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Datre answers Marc and Barbara (Datre172)

JOHN; Today we have a question from Marc as follows… “I’ve read much on the subject of human evolution, and I have every one of the symptoms (gaining a GREAT interest for the spiritual in a short time, runny nose, hectic life, etc..) could you please explain a little about what is happening to us, and what is going to happen in 2012 (the end of the Mayan calendar)?”

DATRE; Now, we discussed recently about the Mayan calendar and said, ‘that was as far as they could project’. Now, because you have become so reliant on information to fashion your life by, that people are forgetting to make their own lives the way they want it. In other words, because of your system of learning and teaching from childhood on, you ‘expect’ to have a guideline to follow at all times.

In other words, when they start out with young children, you send them to some kind of pre-school so that they can learn before they get into school. Then when they get out of school, they go into another school – to college, university, whatever. Many of them spend their whole lives staying in a university because they want to take other subjects. All they do, is keep getting information all the time.

Now, that is fine if that is all you have in mind and that is your goal – is just to keep stuffing into the head. But, if you keep stuffing into the head, where is ‘your’ inspiration? When you keep following the guidelines of ‘others’, you are not being the ‘creator’ that you intended to be. You have your own individual ‘signs’ and ‘symbols’ that you set up for your self to follow – and they’re in front of you all the time. When you see something that catches your attention, what do you do with it? Ignore it? Or do you take some action and see where that leads you? That does not mean you run around willy-nilly, and don’t do anything. It means that you have to set your own standards of how you want your life to be. Then if you don’t pay any attention to it, you just follow whatever the next person says, ‘oh, this is the right thing’ or ‘this is the way to do it’, you’re always just being second guessed as to what you can do or not do. You need to go out and follow your self. That’s a scary thing. You’d be surprised, most people don’t want to do that. They would much rather have someone else tell them what to do – its easier. You don’t have to make any decisions and you don’t have to think for your self very much.

If a book tells you ‘this is the way to do it’, do you always follow the book – down to the very last letter? An artist that paints, probably starts out with a teacher to teach them colors, but the true artist at one point separates themselves and says, ‘that’s enough teaching, now I’ll do it my way and see what happens’. No different in life. You are taught to a certain age – that is one of the requirements in your countries. Then you have what they call a high school education. Now that you have your high school education what do you do with it? Do you take that and go out in the world and see what you can do with what you have and your own ‘intuition’? Or, do you keep stuffing more stuff into your head?

Now, if you have a profession, you have to go to college. That is an entirely different situation. In other words, if you’re a doctor, this says that you can’t be a doctor unless you do this. So, that’s what you have to follow, you don’t have any choice. But, if you’re not going to go into a specific profession, then do your own thing. Follow your self. You’re the one that has set it up, but if you don’t set up anything in front of you, you have nothing to follow. There’s something in front of you all the time. Now are you going to follow it? You’d be surprised at the number of people that follow their intuition and lead very exciting lives.

Now you asked if we could explain a little bit about what is happening to you. Quite some time ago, on the transcripts, we told you about the new energies that are being interacted with on this planet. Now, as we’ve said before, ‘everything is energy’. You transform the energy for your individual selves.

Now, how are you handling the new energies? New energies, just like anything else that’s ‘new’, is a change. In other words, if you have a car that’s breaking down and you have to get a new one, and you go and buy another car, isn’t that a change in your life?

Okay, now, you can’t go out and say, ‘Well, I don’t want this body any more. Where can I buy a new one?’. You have to make the adjustments and the changes to suite your self. Now, because, everyone is experiencing many of the same things – why? Its the handling of the new energies. You have to learn, just like everything else. If you get a new car its not going to drive the same as the old one. Maybe something on the car, a lever or a switch, is in a different place than it was in the other car. So you say, ‘oh, well this used to be in the other car it was here and in this car it’s here’. So you make an adjustment to drive the car.

So, okay, now you end up with runny noses and bad backs, you have hectic lives and all of these things, and what are you going to do? You’re going to have to make changes. You’re going to do one of two things. Either you’re going to allow the body the freedom to let the nose run or you’re going to take medication to stop it – the choice is yours. Same way with your hectic life. Are you going to sit back and ‘observe’ and take a look at it and say, ‘wait a minute, what’s happening?’. And either continue to run around like a chicken with your head cut off – or, make changes. The other person can’t change your life, you’re the only one that can change it.

