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Datre answers Jerry.

JOHN; Today we have some questions from Jerry and the first question is… “Of all the SOURCES of information that seem to come to us mortals from another dimension via channeling such as Datre thru John or what-ever “Title” through Who-ever; how do YOU differ from the others???”

DATRE; If you were to read the information from the start of the Datre and go all the way through it you’d find one underlying theme that we keep telling you consistently and that is – to become an ‘individual’. To rely on your self. The other thing is that we have said, this is a PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSTRUCT. In other words, the idea of physicality is to ‘discover’, through the physical construct, what this is all about.

Its like a maze. They start you out at one end of a maze and you keep going down a little section until you run into a wall. That means that you have to turn around and go back and find another way to go. And you keep bumping into these walls all the time, until you finally get to the point that you get to the end.

Now, the end result is not as important as you trying to find your way to get there. In other words, if you set up a line that zig zags all over the place, but was open at both ends, where’s the challenge? The challenge is to find out what physicality is all about. You keep bumping into walls because you’re not paying attention. You’re not allowing yourself to relax enough to find out where you should be going.

In other words, if you will look at a maze that’s even on… just say on paper, and its a big enough one, so that you can’t look at it and immediately see how you can get through it to the end, if its a big enough maze and complicated enough, you’re going to have to use that which you call your ‘instinct’. Then, if you relax and don’t get all up tight and tense, you’ll find that you will look at the maze and use your ‘instinct’ as to what you think is the next way to go.

That is what life is all about. You keep running into these walls because you’re not paying attention. Now, if you run into a wall and get mad, and turn around and say, ‘well, that wasn’t the right way to go’. And the more angry and frustrated you become, the more difficult it is for you to get out of it. And finally you get so frustrated with that which you call ‘living’, that you decide you want to die. But you don’t realize, that in dying you’re still as much ‘alive’ as you were when you were ‘living’, even though you’re what you call, ‘dead’.

So, you don’t get ‘out’ of it, you just compound what you’ve already done. That’s what were trying to tell you about. You’ll say, ‘well why did you put me in this?’. No, we did not put you in this – you put yourself in here. And you’re the one that’s going to take yourself out of here. And you’re not going to be satisfied until you find the answer.

When you jump into the physical, in the morning, and you get frustrated in the physical body -remember, that’s only a ‘small’ portion of ‘you’. So, I think that what we do – to make Datre appear different – is say, its not the other guy’. ‘Its not somebody that you can turn to to blame or to ‘save’ you.’ You have two choices, you can look to someone as a savior, or you can look to someone to blame. But, the more you become an OBSERVER, you’ll discover that you don’t want either one.

Then you start looking to your self. Then when you get mad and frustrated, its not because there’s no one to blame, or there’s no one to save you, its what you’ve done yourself – to teach yourself something. And that is a little bit different than most other things that you are coming across, as far as reading or discovering or what ever.

But, if you will notice very, very carefully, within the last few years of your time the ‘thinking’ patterns are changing. An OBSERVER will notice that. And its simply because this information is being brought through for your understanding. The only way that anything can change, is if it is brought through the human voice, which causes a vibration, which spreads and others pick up and that’s the way the whole thing works. Continue.

JOHN; And the next question is… “It seems to me that there are as many messages coming through the “Cosmos” or whatever, as there are people to receive them, and the only ones anyone should attach any importance to are those that benefits ones desires.”

DATRE; That is correct. That is correct, at different stages of your evolutionary development you will find that you will gravitate to different sources of information. At one time you might find an individual that’s writing a book or that’s giving lectures or whatever and that’s exactly what you want at that time. You’re all excited, because ‘this’ is what you’re looking for. Then, after a while, you’ll find that’s not important any more. Then you’re not satisfied any more. You’ve had enough of that and you go on to something else.

That’s what its all about, is continually searching for answers for ‘you’. Your answers to any questions that you have are to be answered satisfactorily for ‘you’ at the present time. The people that stay with the same thing from birth to death, aren’t making much progress. In other words, if you keep the very same thought patterns – and remain ridged in those thought patterns from the time you’re a child until the day you die – you’re not making a great deal of progress. Its ‘discovery’ of new thought patterns. You may run across some thought patterns that the Datre people are giving out that you don’t like at all. You’ll say, ‘well that’s too far out’ or ‘I don’t believe that’. That’s fine, because that’s where you are in ‘your’ state of evolution. And that’s fine, because you have had that information, maybe five years down the line, a situation will occur, and the Datre material is just right for that situation. And then again, maybe you’ll never find it fits into your “life style”. But it doesn’t matter, as long as you keep searching for that which ‘you’ want to know about.

That’s what its all about. The only thing that I can say is, I’d like to see everyone continue to ‘search’ – because there is no end to searching. And that applies to everyone that comes through and uses the term ‘Datre’ for indemnification. You never quit that which you call learning. If you did, and if we did, everything would stop. Why continue anything that’s not going any place? Then the whole experiment would be gone and that would be it. But, there are always enough to continue the search. Continue.

JOHN; And the next question asks… “Seems to me that Datre is very logical in an obtuse way… while “others” come across so much more “loving” and personal.”

DATRE; Well, when you look at things from the standpoint that we view things, it is very logical to us, because we can see the ‘game’ you are playing – and we admire you for it. We think it is a grand undertaking. But, the other, with the love and all of that – that is human emotion. For us, we don’t have emotion – because we don’t have bodies. The only time we can experience an emotion is when we enter a ‘physical’ construct. But when we deliver the information we don’t use emotion. We’re trying to help you to understand physicality. And for us to come and give you what you’ve already got a lot of, its not of any importance, because you have gillions of channels and books and information that is all full of love and compassion and all of that. So it would be superfluous for us to come and try and give you more information couched in a physical emotional construct.

