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Datre answers Claude (Datre179)

JOHN; Today we have some questions from Claude, and his first question is… “Is the One that we are of the Big Universe?”

DATRE; No! Well, now that is hard to answer, I should not have said no. Those that are of Universes and also that which you call the Big Universe experience in many different ways. I’m not going to go into detail, because it becomes too complicated. But, in this particular case, we’ll say yes, simply because it is one that has experienced by taking a ‘portion’ of themselves and dipping into other ‘realities’. Now, other realities also can be interpreted as ‘other Universes’ because all the Universes are different.

You see, when you begin, or anything begins, it wants experience. Now, this ‘particular’ Universe of physicality is unique in and of itself. One of the most unique portions of this Universe is your planet – which is ‘very’ unique in that it has evolution of more than one species on your planet. You have the evolution of that which you call your plant. You have the evolution of that which you call your fish. Your birds. Your four legged animals. And man. So, everything that is on your planet is evolving. And that includes the evolution of that which you call, your sand and rocks and dirt. That is an evolutionary process there too. So, everything that you have on this planet is unique – in comparison to ‘other’ planetary existence’s.

Now, when those which were experimenting and learning and evolving saw the development of that which you call a ‘particle’ reality, they were extremely fascinated by it, because this had never been done before. Now, particle reality is extremely ‘different’ from ‘other’ Universes or portions of Universes. So in becoming so enamored with the uniqueness, and wanting to experience it to a greater extent, they came into a ‘particle’ Universe for experience. And, from those that came into the ‘particle’ reality experience – it is hard for you to understand, from a stand point of ‘one’ existence in ‘one’ body form that to someone that had had great experience in evolving through many different ‘types’ of Universes and realities to, shall we say, sit in ‘one’ physical construct – would be extremely unthinkable.

You think, because you are in ‘one’ physical construct, that this is all you can handle. Yes it is, because of your ‘extreme’ confinement in a very small physical containment. But for another, they wanted more than ‘one’ physical containment for experience. So, they took ‘many’ portions of what they call ‘themselves’ and spread them out through ‘particle’ reality for experience. And that goes into numbers that you can not fathom, because of its vastness. But, the only thing that you need to be concerned with is, that portion of you which is experiencing in ‘one’ physical containment on ‘this’ particular planet in ‘this’ particular bubble.

Now, that sound like a ‘huge’ thing to do – from your stand point – because of the confinement in the physical containment. And that’s why we say, ‘when you go – to what you call to sleep – you are out of a physical containment, you are without constraints, and you are able to maneuver and experience in this bubble, as far as your vibratory construct or energy construct, is concerned’.

So, I don’t know whether or not that helps you, but there is no “one” because there’s no such thing. Even the portion of you that came off of ‘one’ is so far removed from the gillions of other ‘ones’ that came off of that ‘one’ that your brain can not comprehend. So, to think of connecting with the ‘one who you are’ is very small. But that does not make it insignificant, because the evolution of ‘who you are’ and finding out ‘who you are’ and what you’re all about, and the whole evolutionary process – on this planet – is extremely important. Not only to ‘your’ evolution and ‘your’ understanding, but every one adds to the whole. Its an impossibility ‘not’ to. And still, you have an ‘individual’ evolution.

It is like an orchestra, a choir, anything that has a great number of people. It is a group effort of many people. Any time you have a group effort of any number of people, regardless of how big or how small, it is only as good as the poorest performer. As the poorest of performers is elevated, then ‘that’ elevates the whole group. The greatest, will continue their evolution, because that is their desire. They have reached a point where they have not given up. They strive for better, but the only way you can drag, shall we say, the rest of them along is to give them an incentive so that they’re willing to put forth the effort to become better. Continue.

JOHN; And his next question is… “And how many “One that we are” could there be for our bubble?”

