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Datre answers Yaniv and Jan(Datre171)

JOHN; Today we have some questions from Yaniv, and the first question is… “Datre say’s that everything that happens to us happens because we want it to. But is everything that happens to us our creation, or are there any “random occurrences” or things that happen because of “fate”?”

DATRE; No! Fate is a ‘belief’ system. Things that happen to you are things you set up for your learning experiences. You can say, ‘I was walking across the street and a car was ready to hit me, and the next thing I knew, I was on the other side of the street’. What happened? That is for you to try and understand. That is a good lesson right there. Why didn’t the car hit you? How come you’re on the other side of the street? And you don’t think you’re powerful? You don’t understand your GRANDNESS. Look how ‘grand’ you are. You immediately transported yourself out of harms way. Why did you put the car there to hit you? There’s a lesson there to be learned.

You see, you don’t realize what you are doing. That takes a little attention. You probably would have said, ‘boy that was a close call, I ran as fast as I could and I got on the other side of the street and I didn’t get hit’. The brain is putting it together and telling you that, and you go along and pay no attention to it. Yet, in that one instance, there is grand learning.

In your living, you don’t pay attention to what’s happening. You’re giving yourself ‘signs’ and ‘signals’ all the time, and you insist in belittling your GRANDNESS. You are the “creator” of your physicality and everything within your physical world – everything in it – and you’re not paying any attention, and you’re still thinking – ‘I’m nothing, I don’t amount to anything’. How GRAND are you? Take a look and see. Continue.

JOHN; The next and last question from Yaniv is… “In a recent Datre you said, “So, to find what is a cause of a boil, what is a cause of a cancer, is not for other people to figure out…” If we are here to experience and understand physicality, why would we set up situations that are so difficult to figure out, or possibly never figure out?”

DATRE; Well, you are doing it. You will set for yourself what you want to learn. That was one person – that set up a boil. Another person sets up a cancer. Another one has an automobile accident. Another one will have a grand time climbing a mountain. Another one will become a billionaire, because they enjoy making money. Another one will become a great scientist. Another will become a musician – a mediocre musician – but enjoying every minute of life. You set the stage and you play it. But you don’t realize that it is a ‘grand’ experience.

Why do you put these things in front of you? Because you want to learn. That is all. You’ll say, ‘well physicality is so tragic’. Well, which way are you looking at it? You’ve heard the saying – the cup is either half full or its half empty. It is how ‘you’ perceive. It has nothing to do with what anyone else thinks, does, or anything else. No one can do anything ‘to’ you. You have to learn ‘why’ you did something. Some people will never find out why they did a certain thing. And why won’t they figure it out? Because it wasn’t that important in their learning. They thought it was but it may have been just an incident and they had picked up the meaning of it at that time – and that was fine. If you didn’t, you don’t dwell on it, because then you’re carrying baggage.

Every day of your life should be as brand new. And you’ve heard the concept over and over again, and you wake up in the morning and say, ‘well, I’m still here and things haven’t changed’. You don’t know where you are, because if you set that up in front of yourself, that’s what your brain’s going to record. If you set it up as a brand new day, then go out and see what happens. It doesn’t have to be the same as yesterday. The only time it’s the same as yesterday, is if you tell the brain it is. Continue.


JOHN; Now we have some questions from Jan, and the first question is… “My understanding is that we create our own concept of God, feeling that there must be something larger than ourselves, which is in fact our ‘whole’ being or entity. But, is there a true original CREATOR?”

DATRE; No! None that we are aware of. Because we never question that part of our existence. We, like you, are in the process of experiencing, because that’s all there is. So, you see, you set everything by ‘time’, we don’t know what ‘time’ is – we have no idea. Everything is an experience and there’s no ‘time’ put on it. So we have – what you would call – foreverness in any direction you want to go in. Everything is NOW, how can there be anything else? Continue.

JOHN; And the next question is… “Was there a BEGINNING, as we understand it, and will there be an ENDING, as far as the current structure of the universe is concerned?”