We work through the physical in order to bring the words to you – but we bring information. If you want a channel that is kind and loving and compassionate and all of that – there’s a lot of those. And if its coming from the ‘dead zone’, there is a lot of that, because that is emotion connected to emotion. We spoke not too long ago about the vibrations of the channels that channel the ‘dead zone’ – its the same emotional construct. And that’s why these channels gain so much weight on their physical body, because they absorb all of that emotion that comes from those in the ‘dead zone’ – and it stays.

Now, in working with those that are not in the ‘dead zone’ – or are at the very most outer edges – where no body is needed any more, the vibration is so entirely different that although it comes through a physical construct it does not remain because it has nothing to ‘attach’ to – it is so different. That is why, after the channel is through channeling, it is hard for her to get back into the body – because it is so completely changed. The vibration has changed the whole body to such a point, that it is difficult to get it back to maneuver it again. It takes a while for this energy/vibration to dissipate, but it does dissipate.

So you see, there’s a great deal of difference in the channeling by where the information comes from and how its received. Now, there’s nothing good or bad about either one. Its just that this is the way it is. If this information works for you, that is fine. If other information works for you, that is fine – because you’re all in the state of becoming ‘who’ you want to be. Understanding ‘who’ you are. Then walking out of this play that you are in. Recognizing – as Shakespeare said – ‘the world is but a stage and you are but players on it’. You’ll hear people say that all the time, but they haven’t the vaguest idea what they’re talking about. We want you to understand, that this is something you are setting up. This is for ‘you’ to play with. You don’t realize that – because you get enmeshed in the physical construct and you can’t ‘see’ the play. But the day you ‘see’ the play, you’ll walk out of the maze – ‘I won’. Continue.

JOHN; And the final question asks… “Is one or any source of seemingly “other-world” information somehow more reliable than another?”

DATRE; That is up to you to make that decision. No one else can tell you which is more reliable than any other. It is your discernment of information that is important. We can not tell you, ‘listen to this one, but don’t pay any attention to that one’. It doesn’t work that way. The information is there, channels are different. There are individuals that can only channel from the ‘dead zone’, because they can not raise their vibrational rate of the physical construct to go any further. The ‘dead zone’ vibration is compatible to them.

Now, as the physical construct and shall we say, the brain of the channeler is able to handle a ‘finer’ frequency vibration, the more they’re able to ‘connect’ with that which you call the ‘outer’ rim or those in the big Universe. It can’t be done otherwise. And there are some bodies that are easily trained in that manner. And there are others that will only go so far in the training experience, and then quit because it is too difficult for them to handle. So, those that are channeling different information, also channel, based on what their brain-mind set is and what their physical body can tolerate as far as the change in the frequency that takes place within the physical construct when this particular body is used by others.

Now, if you will notice… and we have had many comments on this, that in one transcript there are paragraphs that are so very different in the way they’re presented than other paragraphs within the very same questioning. But its because, there are different one’s that are coming in to give information and leaving with other ones coming in, giving information and leaving. And there are not many in the physical construct that are able to get so far out of their bodies, and have a brain and a mind that will not ‘fight’ the information that is being brought through – so that’s where a great deal of the difference comes in.

It is up to you to decide what is comfortable for you. What you want to know for your evolutionary process. Evolution is as ‘long’ as you want it to be. It does not matter what the calendar says. The calendar says such and such in physicality. But, when you’re not in the physical construct, ‘time’ has no meaning for you what-so-ever. So you continue your search. And if it means that the physical body has had enough, that it doesn’t want to work for you any more – it is depleted as far as you’re concerned. Then you lay the body down, go through the ‘dead zone’ come back in again. But then you don’t ‘loose’ that which you have gained. You don’t throw any of it away – the ‘good’, the ‘bad’ or the indifferent. You keep it ‘all’ so that the next time you come in, you have that much more to work with.

To us, this is very fascinating to watch what you are doing. And if you had the ability – which you will some day, each and every one that has come into physicality one day will have the opportunity to ‘see’ what this is all about – you’ll find how fascinating it is. What a grand array of experiences you have set before your self. There is no end to your possibilities and probabilities. You have a vast array of everything, because the vibrations on the planet now are so increased. Your colors are more intense. Your sound is different. Everything is different than it was, even one hundred years ago. You talk to individuals that are a hundred years old and they will tell you how different it is – because they have ‘seen’ even in a hundred years, how things have changed.

So you’re in a grand time to enjoy what is happening. And its up to you to make ‘all’ the decisions. If you make ‘all’ the decisions, then ‘you’ are the one that becomes the INDIVIDUAL. And that’s what you want to be – because in order to be out into the Universe, you ‘have’ to be an individual. There’s nobody out there to help you. You stand on your own two feet – except you don’t have any.

But you see, the Universe doesn’t have time to ‘train’ anybody. There is no way to ‘train’ anyone, in any way. So, you need to become an ‘individual’ to go out into the Universe, to explore from your individuality. And from ‘your’ individuality, everyone else in the Universe gains. Its no different there, than it is here on Earth. Everyone gains from your evolution. Everyone that you come in contact with, gains from ‘your’ evolution. Now, in light of those words, how can you feel insignificant? These are the words we bring to you. Continue.

JOHN; That was the last question.

DATRE; Okay, we thank you, we are Datre.


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