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Datre answers Flo

JOHN; Today we have some questions from Flo and her first question is… “Is it possible that one could have chosen to come here to experience a one time physical existence? That is to be here at this point in time only, for this period of experience?”

DATRE; It would be more difficult to do it now then ever before. And I don’t think anyone would really want to come here and do it as a one time experience in this particular stage of the evolution of your species. There is too much that is happening that is of interest. You have many things happening on your planet now. That is why we can’t understand why people are bored and want to get out of here.

You have exploration in every area that you can think of. From medicine to archeology to discovering new anything. There isn’t one thing, that we can think of, that you’re not exploring and wondering about and expanding on it. Everything, from the discovery of the patterns that are made by all the genes in your body, to patterns in the sky, to patterns in the earth everything, your whole planet at this particular time of its evolution and ‘your’ evolution, and all the species upon this planet and their stages of evolution is like something that is unbelievable.

Look at the intelligence of your plants, your animals, your sea creatures. Look at the peoples that are going out in boats, and are petting sharks and whales and dolphins. Look at the ‘communication’ that is happening amongst ‘all’ creatures. Many are not aware of all the sea creatures that the different peoples that are going down in scuba diving stuff, that are playing and petting fish of all different kinds. The interaction between those animals, which have never been interacted with in your evolution of your species or of their species. Look at the interaction between people and birds. Peoples interaction with little animals on your planet, big animals on your planet.

Your interaction with all of these different things. Look at the new foods that are being discovered within the last few years. Who would have understood – probably less than 50 years ago – if someone looked at them and said someone… you contacted somebody who lived 50 years ago and said, ‘wasn’t that salad great? I really like kiwi’. They have never heard of kiwi, let alone eat kiwi.

You don’t look at things. You are so easily made complacent about everything. If its yesterday, its old. And then you wonder about the ‘energies’ coming on your planet. If you didn’t have these new energies coming on your planet, you would not be any more ‘aware’ than you were 50 years ago, because the evolution would be so slow. Your evolution has been very slow up until the last… say probably 1800’s, 1700 – 1800. Up to that point, your evolution was not at the speed it has been from there on. So, now you take 2000 and you think things went fast in your 1900’s, wait until you get further into your 2000’s and see how fast things are going to go then.

You have learned how to make this computer of a brain of yours, accept and work at a very fast rate of speed. Your comprehension rate is faster. And how do you suppose your computers work? They’re patterned after the brain – its not the other way around. The brain was used as a model to contain information – like the brain – and so your brain comprehends faster, what are your computers doing? Make them faster, make them faster.

So, I can not see anyone coming here with everything that is happening at this rate of speed and wanting to only come here one time. The fascination is too great. Continue.

JOHN; And she continues and asks… “If one who was not consciously aware of any of the metaphysical, spiritual, universal knowledge, and just out of the blue started to experience vibration, and then was led on a roller coaster ride through synchronistic events, and found themselves to be finally led here, understanding all that has been presented and agreeing with it, could they be assured that they will move beyond the physical existence boundaries?”

DATRE; Nobody is assured of being able to go beyond the physical existence boundaries. It is an impossibility to tell anybody that understanding the Datre material is the way ‘out’ of physicality. That is an ‘individual’ decision and the decision is made by the transformation that you make within ‘your’ physical construct – and your ‘understanding’ of the physical construct. Plus, your understanding of what this reality on this planet is all about – what makes it work. Then when you find out what makes it work and ‘understand’ what makes it work, and your ‘belief’ system accepts this information and you ‘discover’ that it IS a psychological construct and ‘how’ that works with the physical construct, the game is over. You’ve won! You’re out!

But you see, ‘that’ is something that is ‘individual’. And you’re the only one that’s going to know that you’ve done it. Another person of a different ‘belief’ system and different understandings will never understand what you understand – its an impossibility. You’re the only one that knows how ‘you’ see this reality. Another person has no idea how you ‘see’ this reality. And that goes for everyone – you are all different. But when you ‘understand’, and ‘know’, you will actually disappear from this planet. Your ‘belief’ system will release your psychological construct and you will see that its no longer needed. When you ‘understand’ ONE game, then you will go on to another game – this is but ONE game in a huge Universe. Continue.

