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Datre answers Shella and June(Datre170)

JOHN; Today we have some questions from Shella and her first question is… “It is said that we manifest our world – What is the best way to manifest “better” things in our lives – better health, more wealth, a special relationship, and more knowledge and understanding?”

DATRE; There is no best way. Everyone does it the way they think is best, there is no ‘best’ way. The best way is to get to know what works for ‘you’.

Have you watched what has happened? Say that you are looking for a pair of shoes. You want a certain kind of shoe and you want a certain color of shoe. You have that in your brain that this is the kind of shoe that you want. Then you go looking for it. That particular day, you go many different places to look for that shoe. You want that shoe – right now. ‘I have to have that shoe, because I have to have it two days from now’.

Well, there’s your first stumbling block. If you want that shoe two days from now, you’re putting a limitation upon yourself immediately. You don’t see that you have to work things through the physical construct. Now, you’ll say, ‘well, some people can say that and the first store they walk into – there’s the shoe, Why can’t I do it?’. Perhaps, they have been working at it longer than you have. Perhaps, they have not been working at it at all. Perhaps, its something within their genealogy or whatever, that they draw upon. Do you know what your ‘inner’ resources are? Have you ever gone and checked into your family to see what ‘resources’ are there that you can tap into?

In other words, do you know if you have a great, great, great, grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt, cousin, whatever within the family tree that is a great musician? If you have, that is a talent that you can draw from – because it is in your lineage. Do you have a great painter anyplace in your lineage that you can draw from?

You see, when you come into your bodies – if you are paying attention to what you are doing – you will pick certain elements that you want to express in physicality. If you’re not interested in going in a line of painting, or music, you will put them into – what you call – your DNA as ‘recessive’. In other words, you have it ‘all’, but you’re not interested in that part of your development. You’re more interested in being a scientist or archeologist. So you will hunt around and see if any of that is available for you to draw from and put those in – not as recessive but as the active ones that you can use that are at the forefront.

Now, that’s very, very simplistic – realize that. But this is actually what you do.

Now, looking for a pair of shoes. There are those that can do that. That was one of the ‘attributes’ that they wanted. Being able to ‘visualize’ what they want and have it. And it doesn’t matter what it is. From a pair of shoes, to a new car, to a house, to a boat, whatever, that’s something they wanted. In other words, ‘I want what I want when I want it’. But if you haven’t set that up for yourself, that takes a little bit more training to find out ‘how’ you can do it.

So you see, no one sets this up for you. This is something you have to do yourself. But, there again, you must realize that if you’re just starting out to do these things, you can’t expect to master them, just on the first day you decide you want something.

Are you paying attention? There again, you want this kind of shoe, you want this color, you want this size. You are so intent on getting ‘that’ particular thing, that you’re not paying attention to anything else that you might see that you like better. You ‘limit’ yourself. You tie yourself into a ‘box’ and put paper around it and wonder why you can’t get out. And no one does it ‘to’ you. And no one can do it ‘for’ you. That’s what you’re here for, to figure out “how to”.

Now, you can go to many different people, and they will give you all kinds of things that you can do – to be able to materialize what you want. Everyone will give you a different formula. You can try all the formulas you want – and some may work, and some may not work. Some may work consistently. Some may never work. But, there again, you’re the one doing the choosing.

We are not in a position to tell you ‘how’, because we don’t tell you how to manifest – that is not what we’re here for – we’re here to say, ‘look at what you’re doing, ‘why’?’ That is what you’re trying to do, you’re trying to ‘uncover’, to ‘discover’. Discovery does not take five minutes of a mantra – it never has and it never will. But the more you pay attention, to what you’re thinking, what you’re doing, what you’re ‘results’ are in your thinking and your doing, that is when you can begin to hone into that which you set up for yourself.

Its like playing ‘blind-man’s’ bluff, until you begin to find out what this is all about. And the ‘discovery’ is the JOY in living. Continue.

JOHN; And her next and final question is… “How do we do it, and how long does it take?”

DATRE; Those are two things for you to ‘discover’. There has recently been an Olympics in Australia for those people with, what you call, handicaps. There was a woman who lost her legs and she did not want to be handicapped by the loss of her legs. Now, she was not the only one, there were many that have had that same experience. And because there have been many that have had that experience – lost one leg or both legs – you see what that opens up? That opens up the field of learning how to supply these people with legs that they can do something with.

