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Datre answers Jacques and June

JOHN; Today we have some questions from Jacques and his first question is… “I am presently at the session 32 or 33, where Datre says that there is water only on earth. Well it might interest you to look at a recent news published on the CNN site where it mentions about findings of water on a meteorite that fell on the earth.”

DATRE; Now, what do you suppose is in that which you call the atmosphere of your bubble? It is the ‘raw’ substance that the earth and you, and everything on the earth, uses to produce the whole planetary existence. Now, if there’s a meteorite that comes from “outer space” and it comes through that which you call, your atmosphere, why would it ‘not’ have water on it? If the properties of the meteorite were such that in passing through, it was ‘hot’ and passing through the ‘cool’ atmosphere – which everyone knows its colder the further up you get – the ‘hot’ meteorite, the ‘cold’ – what do you get – condensation. Condensation is water. So to me, it is a very obvious thing.

Now you also have to remember that, when you have volcanoes great big hunks of junk are spewed up into that which you call your atmosphere. Where do they go? They don’t necessarily all come back down as they go up. Many of them go up into that which you call, your atmosphere, and they stay up there. They can be up there, then at some point come back down. This happens all the time, it has always happened.

But, its because you’re at a point in your evolutionary process of trying to find out many different things in everything that you can think of that people are investigating everything.

Now, at one point in time, everyone thought the earth was flat – if you got to the edge you’d fall off, because they didn’t understand beyond that point. Now if they didn’t understand beyond that point, they certainly had no understanding – or even thought about – what happens to the stuff that comes out of a volcano. If they saw a meteorite come tearing through the atmosphere and land some place, even in their own back yard, they didn’t pay any attention to it. Something fell out of the “sky”. But it was not of any concern to them. Now, you find any little tenny wenny bit of an abnormality, and you jump all over it as something big and exciting. And this is fine, because this is your evolution of your species – is in ‘discovery’.

And something was mentioned about finding water within rocks. That has always been on your planet. If you’d go into some of these stores that have all kinds of different rocks and gems and all of that stuff, you will find a great many things that have water ‘inside’ of them. So, because its in a store, and it has water inside of it, you’re fascinated by it. But, if you were to find it out on a desert someplace, and say, ‘oh, this is something new and its got water in it’. You see what I’m saying? That is nothing new.

Since your planet has been known in your recordings of it, these things have ‘always’ existed. But it was of no particular concern to any one, because, their life was such that their main goal was to see that they had food, that they had shelter, that they has clothing. It has only been in the last very short period of your recorded time, that you have gotten down into the teeny, tinniest, little bit of anything. You’re getting into ‘nano’ seconds in recording time. You’re getting down into the DNA and the RNA of the bodily systems. You’re delving into the teeny, tinniest of things. And this is fine, because it is the ‘evolution’ of the species.

But, my original statement still holds. This planet is where you have water. It is the ‘only’ planetary existence that has more than ‘one’ species in their state of ‘evolution’ on one planet. In other words, you have those that are in the air. You have those that are in the water. And you have those that are on the surface of your planet. Those that are on the surface of your planet, that put their feet on the planet, gain their substance from the planet. And they’re evolving in many different ways, including you, which is evolving in a different way than the ‘other’ creatures on the planet. Those that are in the air, are evolving in a different way than those that have their feet on the planet. And those that are in the water, are evolving in a different way than either one of the first two.

This is your ‘evolution’ of ‘all’ of the species. And this is why ‘this’ planet is most fascinating. Because, on other planets, you have ‘singular’ evolution taking place. In other words, you have all “physical” bodies evolving. But you don’t have the other things that are evolving on it. In other words, the other creatures evolving on it. You have other planets that have one ‘type’ of an animal evolving on it. But they don’t have all the rest for interaction.

So you see, what’s fascinating about this planet, you have many things going. And it is now, when you’re coming to the end of a very important cycle of your evolution, that everything is speeding up and you’re getting more involved in wanting to know. And wanting to ‘know’ goes in may different directions. Its as individualistic as every one of you with feet on the planet. Continue.

JOHN; And his final question is… “A little question: I suppose you also follow Elias material. Did Elias ever mention about a Star Birth? And about waveform energy vs. particles?”

DATRE; I do not know who you are speaking of. We do not follow up on other information. The only time that we have any other information is if it has been in previous times of the one that we speak through or of John. Other than that, we don’t have any information. And when we want that information, we can check through that which you call your brain and find the information that is pertinent. And if it is not there, then… many long years ago, there had been very little information that has been even looked into. So the information in books of the psychic community have not been delved into, in any way-shape-or-form.

So, if this one you speak of is someone that has written a book in the psychic community, it is not anything we know anything about. Continue.


JOHN; Now we have a question from June and it is… “I am one of many people who are earthquake sensitive. For instance, I get terrible headaches before earthquakes in the 6 or greater magnitude, as well as other symptoms. Even my animals seem to have sensitivity, manifesting in vomiting and agitation.
Can you please tell us why some people and the animals are so sensitive, and the nature of the energy we are picking up that is causing our bodies to experience these symptoms which range from nausea, headache, agitation, itching, and various aches and pains. And lastly, is there anything that sensitive’s can do to decrease their sensitivity.”

