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Datre answers Susmita.

JOHN; Today we have some questions from Susmita, and her first question is… “The current earth experiment, if I recall Datre correctly, began in a satellite around Jupiter, then continued on Mars and then here our present Earth. When the Birth happens would the experiment continue (at least partly) in some other planet in our solar system like Venus and/or Mercury?”

DATRE; Number one, you won’t go to a planet that you have a name for, because there’s different things taking place on different planets. You will go to an entirely different planetary body that doesn’t have anything on it, but will be built from scratch – to ‘your’ specifications as a MASS CONSCIOUSNESS group – to support your belief systems at the present time. Continue.

JOHN; And her next question is… “Does the astrological chart of a person hint at the journey of the individual Self?”

DATRE; Remember, the individual Self is working from the standpoint of this planetary existence. Now, the astrological charts are not taking into consideration the number of changes that are taking place on your planet.

In other words, what you can see now, and what you could see when many of those charts were charted, is very different. So, to base anything as a ‘total’ journey on a charts information would not be valid. You can change drastically – your whole beingness – in the blink of an eye. In other words, what you believe today, how you live today, what your body construct is like, all of that can be changed in the blink of an eye. Almost to the point of you being unrecognizable in the physical.

You don’t realize that, that’s something you don’t understand, because you haven’t seen anyone do it. But there are people that have done it. In changing their ‘belief’ system, their whole appearance changes. So, if you were to change in the blink of an eye, your ‘belief’ system, then your chart is no good as it was charted.

And who does your charts? Do you do your own charts or do you have someone else do your charts? Do you work from a ‘regular’ astrological chart or do you work from an astrological chart that they call a ‘spiritual’ astrological chart? You know, astrology charts – astrological charts – are put together by many people that have written books for long periods of time. And the difference in the books and the astrological charts are as different as night and day. What we’re doing right now is reading this one’s ‘brain’ remembrance patterning. Because of wanting to ‘know’, this one studied many authors, old, old astrological charts and new astrological charts, and what they call ‘spiritual’ astrological charts, and everyday astrological charts. And the books are different.

So, if you find an astrological chart where you say, ‘oh, this is me’, okay, fine go for it. If that’s who you are today, that’s fine. But then what you should do, is twenty years from now look at that chart and see… you don’t even have to wait that long, wait five years and go back and read the charts – does it apply.

Its up to you. You can read into ‘anything’ what you ‘want’. Everyone that reads Datre reads it to ‘their’ specifications. It all works through your ‘belief’ system. And what you ‘believe’ at the present time, is how you are going to interpret everything. So, look at everything from that direction. In other words, why is it that we get numerous letters that say, ‘but I read all the Datre material, but that was several years ago, and I recently went back and read a part of it and I had never read that before.’ Does that tell you something? There’s an individual who’s belief systems are changing. I didn’t go out in the ‘net’ and go to your house and change the words. You changed the words, to ‘fit’ you at the present moment. Continue.

JOHN; And she continues along and asks… “What was the reason for attempting Birth at 1985, when so few are ready to take the big leap?”

DATRE; There was an alignment. We call that, Universal ‘timing’. There was a Universal timing that a Birth could take place.

Now, everybody waits for the ‘next’ Birth. Well, are you going to be ‘alive’ when that happens? Or, are you going to be in the ‘dead zone’ and completely forgotten about this life experience? So it really doesn’t matter when it happens.

Everyone thought – 2000 – everything is going to happen. Everyone had a different idea of what was going to happen. Not too long ago everyone on the planet took a big sigh and said, ‘well, we’re still here and nothing changed’. How come? What was your ‘belief’ system?

Now, here’s another thing for you to contemplate, did it happen or didn’t it happen? It is like those that maintain that the Jews were never killed and persecuted by the Nazi’s. And there are those that say, ‘I was there, I know, I took part in it’. But the other say’s, ‘well I was there and nothing happened’. Now, you see how you draw your own pictures? Two people can be in the same place at the same time and will see two exact opposite experiences, because they’re drawing their own pictures. Everything is valid. That is what the ‘big’ message is that we are trying to get to you. It happens to you, because this is what ‘you’ wanted to experience. Whether you like it or not – that is up to you. How you handle a situation – is up to you. But it IS valid. It is ‘your’ experience – its no one else’s experience.

How come in class reunions, people go up and talk to a cousin or a sister or brother or whoever and say, ‘well, remember when we were kids and this and this and this happened?’. And the other one looks at them and says, ‘you’re crazy, that never happened’. But it did, but it did. You don’t realize in what a marvelous place you are living and experiencing in – this is a unique experience. Like we said in the previous transcript, ‘take your pieces of tile and make your own picture, make your own mosaic the way ‘you’ want it’. And when it doesn’t fit, scrap it and build another one. Continue.

JOHN; And her next question is… “At the level where Datre is (world without body or form or senses or consciousness) does the distinction between Mind and Psyche disappear or merge?”

DATRE; Mind and Psyche are two things that you work with on your planet. Those are ‘your’ tools – shall we say – to work with. They’re not ours. We don’t need them. We function in an entirely different realm. That’s why we find yours so fascinating. Continue.

