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Datre answers Will and Nancy.

JOHN; Today we have some questions from Will, and his first question is… “I have some questions for Datre regarding “The Book of Urantia”. I doubt if he has read it, but the thing is, I don’t know if it is a huge fabrication of the Christians or if it is a priceless mine of true information straight from “Up there”. Datre says there is no “Hierarchy” where they are, but that book names hundreds of officials and operators that are running the Universe like a huge Corporation!

Q1. For instance, can you confirm or deny the existence of these officials… The Santania Life Carriers, Lanonandek Sons, Michael, Melchezediks, Archangel Gabrial, Lucifer, Seraphims, to name a few?”

DATRE; Alright, do you recognize those? Archangel Gabrial, is Biblical. Melchezediks, that is a Biblical name.

Now let me start by clarifying something at the beginning and maybe the questions and answers will be easier for you to understand. We have stated, in the Universe there is no Hierarchy. Now, what we refer to as Universe, is not what the majority on the planet refer to as Universe – there’s a distinct difference.

Now, in the Universe, we function without bodies so we don’t ‘perceive’ as you perceive. From your standpoint on this planet and on other planets that have ‘life’ forms, they refer to things as they ‘see’ them. In other words, you ‘see’ people – men and ladies. Now, when you ‘visualize’ or conceptualize, you ‘think’ in terms of a ‘physical’ construct – man or woman.

Now, these names in the Urantia book are referred to as being man or woman. That is ‘planetary’. You have a planetary existence. You have a ‘bubble’ that surrounds your planet and your moon, and there’s other ‘bubbles’ that surround other portions of your little ‘space’ that you’re residing in. But basically, you function from your ‘planetary’ understanding – which in your case is male – female physical constructs.

Now, we have said before, you don’t die. When you go into the ‘dead zone’ all you do is change your vibratory construct. Now, in changing your vibratory construct that means you still function from a ‘physical’ standpoint. Functioning from a ‘physical’ standpoint, a ‘government’ – if you wish to call it that – is set up in that which you call the ‘dead zone’. Just like you have governments here in your planetary existence – because that’s your thought patterns. So if you have governments down here ‘on’ your planet, you have governments up in that which you call your ‘dead zone’. You’ve heard the expression – as above, so below? That’s the whole thing.

Those first ones that decided they didn’t want any more physical expression, decided against physical expression and stayed in that which you call the ‘dead zone’. The only reason we call it the ‘dead zone’ is because you can relate to that, you can understand what we’re talking about. But, the ‘dead zone’ is no more ‘good’ or ‘bad’ than the ‘live’ zone that you have here on your Earth plane. You’re just functioning from two different vibratory constructs.

In other words, those in the ‘dead zone’ you can’t ‘see’ and however those in the ‘dead zone’ can at certain points ‘see’ you. But when they get to a certain point, they have no connection with you per se, because they’re establishing their own evolutionary construct that they work from in the ‘dead zone’.

So what I’m saying is, that functions from ‘that’ standpoint and that has a great deal to do with how you function here in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, because they have a great deal of influence on the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS of the planet. Now, if you will think back into your history – the patriarchs and the Popes were the warring people. You had all of the religious wars from as far back as your history books record. If you didn’t have an influence of some kind, where would this information come from? It comes from those that have lived before in physicality on the planet.

So lets work from that standpoint that you are both one and the same, but working from a different standpoint. Those thought patterns, shall we say, of those in the ‘dead zone’ are very, very, old. When you think that those thought patterns existed ‘prior’ to any religion, you can see how old those thought patterns are.

That’s also where your ‘belief’ systems come from. So looking at the Urantia book from that standpoint, you are looking at it from the standpoint that those that are in the ‘dead zone’ are bring forth that information from ‘their’ understanding. Is there hierarchy in that which you call the ‘dead zone’? Very definitely and positively. And the ‘core’ hangs on to old, old, old, ideas and thought patterns, because that was their understanding. The only thing that changes those thought patterns on the planet is the ‘infusion’ of new thoughts and new ideas and new ways of looking at your physicality. Alright continue.

