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Datre answers Claude.

Today we have some questions from Claude, and his first question is… “Silicate is a kind of quartz as I understand it. What difference will there be for human to be silicate based instead of carbon?”

DATRE; Silicate is not the proper terminology, its ‘silica’. Silica is a very opaque liquid substance. It is… you have a lot of what you call ‘silica’ within your body now. When you cut yourself and there’s a whitish liquid, the first thing you say is, ‘oh, those are white blood cells’. That is ‘silica’. Its what is referred to as ‘silica’. In your mouth, you have a constant liquid called saliva, if we were to spit some out on a plate, you would see that it is a very ‘opaque’ substance, very liquid – that again is ‘silica’. Your eyes, there’s liquid in your eyes, that’s ‘silica’. You have ‘silica’ through out your body.

In other words, that is a very important part of your body. Now, they say that your body is a large percentage of water. Well, its not water like comes out of a tap when you get a drink in a glass. It is ‘silica’. If you did not have ‘silica’ in your body, how would you make any motion? Your bones would rub together until they wore each other out – the ones that fit together. You have to have ‘silica’ within the body in order to have movement.

Now what happens is, that with the ‘finer’ energies coming onto the planet, in order to be able to facilitate and ‘use’ those energies to the optimum, you need a finer body. In other words, your body has a vibration to it. Now, you say your bodies are ‘carbon’ base, that is true. Carbon based is a very heavy atomic substance. If you have a very heavy substance it defies movement – it takes a ‘lot’ to shake it. Then you take ‘silica’ and you shake it, its going to shake like ‘jello’.

Now, we’re talking about changes taking place within the body. Also, there’s changes taking place within your brain. Your brain is… there’s a lot of ‘silica’ in your brain matter. If you receive a ‘finer’ vibration, the ‘silica’ in the brain is going to move, but the heavier carbon substance isn’t going to move. So, you’re not going to be able to pick up that vibration. In these ‘finer’ vibrations is where you’re going to be able to make ‘connection’ with the substance that is within your earth bubble – which we call the MIND of the bubble. Those vibrations are very fast. The ‘finer’ the vibration, the faster the vibration is. And, if you’re sitting in a heavy carbon body, you’re not going to pick up those vibrations, because nothing is going to happen, you’re not going to make any movement.

You wonder why some individuals are more ‘sensitive’ than others, in other words, they pick up the vibrations of other people that they pass by. If they had a heavy carbon base body, they would be like everyone else, they’d pass by them and never feel it. If you have a ‘silica’ base body, or have more ‘silica’ in your body, you’re going to pick up the vibrations of other people – its an automatic.

So that’s what ‘silica’ is. And with ‘new’ energies, those individuals that have more ‘silica’ in their bodies are going to be more receptive to many different things. Continue.

JOHN; And he goes on to ask… “Who took the decision of this transformation and why, does it have something to do with the “Birth”?”

DATRE; Well, no decisions are made by anyone except those that are on the planet. The individuals ‘on’ the planet are the ones that make the decisions.

Now, you’ll say, ‘well what did we have to do with the ‘finer’ vibrations?’. That is something where you had no decision. Your planet is in constant motion – we’ve said that before. You’re not standing still in space. Science fiction says that this planet is here, and therefore if you fly from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ you’re going to hit this planet. Not necessarily. Planets are always in motion. Planets and star systems and all of that – it moves all the time. So you’re not stationary.

Then because your planet is traveling through another portion of that which you call, space, it is going into another type of vibration. That’s why we say, these finer vibrations are coming on your planet. Its not that we’re ‘pushing’ them onto the planet. Your planet is moving in that direction. Remember, the planet also has its own individual evolution. The planet is going in the direction of ‘it’s’ evolution, so you better change to go with it.

