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Datre answers Cheyenne (Datre169)

JOHN; Today we have some questions from Cheyenne and his first question is… “In one of the transcripts you talk about chronic tiredness being a buildup of stress and tension. Is there a way to reverse that which has already been done esp. if its chronic?”

DATRE; I don’t know in what context that was written, so its very difficult for me to answer in any specific way other then to tell you, that which you ‘perceive’ as being ‘chronic’ is something you won’t let go of. In other words, in the morning when you wake, as we have said many times before, you pick up your ‘garbage’ bag full of ‘yesterday’ and search through it to make sure everything is there, then you drag it around with you all day long. Then you keep looking in there to make sure that you don’t forget how you were ‘yesterday’ – so that you can continue doing what you did ‘yesterday’ into today. But you see, that is the problem, that’s why it becomes chronic – because you won’t let go of it.

When you reach an understanding of what ‘you’ project into a physical body, you will see that your body responds to ‘you’. So if you want chronic illness, all you have say is, ‘I feel the same way today that I did yesterday’. Then the body immediately records that – ‘you feel the same way you did yesterday’. ‘Oh I have a terrible, terrible headache’. The body will give you one – it will respond. You say, ‘I HAVE A TERRIBLE HEADACHE’. Well the body has to give you one, because you say you have it.

I know that sounds like I’m speaking in riddles, but that’s the way you work in physicality. So if anything is chronic, its because you continue to hang on to it – that’s what makes it chronic. Continue.

JOHN; And he goes on to ask… “If things are not predetermined how can one go about changing from a life of being in a constant state of lack to a state of abundance? Does that also go with ones belief system, so that if ones beliefs are changed so will the circumstances change?”

DATRE; That is true. But, it takes a long time to ferret out your beliefs. This does not happen over night. It takes a long time to find out ‘why’ you continually have, what you call, a repetitive problem. You just can’t ‘see’ what you’re doing. That is the challenge of physicality. Its like reading a mystery book. They’re putting all of these things in the book as clues. And you’re going through and you’re trying to figure out ‘who’ was the murderer. Was it this one, was it that one, was it another one? Well, this one couldn’t be because. And this one could be because. And you’re constantly doing that. But in physicality, it isn’t as much fun as reading a book. And yet, the more you get to understand physicality, its much more fun than reading a book – because, you’re trying to figure out ‘how’ to work with the body to achieve that which you wish to achieve. Continue.

JOHN; And his next question is… “What is with this concept that the Universe will provide all that is needed or wanted simply by creating it in our mind – that we either deliberately create it or create it by default?”

DATRE; All possibilities/probabilities that are needed for physicality is in the ‘mind’ of the bubble. Deliberately creating is ‘observing’ and making ‘your’ decisions. Default is becoming emotionally involved and following others. Continue.

JOHN; He further asks…. “I find that many of my experiences are from being very “unsettled” , in other words, constantly looking for different things. I start something and go for so long and then lose interest in it. Then I move on to something else and it happens again. It makes it very hard to stay in relationships, as it seems I’m constantly changing. Would this be what “I” intended to do in this lifetime experience or is it a lack of something within myself. It seems I like the challenge of something and then have to move on.”

DATRE; You’re the only one that can answer that question. What do ‘you’ want to do? Do you want to just experience, experience, experience, experience? That is totally up to you – if that’s what you want to do. If you don’t want to be tied down by anything or anyone – then that is the way you should live. But, then look at it and decide – is this what I want? You seem like this is what you’re doing, but it isn’t what you wanted. So, you need to decide what ‘you’ want to do. Nobody else does anything ‘to’ you or ‘for’ you – it is all ‘you’, it is ‘your’ decision. Continue.

JOHN; He then asks… “Within this framework of this society I have felt many times like an outcast not fitting in with the belief system here. Also, now understanding vibrational patterns, I now understand why people are put off from me until they take the time to get comfortable with me. I seem to have come with certain beliefs that didn’t fit here and slowly over time tried to conform, but when I couldn’t accept it, I have come full circle to finally believing in myself. Why would I go through all that only to come back to what I originally felt?”

DATRE; You said you like experiences, that is what you did. You experienced it, and you finally made a decision, you came to terms with yourself. But, it was trying to find yourself that became the experience.

