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Datre answers Pete (Datre166)

JOHN; Today we have some questions from Pete and his first question is… “I have heard and read that in order for the body to get enough water that one must drink an amount equal to – if you take your body weight and divide it in half and take that number and drink that many ounces of water daily you keep your body hydrated. Which has numerous health benefits. I have tried this and found that I did experience some good benefits and a couple of not so good benefits. If Datre would speak on this subject I would greatly like to hear what they say.”

DATRE; Because everyone in this particular – what you call your time – is focused on health, it has become a big issue. Everyone is giving you advice as to what you should do. They have all sorts or remedies, prescriptions, ideas, concepts and everyone is expressing them. Due to your media, which we’ll say is your telephone communications between you and other people, you have your television which is telling you about all the new drugs – but be sure and see your doctor. Then they list all the things that could happen to you if you take that medication – the side effects from it. Then the health magazines that will give you all the Herb’s and all the things that you should take. Then you have these little groups that each has their own way of telling you how to get healthy. If you listen to all of that, I don’t know what kind of a body you’re going to end up with.

Everyone is doing ‘self’ diagnosis, but they’re not sure of themselves, so we better go and ask somebody else what’s wrong with our body, because I have something that’s similar to that and I wonder if I have it. So, from that standpoint we’ll begin to answer you.

What do you want? Is drinking water beneficial? Yes. Clean air is also beneficial. But, how many of you are living in large cities where you don’t have particularly clean air nor particularly clean water? In those particular circumstances, how come some of you are sick and some of you are healthy?

How can some of you be healthy, when you go to work in the morning in a car that is behind another car in gillions of automobiles and people that are spewing out all kinds of elements? You go into an office where you are with all kinds of other people, breathing that same air with other people. Go into a gym at night and exercising in a room with all kinds of sweaty people. Getting back into the pollution of the evening. Going out and jogging on the road next to cars that are spewing out kinds of junk. And some of you get healthy and some of you get sick. Why? What makes it happen? Some people are paying more attention to their bodies than others. Some people are totally oblivious of their bodies and some people are monitoring their bodies.

In your case, you’re drinking the prescribed amount of water. Sometimes you get benefit from it, sometimes you get adverse benefit from it. But what you need to do – number one, what does your body want? Have you ever asked your body what it wants? That’s the difference. The body say’s, ‘I don’t want any more water today’. Then don’t drink any more water. If you drink water and the body say’s, ‘oh, that tastes good’, drink until your body decides it doesn’t want any more. But you’re totally out of touch with your body – because everybody else is telling you ‘what’ to do, this is the ‘right’ way.

If you are to become an individual, you have to live with your body and function within the parameters that your body say’s it wants. They say you should drink a certain amount of water a day. All right, you start out at the beginning of the day and you said, ‘well, my body needs eight ounces of water in a glass and it needs eight to ten glasses a day’. So you get to the forth glass and the body goes, ‘I don’t want that any more’. You get sort of a feeling that, ‘oh, this really doesn’t taste good’. What are you going to do about it? Keep pushing something at the body that it doesn’t like?

You’re here in ‘cooperation with’ – not to fight against. It is up to you. If you want to fight against the body, because it is something that is prescribed, then that is up to you. But, just stop and think of what I said right at the beginning. How many ‘others’ are telling you what to do? Why don’t you decide for yourself? This goes for each and everyone of you. Especially in your US where everyone wants to be an ‘expert’ – be your own person.

Water and air are beneficial, so is food. Someone can sit down and eat a great big steak and be happy as a clam – to use one of your expressions. The other person can sit down and eat a great big steak and get sick. But its supposed to be good for you, it makes you healthy. Who? It makes ‘who’ healthy? Your body will tell you – if you but listen. Continue.

JOHN; And Pete continues on and asks… “I understand that Datre is in no way physically oriented, except when in a human, Datre stated that they do not have consciousness but an awareness. Is this awareness anything like what we experience with telepathic awareness or “feelings” that we experience? If not can Datre explain in the best way they can, how their awareness is?”