So no one ‘out there’ – regardless of what you may think – no one ‘out there’ is causing any of these things to happen. The planet is going through it’s evolution, it’s going into that section of what you call, space, where vibrations are ‘finer’ – because the planet is evolving. An evolving planet will not go into an area where the vibration is heavier than where it’s been – that’s not evolution.

The smaller and the finer anything is – as far as your atomic structures are concerned – the smaller and the finer are the most ‘potent’. So your planet is moving into an area where the vibrations are ‘finer’. If you’re going to stay on the planet, and evolve ‘with’ the planet, then you’re going to have to figure out a way – collectively – to change the construct of your physical body.

We’ve talked about changes in the physical body. If you were to take all the men on the basketball court and the football and all of these different sports that you have, and take all these people that are so much taller and bigger and put them back to the time of your great-great grandfathers, how would they look at them? They would be giants. They’d want to put them in a circus. They were ‘freaks’. But, you don’t think anything of it. So you have someone that walks into a room that’s 6 foot 8, 6 foot 9, 7 foot 1, do you get excited and scream and ‘oh, look here comes the monster’? You pay no attention – because that is the evolution of the species at the present time. They’re getting taller. They’re getting bigger.

Evolution! What has it got to do with the ‘birth’? If you’re going into a finer vibration, you’re going to pick up more ‘direct’ information from the MIND of the bubble and bypass the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. The MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is what holds down the evolution. And the evolution of the ‘species’ is something that everyone on the planet, or in the dead zone, wants. They ‘all’ want evolution. So, how can evolution take place? How can those in the physical bodies get information that they’re looking for? Change the vibration of the physical construct.

Until you’re able to make ‘connection’ with that which you call the ‘finer’ vibrations that exist in the MIND of the bubble, you’re not going to be able to make that ‘discovery’ – shall we say – that this is nothing but a PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSTRUCT. When you get into the MIND of the bubble and begin to work from that standpoint, you will begin to ‘see’ the planet as it ‘is’. The individuals on the planet as they ‘are’. Then you’ll ‘know’, and the minute you ‘know’, what this whole system is about and ‘why’ you’re here, and what you are doing here – when that happens and you can see it for what it truly is – you’ll no longer be ‘contained’ by the planet.

Now, there’s something very important, you all want the answers, you all want teachers, you all want information. You go to the book store and you read and you read and you read. You get the Datre material and you read that. All of these things are going into your brain, some fit, some don’t fit. But, as you begin to ‘unfold’ within yourself and understand more and more, this piece information fits with that piece of information that fits with that piece of information and you’ll get an ‘Ah Ha’. ‘Okay, now I understand.’ Not ‘brain’ thinking, ‘now I understand that one concept’. And then you’ll go on to others.

Then as these things begin to fit together – just like tumblers in a lock – and your body changes, more and more of these pieces are going to fit. And the more the pieces fit and the finer the vibration of the body becomes, the more you’ll be able to connect up with the MIND of the bubble – which is what you want to do.

You see, no one can tell you ‘how’ – it must be done by you. How did a teacher – like the Ram, like Seth, like others – how did a teacher become a teacher? What did ‘they’ do so they left the planet and are able to come through the vibration of a human construct and bring this information to you? How did they do that? THAT is the challenge.

You accept what people tell you. In other words, its like somebody says, ‘well I read it in the newspaper or I saw it on television, so it has to be right, it has to be true’. Not necessarily. The thing you need to do, each and every one of you, is begin to ask ‘why?’. ‘How come?’ ‘Why did I do that?’ ‘Why did I react in that manner?’ Because, you are ‘reacting’, then find out ‘why’ you reacted. When you get to the point of ‘not’ reacting, but ‘acting’, then you’ll know. That’s another step in your learning process.

What has it got to do with the ‘birth’? To get as many of you attuned to the finer vibrations for your own ‘individual’ evolution. And every one that has their ‘individual’ evolution, helps the planet in ‘it’s’ evolution. Next question.