DATRE; I can not tell you. As we’ve said, there are many who wanted the experience of particle reality, and of each one of those there’s gillions. So, I can not tell… its beyond measure. You talk about Universes as if they’re some United States or some country in Europe or something. You can not fathom the magnitude. So, continue.

JOHN; He next asks… “But what can we do as physical entities to change things that we don’t agree with? – Change our belief system?”

DATRE; That is a very good way.

JOHN; He asks… “But how?”

DATRE; Why don’t you agree with them? Now, you asked about belief systems? Why don’t you agree with them? Because, you are looking at things through a belief system that is ’emotional’. Look at things, you don’t have to agree. But how does it effect you as an individual? If its something you don’t like, then why be a part of it? What in your belief system is holding you there? What was the next thing?

Take a good look at it. See ‘what’ you believe, why you believe. You know, that’s how a child grows. A child is interested in everything. Why? How come? What for? But you grow up and don’t ask those questions any more. You ask those questions and you will find your life changed if you really truly look at those questions and continue to ask.

JOHN; He then asks… “By becoming an observer?”

DATRE; Absolutely! You have no idea how many letters – e-mails – that we get that say, ‘I don’t know why you keep repeating the same thing over and over again.’ ‘And how come some answers are so short and some answers are so long?’ ‘And how come this person got a better answer then I did?’. And how come and why, and complain and moan and groan. You’re not required to read this information – you don’t have to read it. But if you’re not getting anything out of it – why? Because, for every e-mail that we get that is a complaint, we have more that say, ‘you keep on a subject again and again and again, and I didn’t get it the first time, and I didn’t get it the second time and I don’t know how many times it took me before I realized ‘what’ you were saying – keep up the repetition. I have become an observer and my life is no longer the same.’.

Now, opposites? That’s what your planet is all about. We have said it many times, good – bad, black – white, yes – no, all are opposites. In OBSERVING opposites is where you learn. If there never was anything on this planet – because this was the way it was set up originally – if there never was anything on this planet that was what you call ‘bad’, ‘distasteful’, ‘I don’t like it’, ‘that’s terrible’, and everything was rosy, lovey dovey, you would have nothing to ‘push’ against. Where’s your learning? Your learning comes from OBSERVING the ‘opposite’. If you’re not a jealous person, you can’t see jealousy – no way. If you’re not a depressed person, you can’t tell when you get ‘out’ of depression and enjoy it.

But you see, you put yourself – and no one else does it – you put yourself in these situations for your learning. And you will continue to do it until you ‘learn’ in physicality. Because you, outside of physicality, know what you want to do – there’s no question. You know what you want this body to do. And you give it, continually, the lessons that you want to give it, for learning. Continue.

JOHN; He then continues and asks… “Seems to me that we should look at our body, our decisions, our dreams like someone external and ask ourselves why each move, until we know ourselves completely. Great program!”

DATRE; Yes it is a great program – that’s what its all about. And when you begin to look at it as a fascinating game, it changes entirely. But that is not easy in physicality. And if it was easy, you wouldn’t have come here in the first place. You would not have chosen this particular kind of evolution if it was easy. Give yourself some credit for being intelligent enough to ‘want’ the challenge. Continue.

JOHN; He then goes on to ask… “Time does not really exist; it “is” only here because Earth is rotating around the sun.”

DATRE; No. Time exists for you as an individual. And what makes ‘your’ time is a ‘thought’ or a ‘think’ put into action. Without ‘action’ on any thought or think, time does not exist. That’s why you have those periods of “getting lost”. Because, there was something for you to take ‘action’ upon and you didn’t do it. So, you – your self – created a gap. Then realized, ‘oh, what was it I was going to do?’. That’s where the gaps are. And the ‘action’ is what creates your ‘time’. A hundred people all sitting in the same room and nobody’s got the same time – its an impossibility.

