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Datre answers Rob (Datre186)

JOHN; Today we have a question from Rob concerning the hijacked planes crashing into buildings in the United States and his questions is; “I’d be interested to hear Datre’s take on the (still continuing) troubles over there in the US – what’s mass consciousness trying to say?”

DATRE; What is happening now, as we have said before, you have a New Millennium and you are going to experience changes. Now, I don’t know how you think changes come about, but if you are going to go into a new Millennium at the speed that you do everything else at the present time, you’re going to do things as quickly as possible.

Now, all of this – remember – is a play that is being acted out. You will notice, first of all, that the planes that were hijacked going to different locations across the United States were not full with passengers. They had half or less than the number that is usually on those huge airplanes. The planes chosen were the ones with the most fuel and the most passengers. But you see, there were those that decided that they did not want to partake in this dramatic event. Remember, this is your choice.

There was one plane – that was documented – where the men on that plane decided to attack the hijackers. And a fight ensued. Then as I remember John saying, that was the one that dove into the ground and never reached its destination. So, you see, there are variables. Now, the men aboard that plane took the chance that they could perhaps overtake the hijackers to divert them from their destination and get back control of the plane. This did not happen – but they knew that when they started it. They ‘knew’ at a different level then that portion of you that is working ‘within’ the physical construct.

Now, as everyone knows – all around the world – the jealousy that exists and the hatred that exists towards those that live in “the prosperous United States”. Now, many individuals, around the world, have only access and understanding of those that live within the United States, from that which you call television and motion pictures. They see everyone in the United States as being prosperous and affluent people. And the other thing they see is the amount of violence on your TV and your movies. The amount of sex on your TV and your movies. So many look at the United States as being like the Roman Empire. And you see what they are looking to do is to have their Armageddon. In fact, there were newspapers that were published around the world with great big headlines that said Armageddon.

You see, you have to fulfill the prophecies that you have set up for yourselves, because, there are so many that ‘believe’ that that has to take place. If it did not take place they would not be satisfied, and they would keep after it, and after it until they got the results they wanted. They have to have the plagues. They have to have all the deaths and dying. They have to have all of these things that they think Armageddon is all about. And, because of the ‘belief’ – on your planet – regardless of what religion you ascribe to, there is always that one that is ‘higher’ that you pray to and you pray for ‘justice’.

Now these are harsh words, but, you can see what is happening. As one man from Northern Ireland said when being interviewed – and I have had the benefit of being able to be within this body and view and hear much of what is going on – the man from Northern Ireland said; ‘we are used to devastation and I do not understand it”. Then he said; “ours pales in comparison”. So does everything else. But because you are the biggest – the big nuclear power – the big money power. If you take three steps forward, the rest of the world thinks they have to do the same – because, they’re following the leader. They do not see the abject poverty that is within the United States. All they see is what is on the television, what are they going to understand? Everyone has money. Everyone works in big offices. Everyone has a good time.

You see, that is the picture that you continually convey to the world. And these people that don’t have anything are very envious of you. Why don’t these people have anything? Because, in the majority of the countries, the Arab countries – which is where the unrest is more then anyplace else – they have leaders who everything and they get nothing. So you see what is happening – changes need to take place.

Now, hearing on the radio or seeing the television, they talk about what a horrific thing this is. And it is the United States that needs to have ‘justice’ because we are a ‘Christian’ nation and we abhor such things. The words are the ones that do it – watch the ‘words’. Don’t just look at the whole thing, listen to what is being said.

In other words; ‘I’m a Christian, my god is better than your god’. Where is this all originating from? Why do these men get in these planes and do these things? Because, their god – whoever it may be – said that they will be rewarded in heaven if they give their lives to a ‘just’ cause.

Now, you’re only looking from one side of the coin. Remember you have a coin and it has two sides. Everything in physicality has opposites. What the new Millennium is about is, trying to meld the two side thinner and thinner and closer and closer together until you have ONE WORLD that works together for the benefit of ALL. This is what it is all about.

Then someone will say; ‘why did it have to be this big?’. It had to be this big in order to get ‘everyone’ all over the world involved. You have had different things happen, but it has not affected the ‘whole planet’.

I venture to say, there are not many people on your whole planet that are not aware of what is going on. In order to get any ‘results’ and make ‘any’ changes, the ‘whole’ planet needs to be involved. If everyone is involved and taking part in its operation, then it ‘pulls’ people together.