JOHN; He further asks… “Birth seems to me as a kind of recognition that human are a lot more than their single body, and this recognition would completely overthrow humanity as we know it. But because of centuries of physical restrictions and our way of life, I imagine it will take a long period for the process to be completed.”

DATRE; It will and it won’t. But you have to remember, you no longer are working with time. You’re working with ‘remembered’ time. You’re working with ‘time’ as you remembered it. Now is the grandest opportunity for you to realize and ‘set’ your own ‘time’. You scurry and you hurry and you bustle, ‘because I haven’t got enough time’. Next time you do that, stop and say, ‘wait a minute, if I’m the one that’s making the ‘time’, then why don’t I do it’. Start making your own time – its fun. It becomes a very interesting process. You’ll say, ‘oh, I’ve only got ten minutes to do this’. Who says you’ve only got ten minutes? You have the longest ten minutes that you can imagine – if you but want it. Watch it.

Someone says, ‘this has to be done by one o’clock’. You look at your watch – which is habit for everybody – you look at your watch and say, ‘oh, I’ve only got this much time to do this’. Instead of doing that, next time don’t look at the watch, don’t look at the time, don’t ask about the time. Say to your self, ‘this will be done by one o’clock’. Set your focus to doing what you are to be doing. And when you finish what you are supposed to be doing, look at the clock, and it will be one o’clock – guaranteed – if you don’t get in your own way. Get out of your way. Focus on what your task is to do.

Every time you get all upset, all you are doing is getting the physical body stressed. If you could look at stress the way we see stress, it looks like the edge of a saw blade – spiky. That’s what we see when we see stress – we see those little spikes like you have on a saw blade. Those little spikes are sticking out all over people. Sometimes they’re great big long spikes. They just go back and forth and back and forth. Its like a child with a picture on a piece of paper. They take their pencil and they keep… they draw spikes all the way around the body, all the way around the feet and the legs and the hands and the arms and the fingers and the head and the whole thing – make it all spiky.

That’s the way individuals look when they’re stressed. Now how are you going to go ‘smoothly’ through life, when you’ve got all these spikes sticking out of your body? Everything you walk past, you grab onto. You walk by a chair and the chair will grab you, the spike will grab. You think of your body as the outside of you, where is your aura? Your aura is ‘not’ attached to your skin. The aura emanates out ‘from’ your skin. And depending upon how big your aura is, you’re going to snag yourself on everything you go by. That ‘snagging’ slows you down so you can not accomplish what you want to do. Look at it that way.

Why are there people that are very sensitive that walk by someone and they’ll say, ‘ow, it was just like walking past a barb wire fence’ – because they got stuck with all these little projections sticking out of an individuals body. You live in a fascinating world – but you don’t see it. Continue.

JOHN; And his final question is… “Primitive people as we call them seem to me often more aware of who we really are. They cure themselves and find foods where civilized ones don’t see anything, and never forget to thank mother Earth, and the Sun for they know they could not exist in that form of life without them. Would you elaborate on that.”

DATRE; Primitive people are more closely aligned to the earth vibration. In other words, because they’re aligned to those vibrations, that is why they do these things. But, there are fewer and fewer of those in existence all the time, simply because you have the desire to ‘know’ who lives where. People are going out exploring – ‘I heard there was a civilization in such and such a place’ – and they’re going to get into their vehicles and go to that place to see those people. And the minute you take people and cameras and all this and go into these civilizations, you immediately have an impact on their MASS CONSCIOUSNESS.

You scramble it, because you go in with equipment and questions and all of this and it disturbs their MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. And once their MASS CONSCIOUSNESS has been disturbed to any great extent, they’re not going to be able to do what had been doing. But, there again, there are no accidents. If they hadn’t wanted further evolution, they would not have allowed that in the first place. So, you see, they want more also. They may say they don’t. They may say they want to be left alone. But, something is urging them to a greater evolution of their species in a certain area. It becomes very fascinating to watch.