DATRE; Well you see, everything that you’ve said so far is comparing from a physical existence. Consciousness is physical. Telepathy is physical. All of the things that you listed. That’s all physically aligned. It is hard for you to comprehend existence ‘without’ a physical construct. There is no way to explain it, because we know no different. We are BIRTHED to do what we do and we do it, but we can’t explain it – because it is not anything that can be explained.

When energy works with energy, how can you explain it? Energy is an unexplained component which you could refer to as ‘nothingness’. Then if we say, ‘we work with nothingness’, then you’re going to say, ‘then how are you doing anything?’ But we are, we are doing many things.

But, there again, we have no memory. That’s one of the reasons physicality is so fascinating – because you have memory. You don’t understand how fascinating that is to someone that doesn’t know what that’s all about.

So to explain to you ‘our’ existence, is an impossibility. Now there are those that come through this physical construct that have had physicality. But that is a long time ago, in your counting. So the remembrance of physicality is only there at the point of contact and the minute the point of contact is no longer, memory does not exist.

It is like you are standing… pretend Datre is a flashlight. When Datre makes contact with the physical construct the light is turned on. When Datre releases the contact with physicality the light is off. But actually, the light being off does not change the construct of the flashlight. Is that understandable? The flashlight is still the flashlight. And the energy inside the flashlight is still inside the flashlight – but the ‘direction’ of the energy is different. So, that is as close that I can come to explaining any of that. It is one thing to make contact – then the contact is released. The only time the contact is visible is when it is in the physical construct – then the light is on. Then it is activating something that can communicate with you. When the contact is released, the light goes out as far as ‘you’ being able to observe us is concerned. But, the energy is still there – and we’re still there. Continue.

JOHN; And he further goes on to ask… “I have written earlier and asked about how magnetic health products work for us and have since read in session number 106 that Datre states, “healing with magnets is not to our advantage”, would Datre elaborate on this subject? I understand about beliefs, but I keep going back to the animals and infants that show a positive response to them. How would their belief system be effected by us when we don’t communicate with them per se? Is it done telepathically?”

DATRE; Now you must remember, it is ‘you’ who has the belief systems and what ‘you’ observe and what the animals and infants experience, are two different things. Your ‘observasions’ will ‘always’ confirm your beliefs. This is why changing a belief system is so difficult.

Now you’re talking about the magnets and that is a big thing here in that which you call your United States. However, there are countries that have worked with that magnetic ‘powers’, shall we say, or magnet energies, for long periods of time, prior to your even knowing such things existed.

There are many things in this United States that exist in other countries that you have absolutely no idea of what it is. Let me give you an example. Right now, you pickup that what you call, your Sunday ‘funny papers’ in your United States and they are talking about “Feng Shui”. That is the big thing today. That has been practiced – in China – for so long that there is no relating to the beginning of it. Now, there is going to be released books that are called “Vastu” that come from India. Now, what is the difference between “Feng Shui” and “Vastu”? The difference between the two is the Himalayan mountains. There’s the difference. Different interpretation of the same thing in two different countries separated only by a mountain range.

Now we get back to magnets. Those that are changing the vibratory constructs of their bodies through their ‘belief’ systems, are going to have a totally different vibratory construct than those in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS that are unaware of any changing that they may be making. They’re not looking for answers to find out ‘who’ they are and ‘why’ they’re here and what this whole thing is all about. Now, if through your ‘belief’ system of what you understand about yourself changes the vibratory construct of your body – which it will – then it is up to you to decide whether you want, shall we say, an artificial substance to change what you are going toward.

I can not tell you, that if you put a magnet on your wrist, or put them in your shoes, or put them across your back, that that is going to be harmful or hurtful to you. I can not tell you. But, the reason I put that statement in there, a long time ago, was for you to stop and ‘think’ about what you are doing. Is this what you really want to do? And think it through. Think it through ‘intellectually’, it is the same with crystals.