In other words, the differences between those in one country vs. another country. What is going to bring these two countries, that are so against each other, to a common meeting ground and say; lets work together and stop killing each other? You see, those Arab countries and those in that region – and I can’t name all of them because I don’t know the boundaries and it would take too long to get all the information to tell you – but, those countries over there are very volatile. They’re very volatile people. And they have always lived that way. They have always fought. You can go back into that which you call your history books and you will see, this has gone on way, way back. And yet, what they are doing in many sections – in different countries – is putting the children together. ‘Can I go over and play at so-in-so’s house tonight and stay over and come back in the morning?’. ‘Well, why can’t I play with so-in-so, she’s my best friend or he’s my best friend? Why can’t I play with them?’. A child does not understand – a child is ‘taught’.

You’ll say; ‘well, this is the religion’. ‘The reason all this is happening is you are not such and such’, whatever the religion happens to be. One very important thing to remember, when you are born you are raised by parents. You are born into a religion. You are born into a thinking, because how do you learn? You mimic the parents. Now, you can be born into a religion, but you can change. But, I would say that the majority on your planet are born into a religion and ‘stay’ in that religion. And, because my mother and father ‘hate’ this other group, then you pick up the same thing – you’re mimicking. Well I hate them. Why? Because my parents do.

You see what happens, because as we have said before, you can not see clearly until you get at the ‘tip’ of the spear. Because then you are an ‘individual’ and you are running your own life – no one else is. But there are people that are born and they die and all they do is – at 95 they say; ‘well, I remember what my mother and father did and this is the way they did it’. And they’re 95 years old now and they have not changed. The NEW MILLINIUM is about CHANGE. You can’t change anything if you’re going to hang on to everything that ‘was’. Change is necessary.

Why are all these people that are the head of different departments in the United States government the same as the now president’s father had as his people? What are you doing? You’re repeating. It is going to be shown that ‘repeat’ does not work. That is why it is working the way it is. They are still – as of the day before these airplanes hit in the United States – the day before on television, they are still talking about if they had ‘one’ more day in the deciding of the presidential election in the United States of America, the president you have now would not be in office. Now, how close was that orchestrated? One day! And you think things are happening happenstance? No! But are you listening? Are you OBSERVING without emotion?

If you ‘watch’ and ‘listen’ you will hear many, many things. But those that look at it with anguish and emotion – they do not see and they do not hear the ‘pattern’ of events that are unfolding. It is very interesting to see how you ‘all’ are orchestrating this. One very small item you may have over looked is the date of the four attacks – September 11th. What is September 11th.? 911. What is the emergency number in the United States for everything? 911. Are you observing? Yet, there are a lot of what you call tragedies throughout the planet at the present time. But, it’s a little bit here and it’s a little bit there and it’s a little bit someplace else, and its reported and then ignored. This could not be ignored.

The nations are coming together and the nations around the world – they say the ‘democratic’ nations – no. That has been corrected, on your television. They say ALL the nations that are coming together. You saw pictures of young people dancing in the streets, they were so happy that this happened to those in America. That was but a few. The heads of those countries – including the Arab nations and all of the other nations – are devastated, they can not believe what has happened. You talk about China and the relationship with China. China has joined the rest of the world.

You can not, in the NEW MILLINIUM, when changes are taking place, you can no longer finger point and say; ‘well, its all the democratic nations’. No, no, listen to what is being said. ALL NATIONS are coming together. There are some, your man mister Powell, he is.. what is he John? The Secretary of State has been in contact with nations around the world. Some of them he was unable to get a hold of at the time he spoke due to different time zones. Also, your communication lines were jammed because they were so busy. The same with your internet. Your telephone lines and your computers are so full that they can’t make connection. But all countries, throughout the world will be contacted. And as of the time of his speech, everyone was unanimous – this was the most terrible thing they have seen. And there is also concern that it could happen to any country. And something needs to be done.

Watch, and see what’s happening. Remember, all the individuals that died in this event that’s called a tragedy all for their own reasons left. No one ever does anything ‘to’ you. They had this purpose in mind. This is something they knew had to be done and they volunteered. It is no different then the firemen and the policemen and the emergency personnel. While people were running out of the buildings, they were running in to save as many as they could. This is no different than the people that were on the airplane or the people that were in the buildings. The only difference is, they went from the physicality you can see, to the dead zone. Which is a physicality most of you don’t see. That’s the difference. Because of the way you view that which you call your physical life. That’s what makes the difference.

Watch – see what is happening. The MILLINIUM is just beginning. You want it to be a certain way. It has already been decided what you want to do and how you all want to do it. And you will make adjustments as you go along. But, do it, get it over quickly so we can go on and make other adjustments to bring this MILLINIUM into alignment the way ‘we’ want it to be. We, being all of humanity on this planet. Not just the United States. Not just this section or that section. The whole planet. Because your world with its instant communication has become so small that you’re either going to ‘live’ together, as everyone wants, or you’re going to continue in ignorance. The new energies will no longer support yesterday. We thank you, we are Datre.


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