JOHN; And she further goes on to ask… “When one is chosen to channel Universal Knowledge, such as this channel and Jane Roberts, is there an agreement made beforehand that this will happen? Meaning it is not so much the development of the person channeling, but the agreement made between the channeler and the channeled to start at a particular time regardless of the development of the channeler at that particular time.”

DATRE; There are many who begin channeling information and have had no previous experience or understanding in this area. It does not matter, as long as the channel is open. But, it also takes training. If it is decided, and agreed upon at another level, then it will happen. But that does not mean that it will continue.

There are those who have made the commitment – come into the physical body – begun the channeling experience, begun the training to accept these vibrations, and have said, ‘I want no part of it’ and have quit. You talk about free will on your planet, that is the ‘one’ thing that you have. If this channel said, ‘this is the last that I will channel’, that is her decision and we would never come through this body again. There are many, and the majority of those that channel information of a Universal energy, do not necessarily agree with the information brought through.

Jane Roberts was an unusual channel in that she ‘allowed’ the information to come through – without any tampering on her part – but she was afraid of it. It was so drastically different that she was afraid of what people would think. This was a constant thing with her all through her channeling – all the years she channeled. You see, much of the teaching was not in line with her ‘belief’ system – the ‘belief’ system of the body. So that made it more difficult for her.

Now, with this body, the body understands the information that is brought through. The information that is brought through is brought through in very simplistic terms. Now, what happens is, when the person inhabiting this body leaves, the understanding of this information is a great deal different than what is brought through. It is understood at a greater depth – she has wanted it to be simple so that people could understand it. But you need to remember, this channel is not an ordinary person. The information that she understands and she knows, is something that there are not words for. And this is fine. But you see, there’s a difference in the people that do the channeling. I don’t know if that answered the question or not?

JOHN; Sounds good to me. And she again asks… “Having read very little of the Seth material, I may be wrong here, however from what I have read, and the conversations I have had with those who have read Seth, I get the impression that the material is mainly geared toward our physical existence, and how we can make our physical existence more of a self created reality. Is this so?”

DATRE; Yes! Why go into a great deal of rhetoric that is not pertinent to your physical containment? That is one thing that you need to understand. You need to understand ‘how’ this communication between YOU and the body ‘you’ works. It is very fascinating. That is why, in all the material that’s given by these two channels – its the same thing. Its trying to get you to understand what this reality is all about. You can understand everything you want to about a tree or an airplane or an automobile or your work or a computer or anything else, but that’s only ‘intellectual’ knowledge. What we’re trying to do is, spark something in ‘you’ to get you to understand ‘beyond’ intellectual understanding. Once you get past the point of saying, ‘well, I understand that’ and ‘I know about that’- once you get past that point, that’s when things begin to happen.

Because, when you ‘know’ and you ‘understand’ – 99.9% of the time, those people are talking from an ‘intellectual’ understanding – its when you begin to ‘experience’, that’s when you begin to understand. And of the many people that we receive communications from, its the people that have said, ‘I thought I understood this, I always said I knew it I understood it, and something happened one day, NOW I understand’. Now, how can you know what that person has experienced? You can talk back and forth intellectually from now until… And intellectually is fine, because something might hit you some day in some way, and something will connect and you will understand ‘beyond’ intellectual. And that’s what we’re trying to spark. Continue.

JOHN; And she further goes on to ask… “I find it hard to understand why a channeled entity’s information still has to be interpreted through the mind of the channeler, if the entity has taken the place of the channeler in their physical body.”

DATRE; Now, we do not use the mind of the channeler. There is a connection that is set up, but we do not per se use the mind. The only time we would use the mind of the channeler, is if we were searching for information that was pertinent to a question that was being asked. Or for some information that we thought was relevant to today that might be of interest to you. Then we would check through the mind… or the actually its not the mind, its the brain of the channeler that we connect with. We can read that information that is in the brain. The brain is turned on because we’re in it. The brain is turned on when the occupant of the body is in it, so that the brain information can be accessible. In other words, you can have all the information you want in your computer, and you can sit and look at that screen all day long, but it doesn’t do a bit of good until you turn it on.

So what we do when we come in, we turn the brain on to ‘our’ frequency. But we do not use the portions of the brain that she uses. We have set up our own communication system. We have our own dictionary. We have what we need that we use, it does not interfere with her at all. And we don’t interfere with her. Its like, she has all these disks in her computer, and we have one CD, and when we come in we put in our own CD. Now does that help you understand? When we leave, we take our CD out so that she is not burdened by having that information.

