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Datre answers Edward(datre165)

JOHN; Today we have some questions and comments from Edward and his first comment is…”I’ve been following Datre for several years now and the information provided is worthwhile. However, today’s publication contains several factual errors that must be cleared up.”

DATRE; We have never claimed that the information we provide is ‘factual’ – because it is not. Nor is any other information ‘factual’ or ‘truth’. There is no such thing. Your ‘truth’ is your ‘truth’. Your ‘facts’ are your ‘facts’. The ‘fact’ becomes a ‘fact’ because of gathering information and having other people agree. And the more people that you can get to agree that this is right, you then label it a ‘fact’. That is ‘fact’ only as far as your ‘intellectual’ brain is concerned.

This is what we are trying to get you to understand, the ‘intellectual’ brain is not the only thing you work with in physicality. If you totally and completely, shut off information that is coming from the ‘totality’ of YOU to the portion of you that is inhabiting a physical construct, you are not going to find the answer to ‘who’ you are and what this physicality is all about. It can not be understood ‘intellectually’ only. Since the ‘intellectual’ brain only has the information coming from the ‘outside’ that is put into it.

That is why we have stressed, recently, because you are all ready for this information now, you have enough background to be able to understand that you get information from ‘two’ sources. And the more you become aware and work with that information that comes – through you – from the MIND of the bubble into your physical construct, and work from that, you will eventually ‘not’ work from an ‘intellectual’ construct. Then when you begin to work from ‘that’ standpoint, that is another point of, what we call, ‘realization’.

You can not understand, that you are the whole play, the director, the writer, the actor, the one sitting in the audience, the stage managers, all the rest of it, the costume designers. That’s all ‘you’. And the ‘realization’ of ‘that’ is not ‘intellectual’. You can talk about it intellectually from now until… But, its the ‘knowing’, and the knowing is ‘not’ intellectual. Its an understanding. Its a feeling. And as that occurs everything else changes. You don’t see a tragedy in the world as a ‘tragedy’ – you see it as another evolutionary process. You look at the whole of this world entirely different.

Everyone looks from an ‘intellectual’ standpoint. That’s where ‘truth’, ‘facts’, ‘spirituality’, ‘God’, all the rest of it comes from. Its all intellectual. Its ‘not’ knowing YOU. So, as far as a ‘fact’ is concerned, that is not anything but ‘intellectual’ worldliness, if you want to put it that way. And a ‘fact’ becomes a ‘fact’ if a lot of people ‘believe’ in it. And a fact is a fact until it is changed within ‘your’ own construct – individually. Continue.

JOHN; And his next question is… “Now then, what prevents one from being fully conscious? Its ones “personal Level of Consciousness”… those beliefs and thoughts, which “Attract” morphogenetic energy fields of a low LoC (Level of Consciousness) that then, imbalances the life force energy flows through the body’s Meridians, thus causing all diseases and psychological disturbances present in this reality construct.”

DATRE; Is that what you believe? We have said before that ‘energy’ is UNDIFFERENTIATED. You could not exist, if the energy field that you live in was differentiated by ‘good’ and ‘bad’ – you couldn’t live here. How would you decide, you see a piece of energy and you’d say, ‘now is that energy good or bad? How can I decide, I can’t see it, I can’t taste it, I can’t smell it?’. But its got to be ‘bad’ energy. There is no such thing. It is your intellectual ‘belief’ system that say’s its ‘good’ or ‘bad’. It is colored by you as an individual.

Someone, as we have said before, can look at a tragedy, ‘oh, this is terrible, this is awful, this is a tragedy’. Get all emotional about it and that person standing next to them say’s nothing, because they’re looking at the situation with ‘different’ eye’s and realizing what its all about and is not disturbed by it – because he ‘knows’ that it is a ‘picture’ that they’re looking at and not involved in.

And its ‘your’ picture. And its the people… every individual that is looking at this “tragedy” is seeing it entirely different. And experiencing it entirely different. There’s no two of you alike. But you want to take people and button hole them and put them in little categories. Man is ‘individual’ in a category all by himself. And you don’t realize the ‘magnificence’ of it. Continue.

JOHN; Next he states… “Lets start at the beginning. First, there is All-That-Is, God.”

DATRE; Is that your belief system? Do you have to have someone grander than you in order to exist? Is that necessary? Why do you need a God? You don’t! But if you ‘believe’ you do, then absolutely you do – it is a necessity. Because you don’t know ‘who’ you are.