These things on your earth plane contain different energies. Now, if you want to ‘alter’ your energy patterns, that is entirely up to you. But we can not tell you, the only thing we can do is tell you to ‘talk to your body’ – is this something you really want to do? And if your body say’s, ‘yes, I want to try that’. Then try it. If you like it – fine. If you don’t like it – fine also. But, in knowing yourself and finding out ‘who’ you are – then get in touch with your body and find out how it works also. This is what you’re working ‘in’ and ‘through’ and ‘with’. You are not your body. Your body is a separate entity in and of itself. But, with you ‘in’ it it becomes a cooperative effort.

Now, you talk about the animals. Communicating with animals or whatever and putting magnets on them for healing or whatever you want to do with them, that is up to the animal. The animal will let you know very quickly whether it wants that type of treatment or not. The same thing with a child. The child will let you know very quickly whether its anything they want any part of.

If you put a magnet on a child and the child coos and goes to sleep, you know the child is enjoying it. If the child grabs it and fights it and throws it away, then you know the child doesn’t want it. That is the only way you can tell there.

You mentioned something about communicating with animals and children also.

JOHN; “How would their belief system be effected by us when we don’t communicate with them per se.”

DATRE; How can their belief systems be effected… because as young children and as animals they respond instinctively. You don’t have to yell at a child for the child to ‘know’ that you’re angry with them. The child instinctively knows. But you ‘reinforce’ with words. You see, as a child and an animal their ‘instincts’ are very keen. An animal survives by instinct. A child is instinctive until they’re told they shouldn’t be.

You see, you teach by words. But, you also teach by actions. A child will pick up your actions far quicker than any words that you can give them. So, you’re dealing with many different areas. Continue.

JOHN; And his final question is… ” Datre stated that “magnets and crystals can upset the physical construct” would Datre elaborate on how and why this happens. Is there any type of index on the subject matters other than what is on the main web page?”

DATRE; Now, every environment that you contact and come in contact with, changes your physicality. If you are an individual that is changing their vibratory construct, you will notice the changes that are taking place. You will find that people that have, shall we say, all their lives enjoyed spicy foods will one day say, ‘oh, I don’t care for that, it is so spicy’. And the comment will be made, ‘but you always liked that’. ‘But it doesn’t taste good now’. That’s one way to ‘know’ you are changing. The other is, as we’ve said before, walking into a store and feeling the vibrations of the individuals in it. If you’re sensitive, you will ‘feel’ the vibrations within a store are ‘comfortable’ or they feel scattered, jagged and all of these other things.

Your house that you live in changes constantly. Then you’ll say, ‘but the family are the only ones that are here, except for occasional visits by others – but its basically our family’. But everyone in your family has different thoughts, contacting different people in different environments. Then when you all come back in together, its not the same as the family that was at the breakfast table.

Why would one child come into the kitchen sit down at the table, then get up and leave. And when asked where they’re going they say, ‘I’m not hungry, I don’t want anything to eat’ and will go to their room. There are many reasons for it, but one of them can be they’re uncomfortable with the vibrations that have accumulated around the table.

Now I’m not saying that you have to go out and ‘observe’ all these things, because you’ll say, ‘well, that’s all I can do is see what’s going on’. Its just a part of that which you call your physical makeup. So, coming in contact with different things will change your physical construct. Especially if it is something that contains a great deal of energy.

Why do people like to soak in bathtubs? They like the feel of the water, they like the energy. Other people are content to have the water fall on top of them in a shower. A shower changes the energy – because water is a potent energy. Magnets, why would that be potent energy? Anything that will draw something to itself is powerful energy. Crystals are the same way. In the crystal you can feel the emanation of the energy. People that are sensitive can feel the energy of another persons body. Those that can see auras can see the emanation from a body.

If I were to say you had one basic element that you work with consistently, its energy. You form it, you shape it, you use it consistently in whatever way you want to. That’s ALL you’re doing. You are creating from that which you call ENERGY. Transforming it in whatever way you want to.

Then you’ll say, ‘where does the ‘belief’ system come in?’. That is something that you have set up for yourself, to put yourself in the direction you want to go, in whatever way you want to do it. Continue.

JOHN; That was it.

DATRE; All right, we thank you, we are Datre.


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