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Datre answers Frank (Datre194)

JOHN; Today we have some questions from Frank and his first question is; “Since we all now know about the Dead Zone, and we know it was created by us, it seems as though we can now do away with it.”

DATRE; Why do you wish to do away with it? Do you not recognize the validity of the Dead Zone? Where do you think that the majority of your ‘new’ information comes from? Those in the Dead Zone that are there working with ideas to put into motion on your earth plane are doing just what I said – working. It is far easier for those that are in the arts, the sciences, all the different areas of your physicality that are in the process of making new things for the development of your ‘species’ are in the Dead Zone. Many who “come into physicality” have a very strong connection with those that are working in specific areas of exploration.

Now, there are those who will say – as a child facing graduation – ‘what am I going to do? Everybody asks me what I’m going to do. And I have been thinking about it and I have so many directions I want to go in.’ or ‘I don’t have any direction in which I want to go.’ If they will but be still and wait for the answer. Humanity ‘pushes’ constantly on the young people to have them make up their minds what they want to do. Then the child becomes disturbed and cannot open up to the answer that is there that they are looking for. That is why many children, for lack of anything better to do, go on to college because they don’t know what else to do.

Now, there are those young people who have very strong desires and will begin – at a very young age – to continue their hold on that which they call their desired goal. The children that have these strong desires feel the connection with the Dead Zone and will hold on to it instead of being ‘talked’ out of it. They will hold on to that connection and will continue in their chosen path.

You don’t often recognize those children that are, lets say, musically inclined and at a very young age produce outstanding music on different instruments and are coming from a family who has no musicians within the present family or in the background of past generations with music. But the child recognized the nurturing qualities of the parents and knew that in his or her desire to be a musician this is the type of family that would be supportive of the learning and the desires of that particular child.

So, we say again, why do you want to get rid of the Dead Zone? The Dead Zone is very important because they are the ones that set the parameters of ‘new’ discoveries and bring them to the people in the Live Zone that are open to suggestions. Then the new area of ‘discovery’ is put into motion. Continue.

JOHN; And Franks next question is; “How is this done?”

DATRE; Well, it is being done in many ways. There are going to be less people on the planet simply because you will find that; number one, the big push in 2001 is education. Now, as a rule, but not as an ‘absolute’ rule, the majority of the educated peoples of your planet will not have large families. They see the world in a different light in that they can see that there is not as many individuals that are needed to produce crops, to do many other labor intensive things. So the more educated people will have fewer children and be able to provide them with the education that they need to go on to different areas of exploration. Also, with the more educated families, many times, in order to maintain the child’s direction they will have them work to provide money for their education. They feel that it is important for the child to accept responsibility for it’s self.

The one thing that has happened in recent years, is that children are not growing up. They’re adding years, but that is all. Because it is so easy to have automobiles when they are still in school as children, education is more of a ‘playground’ than a ‘learning’ experience. ‘Because, that’s the thing to do and I don’t have to do anything but continue going to school and mother and father will pay for it.’ That is why you have so many ‘children’ – and I will call them children – even if they are in their 20’s and 30’s, that are turning around and going back home to have mother and father take care of their children while they continue to work, because it is a separated family. And the stress that is put on the parents is not even considered because, ‘I don’t know what else to do’. So, go back to mother and father, they will take care of me. That is a sad state of affairs, a very sad state of affairs. Because, a child is to learn how to grow up and, to use an earthly expressions, stand on it’s own two feet.

As a child, you give a child, what you call, a training bicycle, a small one with wheels on either side of it so the child is secure in riding this new bicycle. Then when the child gains it’s stability, and you can see that the child is stable, you take the extra wheels off and let the child ride on the two wheels as the bicycle was meant to be ridden. You don’t do that with the education of your children. You keep the training wheels right there. You keep giving them money, thinking that will satisfy everything. The child needs to have the training wheels taken off. If the child needs some further education for some desire, be it in medicine or law or music or some kind of athletic ability that needs special training and special coaching that is fine to offer them help and assistance. But when do you stop? When is the child old enough to be responsible for it’s own maintenance?