JOHN; And his next question is… “Q2. Can you confirm or deny the existence of those places…. Jerusem, Edentia, Uversa, Salvington, Nebeden…?”

DATRE; Now for those that are functioning from that standpoint in the ‘dead zone’, those places are as real to them as Chicago, New York, Helsinki, London, Tokyo. These names are all familiar to you because this is where you’re functioning. Those names are familiar to them because that is where they’re functioning. Continue.

JOHN; And he goes on to ask… “Q3. True or false…was Earth registered as “World number 606″ of the Satania System and known as Urantia, the planet of the cross?”

DATRE; Now there’s a very good clue right there. That should answer many of your questions. “The planet of the cross”. God, as you know Him or Her, from your understanding, and the ‘cross’ as you understand it from your understanding – from anyone’s understanding, on this planet – what is that? That’s basic planetary information.

Now, if those in the ‘dead zone’ have said that you are such and such and this is the name of your place, where is the information coming from? Its not coming from the Universe, because there is no such thing as ‘names’ for things. We identify by vibration, we don’t identify by a ‘name’. The only time we identify by a name is when we come into a physical construct. And then is not a name per se, because first we recognize a vibration, then try and put a ‘name’ on it. See, when we come in, the vibrations that we work with are hard to describe – we’ve said this before – because we work from a vibratory construct and then we try and find a word that describes what we’re trying to convey. You see what I’m trying to get at? We don’t work from a construct of ‘words’ – words, places, anything. Anything that revolves around ‘identification’ with a ‘label’ of any sort – is your physical planetary existence. Continue.

JOHN; And his next question is… “Q4. True or false….In all Satania there are only 61 worlds similar to Urantia as Life Modification Planets?”

DATRE; Now when you use the word ‘Life’, it has different meanings – it has many different meanings. Life as you know it refers to the things that you can ‘see’, ‘taste’, ‘touch’, and ‘smell’. So, what I’m saying is, anything that comes in those categories is what you can relate to.

Now, there’s ‘Life’ in every cell of your body. There’s ‘Life’ in every cell of a tree or a rock or a blade of grass, whatever. So ‘Life’ carries a very different connotation from our standpoint. Now, you have your science fiction movies and books. And how is everyone depicted? As some horrible ‘human’ with big ugly things on their faces or disfigured hands or feet or bodies or whatever. And they always have to be uglier than what you perceive yourselves to be. But have you ever stopped to think, why is everything put into a physical construct very much like your own – when they’re out visiting other planets? Ponder that one for a while.

There is existence on other planets. But existence as you know it, and existence on other planets would probably shock you – because your mind could not comprehend it. But that does not mean it is not viable. So I’m not giving you a direct answer on that, I want you to think about it yourselves – everyone of you who read this, stop and think about it. Continue.

JOHN; His next question goes on to ask… “Q5. True or false…. Was Earth set up as the 60th. Satania experiment designed to amplify and improve the Satania type of the Nebadon life patterns?”

DATRE; That I can not answer, because that is something that has been fabricated by humans – I can not tell you what you have fabricated. (That is a quote from the book Urantia) These are your concepts. They are ‘planetary’ concepts for your own evolution. And whether you believe in them and believe them to be true or not believe it to be true is immaterial. Each and everyone of you that read this information and the answers that I’m giving you, have to draw your own conclusions.

We have said this many times, your evolution is ‘your’ evolution – individually. So whatever is beneficial to you, as far as learning about what this whole physical existence is like and what its all about – that’s your lesson. And how you go about it and what you ‘believe’ is entirely up to you. But as to what’s written in a book, I can not substantiate – even if I’d read the book I would not substantiate it – because our thought patterns are different, even when we come through the physical. Continue.

