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Datre answers Larry.

JOHN; Today we have some questions from Larry, and his first question is… “I hear from you continually that I chose the existence that I now experience. Did I create the divine spark that ushered me into this existence?”

DATRE; That is a difficult question to answer – it comes out ‘yes’ and ‘no’. You see, the ‘totality’ of ‘you’ is far greater than you can conceive from this physicality. There is a ‘portion’ of you in physicality for experience, that is trying to create – for itself – an individual spark to continue its own evolution totally separate. Now, from that standpoint of being a total ‘individual’ that is secure enough in itself to go out into that Universe where there is no physicality and explore and function from ‘that’ point – where we are – is a grand undertaking. As yet, no one has.

There will come a time when that can become a possibility. Your first step in achieving that is to go from the ‘live’ physicality, as you call it, into that portion of the ‘dead zone’ where you exist without a body, but still maintain the ‘thinking’ qualities that you have here – which is a grand experience. There are those that come through and use the all encompassing word Datre that are from that area. So you see, that is attainable. But not that many search that hard to discover it. Continue.

JOHN; And his next question is… “Surely there was something greater than me that caused this all to happen.”

DATRE; You are looking from such a small portion of you – you are but a portion. But, you must realize the ‘grandness’ of the ‘portion’ that you are instead of thinking of yourself as minuscule and unimportant. You, in physicality, is the one that is gaining all of this experience. What could be grander than that? There are multiple portions of YOU that are experiencing physicality and it can ‘all’ be yours – every bit of it. But it has to come from understanding. Continue.

JOHN; And he further goes on to ask… “Now here I am. I long to be removed from this place. It holds nothing of an attraction.”

DATRE; Why does it not have any attraction? Why do you want to get out of here? Do you realize, that regardless of where you go within this ‘bubble’, this portion of you that is in physicality at the present time, will maintain the exact same thought patterns that you have at the present moment. So what have you gained by dying? You have not gained, you have lost. You can lose everything that you have learned. You don’t look at your ‘life’ as a ‘learning’ experience. It’s a fantastic learning experience, except that you get so bored with it because you’ve done it so many times.

The reason Datre is bringing forth this information, is for you to take the information and look at that which is you in your ‘physical’ existence from a different standpoint. You have looked at it the same way for eons of time. Change the way you look at things. Nothing is going to change in your physical existence until ‘you’ do – nothing one. People talk about relationships, ‘oh, if I had a relationship it would be wonderful’ ‘I’m looking for my soul mate’ and all of this other stuff. Do you realize that the day you become the person you want to be, the right person will be there for you. But, you don’t want to change yourselves, you want everyone else to change you. Other people don’t change you – unless you’re just a wishy washy piece of physicality – ‘you’ need to change ‘you’. Then everything ‘you’ look at will be different – I guarantee it. Continue.

JOHN; And he continues along and asks… “This world is a swirling mass of duality’s and to me its just a surreal stage play. I want no part of it. Yet I’m stuck here. I can’t bring myself to suicide because of the uncertainties of the consequences in my consciousness. I still project a creator of love, harmony, and beauty, but this is far from my experience.”

DATRE; Now, you’re looking at a creator that is love, harmony and beauty – who are you looking at? You’re looking at the greater portion of YOU that puts a little portion of itself in here for experience. And that greater portion of YOU does not function from physicality, it has no need to function from physicality, because a portion of ITSELF is ‘you’ in physicality.

And that greater YOU does not function from love and compassion and beauty and all these things. Those are physical, emotional terms. You can only experience ‘love’ on this planet. You can only experience ‘hate’ on this planet. You can only experience ‘ugliness’ and ‘beauty’ on this planet. Compassion, respect, and all these things, are ‘planetary’ existence. If you want all these things and want to experience these things – what are you doing? You’re experiencing YOU in physicality. You’re the only one that can experience it – and what a grand thing it is.

If you’re looking at it as surreal and a stage play, that’s exactly what it is. That is exactly what it is. And those that come to the realization that it is nothing more than a stage play – that is when the difference takes place. But you become so mired into it – meaning physicality – that you no longer ‘see’. You are no longer in contact with your senses.

Why do you suppose these physical bodies were composed is such a way that you could ‘see’, that you could ‘hear’, that you could ‘smell’, that you could ‘taste’, that you could ‘experience’? Why were they made that way? So that you ‘could’ experience. This means that the ‘body’ is the one that carry’s the ’emotion’. The ’emotion’ is what you desired to experience, or you would not be here. And you can experience it in any way you want to. But death is not the answer. It does not give you any answers. Evolution of you individually is what is going to give you answers. Continue.

