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Datre answers Adrian (Datre185)

JOHN; Today we have some questions from Adrian and his first question is… “Every time you mention Kundalini I get different aspects of a complex phenomena. Would you please explain what it is?”

DATRE; Its very difficult to explain what the Kundalini is, because everyone will experience it in a different way. Since you are all individuals and having your own experiences and learning from your own experiences, there are no two people that will have the same result.

In other words, many people will say they have gone through the Kundalini. You can find some commonality, but it is never the same for any two people. So, to explain what it is or what it isn’t is an impossibility. It is only as ‘you’ experience it. Continue.

JOHN; And he continues on and asks… “Is it purely a physical phenomena?”

DATRE; Absolutely. Everything ‘you’ experience is physical, there’s nothing else involved. Continue.

JOHN; His next question is… “Does it break down the ego to reveal the egoic self?”

DATRE; It doesn’t break down anything. What it does is – more than anything else – you are looking for answers to questions, because that’s what physicality is all about. You have questions – you look for answers.

Now, if you ‘push’ and ‘push’ and ‘push’ to get answers, you can get them in various ways. Now, some individuals are impatient and want the whole thing right now. So, they will ‘push’, either by themselves or with someone else – who knows what to expect when a person goes through the Kundalini – and they will ‘push’ until that is achieved. They want that experience. They feel they will be a ‘grander’ person if they have gone through the Kundalini.

That is not true – as far as we can tell – because we’ve watched individuals. There’s many different ways of achieving a goal. But, its like everything else, if you want to take a crash course, you can do it. But, its going to take you a long time to be able to assimilate the information from that point on, because it does change your perspective. That’s what it is – its a re-alignment – of the physical construct. And anytime you do a re-alignment of the physical construct, when that alignment is finished, you will see things differently. That’s because you’re re-aligning your neurological system as well as your whole physical construct. And, when that happens, it is like people who go through the “death” experience and know they must come back. They come back per se, as different people because they look at things entirely different. Same thing with the Kundalini.

If its a traumatic experience, the humans have difficulty ‘dropping’ any experience and going on. Drop the experience. You’ve had it, its over, its done with. Now, what have you achieved? Are you beginning to view things in a different way? This is where your OBSERVER comes in again. You will ‘see’ things differently. It doesn’t happen over night because you have gone through a traumatic experience.

There are individuals that have had ‘accidents’ – as you call them – with automobiles, with animals, with whatever, and they have gone into periods of comma and come out of the comma and they see things differently. Its a ‘realignment’ of your physical construct. So your brain, as you ‘observe’ things will view things differently. And in viewing things differently the brain needs to find a place for it and there isn’t a ‘place’ for it because its ‘new’, its different, so the realignment of the brain takes place. And you work from ‘that’ point forward. Its not an ‘elimination’ of the past. Its a change of perspective. And if you keep trying to put what you view today into the ‘past’ – it isn’t going to fit. You’ve taken a ‘crash course’ in trying to understand what physicality is all about. That’s what ‘our’ perception is of the Kundalini. Continue.

JOHN; He continues on and asks… “How does it crack the unconscious?”

DATRE; It doesn’t crack the unconscious. As I’ve said, you change your perspective because of the way you view things in physicality. It cracks nothing. You’ve got everything that you had, but you have a change in perspective. This changes your… every time you read something over you can look at it and say… ‘I’ve never read that before’.

But, individuals that don’t go through the Kundalini and have the ‘AH HA’s’ say the same thing. There are many who don’t want to jump off a bridge – like a bunge jumper. There are many of them who would rather walk on the bridge and observe the view from that point.

So you see, how you go about achieving what you want to achieve is individualistic. That’s why their experiences of the Kundalini are going to be different – they’re going to be ‘your’s’. They’re not going to be anybody else’s. Continue.

JOHN; Then he asks… “Can it be controlled?”

DATRE; That’s a very interesting question. There are individuals that have had a dramatic, shall we say, experience and being flooded with information that was coming so fast it was like a raging river. They have had to grab a hold of themselves and stop it, because if they didn’t they would have gone mad. There are those that have gone through the Kundalini and because they get emotionally involved in it they too have to learn to control it. But in both cases, you have had an opening of a flood gate of information.

Now, if it happens spontaneously, how are you going to stop it? If you allow the Kundalini to continue, and don’t fight it, it isn’t that bad. If you allow the flood gate of information all of a sudden to be coming through you like a raging river, you know what you have to do, then you have to stop it.

But, they’re different experiences. The ‘AH HA’s’ can open a flood gate of information. And if its just one instance – for an AH HA – that’s fine because its just one thing. But if it continues, and it is coming faster than you can handle it, you can stop it. The body is in control of itself. With the information, you’d say ‘stop it’. The body will stop it.

There are those individuals who can have an injury with blood oozing out of it, and through – what you would call – sheer will, can stop that bleeding immediately. There are tribes that are in country’s that you would call ‘primitive’ – who are not primitive – but will not allow people to come and see them, because it is like when you came and brought all your diseases to the American Indians. Its the same type of thing. They don’t want your infiltration and all that you bring with you, mentally and physically. But these individuals, if they were to cut off a hand in an accident – if they were cutting down great big trees and they slipped and cut off a hand – they stop the flow of blood. Then they immediately produce a hand exactly like the one that was there before. This is not fiction – this is fact.

So you see, the physical body – in conjunction with you – is capable of many many things. And that is the mystery. The body is the mystery to be enjoyed and to be understood and to be seen through.

So, I’m getting off the track. But I want to tell you that these things happen to different individuals because they want it to happen. You give the body information and it produces the result that you’re looking for, because you have given it the information that you want to give it.

