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Datre answers Joanna (Datre188)

JOHN; Today we have some comments from Joanna as follows; “My friend and I have become psychic and I am conversing with someone who claims to be King Arthur and my friend is conversing with someone who claims to be Merlin, both claim also to be our respective soul mates who have come to earth to integrate with us as we move into the Age of Aquarius, as in the Lords Prayer: Thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven. What do you think about that?”

DATRE; Well, I think that the development of that which you call ‘god’ has been the development of your species – the human species.

You must remember, you think everyone at all times has been as you are today. That is not true. You are a ‘species’ in development. You are continually developing the ‘human’ species. And you are no different – from our standpoint of viewing humanity – you are no different than the ‘others’ that are living in physicality with you.

You look at animals, you look at fish, you look at birds, and you look at them from a standpoint of ‘they’re much lower than we are, we are the developed species’. No, this is not true. They are highly developed in their own development. Everything that starts – be it a seed you put in the ground or a ‘species’ of animals, fish, birds, humans – all grow and develop within their own ‘species’ boundaries.

In other words, you can’t expect an animal to develop into that which thinks and moves and acts like a man – because that is not their development. You might be surprised to know that there are animals, there are fish and there are birds, that in their own ‘category’ their development has far exceeded yours in physicality.

You look at them as lowly creatures on your planet but do not give them their proper respect. They are all developing, just like you are developing. You don’t have to go back that many years to see the development in the physical construct of the ‘bodies’ of your species. You go back, and not too long, because you have recorded history of peoples and they were small. There’s no way that you could put your mature bodies in beds that those individuals slept in. You could not live in the rooms that they lived in because they were tiny. You’ll say, ‘well, there were the huge castles’. Yes, there were huge castles, but they were also small people. And that’s documented. If you really want to get into that you can find out. But you are in a developmental stage.

Now, you talk about going into the age of Aquarius. Alright, that was something that was picked up to tell you that something is happening. You are going into a new Millennium – I don’t care what you want to call it. And you are going into a new stage of development. Why would you be here if you had to do the same thing over and over and over again? You’re doing that for a long enough period of time as it is. It is about time some changes are made. It is time for you to either, shall we say, get your act together or forget it. Because, development does not stand still. Development of a species can not stand still. You can develop your bodies, that’s fine. But, you also need to develop your understanding of ‘what’ physicality is all about – and why are you here.

Those are very important questions for you to ask your self. What am I doing except eating and sleeping? What am I ‘learning’ in this life time experience?

Now, what you are discovering is – the energies are different – you and your friend are becoming psychic. What is happening? You’re using different energies – it’s a fascination to you.

Now, who is King Arthur and who is Merlin? Storybook characters? Did they exist or did they not exist? Is it a myth or is it a fantasy? Is it a truth? Then you say it will be ‘as above, so below’. Well, you can’t… if you’re going to wait to develop from above to down below, you’ll have a long wait. The development comes – not from up above – it comes from ‘you’ experiencing physicality. And becoming an ‘individual’ in your own right.

It is very difficult to become a ‘master’ unless you get to the ‘point’ of the spear. If you’re always staying as part of the shaft its going to be a long time before you get there because, it is the ‘tip’ of the spear that breaks through. And that’s where you want to be. But you can only be there if you begin to understand what physicality is all about.

Now, if you want communication, that’s fine. If that is what you’re seeking, then experiment with it. But remember, as with everything else, you have to be discerning. We’ve talked about your ‘belief system’. What do you believe? Do you believe in the Bible words? The Bible words are nothing but words put together by man. That is all that is, we have talked about that before.

King James wanted the Bible the way he wanted the Bible. They wrote – for him – the King James version. How come no other king ever had a version? Because, they ‘accepted’ what they saw and what they read. That’s being part of the ‘shaft’. That’s not being at the ‘tip’ of the spear.

You talk about King Arthur. Have you studied King Arthur? Do you know what he did? You’ll say, ‘oh, King of the Round Table’. What was the Round Table all about? Have you researched what that was all about? Who was this man? That is a very interesting question. What does King Arthur symbolize in anything you want to read? But remember, don’t read the story books. If you’re going to research in those areas, then find out where King Arthur was. What was written about him in the country he lived in?

You see, if you go to other countries where others have lived, then you will get far different information then someone sitting in your country writing about someone in another country. It is all – everything – is your interpretation of what is written and what is said. It’s up to you to discern.

Now, as to them coming to you and helping you and all of this kind of thing. Be very discerning. Remember the energies are changing and it is far easier for you to make contact with the dead zone.

The reason I say be very discerning is, because now you have so much of this what you call road rage. You have people that are angry that are up tight. Men that are killing their women and children. Women that are killing their children. People that are going through stages of insanity. They can not handle the energies. They’re going off in all different directions. It does not take much to set these people off in many different directions of screaming and hollering and trying to get understanding. They can’t understand themselves. All of these energies are staying in the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS of your planet.

They have to realize that understanding what’s going on is not ‘outside’ – its ‘inside’. You have to resolve the inside before you can do anything with the outside. Otherwise, if the inside is not taken care of the outside will always be chaotic – because that’s what you’re creating.

Now, with all of this, it is your discernment. It is your understanding. It is your learning. You’re trying to tell yourself something. You’re trying to get yourself to ‘look’ at something. And it is not up to me to tell you what you’re supposed to be doing. I have no idea. And neither does anyone else. There are many who will tell you this, that and the next thing. And you can be as discerning as you wish to be. Or you can be as gullible as you wish to be.

Remember, hearing voices, and voices claiming to be – how much of that are you going to accept, and how much are you going to reject? Are you going to say, ‘oh this is marvelous’ and stop there. And continue bringing through whoever you’re in touch with for the rest of your life? Or are you going to be ‘bold’ enough to say, ‘well, I’ve had enough of this, who’s next?’. You see, that’s the only way you can develop – is to continually ‘push’ the boundaries for new understanding.

Your body is a magnificent structure for you to work with. It’s a cooperative effort. You are making suggestions to the body, ‘this is what I would like to learn’. The body say’s, ‘oh, well with the information I’ve got we can do this, this and this or you can do this, this and this or you can do this, this and this, which do you chose to do?’. And if you say, ‘well I don’t know’. The body say’s, ‘well we’ll try this one and if you don’t like that, then we’ll try another one, then if you don’t like that we’ll try another one’.

But, the body is the one that creates the pictures for you to ‘interact’ with. It is a fascinating game. And people that are beginning to understand that are finding that this is not such a hum-drum place after all. Have your experiences, but be discerning and don’t settle. Because remember, ‘you’ are the one that is giving the directions. Nobody can do anything ‘to’ you. So you go with whatever you want to go with, as far as you want to go – because there is no stopping. Because, you ‘are’. You ‘were’. You ‘will be’. Regardless of whether you are in this physical construct, whether you’re in the dead zone, whether you’re on another planet experiencing something else. It doesn’t matter, because ‘you’ are ‘you’. But, you can only BE ‘you’ when you begin to recognize ‘who’ you are and what this is all about. Enjoy the game. We thank you, we are Datre.


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