JOHN; And she continues along and asks… “If the entire physical Universe is like a projection of Universal Self, then identity existed before consciousness or before matter! That would be incomprehensible to some quantum scientists who are trying to incorporate consciousness as the fundamental building block so to speak of the universe.”

DATRE; Well, it doesn’t work that way. What they’re calling the Universe, is ‘your’ little tiny universe – everything that you can see. Its a ‘particle’ universe. We do not exist in a particle universe. So, if that’s what they’re doing, they’re working with ‘particle’ universe. And that’s fine, that’s what you’re here for. This is your playground. Its yours to explore and to enjoy. To experiment in and live. But, your universe is all ‘particle’ based. The Universe that we are in, is not. Continue.

JOHN; Her next question is… “I am seeing lately a lot of technology based mind expansion tools entering in the area of ‘awakening’ one’s true spiritual nature etc.. Does Datre see any danger or benefit to these?”

DATRE; Well, what is your true ‘spiritual’ nature? You see, I’m going to start throwing questions back at all of you – each and every one of you. We did it in the last transcript and I’m doing it in this one. Because those that have been reading this material for… I don’t know how many years… its been over four years that we’ve been putting information on the Datre Net, and if you have been following the Datre information you’re to the point where you can start asking yourselves questions. There is no greater teacher than you.

We can put words on the net for you to read, but we’re not ‘teaching’ you – anything. All we’re telling you is, to look at what your reading, work with what you’re reading, work with anything else that you’re involved in. If you’re involved in any ‘isum’, ‘osophie’, whatever, then search it. Go to the greatest depths you can find in that particular set of beliefs, and teach yourself. You see, no one else can. Because, it has to go through ‘your’ belief system and what you’re thinking at the present time. That is why we say, we try and keep everything in a universal nature, so that you can all look at the same information and do different things with it. Search it out – question it.

You’re the only one that can learn what ‘you’ want to learn, in whatever way ‘you’ want to learn it. But no one else can do it for you. They can give you ‘tools’, and if you’re comfortable with the tools, you will take them and use them. Then you’ll say, ‘can you harm yourself with it?’. Goodness, if you thought you could harm yourself with it, would you go ahead and do it? I don’t think so. You see, its up to you, its ‘your’ discretion.

Now, if someone took you up on a bridge that overlooked the river, and you were 50 feet in the air, and someone standing next to you who was a ‘teacher’ said, ‘oh, you can jump from here into the water and you won’t get hurt’. Your belief system ‘immediately’ would kick in and say, ‘I don’t believe this guy knows what he’s talking about, I’d get killed’. But, because this is supposed to be ‘spiritual’, you don’t look at it rationally. That’s how a ‘teacher’ becomes a teacher – because a ‘teacher’ does not take things at face value, they dissect everything according to their ‘belief’ system at the present time. And the next day, they do the same thing. And the next day they do the same thing.

They just don’t go through life willy nilly. Nor do they go through the ‘dead zone’ willy nilly. If they have something “after they die” that they want to know more about, they will find those in the ‘dead zone’ that can give them information. There are a lot of great minds that have left information in the ‘dead zone’. And that information is available – because, where does it go? Its all maintained. A constant record is kept of everything. A constant record is kept of your evolution. Otherwise, what would it be worth? Continue.

JOHN; And a final comment that she has… “Eagerly waiting for the “knocking the socks off” type info because that will reduce my lot of sorting thru chaff to get to the grain.”

DATRE; Well, now you must remember, that at one time we began to give information on many subjects and found that that was ‘not’ what you needed at the present time. Prior to the year 2000 all the information that was coming out was going in too many different directions. Not the information that we were giving out, but there was so much going on with the new millennium and all of this, that we made the decision – because we could see the direction it was going when we came into a physical construct. In coming into a physical construct, we decided that we would go back into the simplistic way of looking at your individual evolution.

You see, as far as evolution of Self is concerned, that is the most important. Because, MASS CONSCIOUSNESS does not evolve until those living on the planet make changes and in making ‘changes’, the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS changes. So, for every one that looks at their planetary evolution, as an ‘individual’ thing – and not a ‘group’ thing, its the ‘individual’ that evolves. As the ‘individual’ evolves, the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS evolves.

It is… I will make a very simplistic thing. Those that know music know, that a choir director, an orchestra conductor, or someone in a symphony orchestra, or someone in the opera, any of that where there are many people that need to be coordinated to make a good whole, they will say, again and again, ‘the orchestra is no better than its worst player’. And as everything else gets better or changes, then that is when an orchestra or a choir begins to evolve. Either that worst player or that worst singer is dropped or they decide to quit and someone else is brought in or the space is left for a period of time, that allows the whole thing to move.

In school, it is the same thing. Its very difficult to ‘pull’ a whole class along into a subject if you’ve got two or three people that are not interested and are dragging their feet – they’re dragging the whole thing down. So when the grades are made on that which you call that curve thing or whatever, you’ve got three people down here at the end that are pulling the whole thing down. So think of that. Individual evolution is important. As ‘one’ person changes, it has an effect. Drop a pebble in a pond and watch how far the rings go out. We thank you, we are Datre.


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