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Datre answers Barrie (Datre176)

JOHN; Today we have some questions from Barrie and his first question is… “What, if anything, is the significance of Walt Whitman to my life or lives?”

DATRE; Now, let me begin by telling you there’s no way that we can give you any personal information. We have said this before in previous transcripts, but people forget. We’re not psychics. Psychics are able to go into the dead zone and give you personal information. We’re not of the ‘psychic’ community.

The information that we have is based on the viewing of events, from a vibrational stand point concerning your planet. Those that give other information are those that tap in through this physical construct that have conversations with John regarding different events. Or, some are able to watch your television. So, in that way, we are able to keep some kind of continuity regarding information that is of interest to everyone on the planet. We have individuals from all over the world. I don’t think, right now, that maybe we don’t have all the countries that the people that are getting the information – the Datre information – we don’t have all the countries that they’re from. But those countries that we do have names from different countries, I don’t think there’s a country – maybe one or two at the most – where we don’t have at least one person in that country that is getting the Datre material.

So, the information is, as we say, pertinent to everyone on your planet. But, there is no way, even if you were sitting across from anyone in the Datre group, they could not give you personal information. Because, their information is not gained from the dead zone. Which is the only way anyone can give you personal information – is through the dead zone. Because, those are the ones that are still connected, because they’re still physical. So physicality is physicality, whether it be ‘alive’ or ‘dead’. And those are the ones that can give you personal information.

So, your connection with Walt Whitman – who ever that may be – is something we can not tell you about. What ever connection you have is something that you have set for yourself for your enjoyment, enlightenment, communication with, what ever the situation may be. Its for you to figure out. You see, it would be a disservice to you if we gave you answers to your puzzles.

And I can talk from personal experience, because I am one that talks with John and talks with other people on the telephone that he talks with. And these people become very agitated and disturbed, because we keep repeating something, and until they experience it – themselves, individually, then they will come back and say, ‘now I know, I see entirely differently’. But there’s no way that we can tell you anything about your self. That is ‘self’ discovery. That’s what we’re trying to push everyone into. Discover ‘who’ you are. Why you’re doing ‘what’ you’re doing. And ‘what’ are you learning from it? Every individual has their own way of figuring out themselves and what they’re doing here on this planet and why they are here why they’re pursuing what they’re pursuing.

Self discovery, that is what we’re all about. We don’t care if you go to a psychic and get information from them through the dead zone, that’s perfectly alright if that makes you satisfied. But, isn’t it more fun? Isn’t it twice as exciting? To ‘discover’ for your self? You see, when someone else gives you an answer, you have a tendency to believe another person where you won’t believe in your self. That is what we do not understand about physicality. Why are you so anxious to listen to someone else? That is something we don’t understand. Because, who is a greater teacher, than you? Because, you’re the only one that ‘knows’ why you’re doing what you’re doing.

A psychic will give you all kinds of answers. And you will believe them. Why won’t you believe in your selves? Continue.

JOHN; And his next question is… “Am I in touch with any counterparts of my son or of myself right now to this lifetime? And, if you can, will you be as specific as possible?”

DATRE; There’s no way we can tell you. Continue.

JOHN; And he continues on and asks… “I believe that quantum physics with its superstring and superfoam theories are touching upon the physical “tip of the iceberg” involving the process of our thoughts creating the objects of physical reality. Am I correct?”

DATRE; I do not know. I know that you are working in quantum physics and all different kinds of realities. But, you see, there are different ways of discovering many things. It depends on what the individual has that they want to discover. In other words, they talk about nano-seconds. The people that are interested in ‘time’ work with minutes and seconds and nano-seconds and all of that sort of thing. Those that are interested in that which you call the physical body, they look at a physical body as something that when something goes wrong, they try and fix it. All they are doing is fixing the ‘mechanics’ of the body. Then you have those that are called psychologists and psychiatrist. They are trying to fix what’s in your head. Now, how can anyone fix what’s in your head – but you? No one!