Now, you can agree, that the sun is going up or that the sun is going down. And that’s fine. That’s part of what you call physicality. But, if you’re all by yourself, you’re the one that makes the sun go up and down – at your bidding. You still do it when you’re agreeing with someone else. But, its the OBSERVATION of a movement of a celestial body. And its as ‘you’ see it when ever you see it, how ever you see it. Its like the old thing with the banana. There’s your half and here’s my half. What does your half taste like? And what does my half taste like? You have no idea what the other person’s tastes like – only yours. Continue.

JOHN; He continues and asks… “But in our bubble, nobody can live without considering it. To us it really “is”.”

DATRE; It doesn’t mean that you don’t consider it. Of course, you’ve done that because this is the way you wish to pursue your evolution.

If you were so interested in what was happening, every single day of your lifetime – and this goes for everyone on your planet – if everyone lived that way, you would not have ‘death’. Simple as that. You only have ‘death’ because you created it because you didn’t like the circumstances in which you were existing. You caused the body to age or you decided you wanted to get out of the body and get into another one. You have not reached that stage in your development of the evolutionary species so that you could step out of one body and form another body – of your liking – to continue your evolution in. You’ll say, ‘well, that’s an impossibility’. No, it isn’t. But, because you ‘think’ it is, it becomes so. That’s actually what you do now. Only you make a ‘play’ out of it by, what you call, dying. Continue.

JOHN; He continues… “For the “One that we are”, no matter if it takes hundreds of lives to reach the final goal.”

DATRE; It really doesn’t matter. You must remember that – YOU ARE. What difference does it make in what physical construct you continue to go on in? The thing that makes the difference, is that you don’t pay attention, and ‘keep’ the information from the life that you just lived. Your belief system says, ‘oh, I did so many bad things, I don’t want to remember that’. So therefore you don’t. So you had, what you call, an uneventful ‘bad’ lifetime, what have you got to start your next lifetime on? Not much. But, its constantly ‘your’ decision. And the unfortunate thing is, there has not been enough information that has filtered down through, that which you call, your evolutionary process to ‘maintain’ that information so that it can be used. That is one of the reasons we’re here. To show you your possibilities and probabilities.

So, how many lifetimes? Does it matter, because you don’t remember from one to the other anyway? Now, the ones that evolve, do remember and bring it in with them and build on that. But, that number is very, very few. Continue.

JOHN; Next he asks… “In physicality, we know we have so much time to live, and would prefer to live it in harmony, fullness, creatively, love and so on… (I know you consider death as a simple change in life, but we in the present cannot). That gives us the impression that we are only puppets in the hands of you know who: it is like we have nothing to say but accept His decision and choices to be happy. Inch Allah! Eliminate all desire, dreams and know that He choose the best for you….. Become a vegetable and be happy!”

DATRE; No, that isn’t what its all about. The vegetables that are trying to be happy are not evolving either. Who is going to tell you what to do – but you? The thing is, the ‘you that you are’, knows what it wants to learn in its evolution. And we’ve said it before, the minute the ‘you that you are’ gets into a physical construct it forgets. Such a simple process of opening the eyes – or becoming consciously aware – in a physical containment changes ‘everything’. That’s why we say, ‘the only way to make contact – when your eyes are open – with, not the physical construct, but the ‘real’ you, is through OBSERVATION. You set things before you all the time for you to pay attention to. But, most of the time it will be, ‘I don’t want to do it that way, I don’t want that’ or you say, ‘okay, lets see what I’m going to learn by this one’. You need to be an OBSERVER.

You, in the physical construct, are waging a war between ‘you’ and physicality. That’s really what it is. When you get out of the physical construct, you’ve got all kinds of ideas. You’re ‘free’. You go around and check out all these things. And then you get down to the business of, ‘well now, this is what I really want to learn this time.’ ‘So much time I’m allotting myself to do this and if I can’t do it this time, okay then I’ll start over and do it next time and see if I’ve got a better shot at it.’. That’s the way the real ‘you’ operates.

