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Datre answers Diana (Datre181)

JOHN; Today we have a question from Diana, and her question is… “In the transcript (Datre166) Datre said, “So to explain to you ‘our’ existence, is an impossibility. Now there are those that come through this physical construct that have had physicality. But that is a long time ago, in your counting. So the remembrance of physicality is only there at the point of contact and the minute the point of contact is no longer, the memory does not exist.”
My question is; If memory doesn’t exist at the point of contact with physicality then how do others know (or remember) they once had physicality?”

DATRE; Now, there again, you must remember that this contact, physical contact, is different than the majority of your individuals that are doing “channeling”. The majority of those that are doing channeling are channeling from the dead zone – only. Those are – generally – one individual contacts. As is the case with those you are familiar with – the Ram and Seth. Those were ‘one’ contact with an individual.

Now, Seth had, what you would call, others that were in contact, but there again, you see, because – as we have spoken of before – when you have many, many different ‘expressions’ from a source, then there are times when there are connections between those working in and through different portions of physicality. So, what we’re referring to is the many ‘different’ ones that come through ‘this’ physical construct.

Now, what would those that had had physical experiences and worked through them in their individual understanding of physicality need to carry around that which you call memory – if you don’t have a body? There is a triggering mechanism for someone coming into physicality that has had previous physicality that brings through that, which you call, a memory ‘patterning’. Its an energy construct that even if you don’t have a body, you have an energy construct that you function with. And unless something ‘triggers’ that energy construct, it remains an integral part and does not separate itself like it does in physicality.

In physicality, you have an energy construct of the whole of your body. But, you have ‘individual’ energy constructs ‘within’ the body that are separate. In other words, your taste, your touch, your smell, your emotions, your hearing, all of these are in one containment and that one containment is an ‘energy construct’ of each one of these individual portions that are making different changes constantly. And adjusting the energy construct of the whole.

Now, how many times have you been working on something, and you’re so involved in what you’re working with that you’re only aware of what your eyes are seeing. Take reading a book as an example. You are so involved in that book that the words that you’re reading are creating a picture for you. You’re actually creating all of these people and you’re creating the scenery. You’re going with these people. You’re making it a whole moving picture and you’re part of it – but you’re not ‘in’ it, you’re watching the whole thing because you’re making it. What happens when your foot goes to sleep? You become aware of your foot. Up to that point, you didn’t even know you had a foot. You see what I’m trying to explain to you? The energy construct that you’re focusing on is the one that you’re aware of at the time.

You’re not aware of your feet when your hands are moving. If your hands are still and your feet are moving, you’re aware of your feet. You see, you have all these components of the physical construct – which are extremely interesting – and they’re all functioning. You’re not aware of being hungry till your stomach growls. You see how fascinating your physical construct really is? So, you are not aware of portions of it until your focus is there.

Now, someone coming into a physical construct, that has at one point in time – regardless of how many hundreds of years ago that particular instance took place – as they come into the physical construct there is, what you would call, a remembrance pattern. It is a ‘response’ pattern more than a memory. The ‘memory’ is not there. But it triggers a response pattern that is different – because the one coming into the physical construct is not working with those energies in that way.

So how does that energy construct of that which you call Seth – which is constantly evolving and is not like the ‘Seth’ that was involved in the books, because the evolution has been far beyond that point – have memory? Those times are very often not within the response mechanism. But, because of that “portion of time” that it was working with an energy construct that it ‘built’ and worked with and picked up response patterns that were worked with, now that same energy coming into ‘this’ construct works entirely different, simply because, there is no ‘connection’. Its an entirely ‘different’ bodily construct.

And, because of the many that come through this bodily construct, the energies are constantly changing within this bodily construct due to the ‘others’ coming and going, and because of ‘her’ individual evolution also. So the ‘memory’ is not there per se, of ‘their’ physical time on this planet. But, there is a response to certain foods, that stimulate that, so there is a response pattern to something like that – because that is not connected to any ‘particular’ experience or any experiential ‘patterning’.