As a great example, there is a very nice golfer – he plays golf – one of the professional athletes in the golf. They had been giving him all sorts of medications for depression. And he got sicker and sicker and sicker. So finally one day he said, ‘no, I’m not going to do this any more’. And took himself off of all these medications that they’ve been giving him for depression. Trying to talk to his head and help him out and everything. He turned around and said, ‘I will do it myself’. And he’s back playing better golf, and he’s doing better. They said that the one thing he was doing was drinking water to cleanse his system of everything that has been inside of it. And now he is even beginning to think properly again.

But, there is a man who realized that no one can do anything for you – except you yourself. You see, you don’t look at a lot of things that are going on all the time. The day to day things. The people that are, shall we say, are taking charge of their own lives and becoming ‘who’ they want to be.

So, you have that. You have that which you call archeologist. And what are they doing? They’re digging up old bones. Trying to reconstruct a ‘past’. Because, you feel that you have to have a ‘past’ in order to have a validity. To just BE is not satisfying. That’s where people with amnesia build their own lives because they have forgotten everything in that which they call their past. And, you can say, they start from zero. Now, why did they do that? For ‘discovery’! They found the ‘past’ was getting in their way. They wanted to ‘discover’ who they were. They wanted a whole different life and what easier way to do it, then to have amnesia? Coming out of amnesia is not an easy thing to do, because you have your ‘past’ which wants to connect with you and hold on to you.

But, you can see, everyone does these things for their own reason. And for anyone to tell them ‘why’ they did it, it doesn’t make any sense. Because, no one knows why any individual does anything. You might think you know a person very well, but you don’t know them at all. Because, within every physical construct there is every emotion that you can think of, and a few that you can’t even think of. You have it all within that which is within the physical construct. You can be a murderer or you can be a saint – you have all the emotions within you.

That is why many people like to watch these murder mysteries. They can emotionally act out – through the television or the movie – that portion of themselves which they are afraid of actually doing. But can do it through a book, a movie or through the TV. You see, you don’t look at what a fascinating group of possibilities and probabilities you have. You don’t have to be a murderer in order to experience it through one of those three ways of doing it. You don’t have to be a ‘victim’ of any sort, if you will but get yourself into a position where you can emotionally ‘feel’ what is happening – say, to an earthquake victim. See a body being pulled out of the rubble and feel the emotions of that individual. Then it becomes your own.

As you get down to the point of racking with tears and feeling all that emotion – then you’ve done it and its yours. But you don’t have to actually do it. And you can do it in a five minute period of time. But, you don’t allow yourself the ‘depth’ of the being that you truly are. The ones that can say, ‘I’ve been there, I’ve done that’, have done that very thing seem to be very emotionless. They’re not emotionless, its that they have gone to the very depths of every emotional feeling – so they don’t have to do it. That’s why they seem so calm – because, they’ve been there, they’ve done it. Continue.

JOHN; And he further goes on to ask… “Also, do you think that one day what is currently perceived as physics and metaphysics on this planet – will merge – as scientists change their beliefs and begin to ask the proper questions, so to speak, and then begin to explain in so-called physical terms (altho in other dimensions not accepted as existing as of this writing) how the so-called inner, spiritual realm interacts with the physical realms?”

DATRE; I don’t know how they’re ever going to explain it, I truly do not. Because, as we have been working with this information and the very few people – that John still has contact with – who are not in this United States, but from other countries, you’ll find that in talking to them and explaining things to them over the telephone, and then finding them calling back, 6 – 8 months later, a year later, and saying they finally understood what we were telling them, which have been no different words than we have put in the Datre material. Same thing, telling them – until you have the experience, it is unexplainable. And then, in talking to them, and they say they finally understood, then we say, ‘could you explain that to someone else please?’. And they can not.

That is what people do not like about the information. Because it has to be ‘experienced’. Your words do not do it. What happens is, the physical body and ‘you’, need to come to a point where the physical body is finally able to accept and understand that information. That is when it happens. You have all the information all the time. But, what you’re trying to do is put it into a physical construct for understanding.