So the people that make the legs, thought of different ways of making them. And now, they have perfected – and are still working on – the perfection of these composition legs. And these composition legs are made so that they react like regular legs, except that they have a different spring tension in them, so it takes a while for the people to regulate them so that they can walk. And now, these people with these composition legs are running as fast as those that have regular legs that are running in the regular Olympics. And the peoples that are running are happy, because they can do what they want to do. And the people that are supplying the legs are happy too, because they are creating something ‘new’, and remember, in all different ways, you all are creators.

You see, when there is one thing that the attention needs to be put on – like the lack of legs – there are other groups of people that are going to be able to supply that particular need.

So, how long does it take? It depends on what is happening to the rest of the people in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Why were these composition legs developed in such a short period of time that they’re now running in special Olympics in Australia? Why did that develop so quickly? Because, there were so many people that wanted it. That is what ‘propels’ your MASS CONSCIOUSNESS into ‘doing’.

You don’t look at the whole picture as to ‘how’ things work. You say, ‘how long does it take?’. You are one individual with one longing. Now, you’ll say, ‘well there’s thousands of people that want all of these things’. All right, if there’s thousands of people that want all these things, then what’s going to happen? You’re going to have to change your ‘belief’ systems and push your MASS CONSCIOUSNESS in a different direction. That’s what everything is all about. And perhaps it is not to your advantage to be able to do all these things. But, you see, you don’t know what you set up for yourself.

If you were to go into a store and find what you want, every time you went to buy something – consistently – from a wooden pencil, to a pair of shoes, to an automobile, to a boat, to a house – the first thing you look for, ‘this is what I want’ – you have it. ‘This is what I want’ – you have it. ‘This is what I want’ – you have it. Is that going to be fun? Where’s the challenge? That’s what you’re here for, you’re here for a challenge. Then someone will say, ‘that person has everything’. Really? They may have everything that money can buy, but, they may have children that are a problem. They may have a wife or husband that is a problem. They may have illnesses that they’re not allowing other people to know about, because they’re trying to keep it a secret – there’s nothing wrong with me. You do not know by outward appearances in physicality – because everyone is here to learn.

And if you have one thing, you don’t have something else. That’s why you have day and night. That’s why you have, what you call, good and bad. Its something to ‘push’ against. You have your seasons. You have everything in pairs as opposites – if you want to call it that. That is the way it was set up, so that you have something to ‘push’ against to learn. But, people push and push and push and they don’t learn, and they get angry and they quit.

How many times, over the periods of years, do those who are reading Datre that are of an older generation, have quit – ‘I’m through with this, nothings happening, I’m sick and tired of this, I don’t want any part of it any more’. And how long does it last? Because that little bitty ‘spark’ within you say’s, ‘look what you’re giving up by not continuing, don’t lose the ground that you’ve gained’. And the next thing you know, you’re in the bookstore to find another book to find out something you all of a sudden decided you wanted to know.

I can not give you answers, I can only tell you – persevere – because the answers will be there. But it depends on how closely you pay attention to what ‘you’ are doing – ‘you’ in physicality being ‘aware’. Continue.


JOHN; And now we have some questions from June, and her first question is… “You said that headaches are the ‘rewiring’ that’s taking place. Can you please speak more of this, and explain why this rewiring and releasing should cause pain. Aren’t we all being rewired, in a sense, and if that is the case, then why are some getting headaches and others not?”

DATRE; Well, there again, you’re doing your own thing. And there again, in the ‘rewiring’ process how big a leap are you taking? So, it is not a question that I can answer specifically.

You take two members of a family. You have a wife that has what they call these migraine headaches, where they can’t stand light, they can’t stand noise, they have the vomiting and everything and they’re very, very, sick. And this woman is married to a man who has never had a headache in his life and does not understand what her problem is. They’re living under the same roof, they have children, they put their feet under the same table, eat the same food – why the difference? So, if one is having the migraines and the other one has never had a headache in their life, you see what the children can draw from? They can either say, ‘I will learn by having these violent headaches like my mother, because that will make me stop what I’m doing and ‘pushing’ in the everyday world and give me time to be by myself in a room with no light, no sound and be at peace’. Or, ‘do I want to choose the father who does not know what a headache is and can continue doing what I want to do when ever I want to do it with nothing to stop me?’.