Now, you might say, ‘well then how come they can refer back to something that was on a previous transcript?’. Well that’s very simple. Because the channeler does not know what’s going on, there is a portion of the brain that is being used in order to bring the transcripts through the physical containment, there is a record of every one of the transcripts within this bodily construct. And, its very easy for them to access those energy ‘patterns’ to be able to extract that information.

You see, your brain is a very, very complex instrument. And, because it is such a complex instrument, it is very difficult for anyone else – a scientist, a doctor, whatever you want to call it – to be able to understand a brain. The only way that a brain can be understood, is by taking a brain and getting an electrical response – a jumping or whatever – to show what they’re looking for. But they don’t know ‘what’ that is. They don’t know what kind of a memory they’re tapping into or exploring, or anything else.

And, even ‘you’ do not know the content of your own brain. Simply because, every emotional experience – everything you see, taste, touch, smell, interact with – all of these are constantly recorded, because they are your experience. There are many things that they have discovered through questioning people – regarding an accident or an incident. They keep talking to this person over and over again, because your ‘instincts’, your energy construct, will record things that you are unaware of per se because its your energy construct that interacts with your environment. That is why someone will say, ‘well, I didn’t realize that I saw that’. No, they didn’t realize that they ‘saw’ it – because they probably didn’t ‘see’ it. But, their physical construct interacted ‘with it’ and recorded that interaction.

You see, you think of your body as being a little bitty containment with skin over it. Your physical construct goes beyond your skin. And, depending upon your individual evolutionary process, your energy construct can far exceed your ‘body’ size, many, many, times. Those that can see aura have seen individuals walk through a doorway, and walk into a room, and as the individual enters that room, the color of that energy begins to spread until it fills the whole room – top to bottom and from side to side. That is that individuals energy construct that is filling that room. And unless you can see the aura of these individuals, you will never see it.

So, how much information is being picked up by that one individual, whose energy construct is filling that whole room completely? It is picking up the ‘feel’ of every object within that containment of the room. Now, the brain is recording all of that – because that is ‘experiential’ information that is vital to your evolution. That is why we have said so often, that you can see – if you go into a mall particularly – cardboard people. They have no energy construct that is discernible. In other words, you can not ‘see’ it.

So you see, the brain does many things that you have no idea of – none what-so-ever. Memory isn’t what you think it is – no. It’s not at all what you think it is. But, because you need to explain – then you call it memory. But, there again, you see, the physical is much more complex and much more of a delight than you have any idea. At one time, we believe you knew more about all of that, then you do at the present time. Now, let us see what you have decided for your selves to go forward. It is going to be very interesting.

But, don’t limit your self. That is why someone will say, ‘I don’t know where that idea came from’. You walked, or drove a car, or were in an airplane, or on a river, or whatever mode of transportation you had, whatever it happened to be, and your energy construct connected with something that was “familiar” – it was another energy that was familiar. And that “triggered” and the trigger is amazed, ‘where did that come from?’. And how would you know where it came from? You see, you don’t have any idea what you brought in “from your past life”. What is deja vue all about? Walking down the street and saying, ‘I have been here before, I lived here, my parents lived over in that house. I remember being ten years old and looking at the river from my house.’ And it becomes clear and you see the whole picture.

Something ‘triggered’ an energy construct. Your energy construct is not only comprised of ‘this’ present lifetime experience but also many previous ‘lifetime’ experiences. As said before, when you ‘die’, you still are ‘you’. That’s deja vue.

So, you see, this becomes very interesting, very complex. And yet you take your selves so seriously you can’t see it. You’re too busy. You’re too busy to have fun. You’re too busy to ‘relax’ and let your self enjoy the experience of what you call – being alive. Next question.

JOHN; That was it.

DATRE; Alright, we thank you, we are Datre.


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