DATRE: Why should there be? When you walk out of this body, with full understanding of what physicality is all about, what are you going to do? You’re still ‘you’. You are a – what they call – FOREVER being. You were, you are, you will be – that’s NOW, today, what ever you want to call it. So where’s the end? And where’s the beginning? Continue.

JOHN; And following that is the question… “The hierarchy of the dead zone, as given, for example, by the Urantia Book, along with the attendant explanation of earth history.. as a constructed reality, what true effect does this have on us if any?”

DATRE; None! What do you believe? Do you ‘believe’ its going to effect you? In what way? How? What difference does it make? What difference does it make… you’re sitting there, you’re thirsty, what difference does it make to the answer to that question as to whether you get up and go and get a drink of water or not? It has nothing to do with that, it has nothing to do with anything. If you want to delve into history and are fascinated by it, and learn by it whatever you want to learn, that is up to you. History is ‘his’ story. If you want to believe ‘his’ story, that is entirely up to you.

There are many people who like history. It gives them a feeling of ‘solidity’. It gives them a feeling of ‘groundedness’. In other words, ‘I have a past so I feel comfortable’.

Now, take that individual and take away the ‘past’ and take away the ‘future’ and that person goes mad – because they don’t ‘understand’. Its an understanding and ‘knowing’ that you ‘release’ and enjoy. And the more you understand, the more you release, the more you enjoy, the more you will understand. Until you get to the point, why stay and play this silly game any more? ‘I need a new game to play’. And you will decide, ‘I’ve figured it all out’. It is like playing any game. You play a game of chess and when you get to the end of the game, what do you do? You’re finished.

You can look at physicality and your existence ‘in’ physicality as a game of chess. Figuring it out what its all about. When you’ve figured out what its all about, why play the game? Why stay around and watch the circus? Its no longer appealing.

Now as to earth’s history, there is none. There is no one, even in the dead zone that can go back to the “beginning”. In your recorded history, which is as far back as you can go, death is a comparatively ‘new’ adventure. When information comes from the dead zone that is as far back as they can go and physicality goes back a lot further than that. Continue.

JOHN; And then follows on with… “In other words, does it have an effect, even if I choose not to believe it?”

DATRE; How could it? If you don’t ‘believe’ it, you don’t believe it. And if you don’t ‘believe’ it, it isn’t. Very simple. Continue.

JOHN; And the next question is… “My understanding is that prophecies are probabilities, and so may or may not occur in my probable life. Are there any prophecies that are absolute, and that will occur no matter what we choose to experience? I am particularly interested in the Mayan Calendar which ends the year 2012, indicating a major change due to occur. I am also very interested if there is a correlation with the Great Pyramid and Sphinx as is being presented by certain groups.”

DATRE; Well, there again, how can you say that a prophecy will happen – regardless. That is rather an oxy-moron. Do you wish to take part in a prophecy? Is that something you wish to experience? Now, if you wish to experience a prophecy, that is up to you. If you don’t want to experience a prophecy, that also is up to you. Now, if you don’t want to experience a prophecy – does it happen or doesn’t it? And if it does or it doesn’t, what difference does it make? The decision is always yours. Nothing can happen to you that you don’t want to happen to you.

Its not that anyone is going to do anything ‘to’ you. The choice is always yours – beginning and end. Continue.

JOHN; What about the Mayan calendar 2012 thing?

DATRE; Now, what happened to the Mayan’s? They ceased their existence as a group of individuals. They prophesied up to 2012. Now, they could not go any further than that – that’s where they stopped.

All right, now, you contract to have a house built. They contracted for a certain period of time for their physicality as a group. Now, you take the house. You contracted to have the house built. And, you got the house built half way and then you put out the boards to continue the second half of the house. You have the foundation for the whole house, but you only have half the house. But you’ve got the boards going out to indicate that there’s going to be more. But the house is only half built.

Their civilization ‘projected’ to 2012. They did not go to 2012. They projected ‘out’ – they stuck boards out there to indicate the finish of the house. But they, themselves, did not continue to that point.

Now, just because the house wasn’t completed, doesn’t mean that you can’t get somebody else to finish the house. They did not complete their contract. They ‘projected’ – but did not complete. That was their decision.

