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Datre answers Marlien (Datre190 – part 1)

JOHN; Today we have some questions from Marlien; and the first question is; “Humans create their reality through their belief system. All my life I was absolutely convinced that my body would not be subject to the aging process. To my frustration I have been observing an accelerated aging process for two years now, being 38. This caused me to feel very disimpowered. I assume my reality is not being created by my personal belief system but by the belief system of mass consciousness, is that right?”

DATRE; No, don’t put the blame on anyone, don’t put the blame on you and don’t put the blame on MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. You must remember one thing, you have a ‘genetic’ heritage. And your cells that you have chosen for the physical body have a – what you call – process that they use all their own especially now, in these last few years in going into these years. The changes taking place in the ‘energy’ has changed a lot of – what you call – the ‘normal’ operating system of the body.

Now, you came to the end of a Millennium and you’re beginning a New Millennium. When that process is taking place, your body is subject to a great many changes. We get constant questions all the time about ‘what can I do for this hurting?’ and ‘what can I do for that hurting?’ and ‘why are my sinus’ so bad?’ and ‘I’m going through the kundalini’ and ‘I’m getting different pains in my body and all these things’. This is the result of all the changes that are being set in place – set in motion.

Those on the planet – both in the dead zone and the living zone – have been making, shall we say, basic blueprints for how you want the New Millennium to be. In other words, you’ve done the last one, and you’re setting up ‘how’ you want to do the ‘New’ one. The new energies are going to be supportive of those ‘blueprints’ for your new evolutionary process of the species. The changes need to be supported by the new energies, but the new energies come ‘prior’ to the changes – because that’s the way it has to work. You can’t put a change in place and then bring in a new energy and hope that the two can coincide so that they can work together. The ‘energy’ comes first.

So the adjustment of the physical construct to the new energies is causing many people to experience different things. There will be a leveling off process. But, like everything else, nothing happens with the blink of an eye. You must remember that all of that which you use on your planet is energy. The new energies coming onto the planet are energy. Well when – not opposing energies – but ‘different’ energies interact they need to be worked together and stabilized. There’s no stabilization now.

Your whole planet is going through an upheaval. It is very obvious what’s been happening. You say your physical aging process within the last couple of years. If you look at your globe and your global situation, you will see that it’s not only the physical bodies that are experiencing changes, look at what is happening, what do you have now? We spoke to you not too long ago about the World Trade Centers being bombed by terrorists and the Pentagon being hit by terrorists. They didn’t start that September 11th. If you will go back, you will see how all of these things have been accelerating – not just in the United States – but all over your globe. Your different countries that have been involved.

Look at all the people that were in Japan that were in a subway that were all gassed. Was that terrorist activity? Look at what is happening in your other countries. It just so happens that ‘now’ it is accelerating. You had – in the United States – you had the Oklahoma bombing. But you see, the United States is not used to anything happening to them. The last thing you had in ‘this’ country was the Civil War, which was brother against brother. In other words, all of these things that have been happening for years and years have always been in ‘other’ countries. The only thing that you can ever refer to is the bombing of the island – Pearl Harbor. But you see, that never touched – what you call – ‘your’ property, your boundaries. Its always been ‘other’ countries.

Why is all this happening? This is happening because this has all been decided upon in your ‘dream state’. The direction that the new changes will take place has been decided by ‘all’ and each one of you will now decide what role you will play in the coming drama.

The energies are forcing changes to take place. Why are women killing their children? Why are men killing their whole families and then killing themselves? You can see it. It’s not only big things, its family oriented. People can not handle the energies – they don’t know what to do with them. Then if they have that which you call disorientation of any kind, they’re going to strike out. You see, its always the ‘other’ persons fault. Its always the other persons fault. Its not looking at the inside of this which you inhabit and discovering why you’re thinking the way you’re thinking. No, it has to be, ‘if I do this to someone else that will solve my problem’.

You have talked about – in your history, in your books and everything else – for so long that you have to have an Armageddon to get it past your MASS CONSCIOUSNESS so that you can go to into your next Millennium having that behind you. This has been built up for such a long period of time that there are people ‘pushing’ to have their Armageddon. What were all the Crusades about? What is anything about? What is Ireland about with the Protestants and the Catholics? What’s Nazism that’s taking hold in Germany? Its, ‘you don’t believe the way I do, therefore you’re wrong’.

Aona ran across something the other day which was very good. Remember this. “If you are not the lead elephant, the view never changes.” Remember that. Now, are you going to be a ‘lead’ elephant? Are you going to discover your SELF? Or are you going to continue to put blame on other people because they are not like you? I’m speaking not only to the people here, I’m speaking to everyone on your whole globe. Remember that. If you want to make changes, then be the ‘lead’ elephant. The lead elephant can not lead unless he/she knows where he/she is going. Do you know where you’re going? Are you going to be a ‘master’ – a lead elephant? Or, are you going to follow behind someone else? Make your own decisions. Remember, regardless of how it appears to anyone else, does not matter. Because, if you know your SELF then that is all you have to satisfy.