DATRE; If there was anything that could be done to decrease the sensitivity to the earthquakes, I’m sure that this body that I’m speaking through would have done it a long time ago. This has been something that she has had for many years.

Now, is this a decision that you made at one point, to help the planet ease it’s stress? It is possible. If you were to go back into history, the earthquakes and the volcanos that you have had a number of years ago, were a great deal more catastrophic than they are today. History records tremendous earthquakes and tremendous volcanos. In comparison, your volcanos and earthquakes are comparatively small. Although they seem of great magnitude, in comparison, they are small.

Now, as to the stress of the physical body with earthquakes and volcanos, there are any number of people through out the planet that experience this. Many are not aware of it, they think they have the flue, they think they have been on an airplane and have that which you call, jet lag, and it has made them sick. Or, various other things and they don’t pay any attention to it. The people that pay attention to it, are those that have searched out some of the ‘psychic’ information that has been brought through over a period of years – the last, more recent years of your existence.

Now, those that are sensitive to that, find that they are sensitive to ‘different’ earthquakes and different volcanos at different times. It is not necessarily the ‘magnitude’ of either one. It is due to the location of the physical construct when these become active.

You all are familiar with what you call, the ‘grid’ lines or the ‘lay’ lines of the planet – which is ‘how’ you exist. Now, those ‘lay’ lines or energy lines can be seen and can be photographed. Why can they be photographed or seen? Because, energy of certain intensities can be seen. And these energies follow different pathways continuously. And you don’t have just one band that goes around the earth. Your energy bands go ‘above’ – up into your atmosphere – they go below the earth’s surface.

The energy lines are activated in a pulsing or flashing light type motion. I use these terms, because I can’t think of any other. Its not a ‘pulse’ like you’re thinking of it, the ‘pulses’ are long – of long duration. They’re not just one right after the other. A pulse on a lay line or a grid line can be of very long duration and move very slowly in the direction it is going. And when that ‘pulse’ activates a ‘line’, if you are on that line or close to that line, during a volcanic eruption or an earthquake, you will ‘react’ to that. Because, it is an ‘active’ energy and the ‘active’ energy line, is what causes the earthquake to begin its process of ‘quaking’ and the body also is reacting to that pulsation.

Now, with this one that I’m speaking through, the volcanos and the earthquakes, will effect her approximately two weeks ‘prior’ to the actual taking place of the eruption or the cracking of the earth. Of course, by the time she hears or reads about a volcano or earthquake, she’s forgotten about being sick. But, because of the distinct ‘nature’ of what happens to the bodily construct, it is easily identified as not being connected with something she ate or whatever. And then the heart palpitations are only when there is something that is happening of a magnitude – that is on the same line that she is on.

Now, the sensitivity of the body is of your own doing. In other words, you are the one that is controlling the body. You are the one that made up the composition of the body for things that you wish to experience or take part in. Therefore, when something is going to occur, and this all begins to happen, with the heart palpitations and the illness and all the rest of it, the vertigo and everything else that goes with the phenomena of earthquakes or volcanos, like this channel says, ‘I don’t know why I did this, but I did, therefore I live with it.’

Now, you must realize that not everyone has this problem – if you want to call it that. And there are those that have it and don’t recognize it as to what it is. To take any medication for heart palpitations at the time that this occurs, really would not be beneficial. Because, the heart medication they would give you would be the type that would be used for a consistent heart attack patient or one that has a heart abnormality. Well, if you’re reacting to an earthquake or to a volcanic eruption, you’ve probably got one of the strongest hearts on the earth. Other hearts would not be able to take the palpitations that go with the vibrations connected with the earthquake or volcano.

Another individual’s heart would not stand up to it, because, during those times when there are large earthquakes and the proximity of the earthquake is not that far away, the heart palpitations are beyond belief. The last one this channel went through that was of tremendous magnitude, was when they were living in Dallas, Texas, and there was a big earthquake down in Mexico City. Now, look at the proximity. It was a large earthquake and they were very close to it. This channel was sick for three solid weeks. Now, there are not too many hearts that can stand up to that type of interaction.

So, instead of being concerned about the fact that you have a frail heart, you can look at it the other way around and say, ‘I’ve got a very, very good body that will stand up under this type of energy exchange’. So, as sick as you are, you can still thank your body for being as good as it is, because it is far better than most.

I know we have not helped you, but this is why we work through this body, because of the experiences this individual has in this body. So, unless we can connect up with an individual that has and has had these experiences ‘in’ the bodily construct, there is no way we can talk to you. It has been said many times on your planet, ‘the only people that can help, are those that have gone through the same experience that you are having’.

That is why, people on drugs can only get help from other people on drugs – because other people do not understand. That is why people who have had cancer can talk to other people who have cancer – because they understand. And the only way that we are able to talk to you from an experience vantagepoint, is to get into this body, with her experiences, to help you understand. It is unfortunate that we can not give you a ‘pat’ answer as to why or what you can do about it, because it is ‘individual’.

We do not know this channel’s reasoning – nor does she for that matter – nor do we understand anyone else’s reason for experiencing the effects of earthquakes or volcanos. One thing we can tell you, thank your body for doing the job that you wish to do in it. We thank you, we are Datre.


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