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Datre answers Hans (Datre180)

JOHN; Today we have some questions from Hans, and his first question is… “A few months ago Datre made some comments on Johann Sebastian Bach. I find a lot of pleasure in listening to his music and often wonder where he and other great composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi etc. got their inspiration from to produce such masterworks. Were people like them specially born to be genius in their field and provide such rich culture to the world?”

DATRE; They were those that tapped into that which you call the dead zone, because they sat down and the music was there. Now, there are individuals today that sit down and in a very short period of time write tremendous amounts of music. What they do is, they actually tap into another source. That’s why the music of those individuals is very different then what was “written at that time”.

You see, if you go back into that which you call your history, at lot of the music that was written was written for the churches because they were the only ones that had the money to pay the individuals. Then these individuals would tap into those areas in the dead zone to produce that kind of music.

Now, there were those that wanted to produce something different and they would tap into another portion of the dead zone to bring that through. It doesn’t matter what… for whatever reason many have begun to think of the dead zone as bad place. No it isn’t, because in the dead zone in a pseudo body that you create for yourself you are able to tap into energies that are different than the energies of the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS of the planet. And this is where many that “go into the dead zone” through death do their greatest work. And they look for that individual that is open to give that information to. And they give it to those in the ‘live’ zone. It is a perfect exchange.

And these individuals don’t “go into trance” or any of that sort of thing. They just sit down at a keyboard and they hear this music in their head and try to put it onto paper or play it on a keyboard or an instrument. It is nothing but a vibratory exchange. And many times, what they will pick up is not what is actually coming through, but its what they interpret it as. And they’re fascinated because its different.

If you will watch a real composer, a real painter, anyone, even a crafter, a quilter, anything, anyone that is so totally involved in their art, they’re totally oblivious to anything around them. Nothing exists but what they’re doing at the present time. A glass blower. A welder. Any of these individuals. They’re all concentrating on ‘what’ they are producing. And in that time of extreme concentration of what they’re doing they’re open. Now that sounds contradictory, but it is not. Because, in extreme concentration you are setting the body aside. You’ll say, ‘well, that can’t be because they’re working with the body’. Yes, but it is working in such an integral way that they’re not aware of the body movements. At that point ‘you’ are in control of the body and working ‘with’ the body – the body is not controlling you. There’s a big difference.

So this is how this beautiful music came through. Then you’ll say, ‘then why do we have this noisy rhonchi music that’s being played today?’. Because, its still coming from the dead zone, and what’s happening now in the dead zone – at the lower levels, if you want to call it that – is chaos. Now, someone will say, ‘well why does chaos exist now more than it did before?’. Well, there’s two reasons. Number one, you have more people on this which you call your planet. You have a tremendous amount of ‘energy’ that is chaotic. We’ve talked about that before – the noise on your planet.

Now, in order to get anything ‘pure’ through this chaotic atmosphere, its very difficult. So, those individuals that are extremely volatile in their nature and are what you call ‘hyper’ and the want to be musicians, because of their energy construct of the physical, they’re picking up that which is chaotic in the dead zone and bringing it through. That’s the screaming. That’s the hollering. The pounding of the drums – all of that.

Now, another reason for everything being chaotic now, is because you are going into a brand new century 2000. The nineteen hundreds are gone. The year 2000 was the year of decision for the direction that the individuals on the planet wanted to go in. Now, chaos happens when there is indecision. There is ‘indecision’ now on your planet. There are those that want to stick with what was. And there are those that want to go forward. You’re in a period of transition. The United States is the greatest example you have of indecision – your election was split half and half. You look at your governmental structure – it is split, half and half.

You see, the United States is the forward looking section of your planet. In other words, you’re the ones that are the newest. Everyone came from other countries to populate this particular area you call the United States. Those were the adventurers. Those were the ones that wanted to take chances. Those were the ones that had a zest for life – were always looking for something new. This is what you have here in the United States. So, change originating on your planet would be more apt to come from the United States, than it would from another country who is still living solidly in what you would call ‘the old ways’.

So you can see, if the United States was used as an example, you can see the indecision’s. You can see the ‘black’ and ‘white’ more clearly. And that’s what its all about – to show you ‘black’ and ‘white’. The opposites, always the opposites. And when do the opposites join? They don’t. But, they learn from each other. That’s what its supposed to be. That’s what they’re trying to show you as a group of individuals in your government. The dynamic split in the United States government – half and half – to show you, can we get this to work together or is it going to remain a split? In OBSERVING that, you will gain a great deal of understanding of what your planet is all about. And, what your life is all about. If you can look at it without emotion, and just OBSERVE.

Now, people in other countries are also discovering great splits and they’re getting wider. Countries fighting against each other. Are they going to be able to resolve and work together? Or, is it going to remain a split? There are countries that are trying to get together. And there are countries that are going to keep separate. But, this new Millennium was – lets see in the 2000’s which is a brand new section of, what you call, life – if the whole global population can live together in harmony. Watch and OBSERVE, there’s a great deal to be learned. Continue.

JOHN; He next asks… “Is there a part in the universe which is advanced in composing music?”

DATRE; In the Universe? I think we need to narrow it down to this planet. This is where the activity is. These are musicians that are living in the ‘live’ zone and living in the ‘dead’ zone. You will not find music as such in other areas. This is your individual evolution on your planet. So, don’t look out there, look here where its at. Continue.