It becomes a game. The thing is, you say you’ve only got so many years. Who says you’ve only got so many years? You decide that your self. And how much do you learn in a year? How much do you learn in a month? How much do you learn in a day? That depends entirely on you. It is yours to waste, it is yours to learn. That’s what FREE WILL is all about. You have no constraint saying, ‘this is what you have to learn in order to get from 1st grade to 2nd grade.’ ‘And this is what you have to learn to get from 2nd grade to 3rd grade.’. You don’t have that in physicality. Your evolution is not graded. You’re the only one that does the advancement of your individual evolution. So, what do ‘you’ want to learn? You can’t say, ‘well, this one is so highly evolved’. How do you know? What kind of a game are they playing with you? Are they ‘pretending’ that they are highly evolved to impress? Be very careful of that one. Those that wish you to think they are highly evolved – are playing a game. Not only with you, but with themselves.

As you know yourself, you will recognize all of these things. But, if you’re not an OBSERVER, you’re never going to know the difference. Humanity is very interesting in that… I think you’ve had a generation recently that was called the ‘me’ generation? All the focus was on ‘me’ and ‘I’. Me myself and I. ‘I want’.

Now, in wanting and getting everything you want, what are you learning? You’re learning to be spoiled, selfish and disrespectful of other individuals. And, until you respect your self, and respect others, you’re going to have a constant battle on your hands. Respect is a very big number. And it isn’t something that’s ‘pretended’. Its something that is ‘understood’. There’s a great deal of learning to be done on this planet. And those that begin to shape themselves in the direction that they want to go for their evolution, find it is not easy. It never was intended to be. ‘Give me the answers’. That does no good at all. The experience is the only thing that will do it for you. And that is what ‘you’ set for yourself. There’s nobody making you a puppet.

You see, that’s the one thing that is very interesting. You have set up a lot of… way back, you had the deity’s, the gods. Zeus and all of these different gods that you had. Now, you turn from that, you went to Allah and Jesus and Buddha and all the rest of them. And you have set up ‘governments’ to take care of you. You have set up attorneys to take care of you. You’ve sat up everything to take care of you. But, when are you going to take care of your selves?

You see, as you begin to ‘look’ at situations, you’ll see why they are the way they are. Because, too many individuals are not interested. Take a look at everything. Observe! That doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time going around ‘looking’ at things. Looking at things doesn’t do it. The man that’s out in a boat, that’s out at sea, and is ‘looking’ for land, won’t see it – because he’s ‘looking’. An OBSERVER looking for land will find it – because he’ll notice the difference. You can’t do it by ‘looking’. You have to do it by OBSERVING. Continue.

JOHN; His next and final question is… “You say we are the writer, the director, the actor and the spectator of our lives. You mean “The One that we are” is, because I don’t feel like a creator at all as I feel absolutely unable to materialize favorable instruments.”

DATRE; As I have said before, there is no separation. The only time you separate your self from anything is when you separate your self from a physical construct – in that which you call sleep or death. But, the ‘You that you are’ is no different then the ‘you’ in physicality, except that you… like I said, the minute you open up your eyes everything changes. You slip back into a mode of operation – which is physicality. When you step ‘out’ of the body – in that which you call sleep – you function entirely different. But it is still ‘you’, regardless of which way you want to look at it.

I know, you’ll say, ‘ well, that’s not what you said a long time ago’. But, what we’re doing is trying to ‘gently’ take you through the steps so that you can understand. But, somewhere along the line you got the impression that ‘the You that you are’ is different than the ‘you’ in physicality – its not. But, because you’re so used to looking for something or someone greater than you, you don’t realize ‘your’ greatness, because somebody has to be better. There’s nobody better than you are. And in becoming an OBSERVER you’ll begin to see – in little ways – what a really wonderful thing physicality is as a learning experience. Continue.

JOHN; That was it.

DATRE; We thank you, we are Datre.


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