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Datre answers Gunnar.

JOHN; Today we have some questions from Gunnar and his first question is… “Can Datre confirm the existence of dark or negative forces, in our “bubble” at least, that are opposed to the vibration of love in the universe where Datre exists?”

DATRE; Well, number one, lets clarify this right now. In the Big Universe that we live in that which you call ‘love’ is not existent either. You see, the ‘love’ and the ‘hate’ and the ‘light’ and the ‘dark’ are all the opposites of ‘your’ planetary existence. It has nothing to do with the Big Universe what-so-ever. It exists in ‘your’ PARTICLE universe.

In other words, that which you call the ‘dark’ and the ‘light’ is, in terms of the sun and moon and all of that, or ‘evil’ and ‘good’, or ‘love’ and ‘hate’, those are ‘your’ PARTICLE planetary opposites that you work with. That’s the way the planet evolved. So, that’s what you have. And the evolution of the planet in that way was due to the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS of the individuals on the planet. And if you say, ‘well, we’ve got more dark evil forces on the planet than we’ve ever had before, then what are you seeing? What you’re seeing is the results of the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS that you are tuning into. Your ‘belief’ systems paint the pictures.

Now, if you are making your own individual pictures for your self, and you’re funneling it ‘totally’ through your own belief system, you look at the whole thing as an entirely different ‘picture’ scape – each and every one of you. If you’re looking at the dark evil forces – those that are doing harm to others and all of the other things – instead of looking at it as a ‘tragedy’ – if your belief system says, ‘what is the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS showing each other in its belief system?’ then you will see the situations entirely different. The MASS CONSCIOUSNESS reflects back to you whatever you want to see in it. Your belief system is what you use to ‘interpret’ any and all situations. Continue.

JOHN; And Gunnar goes on to ask… “There are many researchers (David Icke et al) that have detected what they call a reptilian consciousness behind the leading forces of this earth (government, banking, military etc.) that feed on the strong negative vibrations of human emotions such as fear, hate, despair etc. And which have a vested interest in keeping humanity asleep and unknowing about its real identity and potential, in order to keep feeding on us like cattle. The researchers claim that this usurpation has been going on for millennia. Will Datre comment on this?”

DATRE; That is one man’s ‘belief’ system – that’s what he ‘believes’. Since this is what he ‘believes’, this is what he writes about. You ask, ‘Is this true?’. Every person on this planet has a ‘different’ belief system. When two or more people agree on a statement or situation, they insist that it is truth and try to convince others of it. The more individuals they can convince the more wide spread the ‘belief’ becomes. The same principle is applied in ‘establishing’ a ‘fact’. This holds true for religion – of all kinds – politics, family lineage, science etc. Science uses this all the time, the newest one being, that your universe is ‘flat’. We hope none of you fall off. Ha ha.

There has always been a belief on this planet – since the Adam and Eve story began – that reptiles are the symbol of evil. So we have Saint Patrick ridding Ireland of evil by ridding the land of serpents. Or Saint George slaying the evil dragon etc.

You see, you’re going to get so tired of me telling you this, that you’re going to begin to look at things a little differently. That’s what he ‘believes’ is happening. It is like the transcript we did recently where we talked about the ‘holocaust’. One person says, ‘I was there, it was terrible, it was awful but I escaped’. And another person says, ‘but I was there and it never happened’. They’re both right. Both situations are valid. Why? Because they filter everything through their ‘belief’ system. Their ‘belief’ system forms their pictures that they look at. That ‘picture’ forms your reality.

Its so difficult for peoples to understand that situation. Its like everything else, you ‘see’ what you ‘see’ and no one else ‘sees’ the same thing. You agree on certain things. You agree that a color is green or that a color is blue. But, how do you know the intensity and the shade and the hue and the value of one persons ‘green’ against yours? Someone will come in and say, ‘oh, I can’t stand that color’. Another person will say, ‘I think its beautiful’. They’re looking – supposedly – at the same thing, but they’re not.

So, that’s the way he views the world. He views the world from ‘his’ standpoint of seeing everything being manipulated. But we’ve told you before, the only thing that happens is, that you are viewing MASS CONSCIOUSNESS through your ‘belief’ system. And that’s what he’s doing. Apparently, he is fearful and he ‘believes’ this is happening, otherwise, he wouldn’t have that view. Continue.

JOHN; And he further goes on to ask… “When seeing the appalling atrocities that are being committed in this world, especially in wars, it is very difficult to accept that this is all something the victims “wanted to experience” and had “arranged” with their tormentors to make happen. Is this really so?”

DATRE; Now, what happens is – apathy. People jump into that which you call a physical body – which remember, is a PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSTRUCT and does not exist – but you make it exist, because this is what you want to experience. Okay, you are born into a family, into a country, into a religion, into a political situation regardless of where you live on the planet.

