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Datre answers Marlen (Datre192 – part 3)
(Continued from Datre191 – part – 2)

JOHN; The next question is; “What we call archangels, are they focused in the dead zone?”

DATRE; Of course, where else would they be? It’s the only place they can be. Continue.

JOHN; She next asks; “Do you have any kind of routine within your reality, comparable to our daily routines of showering, cleaning teeth, etc…?”

DATRE; Nope, don’t have bodies. All we have is that which… I guess what the closest I could come to it would be a process that we use that is similar to your ‘thinking’. And that is our motivational force. Its not ‘thinking’ like your brain thinking – your brain thinking is static. Our ‘brain’ thinking is ‘fluid’. That is an adjustment we make when coming into a physical body – is from the ‘unlimitedness’ and fluidity of our existence – and coming into a physical containment where everything is an ‘on hold’ process. Your processes are containments.

Your body is a containment. Your brain is a containment. Your cells are a containment. Your whole bubble is a containment. Everything you work with in physicality, everything is a type of containment – it’s a boundary. A table is a containment – it has boundaries. Houses, buildings, cars, streets, everything has a type of containment. Nothing is ‘fluid’. Even your air is a containment, because ‘it’ contains different things – like oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen – all of these different “elements”. Elements are containments – they’re separations.

You see, everything you have has a containment quality to it. Where as, in our existence there is no containment. That is the ‘freedom’ that would drive you – going from physicality and not ‘knowing’ your Self – into an existence not like ours, but similar to ours – would be madness, because you have no boundaries. So you can see, we don’t… and the many different ones that come through and use the ‘word’ Datre – because we had to be named something – we use that word as a containment for many. So it is… Datre is not just ‘one’, it is a containment of many in the ‘word’ Datre. So we are unlike what you perceive in physicality. Continue.

JOHN; Next she asks; “What is contained within our planetary bubble? All the stars we can see with our telescopes, or more or less?”

DATRE; Well that is not the bubble. You can see through the bubble its just an energy envelope that contains… that is your containment. So, there’s bubbles within bubbles, so you can look out into the Galaxy – which is another bubble. There’s other bubbles within the bubbles and all the stars and you know… there’s all different kinds of things. Your bubble that we keep talking about is your planetary bubble. That’s it, the moon is within your bubble. That which you call the sun is something different that you don’t understand – so I’m not getting into that. Continue.

JOHN; She goes on and asks; “Your energy seems similar to the Seth energy to me. Are you shaping one entity?”

DATRE; Well, the reason you’re experiencing that is, because that which is familiar to you as that which you call the Seth energy is what we have been using for all the latter transcripts. We found that we are receiving a lot of the communications identifying the transcripts as being a Seth like energy.

Now, Seth ‘like’ energy, I will say again, the Seth that you knew at the time of Jane Roberts – is no more. That too, you see that is an evolutionary process. But, in order to get more down to earth communication, for your understanding, the energy that we use with this physical containment, is being reorganized to convey that energy – because that was understandable by many.

So the Seth of that many years ago is different than the Seth energy of today. But, because all we work with is energy – because that’s our home – energy is our home, that is us. So that is easily changed. You see, you don’t give yourselves credit – that’s all you work with is energy too. But you don’t see it as energy, because everything you work with is a containment. Then in ‘containing’ things – you label them. And in labeling them it becomes more confusing. The energy containment that you’re familiar with – and surround yourself with – you call a house. It is your energy within that house that makes it ‘your’ house. But its nothing but energy. But you see, you have to ‘contain’ it in order to work with it, because that’s physicality.

Stop and think about some of these things – it becomes very fascinating. Realize what a GRAND creators you are. Why do you belittle yourselves – you’re GRAND. But you don’t want to acknowledge it. Look at all the people that walk around today that limp and have this wrong and that wrong. Look at all the sports that you have geared to people in wheelchairs or geared to people that are incapacitated – mentally, physically, whatever. You seem to wear a handicap sign as a badge of honor. What changed your planetary thinking to that point? Why did you desire to be helpless? You want to be taken care of. And for every one person that wants to be taken care of, there’s five people ready to heal you and take care of you. It satisfies a need in both directions.

But why work in those parameters? You keep saying, ‘oh, if I only had freedom’. Freedom is only within yourself. Continue.