You have projections all the time. And the unfortunate thing about a projection of any kind – be it the Mayan’s, be it Nostradamus or any of those that everyone seems to place much credence in – that from this vantage point, you try and make everything fit. It is like a scientific theory. You play with a theory and play with a theory until you get enough people to agree that your theory has validity – and then it becomes a fact. And how long does that ‘fact’ last? Until somebody comes up with another idea and then that fact is no longer a fact.

You see what you do? You’re relying on others to tell you what is going to happen. They don’t know any more than you do, and do you know why? Because, they’re living ‘their’ reality and you’re living ‘your’ reality. MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is what is going to decide. And if you can get enough people in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS to make that a ‘reality’ then who’s going to buy into it?

Its like we have said before with anything – the holocaust – ‘I was there, it happened’, ‘I was there it didn’t happen’. Why? What do you want to believe?

They talk about major changes in 2012 because they couldn’t see any further than that, they couldn’t project any further. You want change? Watch next year (2001). Your 2000 is soon going to be over – when everything was supposed to happen. Everything was going to happen in the year 2000. Well, 2000 is almost to the end. Now, at the end of 2000 is the whole planet going to disappear? Many thought it would. Many expected all kinds of Saviors and ships and everything else to save them, I don’t know what they wanted to be saved from. But, there was disappointment in those that woke up the next day and found out they were still here.

And now, that is why you have utter confusion on the planet. Because you are still here and you don’t know what to do. The end of the prophecy is almost over. You still have that which you call your Christmas holiday seasons and all your other different things that you’re going to celebrate. And then there’s going to be another let down or another period of joyfulness, depending upon what you as an individual want to experience.

There are those that are planning their lives 2 and 3 years down the road. If you play in a symphony orchestra, you better stay on board, because your whole season and the next 2 and sometimes 3 seasons are all planned for your orchestra. These people don’t wait until tomorrow to make a plan. There’s the difference. Some peoples live their lives always in the future – where they’re going, where they’re going. And other people stay in the
NOW and live ‘here’. There again, its another choice. Do you want to stay in the NOW and learn and experience from here? Or do you want to project 2 and 3 years down the road, not knowing whether you’re going to be in physicality or not? You see, the choice is yours. What do you want to believe?

There’s something about the pyramids and there’s something about the sphinx and tying all of these things together and the great revelations and all of that. Watch what’s happening today. If everyone would turn off their televisions for one week, one week, and then turn them back on again at the end of the week. See how much has changed. See what you’ve missed. And what you have missed, how has it effected your life? Has it made any change in your life? Try these things, they’re good experiments for you. See what’s really important. The decision is always yours.

As to grand things happening? Yes. MASS CONSCIOUSNESS has got to continually move. It can not stand still. They need something to ‘drive’ the ‘think’ patterns. The think patterns will not change unless they are driven by some ‘action’ or ‘reaction’. You can’t have things stay the same. You have a very good saying on your planet – ‘you can never go home again’, because, ‘home’ will never be the same. It is an impossibility. So, turn off your TV for a week. Then listen to television or read the paper and find out what you’ve missed. See what a difference that has made in your life. And then you’ll ‘know’ where you are as far as being ‘influenced’ by anything.

JOHN; And the next question is… “What would be the one most useful daily exercise to perform in our quest to expand our understanding of ourselves?”

DATRE; Pay attention. Pay attention to what you’re doing. Are you ‘reacting’ or are you ‘acting’ in any given area? What’s your ‘belief’ system? How does your belief system effect your daily life?

Everyone is interested in what’s in a book, what are the teachings. You’re so used to being ‘taught’ that ‘self’ analyzation is something that doesn’t have a ‘tool’ so you don’t know how to go about it. Everyone will tell you – you do this and this and this and this – and that will happen. There again, your ‘belief’ system will say whether it will or won’t happen. And if you’re in a mode of operation of ‘awareness’ – instead of action, reaction and being ‘aware’ before you do either one – its going to make a difference as to ‘how’ your life is going to work.