Now, the other thing that is happening is, women are unable to bear children. This is becoming increasingly more evident. 10’s of 1,000’s of dollars are being spent so that couples can have a child. Now, those children that are coming into the world that way will be very few. Maybe one or two to a family. And those bodies that are being produced are being watched by those who have ‘specific’ desires in the direction that they wish to go to the benefit of the planet. There are still many bodies produced all over your planet but they are not always those that are being desired by individuals that have a ‘specific’ goal that they wish to achieve.

Those are two ways in which there is a difference that is being made on your planet. The Dead Zone is being reduced. But you must remember that, many from the Dead Zone are desiring to get back into bodies. So, there is the constant watch for those bodies that are going to be of great use to the indwelling Entity in the fulfillment of what you call, the evolution of your species. Next question.

JOHN; Frank follows that with; “Is it feasible to do so?”

DATRE; No, it is not. Simply because, in the Dead Zone you are working under different parameters. It is far easier to develop new areas of exploration to be used on your planet. Actually, what you do is, you take the information and make it with ‘particles’ so that you can see it and work with it from ‘this’ direction. You can say, more or less, that what is done in the Dead Zone is where ideas are ‘formulated’. But, the actual process of development takes place by those that have two feet upon the planet.

The Dead Zone is very advantageous in that direction. Now, you’ll say, ‘well, what’s the Dead Zone for when they bring down all of these other things that are not beneficial?. Like your screaming, hollering music? How is that beneficial to the planet?’. The screaming music is coming because that is coming from certain regions of the Dead Zone. The reason you are ‘producing’ that music on your planet, is because you are all screaming and hollering for attention. You are unhappy. You have had too much too fast in the last years of your, so called, living. You’ve had things so easy and you do not appreciate it. Things that are worked for and achieved is reward in itself. Then the physical construct is satisfied. And when the physical body is satisfied, that is when it can produce beautiful things for the ‘development’ of your species.

The planet, as a whole, is crying out for a ‘new’ direction. You are going into a New Millennium and you’re screaming and hollering going into it. You knew what you were doing. You were playing. You were having fun. And those of you that were able to rise to great heights monetarily, did not recognize the disparity of others. In other words, those that became ‘rich’ did not realize how far ‘above’ – monetarily speaking – you were from those that had little or no money. The gap became so wide that you needed an equalizer – because it could not continue in the direction it was going. You needed an equalizer so that everyone on the planet could live more comfortably. No one can live in comfort when the disparity is so great. Continue.

JOHN; Then Frank asks; “If it can be, will we then be able to proceed outside of our little bubble and learn more about the “bigger” Universe?”

DATRE; Now, let us put something straight, right now. There was talk about what you call a ‘birth’, that is no longer an option, from what we can see at the present time. There has not been that much learning that has taken place. That much ‘understanding’ of ‘knowledge’ – first you need the knowledge, then you need the wisdom. The knowledge is no good unless it is put into action. People can get information on any subject that you want to mention, from that which you call your medical, all the way up to that which you call your spiritual, and you can get all the knowledge that you can collect, but knowledge does absolutely no good, unless it is ‘understood’, put into ‘action’ – and then it becomes Wisdom.

People are so quick to say, ‘Oh, I understand that’ or ‘oh, I’ve heard that before’ or ‘that’s nothing new’. To them, that may be true. But, do they understand? Are they putting it into ‘action’? You can read a thousand books and know every single word in all thousand books, but if your life hasn’t changed one iota, from the time you read the first book until the time you read the last book – you have gained nothing. You can fill a tea cup until it runs over and runs into the saucer and on to the table then on to the floor and maybe on to you, but it will keep flowing into the tea cup until you begin to ‘drink’. It is only in the drinking that your ‘thirst’ will be satisfied. Can you see the analogy that I am saying there?

