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Datre answers Sandy, Cynthia and Terrell (Datre187)

JOHN; Today we have some questions from Sandy and the first question is… “I’d like to ask Datre where the Great White Brotherhood, the Ascended Masters fits. Are they also Universal Beings?”

DATRE; No, they are not Universal Beings. That is something that was set up in that which you call your dead zone. Which… well, it sort of relates to what you have on your earth plane. Let us go back to the point where there was no dead zone. You see, you think of that as something that has always been. It has not. There were century’s, many, many, century’s that you had no need for a dead zone, because you had a, what would be called, a more continuous life.

Now, you’ll say, ‘well there’s no record of that’. No, because it goes back too far. Your “record keeping” has been very short in relationship to the time that you as humanity have been on this planet earth. So… you’ll say, ‘well, what was that like?’. There’s no need to go into that because it has no relationship to what you are today. It is too far back. Now, if you want to know what that’s like, then set yourself up for the future to see what its like with out a dead zone. Because, that is eventually what you come ‘back’ to, shall we say, is that which you call ‘life’ without a dead zone.

Now, when you became so disenchanted with the ‘ongoingness’ of that which you call your life ‘span’, you said, ‘I’m getting tired of this, isn’t there a way that I could take a respite, shall we say, and rest and relax from a physical body and more or less set up what I want to do and then go back into physicality again?’. So a dead zone was created by you – that were on the planet – at the time. Which is all of you now. There are no remnants that exist, because has been too long since you have had a dead zone.

Now, if you were to ‘trace’ some of your past history, shall we call it, through different cultures, there have been accounts of the times in which there was no death. You see, what happens is, depending upon your culture, you have so completely gotten away from the idea that those ‘story tellers’ were actually the preservers of record before you had written anything down. But there was no need to write anything down. It was passed on from generation, to generation, to generation. You didn’t have as many people on your planet. You had ‘cultures’ on your planet of different types of individuals in physicality. But, you were not divided up like you are now, into that which you call ‘countries’ and ‘states’ and ‘villages’ and ‘towns’ and ‘cities’ and all of that. Back then, there were groups of people living together for a common purpose and those which you call the ‘story tellers’ kept your ‘history’ – as you call it today – intact. It was passed on.

Now, in those ‘villages’ or groups of people – you would call them villages today – were villages, tribes of people, what ever you want to call them, they had developed, within that small group, their own, shall we say, form of government. Now, this was before, what your history calls Roman Empire, the Egyptians and all of that. This was way before that. It was before anything. You did not ‘know’ that which you call writing.

So what happened is, as your culture – in these different groups – began to expand and if they left one area and went to another area, they drew ‘pictures’ of what they were like when they were there. That was the beginning. You’ll say, ‘well there’s hieroglyphics in all of these caves and all of these other places’. Also, there were many other places where they put different things that were showing the people, if they came to that place, what it was like. You have that same thing today. You want to preserve a record of what was. You’re building a new building, you get a big box and you put all kinds of things that are pertinent today and you call them ‘time’ capsules or what ever. You put them in the ground, hoping that someday somebody will dig it up and see that’s what it was like. So you see, you haven’t changed that mode of operation.

Now, I’m skipping all over the place, but you’ll try and follow me. When the dead zone was invented – by no one but you – after all, how can anyone tell you what to do – this is ‘your’ evolution? When that was developed, they wanted a record of what they had experienced. And that became, what you call, the Akashic Records. As the dead zone grew to humongous portions – they thought it was humongous at that time, because more and more wanted to experience this thing called death so they could start over again and you found that the transition into the dead zone was more than the transition from the dead zone back into physicality. They found it fascinating and many were reluctant to go back into physicality because of what they had already experienced, they didn’t want it again. So they wanted to stay in the dead zone as long as they could before they began to loose their viability and want to get back in again.

So, they had formed, what you would call, a governmental structure or guidelines or what ever you want to call it. So, each group got together and said, ‘well, this is the way we did it and I think we should have this kind of a system here’. And another one would say, ‘ours was much the same, we’ll incorporate that’. And, there again, you have your evolutionary ‘time’, shall we say, and you developed what they called, the Ascended Masters.

Now, this did not happen over night, as was said before. It was an ‘ongoing’ process. But, because they evolved to such a point that they ‘felt’ their viability, and no different than what you have on your planet today, wanting to be ‘number one’. You have the same thing in what you call the dead zone and the Ascended Masters. This is very simplistic, but this will give you an idea of how that started.

So, the Ascended Masters and what was the other one?

JOHN; The Great White Brotherhood.