JOHN; And he concludes with… “With your Yes/No answers I will be able to assess the validity of that fascinating book. Thank you. And thank you for all the other information we are receiving.”

DATRE; That is good. I probably gave you more questions than you had, because I want you to think about these things. Reading any and all information is beneficial. It is what you glean for reading any and all information is what is important to you. If it is important in your understanding of the YOU that you are in physicality – that is very important, because that is what you’re here to learn about. There are no ‘rights’ and there are no ‘wrongs’, there is only that which you call – the evolution of ‘you’. And that has nothing to do with anyone else. So I’m glad you said you would draw your own conclusions, because that is what I ask you all to do.

Datre is not some ‘thing’ or some ‘one’ that you can follow. That is why the internet is so beneficial, because we don’t have any followers. The information is given to you to read, to make up your own mind what you want to do with it each and every one of you. And that’s why it is given in the way it is given, because you can not ‘attach’ it to anything physical. You can’t attach it to Datre per se, because Datre is not one, it is many that are coming through the same channel. You can not attach it to the channel, because you do not know the channel. The people that she works with have no idea what she does, because her learning comes from ‘living’ a physical existence. So you see, nothing can be ‘attached’ to anything – the words are there, you make your own decision. We are happy for every one of you – believe it, don’t believe it, it is up to you – because whatever is right for you at the present time that is all that’s important. You don’t have ‘yesterday’ and you don’t have ‘tomorrow’ – but you have ‘today’, enjoy it.


JOHN; Now we have some questions from Nancy, and her first question is… “In Datre’s answer to RJ (Datre152) they said some interesting things about boils. That we don’t have them much anymore because the mass consciousness decided not to participate in that particular physical reaction anymore. I have been plagued with boils for the last 20 years. I can’t even find them listed in any medical books. How did I miss the boat here?”

DATRE; You did not miss the boat. What happens is that there are different components…. different genes that run in families. And sometimes in putting together a gene pool that you wish to experience, there has been perhaps a strong gene pool of that which you call ‘boils’. And that gene pool is ‘active’ rather than recessive. Now what happens with a boil from what I have been able to glean out of information that I had that was available to me, the boil is an eruption in the skin – under the skin – of a mass of toxins that have gathered in one area.

Now, toxicity is something that everyone has to varying degrees in the body. Then what happens is, that there is, what you call, disease in your body. Now, take the word apart dis-ease. Now you may say, ‘well I’m not unhappy about anything, I’m not disturbed about anything and I’m content with my life’ and all of these things if you start going through that which you call your ‘belief’ system. But dis-ease is something that is not in harmony.

You would all have perfect running bodies, without any problems what-so-ever, if you were at ease with your body. Dis-ease, uneasiness with the body, these are the things that cause all… and anxiety, anxiety is another one that goes into that category. They all cause uneasiness with the body and the body is trying to balance itself and it comes in many different ways. Why is it one person will have continuous different kinds of cancer? They have one kind of cancer and that one gets taken care of and then they pop up with another kind of cancer and that one gets taken care of. Why does that body continually have different kinds of cancer or renewing the same type of cancer? There is something underlying and it is very deep.

These are very difficult to ferret out. There is something that happened at one point in time in the physical existence of that particular body that has caused ‘uneasiness’. And it may be something that if you were to find out what it was today, you’d say, ‘well that’s absolutely ridicules, why should that effect me now?’. Perhaps, as a child you sat and watched a cricket and were fascinated by the cricket. And your mother came down stairs and saw you, and here you were in the living room watching this cricket. And your mother said, ‘oh my goodness there’s cricket’, and she goes over and she stomps on it and kills it. Sounds totally irrelevant to anything. But it may have caused trauma in the child.

Now, how would you go back and find that if you were the one looking for something that was hanging on to your body – in the form of a ‘belief’ system? It would be very difficult to find. So, to find what is a cause of a boil, what is a cause of a cancer, is not for other people to figure out – its for you to figure out. There is something that is not at ease in the body. And it may take a while to figure out what it is and you may never figure out what it is.