JOHN; And he again asks… “I have knowledge of the perfection’s of Jesus the Christ, but this knowledge only darkens the shadows of my existence.”

DATRE; Now, who said Jesus Christ was perfect and where did his perfection come from? Again, look at where that information came from. People do not ‘search’ for answers. They hear somebody say something and they fall into the trap – ‘and I’m not going any further, this is what it is’. They don’t ‘look’ for anything, because they’re not really interested in anything.

Now, contrary to many ‘beliefs’, Jesus was in these other countries and he traveled all over and this and that and the next thing. Do you have any idea what your planet looked like at that time? No, you haven’t the vaguest idea. Do you know where Pontius Pilate is buried? No, you haven’t any idea. Do you want to know where Pontius Pilate is buried? Go and find him, go find the information, where is he buried? Now I will surprise you, he is buried in Scotland. How do we know he was buried in Scotland, because there is an ancient Scottish Bible written by hand – it is hand written. And this Bible contains more information than you have any idea. How do we know that is Pontius Pilate’s grave? Because it is written in this Scottish Bible. Has the grave been seen? The grave has been seen, but it has also been robbed. And now it has a fence around it so you can not get to it – because people when they find something, ‘I want a piece of it’. And why isn’t this common knowledge? Because the Scots think nothing of it – they know it. But, if people want to go around and build their own stories, that’s fine with them, that doesn’t bother them one way or the other.

Have you ever gone to ‘look’ for anything. Have you ever ‘wondered’ about anything? Pontius Pilate and Jesus were friends – big news. They both spoke the ancient Gaelic. There’s very little old Gaelic left, because it is no longer spoken, it is no longer used. But the books are there, the dictionaries are there. Which, the one that I speak through, has seen. This is not something that is ‘told’ to her and John, it is something they have experienced.

Now, for those that don’t care, that aren’t interested in looking and searching for anything – that’s fine – but there are those that are. Why go to another country and look for the same things that you have in your own country? Get into a country and ‘discover’ things. Don’t just go and look for a McDonnell’s. Continue.

JOHN; And his next comment is… “So I am supposed to be an observer. I used to see beauty in everything. Now I only see nothingness.”

DATRE; Is that your decision? Is that what you want to see is nothing? Then that’s exactly what you’ll see. You see, no one can do anything ‘to’ you or ‘for’ you that you do not want to have done ‘to’ you or ‘for’ you – that is up to you. There is no one that can give you answers – no one. Because, the answers that you search for, have to be found by you. Everyone that reads this Datre material will get something different out of it. And we have the subscriber list plus all of the other peoples that come and read this information – which is between 3500 and 4000 people that come and read the Datre material each month. Plus all the information the subscriber give to other people. In planetary numbers, that’s not huge, but for the numbers of peoples that are getting this information it is quite a good number – because they’re all over the world. And, every single one that reads this information it is entirely different. Words on paper are but symbols. You interpret – the world and everything in it is your interpretation of what you see, hear, taste, touch and smell.

There are people that love the smell of animals. Horses, horses have a beautiful smell – don’t tell that to Aona. She thinks horses stink. Now, why is she different than the majority of the people? Because, her vibration is different. As your vibration changes, everything that you taste, touch, see and smell is different. You are an ‘individual’ and the only one that can change ‘you’ is ‘you’. So, if you’ve decided that this place is not anything that you want, then you’re going to have to tolerate it until that which is your body decides it’s going to quit. Or, you decide that you’re going to get out of the body. But, there is something that’s holding you here and you haven’t looked at your self with ‘clear’ eyes to know that. What’s holding you here on the planet is ‘you’ – physical you. Continue.

JOHN; And his final comment is… “There is no pleasure in food, only nausea. No pleasure in activity. Expended energy exhausts me. I still smile at people and am helpful where I can be, but I know of no one who understands my perceptions. Please don’t tell me I chose my misery. I want out in the worst way. Yet, how?”

DATRE; Well, number one, you say you enjoy being helpful to people. Have you ever looked at all the people that are in the same situation that you’re in? How many people on this planet are depressed and unhappy? I would say more are in that state of existence than the other. What does this channel hear when she goes to work? ‘I don’t feel good’. Then rummage around to find some pills. ‘This is not right’. ‘That’s not right’. There’s nothing that’s right.