DATRE; That is the same thing. Developed in the same manner. Just over a period of time it developed and the more ‘prestige’, shall we say, they gained. It is nothing more than a product of changing vibration and going into that which you call your dead zone. Because remember, you’re not your body. So your body had nothing to do with it. It was ‘you’ all the time. But, ‘you’ having had physical experience, carried that through, because as that which you call your ‘time’ continued to make changes, you became more and more entrenched in the idea that you ‘were’ your body. And that is one of the things right now. How many people, right now, have the belief that they’re ‘not’ their body? That’s very minuscule in comparison to the number of physical beings that you have on your planet. So, continue with the next question.

JOHN; And Sandy continues to ask… “is Datre part of the Great White Brotherhood?”

DATRE; Very definitely NOT. Datre is not physical. And everyone connected with Datre ‘knows’ themselves to be what they ‘are’. And those in Datre, they may have, in fact the majority, have never experienced ‘any’ type of physicality. They work and live in a state of working with vibrations – that’s all they work with. There’s no forms, there’s nothing like that. They are ‘birthed’ to be what they are, they do what they do, and that is what it is.

That is why so many wait to come into a physical being, because they want to see what that is like. They step down the vibration of a small portion of that which they are, to came ‘through’ a physical construct. And many, many… they come in, they look through the eye’s, they can not make any movement of the physical construct what-so-ever. They can’t move the eye’s. they can’t blink. They can’t do anything with it. They just want to ‘see’ and ‘feel’ what its like. Totally fascinated by that experience. And, in just a short period of time, they withdraw the energy. But in that experience alone, they have experienced a great deal. But because they have no memory, it is gone. But, the vibration that came through the physical construct, is maintained as a ‘different’ vibrational pattern that they’re able to work with because its fascinating. Any energy that has not been experienced previously, is fascinating.

You see, because you’re so used to being in a physical construct, you don’t ‘really’ experience the differences in vibrational energy. The body translated ‘all’ these energies and so you go to someplace entirely different, the body tries to find a similarity of a vibration that it has felt before. But anyway, that will give you an idea of what this is all about.

So, Datre – no – definitely not. Continue.


JOHN; We now have a question from Cynthia who asks…. “I wonder if you might comment on something that happens frequently to me. I’m sure you are familiar with those pictures which… if you look at them long enough, or in a certain way… something else – an entirely different picture emerges from them.”

DATRE; That is what you call…. those pictures that you look at called holography. They have them in your newspapers. They have them in pictures you can hang on your wall. You get a certain distance from them and another picture emerges from what looks like a whole bunch of junk. Its a whole bunch of things that are drawn on a piece of paper and in viewing them in a certain way they will… another picture emerges. And if you tip it and move it around those also move. It is very… it is what you call 3 dimension pictures. I don’t know how they do it but they’re a lot of fun. I enjoy coming into the physical body and seeing them. All right continue.

JOHN; Cynthia continues… Or the simple cubes that are drawn in such a manner as their perceptive changes when you stare at them. I find that once this happens – it is difficult to see the object in the original perspective that I first viewed it. Almost as if I have entered another dimension. When the new perspective occurs… It is sudden – almost like a ‘pop’ occurs in my consciousness.

Of course, with effort, I can return to the original perspective… but I am wondering if this is something like what has been described as a ‘parallel universe?'”

DATRE; That parallel universe is a strange one. If you would say a parallel planet, that’s one thing. But a parallel universe, you have no conception of a universe. Any more than you have any conception of 10 billion dollars. You talk about 10 billion dollars. You talk about a million dollars. You just throw out numbers, you can’t conceive what that is.

Your scientists talk about so many billions of light years away that they have measured. By what measurements I do not know. But you must remember, ‘all’ of these measurements are ‘physical’ measurements. Done with ‘physical’ eyes, ‘physical’ instruments and what ever else you have in physicality for measurement. So you really don’t ‘know’. You’ll say there’s a star so many billions of light years away. Now, that is what your ‘instruments’ tell you. That’s what your ‘pictures’ tell you. What tells you where it ‘really’ is? It could be 10 miles away. You really don’t know.

You talk about the Sun being so far, the Moon being so far, the things out in space that you go to – the space stations – and all of that. And it takes so long to get there – and you’ve calculated it all out. Then you’ll say, ‘well it has to be right because it fits’. No, the thing is, you write out the equations. You said, this is how long it is, this is what it takes and your ‘physical’ construct makes it so. It accommodates exactly what you want.