You will say, ‘well, my friends will leave me if I do this and if I do that’. Are they friends? Do you all have to sit in a little groupie group – and agree? That is exactly what is happening now. Osama Ben Larden is a good example. What are they doing? Sitting in a little group and everyone is saying to him – he’s right. You have a lead elephant and all the rest are looking at the back end.

You may think that this is very facetious, but we are looking at your planet from an entirely different angle then you that are living ‘upon’ it. You are not seeing the whole picture as we see it. We do not look to your future and ‘predict’ what is going to happen. That is not what we do. We see what is happening – at the present time. So, based on what we are seeing – as of today – this is the way it appears to us. Then you’ll say, ‘well what about tomorrow?’. What about tomorrow? It could be entirely different. And that again, is up to you.

You see, the world has its own patterning for evolution. And you have your own patterning for ‘your’ evolution. And these are the things you need to do. You need to see what your planet is doing. You need to see what you’re doing. You know – this came up a while ago – and it was a very famous violinist that just died recently – and he said, “the one thing that people need to understand and get past in order to live with each other, is ‘my god is not better than your god'”. These were his exact words. The man knew what he was talking about.

If there was only ‘one’ god, you would all be worshiping ‘one’ god. Because there is no ‘one’ god, you have fashioned many, many, different gods – because you enjoy the difference. You want to be in this group because you like ‘this’ god better than ‘that’ god. Which lead elephant are you going to follow? The wise man does not follow the lead elephant. He goes his way. You have some cards that are very insightful – that they read and tell you all kinds of things. There’s one card that’s very important. That’s the one with a figure holding a lantern. That will tell you something. There is one that goes his own way. You carry your lantern and light your own way. And those are the individuals that are going to make the changes in your New Millennium. Its not going to be – what we call – the talking heads. Those are not going to be the ones that make the changes. The changes are going to come about by the ones you hear nothing about. The ones that are lighting their own way. It is not a path of darkness. It is not all of those that are ‘seeking the light’. It is those that have gone inside and said, ‘okay, now lets find out what I’m all about and then we’ll go from there’. I have gone on quite long enough, continue with the questions.

JOHN; And she goes on to ask; “Is MASS CONSCIOUSNESS generally more dominant than a personal belief system? Several times I voiced the intent that I will no longer be affected by limiting beliefs of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. But it never worked. What was my mistake?”

DATRE; There was no mistake. The thing is, it depends on where you are in your evolution. You know, the evolution of SELF and the knowing of SELF does not come over night. It comes through long process. But that does not mean that you have to sit and pray and meditate and do all of this other. It is OBSERVING what you do in the physical. How do you work with your physical body? If you are susceptible to listening to everyone else, then MASS CONSCIOUSNESS ‘is’ what’s in your way.

If you have – through OBSERVATION – discovered well hidden belief systems that you didn’t even know that you had, that is a discovery of SELF. And is it something – a belief – that you wish to continue with? Or, is it a belief that you say, ‘I no longer need that’? But that comes in everyday life. That comes in the process of living. It could be subtle maybe. Then again, it could hit you like a ton of bricks, and you’d say, ‘I never knew I had that belief system, where did that come from?’. It has been long hidden.

Now, the decision is what you want to do with it. That’s evolution. That’s evolution of SELF. We keep pushing evolution of SELF, because that is the ‘only’ way that the planet that you’re living on can change. And do you see how many people there are that are following the elephant? The more ‘lead’ elephants there are, the faster the evolution of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS will take place. It’s not the followers, it’s the leaders and not the talking head leaders. This is what it has to be. But it has to come from a ‘knowing’ SELF. And we know, after having had these transcripts for so many years, that these new energies are ‘helping’ people to discover themselves. Making radical changes in life, not because of what Datre say’s, but because of them getting to the point of ‘knowing’ them SELVES.

It is up to you. But you have done nothing wrong. You were just in the ‘process’ of evolving, discovering for yourself. No one can tell you how to do that. It is the discovery that you make very ‘unexpectedly’ in many areas. Continue.

JOHN; Her next question is; “If you consider magnetic disturbances, electro smog, the need of protection clothing for space travelers, etc…. where is the point where a belief is dominated by a physical fact?”

DATRE; Now, you must remember, you’re working with two different categories. Evolution of the species and evolution of SELF. Two different things. The evolution of the species comes through discovery of those living in the physical on – what you call – a physical planet. The scientists, that is a group. What they’re doing is, they are trying to discover. That is evolution of the species. Discovery of SELF is something else. That is the discovery of your own self. So, its two different things.

Then if you have a belief system that say’s, ‘well I don’t need that’. You’d better look at it very carefully. You don’t know how deep seated your beliefs can be. Continue.

JOHN; She continues on and asks; “I understand that we are operating currently with belief systems, which create our reality. Will this be the same in the new energy?”

DATRE; Of course, it will always be. You will always be working with a ‘belief system’. How could you not? Physicality – on this planet – has set up opposites for your learning experiences. Opposites require a ‘belief system’ in order to function. Continue.

JOHN; And again, she continues; “Is this concept valid for the whole planetary bubble?”