JOHN; She continues on and asks; “If not, are you focused in the same bubble?”

DATRE; There are some that are on the very edge of the bubble that also can – I don’t want to say communicate, but – because that’s the only word that you have, so I have to use it. There can be communication. In other words, those are on the edge of the bubble and when this bubble makes changes – in whatever way it makes changes – then there will be the freedom of everything in the energy construct that is your bubble will be neutralized. So, those that are on the edge and are familiar with the energy can pass through it with no problem.

Now, before you get excited, you’re not going to take this body with you. Any more than you do when you “die”. The body doesn’t go. The body stays here because this is a planetary environment that ‘it’ is made for. The body comes from the elements that are here on this planet – the consciousness that is here on this planet. Everything that you make a body out of comes from this planetary bubble – inside of it. So, when you leave, that’s got to be left here. That does not go anyplace. You can take a spaceship and go out into the Galaxy and come back, then that’s different. But, when you leave this planetary bubble, everything – from the planet – is left here, including that which you call ‘consciousness’. Imagine functioning without ‘that’. Continue.

JOHN; Her next question is; “Is this planetary bubble the same as what we call a Galaxy?”

DATRE; Nope! Galaxy is everything you see around you. Continue.

JOHN; She continues and asks; “What is contained in our planetary bubble?”

DATRE; Energy! Energy, that through evolutionary discovery – by the species – you have categorized, identified, labeled, whatever you want to call it, to be another energy that you can work with. There are many energies on this planet that you have no idea about. And yet, they’re all in containment, just exactly like oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and all the rest of them. There’s many. But that’s what the evolution of the ‘species’ is all about. But, everything contained within your bubble is ‘energy’.

It is energy and it has all been, shall we say, categorized. And the longer this ‘species’ evolves, the more you will discover, the more you will contain and work with. That’s what its all about. But, the majority on your planet is more interested in the evolution of the ‘species’ then it is in the evolution of ‘Self’. And that’s what we are trying to do, because in the evolution of ‘Self’ you can be of more benefit to the planet – just by walking among people – then a rocket scientist. Because, the energy emanating from a physical body of a MASTER can change a great deal. Continue.

JOHN; The next question is; “When you answer the questions via Datre Net, what kind of perception do you have concerning the person who has put the questions?”

DATRE; As you know, John reads the questions. And when he reads the questions, what we are perceiving is the thousands of people – every month – that read the Datre material are undoubtedly asking the question you ask. Probably in different forms. Maybe they’re wondering about something. But we do not see the questions as coming from an individual. Because, the questions that come are the questions of many on the planet. You see, we have a record of – not an individual – but of how many individuals come to Datrenet and reads some of the material or all of the material. Then in reading the material they will download all of it, certain portions of it, whatever. We have a log of what was downloaded on what days. Even if the whole group of transcripts covering four plus years, I don’t know, something like that is downloaded. So that’s the only record that we have. There is never a name it is just – as John calls it – a hit count.

Now, when we send out the transcripts then we have to have a name and that persons ISP address in order to be able to send the information direct to those individuals that desire it. But, over an above the people that have subscribed to Datrenet, I’m talking about the ones that come from all over the world, the planet, that we have no idea who they are or what they’re doing with the information and don’t care. If they’re interested enough to download the information, this is fine. If they’re sharing it with friends, this is fine. If they’re running it off on copy machines and handing it out to friends, this is fine. Or putting it on their web sites as Datre material, this is fine – we don’t care. But there are many thousands, at the end of this year we will tell you how many individuals have used that process of coming on Datre and taking off (downloading) materials – over 100,000 to date this year. We will tell you how many we have had over the year, because you may be interested to find out the number that come and download from Datre. Now those run in the thousands every month.

So what we see, when we hear these questions, that John reads, we see a multitude. We don’t see an individual. We see like a multitude. That’s the only word that’s available in your language. So you see, that is why we thank you for questions, because it is one question, but it is going out to many who are looking for answers. Continue.

