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Datre answers Zora (Datre182)

JOHN; Today we have some questions from Zora, and the first question is…. “In Datre 168, as well as several times previously, Datre states “we have no memory”. Could Datre explain how is the information gained/acquired and then given through Aona. In other words where does the information come from?”

DATRE; Well, the information comes from two sources really. You see, as access is gained to the physical construct, we then have the ability to be able to gather information ‘through’ the physical construct and ‘use’ information through the physical construct.

In other words, it is true, we have no memory, we have no need for memory, we have no body. The physical construct was set up so that you could ‘have’ memory. That was one thing that was desired – in composing a physical construct, was that there would be memory. And there would be events and circumstances from which you could draw from.

You see, the challenge ‘is’ the physical construct. You, coming into the physical construct, use what is stored – shall we say – in the physical construct. You store the memories in that which you call your brain. You store information in the brain. You store information throughout the whole body. But the brain is what you use to gain ‘word’ information. So, when our vibrational construct is ‘adjusted’ to enter a physical construct, we have access to that which is ‘contained’ within the physical construct, plus, being ‘in’ a physical construct, we at that point are able to go out and gather information in that which you commonly refer to – in the psychic community – as the Akashic Records.

Now see, because we can go ‘through’ a physical construct and use ‘that’ vehicle, we can read the Akashic Records – to some degree. Because of the unfamiliarity of many that come through, under the umbrella name Datre, there are those that are unable to obtain the knowledge from the Akashic Records and can only work through the construct of the physical. But, that depends upon the ‘ability’ of that ‘one’ that is coming through to give information.

So you see, without the physical construct, to be able to work through, we could give you nothing. So perhaps that will help explain why the physical construct is so important so that the information can be used from those sources. Also, we being in a physical construct, can ‘look’ at information and add ‘to’ the information that is stored within that which you call your brain to enhance further transcripts. Once we put that new information in the physical construct, whoever comes in can use that information. Plus, when Aona comes back into the body she also has access to that information. But it is working ‘with’ the physical construct that those parameters are changed, not only for those that are using the physical construct – such as those of Datre – but also of Aona. Continue.

JOHN; Question? What kind of information is contained in the Akashic Records? Is that only physicality ‘kind’ of information?

DATRE; That is it. It is… Akashic Records actually – from our viewing them and what we understand in the ‘viewing’ – is viewing ‘physical’ events. In other words, to us, we use it as a history book. Because, the Akashic Records are a ‘viewing’ of physical events. You see, because you’re limited in your physicality, within a body, you only ‘view’ the present. The Akashic Records does not contain ‘time’ and ‘space’ – it contains ‘events’. And in viewing ‘events’, you have an ‘approximation’ of that which you call ‘time’. Because, in viewing it you not only see that which you call the building, but you also see the people. So having access to the physical brain you know that those buildings and those costumes – or whatever you want to call them – are approximately from that period of that which you call ‘time’.

We don’t have the limitations of trying to ‘place’ things in a ‘time’ element – because ‘time’ is something we don’t tie ourselves into. But, if we say, ‘a long, long time ago’, or ‘that information is so far back it has been forgotten’, we can tell by viewing that it is, because ‘your’ memory in your written records are only of a certain ‘time’ frame. A lot of your material – written material – has been lost. What were all the books that were burned at one period in that which you call your ‘time’ ‘space’? The Alexandria something?

JOHN; The Alexander library.

DATRE; The Alexander library. Which contained a vast amount of records. But because those books were burned you can’t go back and dig up that information. Unless you can read the Akashic Records. People can read the Akashic records. But you can only go as far back as your understanding will ‘allow’ you to. Now you see, for us, we don’t have that limitation of physical understanding – we can view it as it is, because ‘time’ means nothing to us.

You see, many things have happened on the very spot that you are sitting or standing on. Its all there. But if you were to ‘see’ it, you couldn’t separate it – because you don’t have the ability to. If you were to see all of it at one time, you would go mad because the concept that you’re working with, is ‘here’ and ‘now’. And to view all of that at the same time, without any specific parameters, would be like a big mess, you couldn’t… there would be no way that you would be able to sort it. But we are not limited by that, because we are used to ‘sorting’ vibratory constructs, because that’s what we work in, with, and through – nothing but vibration. You are limited to the vibrations of the ‘present’ time wherever you happen to be. We do not have that limitation. So, perhaps that will explain?