Now, the term All-That-Is has been a replacement for God. That was not the intent. God, according to the understanding of the majority, is a Deity. People pray to God. All-That-Is, is your bubble and everything that is in it – which is nothing. Now, you will say, ‘how can it be nothing?’. We have said, ‘it is a psychological construct’. You will say, ‘but you keep talking about physicality’. This is necessary because we need to explain to you in terms you can understand. The real difficulty we have in our communication is that we have had to adopt, what might be called, “the language of separation”. In other words, to artificially separate things in order to describe the parts, where there are no separations. In order to be able to take the energies contained in this bubble and shape them as you so desire you must hypnotize yourself into believing it is real or you could not continue your experiences of creativity. Continue.

JOHN; The next statement is… “Second, God “thinks” and all realities at all levels spontaneously spring into beingness.”

DATRE; There again, God does not ‘think’. That is ‘intellectual’. Those ‘words’ are intellectual. We have told you that ‘everything’ is within the MIND of the bubble, beyond your grandest imaginings, that you draw from for your physical expression – nothing more, nothing less. It is your interpretation that makes it different for each and every one of you. Continue.

JOHN; He then makes the following statement… “Third, in Earth reality all life forms initially appear as “wire frame” outlines as defined by the energy meridians. The meridians are energy channels, or conduits, through which God Mind energies, Life Forces, flow, thus the meridian wire frames are materially “filled in” producing that which we call Man, animals, birds, water dwellers, plants and finally insects.”

DATRE; That’s fine, if that is what you believe. But when you find out, it is nothing but a ‘picture’ you have painted for yourself – where’s the reality? You have to, shall we say, hypnotize yourself into a ‘belief’ system in order to survive on this planet. But you know better. The only thing is to get your self to ‘know’ what its all about. But you hypnotize yourself and come in here, that’s the only way you could be here, because if you had your ‘full’ knowingness in a physical containment, you couldn’t stay here. You would, as we would say, “die laughing” because it would be so strange to you.

But, these are things you need to learn. It doesn’t come in a scientific manual. It doesn’t come in a book. We can give ‘hints’. We can use words to explain the best we can. But when you once begin to ‘experience’, just a little corner of inspiration of ‘what’ this reality and this world and your place in it, is all about, it changes the way you look at everything. Then you will see, it is ‘not’ what you thought it was. Continue.

JOHN; He further goes on to state…”In the case of Man, beliefs and their subsequent result – thoughts – act as Attractors for these energies naturally present in this reality called the “Dark Side”, Evil or whatever one wished to label them. The effect of “incorrect” thought is to imbalance the meridian energy flows such that negative energy “morph’s” are instantly attracted to the individual, thus causing the various disease states.”

DATRE; How come you didn’t mention anything about the ‘other’ energy? In other words, the only energy that you feel that the physical body attracts, are the negative energies, or the ‘dark’ side? What about, what the others call, spirituality? Don’t you attract that? If the meridians carry all of this energy, what’s ‘dark’ and what’s ‘light’? What’s ‘good’, what’s ‘bad’? What’s ‘black’, what’s ‘white’? OPPOSITES, that is your planetary existence. What you, as an individual, or anyone else on this planet, attracts to their physical construct – is what ‘they’ want. And they are the ones that differentiate the energy as it applies to them.

I can give you a very good example, many years ago, when Aona and John were invited to a woman’s house, and when they walked in, here was a whole house full of people wanting to talk to them. They had their little rituals that they went through, and the praying and all of this, meditation and all of that. John and Aona sat through it, then they wanted John and Aona to talk to them. And as they were talking to different individuals, one woman came up to Aona – she had several women sitting on the floor around her, which made her feel like she was sitting a throne, which she did not like and they were asking her questions – and this woman came tearing in, grabbed one woman by arm, jerked her up and said, ‘get away from that evil woman, she’s a devil don’t listen to her’. The woman said, ‘but I want to get some answers to my questions’. ‘Don’t listen to her’. She screamed and hollered and ranted and raved, and everybody stood there and looked at her. She absolutely went crazy.

Now, opposites? They both felt Aona’s vibration. They both felt John’s vibration. They are two individuals, that when they begin to work their vibration is very strong. People interpret the vibration as ‘good’ and ‘evil’. You take your choice. The individual is the one that differentiates the energy as it suits them and their particular physical construct. Continue.

