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Datre answers Thomas and Christopher

JOHN; Today we have some questions from Thomas and his first question is… “I follow a path called Huna, is Datre or any of his co-helpers aware of or has lived lives on Earth with a Huna society?”

DATRE; Now, Huna is like everything else, it is something that has been set up on your planet for your understanding, education, whatever you want to call it. The information we bring to you is not connected to any ‘isum’, ‘osophy’, ‘religion’, ‘cult’, whatever you want to call it. That has nothing to do with the information that we bring to you. We have not been connected with any of these. Our information is Universally based. What we try to do is show you ‘different’ ways of finding out ‘who’ you are, what you are doing here, why you’re here and how you can make changes in your own ‘belief’ system to change your understanding about the life that you are now experiencing.

So as to Huna or any of the others, no, there is no relationship between the information we can give you and any information you are presently studying. So the next few questions regarding Huna will be skipped.

JOHN; Okay, skipping down to the next non Huna question, he asks… “The astral body, has been a subject of discussion, could a description of the astral body, it’s purpose and functions and uses be given?”

DATRE; We recently did a transcript (Datre158) that included information on the astral body as it applies to out-of-body travel. Continue.

JOHN; His next question asks… “There is much talk in the metaphysical literature about the concept of soul. In some sense it seems to refer to the entity descriptions, in others it seems to relate to the subconscious and in others it has been postulated as a witness function. It is very confusing. Is there a root understanding of what a soul is and could you describe it?”

DATRE; The soul has always been a perplexity. It is like anything else that you have to describe that has no ‘description’ to it.

Put very simplistically, as one tries to tell a child who is going into the first grade of school, you start out with a very simplistic explanation. That is what we will give you.

What you refer to as the ‘soul’, is nothing more than a ‘recording’ of your life experiences. You have it all, all the time. It is that LIFE SPARK that records all incidences. You have it with you in the physical embodiment, you take it with you into the ‘dead zone’ – it is yours.

So from our standpoint, all it is is an ‘essence’ that holds your experiences. Your experiences in that which you call the ‘dead zone’ are as valid as the experiences that you have in the ‘live zone’. So if you want to have a record of your experiences, then that is what you have. That is all I can give you as an explanation of a ‘soul’.

JOHN; His final question – which includes Huna – asks… “Huna, claims to trace it’s beginnings to the Lumerian culture. Would it be possible to give a brief history of Huna origins, through and in time history?”

DATRE; There’s no way. I don’t know the beginning and end of Huna. That was just like any other religion that was started. So, we’ll drop that.


JOHN; Okay, now we have a question from Christopher, he asks… “I have been missing some of the foundation info in the topics more or less in the Datre. I understand the background part but I feel that the relation falls a little short of what a person or many feel about the Datre’s relationship with humanity and our spiritual beliefs. Understanding is always been something of a live and let live conformity. It seems that there is a whole relation of science involved as this is a very important aspect of the files. I seem to be looking for some of the info a little beyond that of science and a little more on the relationship of a divine principle “for lack of a better word”

DATRE; Well, you spoke of two things there – number one you spoke of a ‘belief’ and number two you spoke of a ‘divine’ principle. A ‘divine’ principle is a belief. I know you’re not going to like that answer, but it is true.

Spirituality, is another ‘belief’. What is spirituality? What do you do that is different if you’re ‘spiritual’ then if you’re not?

Now, you’ll say, ‘well a spiritual person doesn’t go out a kill someone’. ‘A spiritual person doesn’t harm their neighbor’. ‘A spiritual person does all ‘good’ things’. Right? Being ‘spiritual’ is being ‘good’? Is that the way ‘spirituality’ works?

You see, you have set ‘words’ that you have described an explanation or a definition to, like everything else, because ‘words’ is your communication. But, do you ever stop to analyze the words that you use? You don’t pay any attention to the words. But, your ‘belief’ system sets its own ‘individual’ definition of that word, to you. Now, if you agree with someone else that this is the definition, this is what this word means, and the other person agrees – that’s fine.

You can sit and listen to a lecture all day long. And you’re sitting next to another person that you began to talk with before the lecture began and you seem quite compatible – and you’re getting along just fine. At the end of the lecture, you become opposing ‘enemies’. One of which says, ‘that was the most wonderful and inspiring message I have ever heard’ and the other one looks back and says, ‘that was a bunch of junk, I’ve never heard anything so ridiculous in my life’. What did you hear? One interpretation, another interpretation.

So you ‘assign’ different things and different ‘ideas’ to the same words. But, think about the word ‘spirituality’. Think about the words ‘old soul’. Think about the ‘Confederation of Galaxies’. Think of all of these things. How did they come into being? Hierarchy of any kind, of any sort, of any description. You set these things for your self. And do you know why? Because it gives you something to think about and uncover – if you want to do so. But, what will stand in your way for you to ‘see’ clearly, is your ‘belief’.

Your ‘belief’ system is your ‘individual’ interpreter of all words, of all actions, of all individual… everything that you can think of. It all filters through your ‘belief’ system. And, if you take a good look at that, and see how it has ‘changed’ as you have ‘discovered’ more and more of the things that we have talked about, you’ll see that you have made changes in your self – subtle though they may be.

You see, the individual that grows from a child, to an adult, to what you call an old person, and has watched the changes and has become fascinated by them. When some people are asked, ‘when was the beat time of your life?’. And the individual says, ‘every single phase of it, I see my life in different phases and I have enjoyed each one of them’. And then, other people say, ‘oh, I don’t know why I had to get old’. What difference does it make with your bodily construct?

An individual that is ‘old’, in their 80’s and 90’s will realize that their bodies are incapable of the functioning it had previously enjoyed. But, the mind is still young – it is still thinking young – in the people that are focusing and enjoying their life. And those people are taking everything as it comes, looking at it and passing through it, and not making a big deal of it.

So you see, ‘spirituality’ – take a good look at it, see what you come up with. It may surprise you if you really start thinking about it – if you don’t get in your own way. There’s a very good way of doing that. Get yourself in a position so that you set yourself aside, and say to yourself, ‘really, what is ‘spirituality’?’. And see what you come up with. Surprise your self. Delve into it. You’ll find very ‘definite’ belief systems, some you want to keep, some you don’t want to keep, that’s up to you. Discard them all, keep them all – but make a ‘discovery’.

How does a teacher become a teacher? A teacher becomes a teacher by analyzation. In analyzing, you will find out things. You can not be a teacher unless you have had the experience. That is why, several generations ago, if you had a “teacher” in any of your ‘isims’, ‘osophies’, ‘religions’, whatever, they would tell you, ‘you will be a good teacher yourself some day, but you must be old enough to have experienced life’. We thank you, we are Datre.


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