Aona will say, ‘this is a beautiful day, isn’t this a beautiful day?’. Then somebody will say, ‘yes, but they’re predicting rain’. Now what is that? At the moment she said it, it isn’t raining. But, they can’t take a moment and enjoy it as it is. They have to talk about who’s in the hospital, who’s husband shot himself, who’s going to have a baby, all of these things that are immaterial to their enjoyment. What are they doing? They’re looking ‘out’, and from their standpoint, its a world of chaos. But if you don’t understand the world and physical existence, it ‘appears’ as chaos.

But, do you realize all the good things that are happening on your planet in many different parts of many different countries? No, I bet you don’t. Because, what is the ‘news’? The shootings. The new pills that are out to help you with something that’s wrong with your body. And then they list all the side effects that you’ll get if you take the pill, which is worse than what you’ve got in the first place. You don’t ‘look’ at all those things. Look with ‘clear’ eyes. The world becomes very fascinating.

You hear about the train wrecks. You hear about the fires that killed people in houses. Is ‘that’ what you’re interested in hearing about? Or are you interested in listening to something that’s on your TV that tells about what’s happening in other parts of the world that are very beneficial? The news will give you the wars. But the news will not tell you about the transformation that is taking place in many countries throughout this world.

It is like looking at a cup that is either half full half empty – the decision is yours. And that is what people don’t like about Datre. As we come into a physical construct, and ‘observe’ through a physical construct, without any restrictions what-so-ever, without picking up any of the emotion of the physical body, but seeing it from ‘our’ standpoint, we see both sides of the coin. In physicality, you focus on the side of the coin that you want to see.

Maybe, one of the things we should start repeatedly saying to you – ‘where is your focus?’. With patients that have pain, what they call chronic pain, how do they help those individuals? Through ‘focus’. Why is it that you can be hurting all through your body and you turn your ‘focus’ on whatever you’re doing at the present time – you do not feel pain until you take your ‘focus’ off of what you’re doing. And the minute you take your ‘focus’ off of what you are doing, you will feel that pain. That is one of the beauties of physicality, you don’t realize that you can ‘focus’ either place – and your ‘focus’ is what changes your whole life.

Focus on your cup – half full, half empty – which do you want? What are you going to ‘focus’ on? You have this magnificent cup of coffee. For whatever reason, you’ve never tasted coffee that tasted like this at that moment. And you look at the coffee cup and its half empty – and you say, ‘I’ve still got half left that I can enjoy’. Your ‘focus’, what are you going to ‘focus’ on?

You have many years left in your life. What are you going to do with it? Are you going to ‘change’ yourself or are you just going to go and be pushed around by others? Because, that’s what MASS CONSCIOUSNESS does. They talk about Jesus and his followers… you are my sheep or something like that. Welll, if people don’t have something to follow, they’re all sheep. Then you’ll say, ‘well I don’t know how come so and so is able to do this that and the next thing’ – ‘focus’. Focus, if they don’t get what they want to achieve one way, they will change and work at it another way, and if they don’t get it that way, they’ll work at it another way – until they figure out ‘what’ they want to do and the way they want to do it.

But, its ‘not’ the other person that is important. The other person is there to ‘show’ you different things. But, if something doesn’t work, you don’t keep your ‘focus’ in the same place. Change your ‘focus’. You change your ‘focus’ and then other things will change. But you have to be flexible enough to be able to ‘accept’ change. Get out of your rigidity. You are seeing things in one way only. You said, ‘Datre said, ‘you do it to yourself’. Absolutely you do. But what are you trying to tell yourself? Are you going to ‘want’ to continue to be a failure in your own eyes?

Change your ‘focus’. Do something to change your ‘focus’ – regardless of what it is – because what you’re focusing on is something you probably wouldn’t want if you finally got it. So, don’t always go in the same direction. Expand your horizons. Try and look at things differently. If something isn’t working in one direction, change it and do something else. But don’t do like MASS CONSCIOUSNESS does, allow other people to push you around. That is not what Datre is trying to tell you.

Try everything you can. If you don’t like it… it is like painting a wall. ‘Well, I’m afraid to paint my walls that color, because what if I don’t like it? How much is a can of paint? Paint it, if you don’t like the color paint over it. If you don’t like that color, paint over it. Now do you get the picture? If you don’t like the picture you’ve put in front of yourself, change the picture – because you’re the one that’s got the brush in hand. We thank you, we’re Datre.


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