Now, how can you take metaphysics, which is explained one way, and physics, which is explained in another way, and put it into words and get people to understand it, so that they have an instant revelation? You can’t, because its the ‘timing’ and ‘orchestration’ of the individual that makes it happen.

Your science is so broad spread. Its like everything else that you have, you have this pocket of information and you have that pocket of information, and another pocket of information, and they’re so separated. You have so completely separated yourself into very small segments. Just take – for example – a doctor. Now if you were to go back into the 1700 – 1800’s, what did you have? A doctor that took care of a community – so many miles that they took care of – and that was the doctor. Then as you became more sophisticated, you needed a specialist. And now the specialists are so specialized that they have trouble communicating their specialty to a doctor who has another specialty. Science is the same way. Physics, metaphysics, that’s the same way. They don’t speak the same language. Because, they have compartmentalized themselves into specific areas of knowledge.

History is the same way. Why are they always arguing about history? ‘This happened this way’. ‘No, it happened that way’. ‘No, it happened another way’. ‘Well, we’ve uncovered some new information so that its uncovered another way’. So you look at… you think history is stable. No, history is constantly evolving also – because, you’re constantly changing your mind about it.

So, as to physics and metaphysics, I don’t know how. That would be up to physicality to figure that one out. Continue.

JOHN; Next he asks… “Incarnationally speaking, what, if any, was my connection to or involvement with World War Two?”

DATRE; We can not tell you. That is another area for you to explore. It may be very interesting to you to get into to find out your answer. You did not just do it on a whim. And what you did during the war was something you specifically had in mind to do – it is up to you. Explore – that’s what its all about. Continue.

JOHN; His next question is… “Who really killed JFK and why? And why did JFK agree to the assassination?”

DATRE; That is a specific individual who did whatever he wanted to do for his own specific reasons. Continue.

JOHN; He further goes on to ask… “In some likely probable-reality scenarios: What things may have happened or not happened in the nation and the world – had not JFK not agreed to the assassination and it was never physically manifested?”

DATRE; Well, there again, as we have said before, which reality are you talking about and which one did you live in? You see, for everything that happens, constantly, which reality are you experiencing? You have an ‘agreed upon’ reality. Then you move into another reality and you agree in that reality. And you move into another reality and you agree in that reality. What your belief system will accept as ‘valid’ is where you are. You can not go into a reality that your belief system will not accept.

That is why some peoples lives stay pretty much the same. And other peoples lives change drastically and dramatically. Its ‘your’ evolution – what ‘your’ belief system will accept. And, when you tap into another reality, do you want to stay there? Or do you want to come back into what you thought was ‘this’ reality? But you never come back into the same one. Because, having experienced another reality, this one is different and you are different.

You’ll say, ‘well, that person never changes, they’re always the same since the day they were born’. Well, figure it out. How many realities have they tapped into? Maybe evolution is not important to them. Maybe its an ‘aspect’ that had a desire to be on its own and after being on its own, decided that it didn’t like it very much. So its just waiting until the physical body says, ‘well, I guess I’ve had enough of this’ and you agree and go into the dead zone. You see, you have so many possibilities and probabilities.

All you’re seeing is – like we’ve said – your pictures. And who does your pictures? And what does your vibrational construct that you adopt when you get into the physical body – where does that take you? So, you can not pin things down. And what difference does it make? What difference does it make what happened yesterday? The reason anything happens is because its all agreed upon. But the thing physicality doesn’t seem to understand, and doesn’t ‘want’ to understand, and seemingly wants to hang on to, is what you call the ‘comfort’ zone. Don’t change anything. You are so fearful of change. You watch people, and they’re so anxious to know, to know, to know. And you give them information and its like they start stepping out into a stream. And they take the first step on the first rock. And we say, ‘come on, come on here’s your next bit of information’. And they take their next hesitant step onto the next rock. Then they get out into the middle of the stream and you give them information and say, ‘come on’. And they’re like they’re transfixed – they just stand there. They’re afraid to take the next step. What are they afraid of? The fear of change.