That is why, when the Datre session is over, and the CD is pulled out, she does not have any idea what has gone on. Unless, something is said directly to her that she may be able to get a little inkling because she is picking up these communications at an entirely different level, out side of the physical containment. There is a great deal more to be picked up ‘outside’ of the physical containment, as far as our information is concerned, then ‘inside’ the physical containment – because there’s no body to contend with. So perhaps that will help you understand a little bit about this type of channeling.

JOHN; And finally she says… “What is the purpose of being within the body, if the information still has to go through the mind of the channeler. Why put the channeler through that, when the information could be telepathically sent with the same result.”

DATRE; Now, I’m going to ask a question. How much information do you receive telepathically from the time you open your eyes in the physical containment until you close them at night? You are picking up, thoughts, ideas, everything, not only from the MIND of the bubble, but from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Now, how difficult would it be for you to pick up ‘this’ information, telepathically – with all the other static that is coming through all day long? As you become more adept to ‘blocking’ all the noise from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, you will be more able to pick up information that is within the MIND of the bubble that your brain can process. But, until you get to that point, you have all of this input constantly. And you’re the one that chooses which pieces of information ‘you’ want to put together to do the tasks that you have set before yourself.

So telepathically would be fine, but we can’t get the words on paper for you to read if we do it telepathically, with all the static you’ve got on your planet. There would be no way. Not only that, the vibrations that we bring through the body are, shall we say, filtered down to be able to go through a bodily construct. In other words, as she goes out of the body, and we come into the body, a change takes place in the passage of frequency. And as we come into the body, the frequency is altered as closely as we can, to match the frequency of the indwelling entity, so that this information can be communicated.

Now that is not an easy process. And depending upon ‘who’ comes in to answer questions, there are times when only a sentence or two will come through, because the vibration is too strong for the physical construct to handle and has to go out again – to maintain the physical construct. So this altering has to take place in the frequency, if that’s what you want to call it, the energy frequency. Remember, words have their own frequency and that also has to be matched. Not so they sound the same, but so that the ‘frequency’ is the same.

The other thing that was needed to happen, was the jaw had to be realigned, to allow the air to come up in a different manner, for us to be able to use the throat. So, you see, there’s a lot more to channeling, then just sitting down and having somebody from the dead zone come through and talk. Remember, the dead zone energies are the same as your energies.

So telepathically, it can’t be done, because if we were to come through telepathically, we couldn’t match any vibration of frequency. We have to match ‘her’ frequency and make an exchange with ‘her’ frequency in order to be able to speak through the body.

We’ve talked about the energies and the different energies. You see, the energies that we bring through does not contain ‘particles’. That is hard for you to understand, I know that, but the energy we bring through does not contain ‘particles’. That’s why the frequency has to be adjusted to work with the ‘particles’. Continue.

JOHN; That was it.

DATRE; Alright, we hope that in this way we have helped you understand a little bit about how ‘this’ channel works. Not all channels work the same. They can not, because every single individual has a different frequency of their body that they use. Also, the indwelling entity – you – have a different frequency. Everyone has a different frequency. Of all the people that you have on your planet, there are no two that have the same finger prints or frequency. The frequency, is what allows ‘you’ to come into the body, to leave the body, to explore other regions – if that is your desire.

That is what out-of-body is about. Taking your bodily frequency and taking it out for exploration. With your bodily frequency, you take – with your bodily frequency – enough of that which you call ‘you’ in the physical, to be able to ‘see’, ‘hear’, ‘touch’, ‘smell’, ‘taste’, experience if you’re ‘out’ of the body. Its your frequency that you take out of your body for those experiences in what you call ‘other’ realities.

So the exchange is, from ‘in’ the body, ‘out’ of the body, back ‘in’ to the body. But it is your frequency and all that that contains within that one word – because it is the only word I can find that works – to experience out-of-body. Maybe these things will help you a little bit, to understand more about what you’re doing and how really magnificent you are – but you don’t know it. And this is what we like to tell you.

You see, you have a great deal more knowledge then you allow yourself to know. That is what we are trying to help you find, so that you can ‘enjoy’ what you are doing. You are MAGNIFICENT – you just have to know it. We thank you, we are Datre.


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