JOHN; He continues on and states… “Now then, to assess one’s relative “Level of Consciousness” positioning on an arbitrary scale of 1-1000 (Christ, Buddha, and Krishna have been the only individuals of LoC 1000 thus far) one must learn the techniques of “Kinesiologic calibration”, a very simple method of querying God Mind directly and receiving dead accurate answers about anything here and now, or from the past. So, the means are at hand for Milt, and for you, to discover just where you are operating from on the 1-1000 spectrum of earth consciousness.”

DATRE; Now, I am not, nor any of the Datre’s working on this spectrum, as you call it. We’re not working in your spectrum. The only time that we come in and give this information is when we work through ‘a’ physical construct, which has been – over many, many, years. It has been changed so that we can connect on a vibratory level. This did not happen over night, there were ‘years’ of preparation. This body became ‘prepared’ for the vibration that we come in with. She must step her vibration ‘up’ and we step our vibration ‘down’ and send but a small portion through a physical construct to give you the words. The words we give you are nothing but symbols in a vibratory construct for you to interpret individually.

Of the thousands of people, every month, that read and or download the Datre material, there are no two people that interpret this the same way. It is ‘your’ interpretation, it is ‘not’ our interpretation. There is no way that – with your limited vocabulary – we can explain to you any different than we do. We have a very difficult time, because your vocabulary is limited. We don’t have that much to work with. And sometimes we don’t use the ‘proper’ words. But there again, the ‘words’ are not important, its your interpretation. So, the interpretation, the substance is there. If you analyze every word, you may not find the right words. But you’re not in the process of analyzing, what you’re trying to do is get a ‘substance’ to work with – for you as an individual.

So, as far as Datre, if you want ‘that’ type of information, then you need to go to someone who is bringing through information from the dead zone – not from us. That is entirely different. Continue.

JOHN; And Edward continues along and states… “Now, once learned, what does one DO to increase one’s LoC, thus transcending disease, illness, psychological turmoil, etc.? The only means available is free and may be obtained at www.the-tree-of-life.com on the Attractor Field Therapy, ATF, page.”

DATRE; Alright, that is fine, if people want to go to that page and read it that is perfectly all right, it may be helpful to some. But remember, that is ‘your’ belief system that you are posting, and if their belief is in alignment with your belief system, that is fine, there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone has to find their own way of understanding whatever information is given.

But, why do some people get well? Why do others stay sick? Why do people have horrendous accidents? Some people go through a whole life time and they’ve never even had a headache. Why? BELIEF SYSTEM! That’s what it is. You are here to learn physicality, and everyone chooses a different way of learning. It is up to the individual. They can learn by, shall we say, getting sick and making themselves well. They can learn by staying sick and dying. They can learn in whatever way they wish to pursue any type of learning. It doesn’t matter ‘what’ you’re learning, its getting to know ‘who’ is there writing the script, directing the play – who is doing it? When you find out it is ‘you’, that is the only way anything will change.

And if you’re going to come into a body and know nothing about it and moan and groan and complain, you’re never going to find out about it either. That’s what the majority of the individuals on the planet do. Because they’re interested in a house and a car and the children and everything else – but finding out ‘who’ they are. Where is your FOCUS? What do you want to learn? What do you want to know?

Ramtha, the Ram said, ‘I want to be the wind’ and he became it. Continue.

JOHN; He continues with his next statement… “John, the information at TTOL has literally cured individuals of numerous diseases, most of which are deemed incurable by current medical technology such as: Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, genital Herpes, Hepatitis, Tinnitus, etc. Of course, all of the other “curable” diseases may be alleviated with out drugs, radiation, etc., as well. Try ’em and you will see.”

DATRE; Ha ha! I think John would laugh at that because John is not sick. John does not know what sickness and illness is. So, you do not need to tell John. You might need to tell someone else. But, he’s the wrong person to tell at this point in time. Continue.

JOHN; And his next group of statements are… “As for elevating one’s LoC and becoming “fully” aware, the LoC sequences given in AFT will accomplish that transition. Datre continually emphasizes DOING, and rambles on, mostly accurately, about how reality “happens” here in this dimension of Being. What Datre doesn’t yet provide is a clear and present means for shifting how personal reality “shows up” for each individual. This is not a diminishing of Datre… that entity has not experienced this reality in manifest form, nor operated with the arbitrarily limited LoC that we must contend with. The Tree of Life Foundation has, through epiphany, been focused towards unraveling the “how” of this manifest reality creation-becoming that we call life, and “how” to undo the imbalance that causes all disease, and more importantly… how to foreshorten the reincarnational cycle such that this lifetime is IT… graduation finally.”