So, this is what the new energies are all about. But people don’t recognize that something is changing. There’s a lot of things that are changing. You were asking about 2012. Do you have any idea how long you’re going to live? Are you going to finish out your day? You know, sometimes I look at different things. Today, when John got the paper and the paper has a section they call comic’s – its supposed to be funny – sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t. But, just to show you that the “spiritually evolved” individual is not the only one that is noticing changes. Here it is in your comic’s. A statement that say’s, ‘If time never stops, how come its always NOW?’. Now, that’s a very profound statement. And its not coming from anything but the comic’s. Are you an ‘observer’? I’ll bet that they’re are umpteen people that never pay any attention to that. But, you see, changes are taking place. If you’re beginning to see things like this, this is where MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is moving. They’re moving toward ‘change’. That’s why we have said, ‘be an observer’. Notice the changes that are happening. Its an exciting time if you ‘know’ what’s going on.

You don’t have to go and read all kinds of things that tell you what to do and ‘how’ to live your life. All you have to do is turn on your television in the daytime. And every program that they’ve got is chaotic. And people looking to other people to solve their problems. They’ve got more than one program that has court trials. There’s more than one program that has couples that are squabbling with each other. Then they’re up in front of a big audience and wanting other people to solve their problems. What’s going on? Why are not people taking responsibility for their own lives? No, somebody else can fix it.

Now, no body else can fix it. But, the more individuals that read and understand the Datre material and all of the other material that is being put out today, that tells you to take responsibility for your own lives. That is what is going to move MASS CONSCIOUSNESS in a direction that you want it to be going in. Every one of you want’s a different life style than you’ve had previously. That is what ‘evolution’ is all about – change. So, in changing your self – individually – that changes the whole.

That’s the direction to go in – just change yourself, that changes everything. It changes ‘your’ perception. It is ‘your’ reality, it is how ‘you’ perceive it. And the more people that perceive this going into this new Millennium as being an interesting evolution of humanity, and watching it and being involved in it and enjoying it, that is going to propel you faster than you’ve ever gone before in your evolution on this planet.

And then you say, ‘what about 2012?’. What about “today”? This is the one you’ve got – and the ‘only’ one you’ve got. This is not the first that we’ve seen in these comic’s. It is in your newspapers. It is on your television. It is on your radios. It is in all of your mass communications. Pay attention to what is happening. Who cares about 2012 when you have “today”? Be responsible for your own self. It is very, very, important. You don’t think as an individual, you amount to anything. You don’t ‘look’ at what you can achieve as an individual.

As an individual, an individual is one. And then there’s two. And then there’s three. And then there’s thousands. Start paying attention. Don’t worry about 2012, you might not be here – along with many ‘others’ that might not be here. But, those that ‘are’ still here, regardless of what their ‘age’ is – say by the time 2012 gets here, there are going to be people that are 150 years old. But that is because they have stayed with evolution and gone ‘with’ it instead of fighting it. There were things in a newspaper, not long ago – Aona only reads one a week, but she reads the whole thing – it talked about the number of people in their 100’s that were still active individuals. Some of them are even working in hospitals, taking newspapers and magazines to people – 100 years old. And then people retire at 62, 65, 55, and then they complain that they’re getting old.

Now, stop and look at the evolution of the individuals on your planet. They’re getting older – because, they’re enjoying every day of their lives. You know why you die – because, you’re fed up. You’re bored. You don’t know what to do with your self – ‘I’m in a situation and I don’t know how to get out of it, I think I’ll die and start over’. If that’s your answer – fine. But that’s what everybody else’s answer is. So why not be the individual that says, ‘I’m going to stay as long as I can, because every day is going to be of interest to me’. Now, it may be hectic. It may be chaotic. It may be some days that you don’t want any part of. But, if you look at it as a ‘learning’ experience, then stay with it, get through it. This goes for each and every one of you. Continue.


JOHN; And now we have some questions from Barbara as follows… “To me, my dreams are fascinating experiences which absolutely enrich and sometimes even change my life, so I’m wondering, why can’t we remember but few of our dreams, and why do we forget them so quickly once we are awake?”

DATRE; Well, you’ve made your decision as to what you think is important to you. Your dream time is spent exploring – you explore possibilities and probabilities. If you were to lay out on a piece of paper – a great big long strip of paper in front of you, that’s say, 6 to 8 feet long – and you just list all the possibilities and probabilities on that big long piece of paper. How long would it take you to read all of those? Not very long. But, if you see one that looks interesting and you begin to ‘think’ about it, you may never get to the end.

Now, the one that you stopped at, was fascinated by and began pondering it in your sleep time, that could very probably be the one you bring in when you wake up. The other ones did not fascinate you, that’s why you don’t bring them in. You ‘pick’ the ones you want to experience the next day or for a period of days, depending upon your fascination with that particular suggestion from possibilities and probabilities.

You’d be overwhelmed if you came back and woke up in the morning and remembered all of these things you’d seen on this piece of paper – you wouldn’t know what to do with it. Because you are single focused is why you remember one and not all of them. Sometimes you remember several ‘sections’ of different dreams when you wake. But, depending upon what you do with them when you’re awake, whether they’re important or not important, that is up to you. Continue.