DATRE; Yes, for this bubble – definitely. Continue.

JOHN; Then she asks; “For any other planetary bubbles?”

DATRE; No, every planetary bubble has a different set of parameters. In other words, you can say, ‘well there’s other planets that have physicality’. What kind? They don’t all look like you – why should they? What would be the necessarily of having all planets doing the same thing that you’re doing? Each one sets up their individual parameters and this is the way it works. Evolution is a ‘process’. You have an evolutionary process of your species. The next planet will have an entirely different evolutionary process – whatever species is there. You’ll say, ‘well, its physical’.

Alright, what did we tell you? Everything is ‘energy’. How do they interpret the energy on their planet? You have no idea. And it isn’t important. Do you care… say you live in a town… lets make it very small so that you can understand… say you live in a town of 2000 people. Do you know, or care, what the person living at the opposite side of town from you, does? Does it affect you in any way? Do you run down and say, ‘oh, you live in house number 5067 what do you do? What’s your husbands name? What’s your wife’s name? What are the children’s names? What does your husband do? What does your wife do? What do the kids do?’. And then you go next door and ask the same questions?

That’s no different then people sitting here on this planet and wanting to know what goes on in another one. What difference does it make? What difference does it make in ‘your’ evolution of ‘your’ SELF and finding out who you are? If you want to be just a voyeur, go ahead. That’s what most people on this planet are anyway. They want to know about somebody else’s life, because they don’t have one of their own. Continue.

JOHN; And again she continues; “Where does this concept end?”

DATRE; The concept of ‘individuality’ never ends. The concept of discovery of SELF never ends. It is in the ‘discoveries’ and the concepts of discovering ‘who’ you are, that you can go someplace else and ‘do’ something else. If you don’t know ‘who’ you are, how are you ever going to go from one planetary existence to another planetary existence without going mad? You get plunked down on another planet that’s entirely different – you’re going to go… absolutely, you will go mad. Because, you can not adjust, because you don’t ‘know’ your SELF. You can’t.

You see all of these ‘space’ programs where you interact with others within the Galaxy. Well, if you ever look at those programs, they distorted the faces and the features, but they’re all in human bodies. Is that what you expect to find? Don’t expect it, it isn’t going to be that way. Continue.

JOHN; She goes on to ask; “You keep empathizing the necessity of observing each of our actions. One of your examples was that we don’t observe our eating process. I agree that this process is a miracle which is worth being observed and honored. But each of us is eating at least 3 times a day. Is your recommendation really to observe this process sooo often?”

DATRE; No, no absolutely not. But, what happens, most people sit down and they’re talking to somebody else or they’re talking on those things that they’ve got on their ears – the cell phones – and they’re stuffing things in their face, and they look down and their plate is empty. And they’re empty. Then they go and get more food. They have paid no attention.

You can sit down with other people and eat. You can sit down with people and have conversations. But you don’t do that. You don’t pay any attention to in between. ‘I’m eating, do I enjoy this? Yes that’s good’. You don’t have to continually say, ‘oh, this is good and this is good and this is good and this is good’. Just say, ‘this is good, I enjoy this’. Then if you say, ‘this is good, I enjoy it’, the body gets the message, the body enjoys it. When you get through you’re satisfied and that takes care of it. So you’ll say, ‘oh, I forgot to do that at breakfast’.

What are you doing? Looking at the backend of another elephant again. Don’t do that. Don’t chastise yourself for not doing things according to a book, throw the books away. A child doesn’t go around with a book telling them how to grow up. What to experiment with. Mother say’s ‘no, don’t touch that’. ‘Well, I wonder why I can’t? So I’ll try it’. Well, either you’re going to get the object that you were wondering about, or you’re going to get scolded. But that’s going to always be on your mind. You’re going to want to go back and find out why. Then as you get older, you do the same thing. Except, you never go back and wonder why. So you never find the answer. Continue.

JOHN; And she continues; “Isn’t our evolution based on creating fast going routines in order to make space for new experiences?”

DATRE; No, that is what you are doing now. You have accelerated everything with such speed that you haven’t the vaguest idea what you’re doing. You’re not paying any attention. You’re just going, going, going. Now that doesn’t mean you have to turn around and be a hermit. No, but, ‘oh, I’m late’. Alright, you’re late. ‘I was supposed to be there ten minutes ago’. Alright, you were supposed to be there ten minutes ago. Now, rush out, get in the car, grab your cell phone and have an accident. Now, how late are you going to be? You see, I’m exaggerating to get the point across.

Alright, you look at the clock, ‘I was supposed to be there ten minutes ago’. Well, ‘If I was supposed to be there ten minutes ago, then everybody else must be late also. Other wise I would have been there on time.’. So, get in the car, leave the cell phone on the floor, drive to where you’re going – and guess what? Nobody else is there, everybody else is late. Do you create your own reality – watch it. Watch it, you can do these things. Its not being mystical or spiritual or anything else. Watch what your ability is to control that physicality that you are living in. You can do it. I would not tell you it was so if it wasn’t. Continue.

(continued on Datre191 – part 2)


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