JOHN; Who or how are the Akashic records created?

DATRE; The Akashic records, as they are called, are a product of the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. As we have said before, the vibrations of the spoken word, the buildings and all the surroundings (grass, trees, plants, animals, fish, birds….) even that vibration that was personified as you, is all maintained in a ‘time’ continuum. Now, if you ‘tap’ into a time frame, you will see the vibrations specific to that ‘particular’ time. Actually, what you are doing is taking a hunk of ‘time’ out and looking at it. This ‘hunk’ of time has no continuity with any time sequence, it is just an event.

JOHN; And the next question is… “And since it appears that Datre is well informed why have statements ‘it was so long ago, no one remembers’ been made?”

DATRE; That is what we were trying to explain. If it is so far back that no one remembers – because we have a pretty good idea of how far back your information in your memory goes just by coming into a physical body and scanning from that stand point. But if you have things that are many hundreds of year’s old or even thousands of years old, it has no relevancy to you. So there would be no reason to explain it. You keep searching to find a beginning. But in searching to find a beginning, you’re going to find nothing but confusion. You can get back so far, but after that, is no different than going forward. If you were to get into that which you call your ‘time’ span and go forward, you’d still find utter confusion. Because, that is not the way the physical construct is set up at the present time – those are not the vibrations for you to extend beyond a certain point. So, that is not limited by ‘us’ or anyone else. It is limited by the physical construct, because these are the parameters that you have set for your education. Continue.

JOHN; And the last question is… “Does that mean that Datre’s abilities to give information are limited by someone/something, or do they chose not to answer because they regard the questions as irrelevant?”

DATRE; No, there are no questions that are irrelevant. We can take a questions and give you an answer that you are not expecting, to take you in a direction you are not thinking of. Meaning, not the individual that is asking the question, but everyone that is reading the information. We try and ‘stretch’ and give you something to think about. A different way to look at that which you call your physical reality.

So, there are no irrelevant questions. There is nothing that is stopping anyone in any way. The only thing is, you set up your parameters for learning. Your learning experience in physicality is no different then your schooling. You set up the curriculum – I think that’s the right word – for your schooling.

In other words, this is what needs to be learned in the first grade so that you can build to the second grade. And this much must be learned in the second grade to build toward the third grade. So you’re using all of the information all the way along the line. Then you have your doctorate degree out of college, but if someone mentions some particular exercise that was used in the first grade for your learning and understanding – who stops it? Nobody stops it. That memory is yours. And if you tap into it, ‘oh, I remember that’.

Its the same thing except when you get into that which you call your physical ‘history’ – there is something that does stop it, and its called death. Because, when you come back into physicality again, do you remember who you were last time? Well, everybody is going to be Cleopatra and Napoleon and all these other things – because that’s an easy out and it makes you feel good. But that isn’t the way it works. There are very few that have ever been able to ‘linearly’ put their lifetimes together one after the other with the remembrance of the ‘past’ one to build on. You don’t do that. You don’t want it. Therefore dump it all, ‘I don’t want to remember any of that stuff’. So, you come back in and you don’t remember any of it. That’s your desire.

Nobody say’s you can’t remember. It is your ‘desire’ not to remember. That’s why you put death in. You got tired of doing what you were doing in the physical construct you were doing it in – ‘I want to start over’. So that’s what you do. When continuity is not maintained, you continue with the same thing. In other words, if you were in the first grade and you graduated from first grade to second grade, and you said, ‘I don’t want any memory of what I had in first grade’. How are you going to handle second grade? You’re going to have to start with your A B C’s and 1 2 3’s all over again in the second grade when you’ve already gone through it. Simple analogy, but it works. That’s the way it is. Continue.

JOHN; That was it.

DATRE; All right, we thank you, we are Datre.


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