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Datre answers Frauke (Datre183)

JOHN; Today we have some questions from Frauke and the first question is… “To bring more of the YOU who I really am into physicality, does that mean to follow my intuition, my impulses, my desires?”

DATRE; To follow your impulses. To follow your intuition. To work from that point, that is what it is all about. Now, your desires are entirely different. The focus of humankind is on ‘desire’. So, we will say for you to follow your intuition and be that grand OBSERVER. Because, in OBSERVING you will be given ‘signs’ to follow that you are putting there for you to see and ‘act’ or ‘react’ upon. And that is perhaps, one of the most difficult processes you have put in front of yourself. Is to follow the ‘signs’ that you give your self – and your interpretation of those signs. Continue to the next question please.

JOHN; And the next question is… “So that I just have to get the brain to understand, that whatever I wish to experience is possible and that the brain doesn’t need to figure out how to do it, because it will unfold itself perfectly?”

DATRE; You do not need to get your brain to understand what you want. See, what you’re doing… lets get at it from another direction. Number one, you are ‘not’ physical – the body is. It is a cooperation between a physical construct and a non-physical construct. The idea is to learn both ways. You are learning physicality. Physicality is learning non-physicality by working with non-physical you.

Now, you set objectives. Learning’s that you wish to see developed in physicality for your understanding. You give the brain the message that this is what… these are the parameters that you wish for your learning and understanding. You want to explore certain areas. And the brain or the physical construct is the one that sees the most efficient way for your learning.

Now, ‘you’ have no control of ‘how’ the physical construct is going to set this particular learning experience in front of you. You may say, ‘I don’t want this, this is not what I wanted, this is not what I was looking for’, because you’re viewing from the physical construct and experiencing it. But the physical construct is trying to get ‘you’ to understand what it is trying to show you. It may not be to ‘your’ liking. But, the physical construct has been set up by you, for you, with you, whatever way you want to look at it. And has been set up because you think, ‘this is the way its going to work the best’.

In other words, if you wanted to be a great musician you would not set up the physical construct that would give you a physical construct with fingers that wouldn’t work with instruments. Or vocal cords that couldn’t be used for a voice. Or any of those things. You would want a physical construct that was such that it could be used to attain those results to whatever degree you wanted to work with that particular form of experience. But you certainly wouldn’t set it up with a physical construct that wouldn’t go in that direction at all.

So you see, a lot has to do with ‘you’ and the physical construct working in cooperation with each other. Now, what the physical construct sets up is, that from its stand point this is the best way to learn the lesson that you want. Or to get the results you want.

Now, if that experience doesn’t give you the results that you want, you’ll say, ‘well, I still want this result, therefore we’ll try something else’. So the body figures out some other way for you to get that experience. But, if you are an OBSERVER, you will watch the ‘signs’, the signals, that the physical construct is putting out.

It seems like a lesson in futility, because you’ll say, ‘well I’m not getting what I want’. You ‘are’ getting what you want. But ‘you’ in the physical are ‘not’ getting what you want. That’s where it comes to an abyss. The body has emotions. You do not have emotions. So the body’s looking at it from one direction and you’re looking at it from another direction. Until you begin to get ‘into’ the body and look at it from that point, the physical body is doing the best it can to give you the pictures ‘you’ want to see to achieve what you want to achieve. Not to accomplish your ‘desire’. If you will look at ‘desires’, desires are ’emotional’ fulfillment.

That is ‘not’ what ‘you’ came in here for. You wanted evolution of ‘learning’. You didn’t want to stand still. You wanted to proceed, proceed, proceed. Instead of sitting ‘within’ a physical construct and saying, ‘well, I want this and I want that and I want something else and I want something else’. Then if you’re given all these physical things – its like a child.

A child walks through a store with the mother. ‘I want that toy, that’s the only toy I want, I don’t want any other toy, this is the toy I want, I’ve got to have it, I’ve got to have it’. And finally the mother breaks down and says, ‘all right, that’s it, here’s your toy’. Buys the toy, takes it home, a week later, ‘I haven’t got anything to do’. ‘What about your toy?’. ‘I’m tired of that’. And ‘that’ is the way you function in physicality. No if and’s or but’s about it.

All you are looking for is to fulfill your physical desires. And every time you change, its something else. But, your change is ‘not’ wanting to ‘know’ what makes physicality on this planet work. That’s what you came into physicality for. But you’re so sick and tired of it, you’re constantly looking for ‘self’ gratification in any way you can think of. Continue.

JOHN; And the final question is… “When I realize more and more through creating on purpose and observing the results that I am really the “whole ball game”, I have the feeling that then there will be a point, where physicality is no longer a challenge; because when you “know” that you really can put every picture you want in front of you it starts to get boring…?”

DATRE; No! No, it will not, because, as you do that, as you begin to ‘see’ what is happening from the stand point of evolution – not gratification – it becomes an entirely different ball game. To see things happen just because you want them to happen, again, its like a child, the gratification doesn’t last. But, if you see things happening and you understand ‘why’ its happening, and ‘how’ its happening, and what you’re learning ‘from’ the happening and you see the evolution of ‘your’ understanding in the physical, it becomes more and more intriguing. Because, at that point, you will begin to ‘push’ yourself into more and more ‘knowingness’.

And more and more knowingness, leads to nothing more than wanting ‘more’. In other words, even a simple thing that you begin to play with as a game it becomes fascinating. And each time you play that game… lets take a difficult game. Lets take a difficult game that taxes you mentally, like a chess game. Every time you play that chess game you find another angle that you hadn’t seen before. So you store that. And the next time you go to play chess, you play with anticipation because, ‘will I be able to make that move work again in that same kind of situation?’. So you try it again – that works. But, in playing that game you forget that you wanted to try something new. But you won that game on that particular move. All right, fine. So the next game you play someone throws another aspect in front of you and you say, ‘now that’s another one for me to figure out’.

Same thing with life. If you look at it as, ‘all right, I’ve got that figured out’. Now, something pops up in front of you, ‘oh, I haven’t experienced that before, I wonder how that one works?’. And you will never run out. It is an impossibility. The thing that will happen is, you will become more and more intrigued with that which you call the ‘game of life’. Continue.

JOHN; That was the last one.

DATRE; Okay, we thank you, we are Datre.


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