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Datre answers Fluoats and Chuck (Datre168)

JOHN; Today we have a question from Fluoats and the question is… “My own music I find very inspirational! It sounds like the most beautiful healing music I’ve heard anywhere – but I have blocks. How can I free these blocks, or the ‘one big block’, (perhaps you can see it, or understand it) so that I can get on with my life of ‘pure communication’ with others?”

DATRE; Now number one, we have said again and again and again and again, these are ‘not’ dead zone communications and we are ‘not’, what you call, psychics. That is ‘not’ who we are. We have no bodies. We have no memory. We only experience physicality when we come into a body to do a transcript. That is the only time that we have the ability to use, what you call, humanity. Other than that, you can not understand how we exist. Continue.

JOHN; And again he comments… “I think it would be very cool to see what its like to be Datre”

You say, ‘I would like to know what it feels like being Datre’. At the time that you know WHO you are and are able to function – totally and completely – on your own, with out anyone else’s help, without a body, without a memory, with none of the physical entrapments that you are working with today, and work with ‘nothingness’ – because ‘you’ are ‘nothingness’, and can only perceive from that vantage point, then you would understand Datre.

Datre is not ‘one’, but ‘many’. There’s more than one individual – that’s the only word I can use because you can’t understand anything else – that work through this particular channel. The channels that you are familiar with are ‘dead zone’ channeling’s who are able to contact people here that do channeling, and can give you information about physicality. The only information we can give you about physicality is only that which we experience through this channel or through John – because we have that information. We can come into the body to view that which, you call, your television or listen to your radio. Some of us can manipulate the body, others can not.

So when a transcript is made, depending upon the question(s) that is asked, that determines ‘who’ comes through and gives the answer. So, as far as us being able to give you any information about your blockages, then you need to go to someone who is channeling ‘dead zone’ individuals – because they have had, and still are in physicality. Dead zone is nothing more than a different vibratory construct of physicality – they are still physical only in a different way. We do not have a vibratory construct.

You’ll say, ‘well how big is one of Datre?’. You can not fathom it – because we have no boundaries. So for us to be able to tell you where your blockages are, that is an impossibility. If you were sitting straight across from me, I still could not give you that information. These are things that those in the “psychic” world will give you an answer of some sort. And if it agrees with you, then you’ll say, ‘oh, that’s my answer’. If you don’t agree with it you’ll say, ‘well, that psychic’s no good’.

So you see, it all comes down to what you ‘want’ to hear. You will find the person that you want the information from – and hear what you want to hear – regardless of what that person tells you. This is ‘your’ reality. You set it up, beginning to end, every single one of you.

We’re ‘not’ aspects. Aspects are only that which exists in physicality. Everyone say’s, ‘oh, Datre must be an ‘aspect’ of Aona’. No way! How can we be an aspect of Aona if we’re not physical? It is an impossibility.

So if you have blockages, you’re the only one that can unblock them. There is no one else that can do it. If you can find someone else ‘in’ physicality – in the dead zone – that can give you information, that is what you need. But we are trying to clear up this business of everyone thinking that Datre is nothing more than an ‘aspect’ of Aona or is coming from the dead zone or knows everything about physicality. You have no idea of the number of questions that we get, ‘help me with my finances’, ‘help me with my relationships’, this is not what Datre is all about.

If you’re picking up ‘one’ Datre transcript and haven’t read any of the others over four years of time, you have no idea ‘who’ Datre is. I’m sorry, but there is no way we can help you. And I hope that anyone else coming and reading the Datre information will recognize that Datre is ‘not’ a dead zone channeling. So, is there another question?


JOHN; Now we have some questions from Chuck and the first one is… “Can you give me an idea of what Buddha’s teaching was like before it became distorted?”

DATRE; No we can not, that is physical information and the only way you’re going to find that out is through research. We do not know what Buddha was all about. Continue.

JOHN; And he goes on to ask… “Seth came down hard on the concept of Nirvana, (or Voidness Etc.). If this idea or state is “dangerous”, as Seth put it, why was it taught to human beings? I mean why would a spiritual teacher dispense a teaching which would be disastrous?”

DATRE; We do not know. That is information that we don’t have any idea of… in what context it was talked about or anything else. So there is no way we can give you an answer on that. Continue.

JOHN; And his final question is… “I’m confused about the nature of the Ego as delineated in channeled material. Can you give a clear picture (possibly a nuts and bolts picture) of what the human Ego actually is?”

DATRE; Well, there’s a misconception of two different words that are used. And because the majority of individuals, in today’s physicality, want things so quickly – they want instant answers to everything – so you find that people skip over what they think is unimportant or they don’t read carefully enough what is said. They get two words mixed up. One is Ego, the other is the Egoic Self – two different things.

The Egoic Self is, shall we say, all that comprises that which you are in physicality. That is your whole BEINGNESS, shall we say. The Ego is that which is developed by an individual from the time of birth until, that which you call, death. Everyone has an Ego. The only time you hear about an Ego, is when someone says, ‘he certainly has a big Ego’ – in other words, referring to someone who is pompous, who has all the answers, is always right, has a dynamic personality that he uses or she uses to ‘override’ other individuals. That’s when you hear about an Ego. You hear about the people who have the big Ego that you do not appreciate and do not like. But everyone has an Ego. That is a part of the ‘development’ of that which you call, an ‘individual’ self.

That’s what is developed. You come into that which you call, the birth stage. Your whole development is the creation on an individual ‘self’ in whatever way you perceive ‘you’ wish to be. You can accept or reject at any time in that which you call your ‘life’ span, any information that you wish to. In other words, if someone says, ‘that child is always cranky, that child is mean, that child is destructive’. That child picks that up and can do one of two things, They can continue being destructive, disruptive, disagreeable, mean, ornery, or that child can say, ‘that isn’t the way I want to develop, that isn’t who I want to be’ – and change.

You’ll say, ‘well, a little child, what does a little child know?’. It is amazing, but a little child knows a great deal when it is born. What says that child doesn’t have any perception? The child becomes a child when he or she is talked into ‘being’ a child. Little children are very intelligent. Why wouldn’t they be? Remember, you’re ‘not’ your body – you are ‘not’ your body. You are working ‘with’, ‘in’ and ‘through’ a physical containment called your body. But that’s ‘not’ you. A difficult concept. You’re looking for wizzy-bang-wow things all the time. Do you realize what its like for an individual to come into a baby body – and figure out how to work it from that point? You think nothing of those things. You don’t look at what is really truly happening.

Looking at it from that standpoint, that this is an ‘intelligent’ individual, trying to work through a baby body to get it to grow up to the point that it is usable. Maybe you have a little better idea of what that child is going through in trying to grow up, and be a little bit more compassionate towards that baby body. You talk baby talk to children. And I can see it now, this ‘you’ that you are is hearing all that gibberish, and not being able to make the words come out of its mouth – but if it could, you’d be surprised at what it would say, ‘What’s the matter with you, I’m not stupid’.

Realize what’s going on. Realize what you’re doing. You came into a physical body to accomplish something. Are you wasting, that which you call, a ‘lifetime’? Or are you learning what physicality is all about? Continue.

JOHN; That was it.

DATRE; Okay, we thank you, we are Datre.


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