There’s no time limit on anything you know, you can take as much time to get to know yourself as you want. And its up to you to decide what you want to find and what you don’t want to find. How is one ever going to be an individual if they don’t know ‘who’ they are? In searching to find out ‘who’ you are, then you become an individual. And that individual is somebody you like or you don’t like. So you make your decision as to ‘who’ you want to be and ‘how’ you want to be continually. That is what you’ve done. No time wasted – because you don’t have any time. You only ‘put’ time on things because that is what you want to do. But that ‘time’ only exists for you and… after all, its your ball game. Continue.

JOHN; How does one “do” when finances hold you back? Is there a way of changing lack into abundance when dis/ease has set in? Is it just a matter of changing a belief in myself that is holding me back?”

DATRE; All right, lets go back to a few transcripts ago – that we did a few transcripts ago. We talked about ‘energy’, transforming energy, working with energy. That’s ‘all’ that you have to work with. You form it and shape it as you so desire.

Now, why doesn’t it work? Well, one reason is belief. The other reason is, why are you in the situation that you are in at the present time? What do you want to learn? If you’ve tried other things and you haven’t learned, you will try other things and you still haven’t learned, try other things and you still haven’t learned, and then you hit this one – a big stumbling block for humanity. This is a big learning, and that is for you to figure out. That’s all this whole business of physicality is nothing but a ‘learning’ experience.

The ‘energy’ that you have to work with, to produce what you want, in any way you want to do it, is yours. Nobody can add to it, nobody can take away from it. Its a very simple process, except, when you get into the physical containment. You feel ‘limited’ because you’re in a physical containment. You have all of these ‘beliefs’ that you have built up since childhood, and you can’t ferret out one from the other because they’re so multitudinous. Trying to find your ‘blockages’ is part of the game you play in physicality – regardless of what it is that you are setting your own blockage for. Continue.

JOHN; His next question is… “What is the purpose other than a learning experience on this earthly plane? What is the purpose for any of it… does it lead to something that we can’t even fathom right now?”

DATRE; There is, in all… in this universe and all other Universes, there is nothing but learning, experimenting, becoming – that’s all there is. What ‘manner’ you chose is entirely up to you. I’m not speaking of the ‘physical’ you, I’m speaking of the YOU that ‘you’ are. You ‘choose’ physicality for experience and you continue to do so. And you are tenacious enough so that you will continue to try and figure out physicality infinitium – because ‘you’ want to figure it out. But, in the physical construct, you’re restricted. Then you’ll say, ‘I’m so restricted by being in a body’. Of course you are, that’s why you’re ‘in’ the body. Its a GRAND experience. And BECOMING is a forever thing.

I can give you a very good example. The other day, when Aona was doing something, she said, ‘this is going to be a big job, its going to take me a long time to do it’. But, then she stopped, because she had an answer, and it was not from ‘brain’ stuff. She had an AH HA. SHE HAS ALL THE TIME THERE IS, BECAUSE SHE HAS TODAY. You all have all the time there is, because you have today. You segment it into day and night, hours minutes and seconds. You also segment it into LIFE and DEATH. But its ALL TODAY. Continue.

JOHN; Then he asks… “If this is nothing more than a learning game what is it that we are headed for? Why do we play this game – is there a destination?”

DATRE; No! There is never a destination – because the destination is TODAY. And another TODAY. And another TODAY. For as many TODAY’s as you want. Its all the same TODAY regardless of how you slice it. You’ll say, ‘well you’re talking in riddles’. Yes I am – because the hardest things to understand are the things that are the most simple. And the things that are the most simple are the hardest. Continue.

JOHN; And again he asks… “If it is just a game then why all of a sudden are all these vibrations coming through now to tell us what its all about?”

DATRE; The vibrations are coming through now simply because you are in the need of change. Vibrations exist within your bubble constantly. The vibrations are there, you choose them to change ‘you’. If anyone can say, they haven’t seen any changes, they are not looking. I realize that many of you maybe have not had many years of experience. In other words, if you’re in your 20’s and 30’s, you have not ‘seen’ the changes, because there hasn’t been that big a ‘time’ change, shall we say. But changes are taking place – constantly. At a greater speed, shall we say, than has previously been experienced.

That’s why people are so scrambled – got to be faster, faster, faster. You have to walk around with a telephone stuck on your ear all the time, because you can’t wait until you can get to a telephone. You have to have faster computers, because you can’t sit and wait for the system to work. Its got to be immediately. The televisions, you have to push a button and it has to light up right away, because you can’t wait 3 seconds for the screen to come and be illuminated. Everything has to be fast. But in being fast, you are missing a great deal that is happening – because you’re not paying attention and ‘looking’. You are trying to ‘speed read’ life.