So, why look back? If things don’t happen nothing changes. What happens to one individual affects a great many individuals or it affects no one. You’ll say, ‘well, how can it affect no one?’. How about those individuals that are what you used to call the ‘bums’ during the times of the depression? They didn’t have a job, the family couldn’t stay together, they roamed. They went from door to door asking people, ‘can I chop wood for you? can I do anything for you so I can have a meal to eat?’. And when those people died, who knew anything about it except the people who found the body and didn’t know who it was? You see, there are those that come and go and no one knows anything about them. And then there are those that come and their death is tragic. And individuals spend, goodness knows how many years, trying to find out why and how come. Isn’t one as important as the other? Bid them a fond farewell and let them go.

That’s what voyeurs are. Voyeurs are those that don’t let others alone. That’s what you can call your press, your paparazzi. They won’t leave other people alone because they have no life of their own. They have to get into somebody else’s life – we have to know everything that person is doing. Can you imagine the harassment of those peoples that are living that are under that kind of scrutiny? How would you feel, if the minute you opened your door to go out to your car, there was someone with a camera in your face asking you questions? And the car follows you, and you get out of your car and here they are again with cameras in your face asking you questions. You can’t work, you can’t sleep, because your house is surrounded by people with cameras hoping that they can get a crack in your blinds, so that they can see you doing something within your house. That is the state that you have gotten yourselves into.

Now, when are those people going to get their own lives? You’ll say, ‘well they have to make a living’. Everyone has to make a living in one way or another. But you see, when individuals put themselves into, what you call, the limelight, where you’re a public figure, this is what you contend with. But then when they’re gone, they still don’t leave them alone.

I’m getting into this business quite deeply because I think these are subjects you should look at – everyone of you. Take a good look and say, ‘why is this happening?’. There’s nothing that happens without a reason – find the reason. Explore, find ‘your’ answer. That answer might not satisfy anyone else, but find your own answer, settle it, and get rid of it.

Its like a woman or man who has lost a spouse to someone else. He went off and left me or she went off and left me. They sit down one day, when they become rational in their thinking, and go through, that which you call, the life time the two have had together. Go through all the happiness, all the sorrow, all the things that happened. Take all those thoughts, put them in a box, tie a string around them, throw them in a fire or put the box up on a shelf in the closet – do anything you want to with it – but then resolve it. Don’t drag around excess baggage.

Like we’ve said before, wake up in the morning go through your garbage bag that’s right next to your bed, to see that all your aches and pains are there your preconceived thoughts and notions. Everything that was happening yesterday so you’ll be sure to follow everything exactly the way it was yesterday. The person that doesn’t do that, has a much different life. But, as many times as we say that, we can’t get the message across, until you do it and discover for your self.

JFK did what he wanted to do when he wanted to do it. And every single one of you do the same thing. So who’s to question his motives? And what difference does it make how different it would be? Because, remember, in another reality, it is. Were you in the reality where he was killed? Or were you in the reality where he is still living? And what’s the difference, in the reality in which he died, and in the reality in which he lived? Its all a psychological construct and everything happens – absolutely everything. Its only where you happen to be that you see a particular happening. Continue.

JOHN; Next, he asks… “Concerning UFOs: What is your take on what various things or manifestations they may be; and what any inhabitants may want, if anything?”

DATRE; I think that we’ve gone over that enough times so that we don’t need to do that again. If you start going back over 4 years ago and go through the transcripts, I’m sure you will find multiple answers. The thing is, if you start with the Datre material at the beginning and read it through, you will see how we have continued to change the way we approach subjects. Because, we’re trying to bring you along, and at the beginning you are able to absorb only so much. Then as we feel you can absorb more information in a different manner – we change it. Nothing stays status que. Your understanding should be changing also. So if you go back and you say, ‘well you said this at one time and you said this at another time’, its never in contradiction. It is in more specific details. And giving different understanding to the same thing.