So, those people, yes, they give thanks to mother earth and to the sun and the moon and the stars and the wind and the trees and everything – because, that is how you all started out. You all started with that basic evolution. That was how you sustained yourself. You tied your self into the earth, so that you learned how to ‘work’ with earth substance. But now you don’t have that concern any more, because you get into tin boxes and you drive on cement. So, the earth is not that important to you. But, evolution takes place by the people that are on the planet. And the people that are ‘on’ the planet, are the ones that make the decision as to which direction they wish to go in.

You talk about giving thanks, how people sit down at tables and pray to God and thank Him for the food. That was not the original. The original, was to give thanks to the food as it was picked. As lettuce was picked, as pumpkins, your fruits, your vegetables, all of these things. The animals were asked if they would give their life to sustain yours. An animal was not killed unless permission was given and the agreement was made. Those are the old, old, old ways – that was the original. So when the animal had given it’s life to feed you, it was a mutual respect – because the animal said, ‘if you want my body to sustain you, then I will have a new experience by being eaten by you to go into your body, so that I can experience that’. See, the animal doesn’t think like you do. But, then when the people sat down and ate the animal, and ate the fruit and vegetables that were picked, they gave thanks to everything for their substance.

They didn’t just go out and rip vegetables out of the ground take thing off of the tree by great big pieces of machinery, no, they hand picked everything. And they asked before they took. That’s where thanksgiving came from originally. They were thankful for the giving of other things on the planet to give for your sustenance. Continue.

JOHN; That was the last question.

DATRE; A little bit more about what you call your evolutionary process. I believe at one time we made reference to the different stages of evolution. We are telling you about the ‘silica’ and how you are able to facilitate a ‘silica’ body. This is a time when the more ‘silica’ based your body becomes, the better you will be able to put together the life that you so desire for your learning.

Now, if you will notice, in papers, in magazines, on your television, how many times you’ll see little pieces of tile put together to make pictures. They call them mosaics. They’ll show you the top of a table and all these little bitty colored pieces. And you take these little colored pieces and you put glue on them and put them down on the table top and you make pictures that are pretty for your table top. You take tiles and you put them on your floor to make pretty pictures on your floor. On the television, you will see that they take pieces of little colored squares and put them together and you will see a lady’s face. Or you will see a great big mural and all the figures are of these little tiny tiles and one tile falls out and drops on the floor. These are all mosaics. It takes little tiny pieces, all put together to make pictures. These mosaic images of things in commercials are the work of the advertising people whose livelihood depends upon their ability to tune into the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and know what they want to see.

This is a time you are living now. This is to tell you that this is the time for you to take the pieces and put them together to make the pictures of ‘your’ life the way ‘you’ want them. You see, you don’t have to go out and try and find something that is so fantastic, in order to find out what is happening. Your television is showing you mosaics all the time. This has been going on for quite some time in the United States, a year or more in your time counting, I don’t know. But what it is showing you consistently is, it is up to ‘you’ to take the pieces, take the information that you have to build the life you want to live. To understand what you want to understand.

But you have to do one thing first, you have to FOCUS. You have to FOCUS on what you’re doing. And that is important. FOCUS on your mosaics. If you have a table top and you have all these beautiful little pieces of glass or whatever, and you’ve got some glue, and you start putting this together, you don’t want to be interrupted by someone that says, ‘the telephone is ringing’. You don’t want to answer the telephone. You want to stay focused on what you’re doing, because, this is more fascinating than going to a telephone and you’ll say, ‘tell them I will call them back, I’m busy’.

Do that with your life. Take the pieces that you want and get your FOCUS. And if someone says something to you say, ‘don’t bother me, I’m busy’. There are always other people who will try and tell you how to live your life. FOCUS, make your mosaic. As each one of you do that, you will find great joy and surprise in the mosaic that you’re making for your life. We thank you, we are Datre.


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