You have been given opportunities and you have not used them. The beginning of the New Millennium is going to be in whatever endeavor you wish to pursue. Taking time to ‘drink’, to absorb, to learn and put into ‘action’. Not only that which you see on the pages of a book, but in your ‘respect’ for each other. That is a very important lesson that everyone on the planet is going to forced to learn. Because you have not respected ‘others’. Because you have not respected your ‘selves’. You will say, I’m being very hard on you. I am, because you have wasted many years. Then you’ll say, ‘but look at all the new developments’. Yes, you have made new developments. And some of them that are coming to the fore now are going to be in very important areas.

You have many magnificent artists in the field of music, particularly in the, what you call, your uppity up music – your classical music. There you have many dedicated artists. No one seems to understand or even care about what music does to the population of the people on the planet. You are continuing to scream and holler – for attention. Those that wrote music which we now call the classics, struggled, many were improvised. But the most important thing was that they heard the music in their heads and they wrote it and they produced it – and it changed your planet. Not all at once, but gradually.

Take as an example, that very beautiful children’s movie that you had by the name “Fantasia”, which had beautiful music for children to listen to. Then when the child got older, they would recognize the music that they heard and found out that they had been listening to the classics. As one of your great musicians said, ‘I didn’t know that as a child I was playing Mozart, but I loved the sound of the music. It brought joy to me and everyone that listened to it’.

Are you bring ‘joy’ to others, simply by being yourself? Respecting yourself? Because in respecting yourself you also will respect others – it is ‘natural’. Continue.

JOHN; And Franks final question is; “Are we destined to eventually become part of the “larger” Universe you have spoken about?”

DATRE; That could be. But why would you want to? You have so much to learn about physicality. There’s great JOY to be learned by living in the physical. And yet, everyone wants to get ‘out’ of the body. Its because you don’t understand. You don’t appreciate what you have. Why did you come into physicality in the first place? Because you were ‘limited’. It gave you something to ‘push’ against to learn. If you have nothing to push against to learn, you are bored. Why all the competition? In every sport you can think of. In the sciences. In the arts. The painter longs for a blue ribbon, longs for recognition and works hard to gain it. An athlete longs to be number one. You don’t get to being number one being a ‘couch potato’. You put in hour after hour after hour of training, of learning, to be number one. The scientist that is working on developing a new drug to help people with, say, arthritis or whatever. Doesn’t know what time it is. Doesn’t pay any attention to a clock because, ‘I’m right on the verge of discovery’. Does he care if his name is up in lights? He probably says, ‘yes it would be nice to be acknowledged, but its not important. The important thing is helping with humanity in the only way I know how’. The desire to achieve a goal.

There has not been a significant number on the planet that are interested in reaching a goal of understanding of ‘self’, of ‘how’ everything works together. Your body, your consciousness, your psyche, the Dead Zone. You can’t begin to name all the directions that your physical body has ‘connections’ to and with. You’re not a puppet. Although, many are. You don’t have to be a puppet. But how great is the desire to learn ‘who’ you are?

As an example, Ramtha, who refers to himself as the RAM. He was run through with a broad sword in an ambush. And then he was taken and laid on a rock for many years to heal. Why did he do that to himself – because you know there are no accidents. He did that so he could stop himself so that he could learn ‘who’ he was. To him, that was the most important thing there was.

Now, that doesn’t mean you have to go out and shoot yourself and lay in bed in a hospital. But, if you’re going to lay in a hospital bed, then spend your time learning – learning about ‘you’. Maybe that’s the only way you have of stopping yourself, getting off this treadmill, to look at this situation called LIFE and learn from it. That’s doing it the hard way. But there are all manners and ways of doing that. But, there has not been that much interest, because you’ve been in a playground, you’ve been having fun. And I do believe that a more serious approach is going to be taken at the beginning of this New Millennium to set forth in a ‘desired’ path you all wish to go in and benefit from. Continue.

JOHN; That was it.

DATRE; Alright, we thank you, we are Datre.


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