like trying to get your computer to understand a program that it doesn’t want to work with. Then finally, you as a physical individual, realize what is happening with the program and you make it work. Okay, you make it work, the computer has got it. Its the same thing with the brain. But you have to figure out ‘how’ to get the brain to understand what’s happening. And you’re all absorbing, not only the Datre material, but everything that’s going on on your planet, at a tremendously fast rate. So, your brain says, ‘wait a minute I’m not getting all of this – time out – lets put this stuff together’. And then you get the feeling, ‘I don’t know anything’. Lets make a joke out of this, your brain went on vacation.

Now, speaking of ‘time’, I think we need some clarification on a statement in another communication (Datre 147) when we were talking about ‘time’. And we said; “TIME WAS THOUGHT UNFOLDING INTO ACTION”. Now, that statement has been misunderstood.

When we talk about FOLDING time, that is one thing. When we’re talking about UNFOLDING time, that is something entirely different. In other words, when… this was brought up by an individual… if you “FOLD TIME” you can “UNFOLD TIME” – that is a true statement. But it has nothing to do with “THOUGHT UNFOLDING INTO ACTION” – this is what creates ‘time’.

Now, I don’t know how many… how long ago it was, but we talked about the dandelion seed and how the dandelion seed floats around. We called those little things “THOUGHTERS”. The THOUGHTERS are a very important part of the evolution of the species – because they take all of the possibilities and probabilities and they have a certain ‘attraction’ to different possibilities and probabilities. So its like you would be attracted to the color blue. Somebody else would be attracted to things that are colored green and so forth. Okay, they’re attracted to a certain ‘thought’ process, so they pick that up.

Now these little dandelions seeds go flying around until they’re attracted to something. Now, what they’re attracted to in the physical construct is ‘think’ patterns that match the THOUGHT patterns. These THOUGHT patterns will be attracted to these ‘think’ patterns – but the THOUGHT patterns are ‘unfolding’ grander and different extensions of the ‘think’ patterns that are already in the individual brain.

So, as the THOUGHT patterns are opened, it opens up a grander vista of possibilities – probabilities that have not been brought into the brain as ‘thinks’. And this is when EVOLUTION occurs. As these THOUGHTS are ‘unfolded’ into the brain that is receptive, grander possibilities and probabilities are there to take ‘action’ on.

In other words, its like you see a light bulb above someone’s head and the light just clicked on. What it is is, the individual in the physical becomes ‘aware’ of a grander vista of possibilities – probabilities and begins to take ‘action’ on those new possibilities and probabilities. And, that’s what propels individuals on your planet. That is what is called ‘time’. Think doesn’t have anything to do with the evolution of ‘time’ at all – that has no bearing on it at all. The opening up of a new THOUGHT and action taken on these new THOUGHTS presented – that’s what creates ‘time’ and that’s what creates your ‘evolutionary’ time. Your ‘evolutionary’ time has nothing to do with the clock. Your ‘thinks’ work by the clock. Now I hope that helps clear up that situation – because there had been a misunderstanding.

So, this unfolding of the THOUGHT – the THOUGHT is ‘unfolded’, the individual in the physical construct takes action on those new THOUGHTS and that’s what creates your ‘time’. Something has to propel you. And its the THOUGHTS of the possibilities and probabilities that are taken out of the MIND of the BUBBLE – that’s how that works. The probabilities and possibilities are just that – alternative options to expand the physical experience.

Now, opening up a THOUGHT may appear mystical or magical, because in pondering a solution a totally different approach “seems” to appear. A symphony begins in one way and the composer hears a totally new sound and is fascinated by it. A painter begins with but a single color and sees the painting complete in a totally different manner than anyone had done previously. An opened THOUGHT is something entirely different than anything that has previously been expressed. These NEW concepts, in whatever field of endeavor, is the continuing of the process of evolution.

Now, in this process, where does Datre come in? Datre exposes you to different ways of looking at physicality. The only way many of these kinds of information can be brought into physicality is through the spoken word – as we have said before. These vibrations resonate throughout your planet. Also, because we have the opportunity to have two individuals to work with, we are able to speak through one and have the other translate the information into readable symbols so that peoples all over the planet can have access to this information – if they so desire.

Now, the bodies are being changed and there will be greater… you will be able to make greater access by connecting up with the YOU that ‘you’ are to be able to access that more directly. But, this is again, an ‘evolutionary’ process. But, because there are not that many that can do that, there are more individuals that are beginning to work with THOUGHTERS – they’re not aware of it – but they’re open minded. They are open to allowing themselves to accept. And the more that are doing that, and picking up those new THOUGHTS and opening them up – these new possibilities and probabilities – that is what is creating your ‘time’ to “feel like its accelerating”. Its that NEW, NEW, NEW, that’s creating your evolutionary ‘time’. Next question?

JOHN; That was all.

DATRE; We thank you, we are Datre.


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