JOHN; He further goes on to ask… “And is there any kind of music in your world Datre?”

DATRE; No! What would we do with music? We don’t have any bodies. The only way that we can ever hear or see, smell, touch, feel emotion, feel pain, feel excitement, feel anything, is when we come into a physical containment. And that is only a small portion of us that comes in. There’s no way we could bring all of us… all that I am or any of the others of us could bring ourselves all in here.

That which you call the Ram, that which you call Seth. Those are just names that are put on an energy construct. And I mean that sincerely. They do not have bodies, what would they do with a body? Their evolution is not ‘body’ oriented. You’ll say, ‘well, how can they live in the bubble?’. Why couldn’t they live in the bubble? No reason why they couldn’t live in the bubble. They are experiencing beyond anything that you could possibly imagine because, they’re not constrained in a physical containment. And the reason they are not in a physical containment, is that they got to the point that they ‘understood’ what physicality was all about and how it worked. And, what evolution ‘in’ the physical body was all about. There’s no need for them to have a body. Continue.

JOHN; His next question is… “There is some evidence that especially music from Mozart increases, at least temporarily, the intelligence and also improves the hearing and I have heard that music is used in some kinds of healing, like in China and also by the Sufi’s. Would you say that there is future potential in using music in healing in the western world?”

DATRE; Absolutely, absolutely. I don’t know whether that was in a transcript or not, where at one time they were experimenting with the piano and they hit a particular cord and the person sitting next to the piano player had a great big boil come up on their leg. And they screamed in pain, because all of a sudden they had this great big boil. And the fellow stopped his playing and wrote down the cords. Then he started working on the piano, and working on the piano he finally hit a cord and they hollered ‘stop’. The boil had immediately disappeared and they wrote that down. This is actual, this is not a fairy tale.

There is music that can be used to heal. But, that is an experiment that those that understand will be working with. It was a very interesting statement, that was by the singer called Andrea Bocelli, who is an operatic singer but also won an award for a song that he sang that was not an opera. He was given an award for that particular song, and he said, the one thing that he had observed with his concerts is when people left, they left happy. And when the audience left these heavy metal concerts, they left in ambulances. That was his statement. And this is true, because of that type of music these young people are loosing their hearing.

Now, you’ll say, ‘well, they shouldn’t be doing that, its somebody doing it ‘to’ them’. They’re doing it to themselves, and what are they trying to learn? What don’t they want to hear? They don’t want to hear themselves speaking ‘to’ themselves in the physical. People that wear glasses, what don’t they want to see? People who have hearing aids, what don’t they want to hear? People that have many different things that they say, ‘well, I was born with this’ or ‘I’ve got that’ or ‘I’ve got something else’. Why? The ear is very important. The eye’s are very important. They’re great learning tools to be used in your evolution. But, if you are the one that want’s to ‘know’ what physicality and planetary existence is all about, then you keep those two very clean and clear. So that you are ‘able’ to discern for yourself, what you want to learn.

But, as for music, yes, it is very important. A number of years ago there was a group of people, a very small group, that composed music that they made a record of and it was called “Plant Music”. There were names like “ode to a philodendron” and they had different pieces that they played and gave them names for different plants – because they needed to call it something. But they were all individual pieces of plant music. And when these two were working with that recording, they not only found how the plants grew, but how calming it was to children. A very interesting experiment.

Music has a very great effect on plants. Try that, play different music. There is music that you can play for a plant that will kill it. Then there is music that you can play for a plant that will make it grow exceedingly beautiful. The plant is made up of some of the same material you are made up of – particle components. So see what it does for the plant. Then see what it does with people. If you’re interested, it would be a search that you would find, not only very interesting, but might even help you find your self. This is for anyone and everyone that is interested in sound. If your music sounds like anything you have heard before keep searching for something different. Continue.

JOHN; His final question is… “Is there any way in using music to advance on the path of better knowing who we are and break through limitations? I mean whether we can use music in other ways that we have not thought about yet, to more expand ourselves?”

DATRE; Yes! There’s many things that you can use for your own evolution. And whatever it is that is your fascination, then that is what you need to experiment with. If you find something that you’re extremely interested in, you will find, as you begin to work in those areas, with extreme concentration, that you will “come up with things you never thought of”. If you start in that, what you’re doing is, you’re not only opening yourself up to new sounds, you’re also opening up the physical construct to new sounds. And that will help your physical body. The physical body relates to music. So, begin your journey. You will find delight in it.

Anyone who has a passion for anything, regardless of what it is, don’t ‘think’ about it – do it. And, it doesn’t start tomorrow – it starts today. It starts NOW. Because NOW is all you have. If you say, ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’, how do you know what you’ve got planned for tomorrow? What have you got planned NOW – because NOW is all you have. NOW is the time of action. Action creates your ‘time’. Your ‘time’ is your own. If you want it to be, it can be very beneficial. You can work for an hour, it can seem like ten minutes or it can seem like ten years. Once you begin to work with what you really desire, your ‘time’ becomes very, very different. You search for love and enjoyment and happiness – that’s the one thing everyone wants – but there is no one more fulfilled than that one that is striving for perfection in doing what they enjoy doing. Next question.

JOHN; That was the last one.

DATRE; We thank you, we are Datre.


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