We’ve said that one of the most interesting things that we have observed is to watch people list their beliefs. That becomes very fascinating. And someone will say, ‘that is a big waste of time, I know what I believe’. Do you really know what you ‘believe’? Start on it sometime. And when you get stumped, walk away and leave it and go back when you find another one. I’m not saying that this is going to relieve your boils, I’m not saying that. But I’m saying, it will help you find out something about yourself. And this goes for everyone. If you want to go to the road to ‘discovery’ about yourself in a very fun way, begin to list your beliefs. And if you think you can do it in 15 minutes, you’ve got another guess coming. Once you start with it, you will be at it for months and months, if you’re really serious about doing it. Continue.

JOHN; And her next question asks… “How can I tune into that portion of mass consciousness and get rid of the boils?”

DATRE; That would be very interesting, but I don’t think its… you see, MASS CONSCIOUSNESS changes its belief systems. Now, that’s one way things change. But, MASS CONSCIOUSNESS can change its ‘belief’ systems, again and again and again. But how much it effects you as an individual, is another thing entirely. Its where your focus is. What are you focusing on? Are you focusing on MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and trying to be like all others in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS? Or are you very different in your very being? The more different your thought patterns are to MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, the less you will connect with them – because, as your thought patterns and beliefs change, the whole vibratory construct of your body changes. Then as that changes, you relate less and less to MASS CONSCIOUSNESS.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you can go around living with out it, because there’s no way to avoid it – it is everywhere. There are different concentrations of different thought patterns and beliefs in different areas – that is very evident. But, you don’t get out of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. But the way you live your own life, with your own thoughts and beliefs systems makes a change in your whole physical construct. Just some things you may think about.

But you have something that is ‘unsettled’ in the body, just like anyone who gets phenomena – there’s something unsettled in the body and the body is trying to balance itself. You’ll find that there’s – within the last few years – there have been peoples all over the whole planet that have had these tremendous headaches, backaches and fevers. Everything on your planet is changing. The vibrations on the planet are changing. Your bodies are changing. The fevers are the result of different vibrations on the planet and you’re adjusting to them. The backaches are changes of the bodily construct. The headaches, are the ‘rewiring’ that’s taking place in your head as you release old thought patterns and beliefs and change to new ones.

So, there are many changes taking place – and you’re the one that’s making the changes. So you can’t say, ‘well its somebody else’, because you are the one that comes into the body to change the body to make it the way you want it. The body doesn’t do it arbitrarily. The body has genes, the genes do certain things and your DNA and all of this other stuff that you’ve got in your body work to perform in a certain way. You’re the one that changes the way it works – to ‘your’ specifications. Continue.

JOHN; And her final comment is… “The underlying question is: how much does mass consciousness affect the individual?”

DATRE; I think we just explained that. That depends on where you’re living, what you’re doing, how receptive you are to that which is around you. Now, depending upon what part of the world you live in, you are affected by whatever MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is predominant in that particular area. But, that does not mean you have to live your life according to what everybody else does and thinks and experiences. That is what you set yourself. You can follow along with MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and be just like everybody else, just think like everybody else. That is up to you.

But, you’re still the deciding factor in everything. You can be in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS all day long in the work place and have it affect you not one bit – except, you pick out the portions of it that you want. You don’t have to associate of be effected by the ‘grupmies’. But, you will find that if you are a happy person you gravitate to another happy person. Then instead of only one person being happy, you have two people happy. Then somebody hears somebody laughing – which is a very unusual thing on your planet – and they will say, ‘what’s all the laughing about, what’s so funny?’. And they’ll come and they’ll want to join – and pretty soon everybody’s happy, everybody has a good time, then everybody turns and walks into their own office and the day goes much better.

Now, has MASS CONSCIOUSNESS affected you? Or have you affected MASS CONSCIOUSNESS? We thank you, we are Datre.


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