You’ll say, ‘well, its so many miles from New York city to Los Angeles’. And if you take an airplane and you go to this airport in New York and you get off at this airport in Los Angeles, it takes you so long to do so’. So everyone agrees. Now we get back to that which is going to be a ‘sticker’ again – but its a ‘belief’ system. And, if you didn’t have that belief system – that that was what it was and this is how long it took, you would not be able to get on that airplane, because you would not be, shall we say, ‘flying’ at the same ‘rate’ that the others were.

Now, if you know what you are doing, and you know it takes so many hours to get from New York to Los Angeles, and you know that this is a ‘calculated’ time by others, but you know its not ‘your’ time, your trip will be so many hours – according to ‘your’ calculation. Then, regardless of what everyone else does, and believes, you’ll say, ‘well, as far as I’m concerned, it is only going to take me a half hour to get there or an hour to get there’. And when you get off the plane, you’re perfectly refreshed, because you’ve only been on that plane an hour. But, that’s because you ‘know’. There’s a difference in those that ‘pretend’ they know and those that actually do. Because, those that ‘know’ what they’re doing, when they get off their watch will be the same as everybody else. But their “time” according to ‘their’ physicality is only a half hour or an hour – regardless of what the watch says. They don’t care about the watch. The only reason the watch is there as far as they are concerned, is to tell someone else that this is the time I will arrive. You are not used to living like that, but there are many people that do. Continue.


JOHN; Now we have some questions from Terrell and the first question is… “I have taken a lot of pictures of Orb’s of varying shapes, and sizes lately. Could you please tell me what these entities are?”

DATRE; Well, from my vantage point I would not call them ‘entities’. They are different vibrational constructs. Now, you say they’re ‘orbs’. There are many people that see orbs. They see different shapes. They see different colors. There are those that will take a cardboard tube like the ones that comes in the plastic wrap or paper towels or something that’s got a long cardboard tube and you put it on your eye in the night sky, or you can even do it in the day light. The night sky I say because some people have difficulty associating to doing anything in the day light, they think it has to be dark in order to be doing it. But, you look through that with that one eye of yours and you will see all kinds of little white dots dancing all over. Now, what are those white dots? Those are ‘bions’.

What you are doing is, you are taking a section of a vibratory pattern and the little dots are different vibratory patterns then the background. And that’s why you are able to see the dots. So you see, seeing things becomes very fascinating. It is like… especially after a rain, if you will look at the tops of your trees, and set your eyes a little bit off focus – like looking at those holographic pictures, those 3D pictures – you set your eyes a little bit off and you will see the aura of trees. Now, some will see them as white. Some will see them as dancing colors above the trees. It depends on what ‘your’ body shows you.

So there’s a lot of things to see, but these are all vibratory constructs – not anything that can be classified as an ‘entity’. An entity will have a construct similar to the construct that your physical body is, simply because that is the way you have been told that ‘entities’ look. So, you have this strong belief system – that you need to have to function here in physicality. Then you’ll say, ‘well, we see these space people and all of that’. That’s your ‘belief’ system. You’re taking things that you see in a vibratory construct – putting your belief system on it – and making it so. But, as to the ‘orbs’, no, those ‘orbs’ those are vibratory patterns – in and of them selves – that perhaps will make themselves into something or are perhaps there for different purposes. Many purposes for many things like that you have no idea what is happening, what is going on. But, you see, your body works with these vibrations all the time. Continue.

JOHN; And Terrell continues to ask… “There purpose for being here.?”

DATRE; What is the purpose of their being here?

JOHN; Yes.

DATRE; It is hard to say. It is part of the… that which you call your environment. You could have a whole big group of similar orbs. They may all look the same to you. But, perhaps you are planning to build a fence in your back yard. Well, what you’re doing is, taking those ‘orbs’ and making a fence, when you get ready to make a fence. You see, you need ‘something’ to do something with. You’re going to say, ‘well, that is far fetched’. Well, you think science fiction is fun, try working on this planet. Continue.

JOHN; And finally Terrell continues… “and how to communicate with them.?”

DATRE; Well you don’t, you work with them. Not ‘you’, I should say your body construct works with them. The body knows what its doing. Then if you want that fence solidified, then it is ‘your’ intent and focus that makes it solid enough to see. And because its ‘your’ fence you don’t need a lot of people to make it ‘stay’ there – because it is within the parameters of your yard – shall we say. If you need highways and buildings in a city, your house structure ‘within’ a community and all of that, then you need the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS of that community to sustain the road and the houses and all of that – once you have it built. Science fiction again? Quite dull in comparison to working on the planet. Continue.

JOHN; That was the last one.

DATRE; Okay, we thank you, we are Datre.


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