You see what an interesting panorama you set for yourselves? So why does one have a headache when they get the ‘rewiring’ and it doesn’t bother another person? There’s no way to know. Continue.

JOHN; And her next question is… “Are the people getting headaches because of blockages within the energy centers, i.e. the crown chakra or third eye, etc.?”

DATRE; You all have blockages that you set up – and that’s called your ‘belief’ system. You call them ‘blockages’, we call them ‘belief’ systems.

Now, you talk about ‘belief’ systems. There are those that you call… the men in the orange robes… Buddhist monks. You can give one of them a handful of drugs – for uppers and downers and all that – and you can give them a whole handful. And they’ll look at you and say, ‘well, give me some more’. And you’ll say, ‘well that’s enough to kill you’. ‘Oh no, it isn’t going to bother’. They take a whole handful, pop it in their mouth, swallow it and nothing happens. Why? Why doesn’t something happen to them? They should drop dead – right now, on the spot. Why? BELIEF! They have gotten to the point that they ‘know’ that what they ingest into the physical is not going to bother them one bit.

Now, everyone of them has ‘belief’ systems. But that particular individual didn’t have a ‘belief’ system that anything was going to bother his body. He may have another ‘belief’ system that is something he’s working on. So, what can I tell you?

Your belief system is that which we have talked about previously. And told you about how the belief system works with this body. And how you take the information from the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and the information from the Mind of the bubble, and you work with those two. Then your belief system is more or less the one that ‘filters’ the information. So, that is your big center point.

As your ‘belief’ system changes, everything else changes. But it is the ‘understanding’ of the ‘belief’ system. You can’t say, ‘well, I don’t believe that’. Unless you were born with that – which you were not – you were not born with anything. You’re born with a clean slate. It’s just how much of this you have absorbed over time in growing up – growing up and aging – as you call it.

One of the interesting things that has been occurring in the last few years, has been the number of young people with gray hair. Why? You can look at pictures – old pictures – and you see people… its black and white pictures, but you’ll see their hair is dark, or black. What’s the difference?

The only thing we can figure out – when we come into the physical and use the physical body that’s available to us – is that you are looking for ‘maturity’, because people discount what you say when you are young. In other words, an older person will look at a younger person and say, ‘well, you’re just a kid and you don’t know what you’re talking about’. So, you have decided that if you have gray hair, they don’t know how old you are and then they will listen to you. Now that may be a wrong assumption as far as we’re concerned. But that’s the only thing we can figure out.

How much of an ‘observer’ are you? Have you ever tried to figure out why all these young people – especially young men – have gray hair? Credibility! That’s why you don’t pay any attention to a young person who is brilliant – because young people are not supposed to know as much as a ‘mature’ person. What’s mature? There are people in their eighty’s that are the most ‘immature’ we have ever seen. They act like children and they have always acted like children. They have never grown beyond a certain point. They have just been in a state of existence. But you listen to them talk and they’re very immature. Then you can turn around and listen to a young man or woman in their 20’s and if you close your eyes and listen, they might be in their 20’s, but they have the ‘maturity’ of someone in their 40’s or 50’s. Maturity has nothing to do with what you look like, but because physicality only looks at ‘appearances’, you loose the ‘gems’ that come from people of any age. Continue.

JOHN; And her final question is… “What insights can you offer to people that can assist them to make it through these changes in a more gentle manner.”

DATRE; There is nothing I can tell you, because each one of you are different. Why do you all have different fingerprints? How many people on this planet and every fingerprint is different? Therefore, how can anyone prescribe to any particular formula?

This is being discovered by your medical profession. They have dumped everyone together – based on ‘man’. They are finally beginning to figure out that the ‘woman’ is different. It has taken quite a while.

How often do you listen to your body? John just said, ‘Tiger Woods’. When he, Tiger, was asked whether he meditated everyday, his answer was, “No, its too boring”. When he was asked, ‘when do you meditate?’ His answer was, “I listen to my body and if I need it, then I meditate, If I don’t need it I don’t”. Thank you John for this information.

So, to figure out how to do these things more gently, is up to you. There is nothing more that I can say on that subject. Continue.

JOHN; That was it.

DATRE; All right, we thank you, we are Datre.


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