A number of years ago, the big saying was – “stop and smell the roses”. Those people in that “generation” could see what was happening at that time. You were going so fast, you were forgetting to ‘enjoy’ life and living. So, next question.

JOHN; He then asks… “If we are to find our own answers why are they channeling through now to give them to us. It seems to me to be just a matter of doing our OWN thing and nothing more, except learning. Is it just a purpose of learning or a purpose for learning for something?”

DATRE; It is a purpose of learning for something. This is what ‘you’ want – it is for YOU. It is for you to become the being that you wish to become – that’s why you choose physicality, because its a faster learning experience. Its faster because of the restrictions. You put restrictions on yourself. If you don’t have any adversity, where’s the learning? You put yourself in a physical containment for learning.

We’re not giving you answers, we’re just trying to show you a different way of looking at your physicality so you can change the ho-hum of your everyday life. If you always look at, that which you call ‘life’ in the same way, you’re going to be very bored with it. Then if you look at life differently, then things change.

Like watching, that which you call, your Olympics. Where people from all over the world are gathered together for their individual experiences. And one woman said a very profound thing, ‘don’t forget to dream’. You can’t go any place unless you put your ‘dream’ into action. Continue.

JOHN; Then he asks… “The thing I like and dislike about Datre is that the lack of emotion keeps it cut and dried but at the same time diminishes the feeling of really any emotion at all. It is like just observing without reacting to anything.”

DATRE; How can Datre react to anything when the body is only being used for a short period of time? We are ‘observing’ physicality from a different standpoint. Emotion is body – it has nothing to do with ‘knowing’. It has nothing to do with anything except physical and we’re not physical. So that is why it sounds that way. Continue.

JOHN; He next goes on to ask… “If what of “us” is here just to experience why would one choose to experience life in the ghetto’s or the third world countries?”

DATRE; Excitement. Learning. You choose what you want to learn in whatever way you want to learn it. If you think you can figure out things faster living in one environment than you can in another that’s what you choose. The choice is always ‘yours’. And you can choose any environment you want.

Why do people die? That’s a good question. They die because they do not want to continue in the environment that they are in. ‘I want to get out of here, I want to experience in another way’. They don’t realize, they don’t have to die to do it. That’s the only concept that they think is viable. It is NOT. But that is what they believe. So they die so they can experience in another environment. It has nothing to do with ‘time’ what-so-ever. Continue.

JOHN; And again he asks… “When they say connect to our “Higher Self” for answers, is that the other part of us still out in the universe?”

DATRE; We have never ever said ‘higher self’. We have tried to get you away from that. You are YOU. But there is no way that the ‘totality’ of YOU can experience in physicality until ‘you’ teach the physical body to ACCEPT more and more of you into physicality. The more you accept of the total YOU into physicality, the more your whole physical existence changes.

But, if all you do is draw from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, that is exactly the way your life is going to be. You will follow the exact same patterning of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS – if that is all you draw from. Some time ago we gave a transcript on functioning in more than one way. There are many things that need to change in that which you have built up from that, which you call, childhood. And, in adulthood is when you can make those changes. And you are the only one that can ‘allow’ more of YOU to exist in physicality. By being ‘open’, changing your belief system, being an OBSERVER, being open to ‘new’ ideas, changing ‘thought’ patterns – it is a GRAND adventure. So don’t limit yourself.

But there is no ‘higher self’. It is all YOU. What you don’t do is ‘accept’ YOURSELF – because you’re afraid, you’re afraid of KNOWING. That is one of the things we don’t understand about physicality is – why are you afraid of ‘knowing’ WHO you are. I don’t think its as much afraid of knowing ‘who’ you are, as you’re so fascinated by the game that you don’t want to give it up. Continue.

JOHN; Next he asks… “If its all just a picture that we are creating, how do we go about creating it with out a belief system and thoughts?”

DATRE; That is what you’re here to figure out. They’re ‘your’ pictures. You present yourself with them. Its your puzzle, its your mosaic, you’re making it, you figure it. It can not be created without ‘belief systems’ and ‘thinks’. Continue.

JOHN; And again… “Is there any truth to the statement “heal thyself”?”

DATRE; Absolutely! No one else can heal you. Doctors – good doctors – will tell you again and again, ‘I can only do so much, but you must heal yourself’. Who else can? Nobody, absolutely nobody. Continue.

JOHN; Then he asks… “Can we actually do any of those things or is that all just thoughts of this “bubble”?”