DATRE; To Quote you, “What Datre doesn’t yet provide is a clear and present means for shifting how personal reality “shows up” for each individual.” Neither Datre or anyone on your planet can change anyone’s reality unless the individual BELIEVES this can happen. In other words, if you believe in doctors, then you MUST go to doctors, because your intellect and belief in them is necessary for a cure – if that is your desire. There are those who desire to learn the physical expression through this means.

If you find that in our twice a month transcripts that we are rambling, that is fine. There are times when we do ramble and you know what causes the rambling? It is the ‘changing’ of those coming through with information. There are many that come through in one session. So the ramblings are those that are changing and sometimes repeating – in a different way – what has originally been said. But then, you must remember, they don’t keep track of everything either. Datre is not a ‘one’ Being show, shall we say. There are many that participate. Many that have a different concept of that which you call, your physical reality. So, there are variances in the way the information is presented. But, the one thing it is, is presented for you to take what ‘you’ want for your individual evolution. Because, there is ‘no one’ that can give you guidelines or specific steps to take.

We are constantly receiving letters from those that have had, what we call, the big “AH HA’s” and have said, ‘I knew this all along intellectually, now I ‘know’ it’. Intellect has nothing to do with it. But how can we tell you in any way-shape-manner-or form that ‘intellect’ has nothing to do with your ‘knowingness’? The intellect puts the information, that is on your computer, into your brain – via your belief system. And by the way, what you are calling an epiphany, we are calling the big “AH HA’s”.

That is why individuals that have read the Datre material and have gone back and re-read it, have said, ‘I never read it the first time’. Simply because, their ‘framework’ has changed. We do not teach ‘structure’. Structure is immovable. In other words, if you do this, this, this, and this, this will happen – that is structure. If you think about this, this and this, and say, ‘well, I like three parts of it but I don’t care for the other part, well that’s okay, I’ll take these three parts and leave the other part’. You’re beginning to build a ‘framework’. But, the forth one that you are not interested in at the present time, in what you call your future, may not have had anything to connect with at the ‘present’ time that made any sense to you, but as your framework grows – in every single direction possible – it will connect up and your framework will find a place for that particular piece of information and an AH HA will occur. Its no longer ‘intellectual’, it becomes a ‘knowingness’ and a knowingness can not be taught.

You said that, “that entity has not experienced this reality in manifest form, nor operated with the arbitrarily limited LoC that we must contend with”. Datre is comprised of many different vibratory constructs, both in the Big Universe and your little universal bubble. Universal Beings are both non-physical and nameless. There are two individuals on the very edge of your bubble that have access to Big Universe information that you are familiar with, Seth and Ramtha. These two were added to the Datre group several years after the Universal Beings were well established. They were needed to add, what you would call, physical expressions and explanations (like the dog chasing its tail and experiences of John and Aona).

I think we’ve used this one before, we will use it again because its very important. A man went to see a sage, a guru, whatever you want to call him. And he sat down and he said, ‘I want to know about your philosophy, I want to know what you know’. And the old sage picked up a tea pot and he put tea in the mans cup and he put tea in his own cup. And he said, ‘old man talk to me, I want to know, I want to know about your philosophy’. The old man picked up the tea pot and again poured into the mans cup. And at this point the man really got angry and said, ‘I came thousands of miles because they told me that you were the best and you had the answers and I came to you and I want answers, I want to know’. And the sage picked up the tea pot and put more tea into the cup and he kept pouring and the tea poured over the cup into the saucer and onto the table and into the mans lap. He got up and he was furious and he said, ‘I don’t like being treated this way, what are you doing, you’re telling me nothing, I want to know’. And the old sage looked up at him and he said, ‘you came with a full cup of perceived ideas, I can not fill anything that is already filled’.

You see, you can’t ‘stuff’ intellect into ‘knowingness’. It doesn’t work. Knowingness can effect intellect, but it doesn’t work the other way around. And ‘knowingness’ comes from within and not from without.

JOHN; His final comment is… “We truly hope that you and Datre are open to new learning’s, because no one of us has all the answers. Only God Mind fulfills that “all knowing” state of Being, but of course our collective Source would, would it not?”

DATRE; It is impossible to comment on any individuals belief system. In the Big Universe there is nothing that equates to “all knowing state of being” because, everything is in a constant state of expanding awareness. An “all knowing state of being” can not exist. That is a statement of completion. We thank you, we are Datre.


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