JOHN; And finally she asks; “If you consider money without any emotional concept, it is only a specific energy. But it is the most powerful and dominant energy on this planet, at least in the industrialized parts of earth. And it is THE BEST AVAILABLE ENERGY on this planet for CREATION and MANIFESTATION so far. I wonder why so many light-energy-workers who devote their lives to “energy-work and manifestation and creatorship” seem to have little access to this powerful omnipresent energy. But people who do not consciously work with energies seem to have much easier access to it.

I am convinced that the cause is not reducible to belief systems, since I’ve seen a lot of successful changes in belief systems about money and self worth among many light-workers, but no changes in their abundance issues.”

DATRE; There again, I don’t like to say it, but it is a belief system. There is something that you are trying to tell yourself to learn. And, as hard as that may seem, that is what it is all about. It is unfortunate that on your planet you have set up ‘one’ energy patterning that is very forceful and very dynamic.

Now, there are two things that are very, very, dynamic on your planet. One is the money situation. The other one is the political situations that are existing in your countries. These are two things you are going to try to put into better balance. What were the two areas that were hit in the United States? The money, the two financial towers. And the pentagon – the military government. These are two – the two biggest issues in all of your countries around your globe. How are changes going to take place in these two areas? Watch carefully to see how your physical ‘species’ addresses these issues in the future.

If you will look at the money situation in ‘any’ country, the rulers of any country are always prosperous. And the more prosperous they are, the least amount of money will be had by that countries inhabitants. And what does that cause? It causes problems between those within a country and those from other countries.

What view do those people – in other countries – have of this United States? What do they know about the American people – so called? They see the television and they see the movies. And these depict people in good clothing, big beautiful houses, grocery stores with all kinds of food, people playing on golf courses, people flying in airplanes, people working in big buildings, prosperous people, sex, violence. That’s the way they view the United States. They do not see the people that don’t even have a living wage. They don’t see the street people, the families that are sitting on streets in big cities with their families, asking for help. They don’t see that. Because, that isn’t what the movies and television show people in other countries. They think everyone in the United States is a millionaire. That’s what your programs are – do you want to be a millionaire? Come on here and answer a few questions and you can be a millionaire.

Why do you think people in other countries think everyone in the United States is a millionaire? They don’t look at these people that in their ninety’s and a hundred years old that retired when they were sixty five, and what kind of money are they living on? They can’t even afford to buy newspapers, because its too expensive. Because they have lived so long that they have out run the money of their retirement and their social security is not enough to keep them going. They don’t see that side of the United States.

Who comes on television – the people in government. The great big White House. All the representatives and all the people in congress and all of this. All these people that have two houses. That go to the big fancy parties. That’s their depiction of what the United States is like. They don’t realize that that is such a small portion of the United States. Because, we can see the ‘over all’ from the top.

Look at these other countries, there are other countries that are the same way. Big government. Big people at the top. Lots of money. And yet the people in the country are starving. You see the inequality? See what needs to be fixed? And MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is about ready to ‘change’ some of these things.

Watch the changes, it is very interesting. You are living in a very interesting time of your life. Do not look at everything with fear. Fear is not going to solve a single problem. Remember, no one does anything ‘to’ you but what ‘you’ want to happen. And that is a hard one to understand. Because, when you’ve had everything wiped away from you, you’ve had things stolen from you, and you’re right down to the end, and you turn around and look at yourself and say, ‘I did it myself what am I to learn?’. That is hard to say because of all the people that are out of work, they don’t have a job. They were doing fine, they had very big important jobs. They have families, and now they have no way to pay bills. What are they being faced with? A very, very, stark reality.

And it isn’t only in the United States. It is other countries as well. And then they see the terrorist activities and they know that their country can be hit as well as any other country. And that’s why countries are coming together. You see, it’s a story. John came up with a very good one the other day, he said, ‘you don’t have to have a program in order to be able to enjoy the show’. You don’t ‘have’ to know what’s going on. But, you can enjoy it, and watch it, and see what’s happening and how it’s happening, and ‘why’ it is happening. As long as you OBSERVE, because that’s where it’s all at.

Its not looking at the tragedy’s and screaming and hollering and ranting and raving and crying, and maybe you don’t even know anybody that was in those buildings. That doesn’t do any good. You can pray from now until… That isn’t going to do any good. OBSERVE! See what is happening and why its happening and then work from a vantage point of being the lead elephant and not following behind. The view from that side never changes. We thank you, we are Datre.


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