So, as for the Kundalini, if you had not wanted the experience, you would not have had it. You wanted it, you have it, now its up to you to continue in whatever direction you want to go with that information. OBSERVE and watch, and you will see how differently you look at the world. That’s what you want to see. You want to see – through the eyes of physicality – the difference and try to understand the difference and why the difference. Continue.

JOHN; His next question asks… “What is its purpose?”

DATRE; Well, I think we’ve just explained that.

JOHN; And his final question is… “Is it who we truly are?”

DATRE; No! You are you. The physical construct of the body is the physical construct of the body. It is a cooperative arrangement, and this is for you to understand. You may figure it out this life time. You may figure it out next life time. You may figure it out a thousand million life times from now. But that’s what fascinates you – is trying to figure out ‘what’ physicality is all about. It depends on your intensity. What do you want to know? How do you want to learn? You don’t always get what you think you want.

In other words, you might say, ‘this is what I want and this is exactly the way I want it’. But, you’re speaking from the standpoint of being in the physical construct. You are speaking from emotion – because ’emotion’ is what drives physicality. And right now, your emotions are so tangled that its very difficult for you to know where you want to go and what you want to do. Because, all of a sudden you’re into a new Millennium and everyone is trying to figure it out. A lot of the “rules” and a lot of the things that you have set up for a learning experience, in the last Millennium you just went through, have changed. You’re saying, ‘we need to make some changes’. And, as a cooperative effort, everyone on your planet has set into motion things that they want to learn in this next Millennium.

You see, you don’t realize – there’s nobody ‘out there’ – that tells you how your planet is going to be run. Its the individuals ‘on’ the planet that makes the decision. And each country that you live in has its own set of parameters. And each country has a different type of learning experience. That’s why you’ll find individuals that have been to many different parts of your globe – different countries and they will have a very different view of every country that they are in. Because, the more countries that they are in, the more they expand.

You go from your birth place in one country, you go to another, and you can see all the discrepancies, so you compare these two countries. Then you go to a third country. Now you have the combination of the first country and the second country and you’re experiencing the third country and you pick up information from that country. And the more countries that you go – and live in for a period of time, that not just going for a week, but live in for a period of time – you’re constantly changing, constantly changing. So, each country that you go into becomes more of an experience and its easier for you to adapt, to understand, because you have gone through these other different countries. Lived there, experienced them. So your perception of everything keeps changing.

Its the same thing when you’re searching for answers. Every time you read information, regarding something that you’re interested in… ‘oh, well this is the first book I’ve read on that subject’. So, all right you’ve got a start. So the next book you read, you have two. The next information you OBSERVE, you have these two book that you have read, and you look at that from the information that you have gathered from those two books. All the time, your physical construct is absorbing the information to work with. The more you expand your ‘knowingness’ into many different areas, every time you OBSERVE something, you will OBSERVE it differently. As the years go on, you’ll say, ‘well that person is growing up’. There’s a lot of people that grow up and are no different than when they were in high school – and they’re 45 years old. They’re still running on pure emotion. And any little thing whips them in any little direction they walk in. But, the OBSERVER gathers information and works from that.

So who are you? Is this who you are after a Kundalini experience? Who are you, is different every minute. It has to be, whether it is driven by emotion, or driven by the wanting to know, or what ever. There is no way that you can be constantly the same. They’re saying, ‘why are so many people getting divorced?’. ‘Why are so many people living together instead of getting married?’. Long term relationships. But after that they go their separate ways. What’s happening? You’re learning different ways of learning.

In other words, if you have a relationship that lasts 3, 4, 5, 10, years what ever number, and you can say… ‘well I can see this is going no place’. You have reached a point where you are not of benefit to each other, so you no longer stay together. That is a very different way of expanding your knowingness. You haven’t locked yourself into the last Millennium’s programming of… ‘we met when we were in school, we got married after we got out of high school, we’ve been together 50 years’. Have they grown? Yes, because they have had children and grandchildren and all these different things. If that’s what they wanted to experience, that’s what they have done. But, because of the wanting to know more about why and what physicality is all about, you’re changing the standards.

Its been coming gradually, and its been increasing. The attitudes towards many different things. Can you imagine your great grandparents being comfortable with today’s sexuality? Absolutely not. Them talking about what you have in your schools? Goodness, they couldn’t understand that. And yet you take it for granted. The other thing is with your television, and your video games. You are so used to seeing tragic car accidents and people shooting and killing. People that are dragged out of buildings that have been bombed. And your video games is shooting and killing people. You have become so anesthetized with seeing all of this, that it doesn’t bother you any more. It doesn’t bother the children. A child picks up a gun and shoots his playmate and say’s… ‘I don’t know why I didn’t feel anything?’. Well, they don’t feel anything because it didn’t happen to them. They weren’t the ones being shot. But they expected to feel something, they didn’t even feel emotion.

You see what has happened has changed as far as your viewing physicality is concerned. So, who are you? That is for you to figure out. The only way you can find out ‘who’ you are in physicality, is to OBSERVE what your physical bodies are experiencing. It is much like this one that is doing the transcript – the body we are using – how does she know what she is doing? How does she know whether she is just sitting here and answering the transcripts and is anybody paying any attention – does anybody care? What do you do? You check and find out how many individuals have come to the web site and taken off information. Then she knows – for her own satisfaction – what has been happening and what is happening. Who else cares? But she likes to know. So, the same with you. You want to know ‘what’ you’re doing and ‘how’ you’re doing it. OBSERVE what your physical body is showing you. Continue.

JOHN; That was it.

DATRE; Okay, we thank you we are Datre.


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