Now, if you’re just going through the motions of being born and eventually dying, you’re not paying attention to anything, that’s what you’re seeing. The people that are interested in their ‘individual’ evolution do not put themselves in those situations. And, when they ‘view’ those situations, they look at them from an entirely different standpoint.

There was a movie – many years ago – that everyone thought was so wonderful, it was called “Doctor Zhivago”. The body that I’m in right now, saw that movie and she said, ‘she had never seen anything so terrible in her life’. And yet, why were people drawn to it and went to see it again and again and again and again? What made the difference in why one person thought it was terrible, and the other people were absolutely fascinated by going to see it, over and over again – one of the most wonderful movies?

Now, in watching a movie, if you were to transport your ‘thinking’ into one of the characters and ‘lived’ it – rather than standing and ‘watching’ it – you get two different things out of a movie. So, what can I say? At one time you could read all the books that were written about the terrible wars that existed on the European continent. You read them now – so you read a ‘story’. But do you get into that book and experience the pain and the agony of those people in those books? Its all in the way you look at life.

So what I’m saying is, people don’t do anything ‘to’ themselves – its apathy. If you expect to just have everything ‘rosy’ all the time, you are not living a full experience of existence. Now, somebody will say, ‘well, I don’t want to live like that’. You don’t have to. But if you want to experience it, go to a movie or get a book – and ‘live’ it – don’t just read it, ‘live’ it. Then if you have ‘lived’ it, right down to the agony and the weeping, then what’s the difference? It is a ‘picture’ you put in front of yourself for your learning. And when the movie is over or the book is closed, that experience is yours, because you felt it down to the very depth of your being. You have ‘lived’ that and that becomes a part of your experience just the same as if you had actually been there, because they are all ‘your’ pictures. Continue.

JOHN; Gunnar continues and asks… “Who was Jesus really, what was his REAL message, if any, or was he just a handy and unsuspecting prophet figure around whom a faith was manufactured for the benefit of those who controlled it?”

DATRE; Everybody will ask about Jesus periodically over time, again and again and again. Now you have to remember, at one time you didn’t have any record of anything, everything was word of mouth. Events were “witnessed”. Things were spoken orally about an event. But what happened when all of this information was finally transcribed into records and books and put into great big libraries in Alexandria – and that was all destroyed?

How many time was that which you call the “King James” version of your Bible rewritten and rewritten and re written? Why are the Jewish books on religion different than the books on the Protestant religion? How come in the Protestant religion there’s all different ‘kinds’? You have the King James version of the Bible, but there are other Bibles. The Mormon’s don’t use the King James version of the Bible, they have something else. The Christian Scientists don’t use the King James version of the Bible, they have something else. The American Indians have their own philosophy as do the Buddhist and all of the others. Remember the King James version of the Bible was written at the command of King James, who at that time was the King of England. Naturally, the book had to be written to please him. He was the one setting up the new religion for his country. The Catholics and the Protestants are still fighting over this in Northern Ireland.

So, there again, we get back to what do you want to believe? Was Jesus a real person or wasn’t he? If you think he was and you think all his teachings were grand, then that is your belief system and you work from that until you change it. And if you never change it, then that’s where it stays. You believe in what you ‘want’ to believe, and don’t ‘believe’ superficially. That is one of the problems now, everything is ‘bits’ and ‘bytes’, ‘quick’, ‘fast’, give me the end results in a hurry because I don’t what to spend time going through a whole bunch of stuff in order to find the answer. The answer is within each one of you. The only thing is, it does take, what you call, your time and your effort to find out ‘who’ you truly are. Continue.

JOHN; And his next question is… “If this is all arranged by us during our sleep, how can we possibly be so alienated in our “waking” state from the sleep state that we plan things to ourselves that we never would do while in the waking consciousness?”

DATRE; There’s no reason why you can’t do everything that you set out for yourself in your sleep state into waking – no reason what-so-ever. Its just that your ‘belief’ won’t allow you to. Your ‘belief’ system sets your pictures, that’s why we’ve said, ‘you can change in the blink of an eye’. Change just a small part of what you ‘believe’. Do you believe you’re fat? Do you believe you’re thin? Do you believe that you’re a victim, that people ‘do’ things to you? Do you believe you ‘control’ your self and your own ‘individual’ pictures? It all comes back to that. And if you think that me talking about the belief system and ‘changing’ a belief system is a simple process, you’d better start thinking in a different direction.