You need a ‘belief’ system. That is a necessary element in your development. That is your ‘filter’ system, shall we say. And depending upon the ‘intensity’ of a belief, is going to make the difference as to ‘how’ you look at life.

If you tell the brain – ‘oh, I have a pain in my foot’ – and you don’t have anything wrong with your foot, not thing one, before the sun goes down, you will have a pain in that foot – if you tell the brain that this is what’s going to happen. Try some of these things out. Work with your self. Its so much easier to work with ‘other’ people. Its so much easier to sit down with a deck of cards and say, ‘oh, this is what’s going to happen in your future’. Or a crystal ball. Or a book. Or a mantra. Or a bunch of candles. Or a guru. Or what ever.

You always look to someone else to solve your problems. Turn it around. Solve your own problems. That is why some people are fascinated with life, and others want to get out of here. Remember, I’m addressing everyone of you. I’m not singling out the one who’s asking the questions. We need to make that clear every once in a while, so that you don’t turn around to that individual and say, ‘well, that was for them’. It is for each and every one of you. There is no greater teacher than ‘you’. But you don’t recognize your greatness until you begin to ‘see’ what is happening and why it is happening.

Belief systems, to begin with in uncovering and discovering are very simple. But, the further your understanding goes, the more difficult it is to find the beliefs. But, the greater the AH HA when you make the discovery. Continue.

JOHN; And the next and final question is… “On 2 occasions in my lifetime I have been ‘saved’ from death. The first time, during a near fatal car crash, I experienced the car flooded with light, even though it was a dark night outside, and a complete, serene ‘knowing’ that everything would be okay. Time seemed to slow down during this experience. On the second occasion, a horse tied to a post reared, the post came flying out of the ground into the air and was clearly going to come down on my head when I saw a transparent ‘being’, approx. 20 feet tall push the post away with a sweep of ‘his’ arm. The post missed me and the horse immediately calmed down and stood still while I untied him from the post. Again, time slowed down and I was incredibly serene. However, after both incidents, I started shaking at the knees! Was this my ‘larger’ self intervening, or are there actual ‘guardians’ protecting us?”

DATRE; That was not either. It was not a ‘guardian’ and it was not anything else – it was ‘you’ because you didn’t want those experiences. You working with the physical said, ‘I don’t want this’.

Now, you may have wanted that to show you something. Sure, you begin to shake when it was all over, that’s a physical body reaction. That’s the emotional body. But, why was the time slowed down? Why the calmness? That’s the ‘real’ you. The real ‘you’ is without emotion – except when it comes into physicality. That’s the only time that there’s emotion – because, the physical body contains the emotion.

That’s why – as one individual said – they like and dislike Datre because there’s no emotion. Well, that’s because emotion is foreign to us. There’s no reason to have emotions – from our standpoint – because that is a ‘bodily’ reaction. And sometimes there is a bodily reaction – depending upon who comes into the body and is using the body. Because there are those that find the body extremely fascinating, and enjoys the emotion of the body. And then there are those that don’t know what emotion is, have no idea.

So, you see, it is like the fellow that was walking across the street to get hit by a car – and found himself on the other side of the street. You’re telling yourself something all the time. You’re trying to tell yourself – ‘see what I can do with the physical containment’. ‘See how I can work through a physical containment’. Recognize your GRANDNESS – for you are.

God was an ‘invention’ of man. The first Gods were Zeus, etc.. which were all in the image of man. Later, God still maintained a man image, but became ethereal. God was powerful. Among other things, someone to confide in, someone to be afraid of in his wrath, someone to protect you, and on and on as it suited the individual needs. Physicality has one emotion that is stronger than any other – and that is ‘fear’. God will protect and God will punish. Man invented God and now you worship your own invention.

There was a teacher that said, ‘you are God’. Because, that was as grand as the majority of people can think. Take that word, ‘God’, and think of it as what it means to ‘you’, then think of that word as being infinitesimal in comparison to you. That doesn’t fit well with most people. But, you are far GRANDER. The thing you are in physicality for, is to ‘discover’ that very thing.

We thank you, we are Datre.


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