DATRE; You can do it all. This is a “PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSTRUCT” – nothing more, nothing less. All you’re doing is working with ENERGY to create what ‘you’ want to see for your learning. You create your body the way ‘you’ want it. You create everything the way ‘you’ want it. You find those that are also creating and if their creations are what you want to take part in and you want to share a creation – that’s fine. And you will share that creation until either one of you want it any more.

But, because you put labels of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ on everything, then you can’t see it for what it is. There’s no one that can help you, because you’re all the help there is.

When you stop and think – this is all ENERGY, nothing more, nothing less. You do with it what you want. You don’t have to conform. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. You create your own personalities. You create EVERYTHING. Its like taking a piece of clay and making a body. Then you take another piece of clay and you make a building. And you take another piece of clay and you make a car. And then you ‘play’ with all of these things. You don’t realize that! It is fascinating to watch – it is fascinating.

But you see, you would never be able to ‘see’ because you’re not what we are – which is ‘nothing’, which works with ENERGY. So we can perceive ENERGY. And we can see all the plays that you are involved in. And there’s no two alike. They always say, there’s no two finger prints alike. Why? Because you made your own finger prints, no body else did. So why should your finger print be like anyone else’s? Very simple. Continue.

JOHN; And he goes on to ask… “How would what we experience here enhance or evolve that part of “us” that is still in the Universe and to what purpose?”

DATRE; You have a portion of that which is in physicality. The portion that’s in physicality is a ‘part of’ your TOTALITY that is wanting the experience. Wanting the experience to BECOME. To become what it wants to become. And that’s different for everyone. There can never be any two alike of anything. And that holds true of those that comprise Datre. Nothing can ever be ‘exactly’ the same, it can not be because that ‘ends’ creation.

You talk about ‘all knowing’. That is an impossibility because there is always that which needs to be discovered and wants to be discovered – regardless of what ‘form’ it is in. Everything is constantly in the state of BECOMING. Continue.

JOHN; Next he asks… “What is the purpose of being Out in the Universe?”

DATRE; Well, it is another means of, what you call, learning – because, as we have said, that’s all there is. It doesn’t matter what you think in physicality because physicality is the ‘game’ you’re playing. You’re playing ‘live’, you’re playing ‘dead’, you’re playing all these games – but in playing games you’re learning, you’re becoming. And what are you becoming? I do not know, because the ‘totality’ of YOU makes the decisions and it has no idea of what ‘it’s’ becoming either. Because you have that which you call ‘aspects’ and there’s many many aspects and all the aspects are having different experiences of ‘becoming’. And all that is part of YOU.

So the BECOMING becomes GRANDER, simply because it is a process – never ending. That’s why you have TODAY – because TODAY is always and forever. That’s all you have. It is always there whether you are in physicality, whether you’re in another state of BECOMING, whatever you choose. But you have to know “ONE” before you can go to the next.

In other words, you’ll say, ‘I don’t care for physicality any more’. Well, you haven’t really gotten into it to find out what its all about and find out how fascinating it is. And if you weren’t here, where would you go? You don’t know where else there is. From the standpoint of looking through physical eyes, how do you know where someplace else or something else is? You don’t, you only know what ‘your’ pictures show you. So how are you going to go to ‘no place’? So, you’re learning is here, enjoy it, figure it out, its ‘your’ puzzle. Continue.

JOHN; And finally his last question is… “Who created us and for what reason if there is not a God as I have continually read throughout your passages?”

DATRE; Who creates you in physicality? You did. You are creating ‘you’ in physicality all the time. You created the baby. You created all the stages in-between. You created all the experiences. You create everything that your senses interact with constantly.

You’re reading these ‘symbols’ on, what you call a computer screen. Are those Datre’s words or are those your interpretation, because ‘you’re’ putting that information there. For everyone that reads Datre, they are only reading what they are putting there for their own experience. Its nothing but ‘symbols’. It is ‘your’ interpretation ‘of’ the symbols. There again, we go back, what are you working with? ENERGY. You’re taking the energy and forming it into little symbols for ‘your’ interpretation.

I think, if Datre had any desire for each one of you, it would be that you could ‘know’ how GRAND you truly are – because you ‘minimize’ your GRANDNESS. You don’t realize what you are capable of becoming. YOU ARE ALL THAT YOU ARE – NOW. Open yourselves up to BECOME that GRANDNESS that ‘you’ are. Next question.

JOHN; That was the last one.

DATRE; Okay, we thank you, we are Datre.


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