JOHN; And her next question is… “When a dream turns lucid or eventually one wakes up out of the body, this seems to be a strong evidence that at least part of our dreams are taking place out of body. Is this correct and if so, are all of our dreams out of body? Where is their location – the dead zone, maybe?”

DATRE; That is strictly up to the individual as to ‘where’ your dreams are. Of course they’re out of the body. If you were ‘day-dreaming’, then you’re in the body. If you ‘night’ dreaming, you’re out of the body construct. But, day dreaming is as valid and important to your evolution as night dreaming. But, day dreaming usually is not that substantive. In other words, in day dreaming you’re projecting things for you to look at but have no desire to take part in. Now, there are those that day dream with something particular in mind and they begin exploring the possibilities and probabilities and it becomes very important to their waking existence.

You see, you make such a separation between night time dreaming, day time dreaming, meditation, all of these. You’ve separated everything and pidgin holed it. ‘This is a meditation – because’. ‘And this is day dreaming – because’. ‘And this is night dreaming – because’. But you don’t need to separate, because its all ‘you’. Its just the different way you approach each thing. But if you were to erase the lines of demarcation, you would see the ‘flow’ of your existence. Continue.

JOHN; She further goes on to ask… “When a dream turns lucid, my thoughts can create all kinds of things, environments, situations – does this mean that in a dream all that I see is made by myself, pure imagination, not “real”?”

DATRE; Well, we’ve said before there is no one else that does anything ‘for’ you or ‘to’ you, it is “all” your creation. Just because you close the body’s eyes doesn’t mean that you don’t continue your existence. Just because you “die” and lay down the body and leave the body, that does not mean you ‘discontinue’ your existence. This is all written by you and no one else. So your dreams are ‘yours’. Your day time wakefulness in the body is ‘yours’. You lay the body down and step out of it, that’s still you.

That’s what we talk about when we say – ‘individuation’ – begin to realize that this is ‘all’ your production. And then you’ll say, ‘well I don’t amount to anything’. Well, from our standpoint, you amount to a great deal. But it depends on what you want to do with your ‘individual’ self. Do you want to ‘do’ something with your ‘individual’ self? Or, do you just want to go along for the ride? If you go along for the ride as an OBSERVER, then you learn a great deal. If you go along for the ride just to morn and groan and complain and be battered around by every whim, and don’t take charge of your existence, and then say, ‘well I don’t know why I ended up where I did’, well you’re the only one that knows – because nobody else knows why you did what you did. You see, you can’t ‘blame’ anyone for your situation. Nor can you ‘praise’ anyone for your situation. Because, you’re setting it ‘all’ up. And they say, ‘well, its the will of God’. Well, as long as you’re God, that takes care of it – its your will. Continue.

JOHN; Her next question continues… “What about people and entities we meet in our dreams – are they just our imagination, or do they exist separately from us?”

DATRE; You used a good word there – imagination – image-ing. Does that answer the question? Continue.

JOHN; And again she continues… “If they do, who are they?”

DATRE; No one can answer that question but you. If you are putting people there, then we don’t know who they would be, we would have no idea, you’re the only one that knows – you’ve created it. The significant others that you work with and live with and interact with everyday of your life, are there because you are ‘imaging’ them from a vibratory construct. That’s why parents can have four children, three children, five children, whatever, and there won’t be two of them that will see mother and father the same way. Because, it is ‘your’ image of them and your interaction with that vibratory construct you refer to as mother and father. You set them the way ‘you’ want them so that you can learn.

You know, it’s hard for you to realize that ‘you’ are the teacher in the classroom. You make up the paper. You sit down and you take the test. And ‘you’ grade the test. You’re doing the whole thing. Then you’ll say, ‘but, the teacher doesn’t do that’. Well, these are sort of different rules, because the only one that can teach you ‘anything’, is ‘you’. Continue.

JOHN; And her final question is… “If I’m dreaming of a friend, am I actually interacting with my friend or am I just talking to myself?”

DATRE; I think that’s up to you to decide from the information we’ve given you. If you’re interacting with a friend, you’re interacting with a vibration. There’s no ‘space’ and ‘time’. You can be interacting with a friend that is thousands and thousands of miles away – it does not matter. You can be communicating with someone in the dead zone, someone that is a member of your family or someone you are very close to.

But you see, you’ll say, ‘but that person is dead’. No, the body is dead, that person is not dead. So why can’t you communicate with them? You have to make it such a big deal because, ‘well I can’t do that, I can’t communicate with my dead relatives’, because you ‘believe’ you can’t. ‘But they’re dead’. No, they’re not – the body is dead – they are not dead. There’s no way you can be dead – its an impossibility. Continue.

JOHN; That was it.

DATRE; All right, we thank you, we are Datre.


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