You see, from our stand point, we can’t look at something and see but one answer – because all the answers are there. Then we have to choose which one is appropriate for those reading the Datre material at the present time. There are areas that we will get into that we will continue to expand on. But I think that UFO thing died a long time ago, as far as the transcripts are concerned. You draw your own conclusions. Continue.

JOHN; His next question is… “What, if anything, can be done to encourage the government to “come clean” concerning what they really know about the existence and presence of UFOs?”

DATRE; Well, we’re back to that again. Continue.

JOHN; He again asks… “Have my wife and I known each other in any past or future incarnational lifetimes? If so, can you give some details?”

DATRE; I have no idea. Continue.

JOHN; He follows this with… “What, if anything, is the significance of Isadora Duncan in my wife’s life or lives?”

DATRE; We have no idea. Continue.

JOHN; He continues on and asks… “As you have done with the Holocaust – can you give us your understanding of slavery in the U.S. – and why those involved on both sides – chose their roles as slaves and masters; as blacks and whites?”

DATRE; That was an evolutionary pattern – just like everything else is. These things are set into motion, just as a play is set into motion. You get up on the stage and you act out a play. The play is set up, and all individuals involved in the play talk about it, make corrections, change this, fix that. But when you look at groups of individuals, that are doing something, you can’t see it as a play. The only way that things don’t stagnate, on your planet, is that you have to have something to ‘push’ against. There’s no way you can learn, if you don’t have something to ‘push’ against.

You have to look at everything from the stand point of evolution. Say that the black people had stayed where they were. Maybe they decided that they wanted to get out of the comfort zone and work with something different. And how do you know that wasn’t one of your experiences? To be either the master or the slave? Or anything in between? How do you know that that wasn’t an experience you wanted? How are you going to learn – if you don’t experience? No one chooses for you – you do it your self. You’ll say, ‘well, why would I want to do that?’. I don’t know why you wanted to do it, that was your desire. Why not try something different? There are those that look for adventure constantly. Not only those that want to climb a mountain or those that want to sail around the world all by themselves, or whatever. There’s all different kinds of exploration.

So, this is evolution. This is the way your whole planet works. Pushing against something for learning. Some people take more drastic measures than others, because they’re adventurous. They want to find out. They’re risk takers. So, continue.

JOHN; His next question is… “Does the Republican leadership in America actually believe their rhetoric about their ideas and beliefs actually helping America’s poor and needy; or are they consciously feigning this sincerity in order to fool the American people?”

DATRE; Well, you look at a government, and what do you have? We’ll take the United States government. You have all different kinds of people from all different states, all having their own agenda. And what do they do within a government that’s any different than they do in a work place? They ‘push’ against each other. That’s what they do. And it doesn’t matter what you call them. What happens over in England? They have their government and what do they do? They ‘push’ against each other. ‘Now this is what I want done.’ ‘I don’t want it done that way, I want it done this way.’ What do you see in humanity? Opposites! Opposites, that’s the only way you get to know your self. Something you dislike in one person, that person is a mirror to show you what you don’t like. You can’t be jealous of another person if you don’t understand jealousy – there’s no way. You can’t dislike another person in any way, unless you have a portion of that within you that you are fighting with.

So, it doesn’t matter. A government is a government. And the best presidents that you have, the best people that you have in any top executive position, if you want to put it that way, are those people that are able to tap into the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS of any group or organization and try and take care of what that MASS CONSCIOUSNESS wants. And those that don’t do that, there they sit, and what happens, they’re out of step and out of tune, so the ‘others’ have something to ‘push’ against. Its a good cycle. That is why you learn faster on this planet than you do on other planets – because of the ‘diversity’. Continue.

JOHN; He further asks… “Why did my son choose the accident he chose?”

DATRE; We have no idea. Continue.

JOHN; His next question is… “Do you have any comments on the “tingle” experience that my wife and I had?”

DATRE; We have no idea. Continue.

JOHN; And his final question is… “For what reasons did my wife choose her birth-family situation?”

DATRE; We have no idea. Continue.

JOHN; That was it.

DATRE; We thank you. We are Datre.


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