Why do people ‘believe’ that they’re sick and have to have operations and medication? Is that a ‘belief’ system? Or, do you ‘believe’ that you occasionally get good and sick and say, ‘alright body, what do you want to eat? What do you want to drink? When do you want to sleep? What rest do you desire? What will make you more comfortable?’ and go in that direction. You can be very, very sick, but understand that the body heals itself and you ‘know’ it heals itself. So you’re sick for a day, you’re sick for a week. But if you ‘know’, deep inside of you and your belief is that this is something that you’re working with – this is a ‘cooperative’ effort between you and a ‘particle’ existence, the body will take care of itself. But that takes a ‘strong’ belief system. That’s not willy nilly. That is laying on a bed in pain and saying to the body, ‘I will lay here and be quite so that you can heal yourself’. The body constantly adjusts itself in what you call, “getting sick” or in what you call, “an accident”. Continue.

JOHN; His next question is… “On a different note: I have noticed strange occurrences that have happened too often to be coincidence. This is simultaneous but unrelated occurrences of words. For instance, I am reading the word “potatoes” and at exactly the same time I read this word I hear it uttered on the radio/TV (just a small example out of many). Is this just “one of those things” that do happen sometimes, or is there some synchronicity here that is an indication of something deeper?”

DATRE; It is a significant syncronicity. It is showing you what you’re doing. Who’s creating the picture? You’re reinforcing what your picture is. Whether it comes through the eyes or it comes through the ears, or feeling tones or sensations on your skin or whatever. Its a reinforcement, its saying – ‘see, see what you’re doing’. Now you’re going to be looking at those a little differently.

You will have some ‘random’ thought – as you call it – go through your head, some little phrase, and you will see it in a magazine, you will see it on a billboard, you’ll see it on TV – the exact same words. Now, that shows you something. You see, because of all the distractions that the humans have you have – shall we say – buried that which you call ‘instinct’.

Why is it, that cats or dogs – either one, family pets – know prior to a phone ringing, prior to someone coming home – they ‘know’ – because they work more from ‘instinct’. But you have that same ability, but you don’t pay any attention to it. You don’t ‘follow’ what you have thought or what you’re thinking. You’ll say, ‘well that’s insignificant and don’t pay any attention to it’. The FUN is getting something that says, ‘oh, I should go to such and such and do such and such a thing’. Follow that. You’ll say, ‘well, I haven’t got the time’. Okay, so you missed having some fun. The FUN is following that which you call, basic ‘instinct’.

Its not basic ‘instinct’, its telling you something. You’ll say, ‘well, I should stop on the way home and get a loaf of bread’. ‘Oh, well that’s not important’ and go on home. The next day you’re out, ‘stop here and get a loaf of bread’. So you walk into the store, go over to get your bread, its discounted. Have you told yourself something? Have you had FUN? No! You haven’t paid any attention to it. ‘Oh, grumble, grumble, I had to stop and get bread’. You didn’t see the FUN in what you were doing. You’re in a play with yourself and you don’t realize it. Begin to play. Something pops into your head, go for it. ‘I haven’t got the time’. Who in the dickens is making the picture for you in the first place? You’re doing it yourself.

You’ll say, ‘well I have to be at such and such a place in such and such a time’. Well quit looking at the clock and say, ‘well, I have to be there at 7/8 o’clock’. Alright, just tell yourself, ‘I have to be there at 7 o’clock’. When you get there – if you have “belief in yourself” – and you walk in and look at the clock, it will be exactly 7. ‘I have to get dressed in an hour’. Alright, quite stewing about it. Say to self, ‘I have to get dressed in an hour, I’ll be ready’. And you will be. That’s when life becomes interesting. Everyone thinks that they have to become “spiritual” in order to discover what they and this particle existence is all about. The first step to understanding yourself or anything else is paying attention. Paying attention to the ‘little’ things changes the ‘bigger’ picture. Focus. Continue.

JOHN; And Gunnar’s final question is… “NASA satellites (SOHO) have photographed something that looks like strange and huge moving structures around the sun, and sometimes a huge, spiraling beam emanating from the sun. The photographs are heavily censored and few showing these structures reach the public. What is this, and can it have something to do with the impending starr birth, or is it something else?”

DATRE; It has nothing to do with anything, except their exploration. Seeing strange things spiraling off the sun, why not, you’ve got different instruments now, you can detect high energy levels. If you were to be able to “take pictures of the sun”, which you think is a blazing hot ball, you’d probably find a lot of things on the sun. Big surprise? Who ever said the sun was hot? You reflect the ‘heat’ energy from your bubble. As the suns energy comes through your bubble you transform the energy from the sun to accommodate ‘your’ physical reality on this planet. And every planetary system that uses the sun does the same thing. That’s why there’s no two planetary existence’s alike. Why should there be? Different things are needed. Different energies are needed to sustain different ‘types’ of realities on different planetary bodies.

So, if they were to take a picture and see a lady sitting up there in a rocking chair, they would really have fits wouldn’t they? You know why they don’t? Because they don’t “project it”. We thank you, we are Datre.


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