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Datre answers June (Datre195)

JOHN; Today we have some questions from June and her first question is; “Datre seems to imply there is no creator, no Universal Mind/God – just US who create ‘everything’ we perceive.”

DATRE; That is correct, you do. Actually, the whole bubble, the planets, everything – including you – are vibratory patterning. Everything is an ‘energy’ construct. You take energies and make them into what you fashion for yourselves for your understanding. Now, you’ll say, ‘well, how can you get a tree and two people say that they know it’s a tree?’. Because you have picked up the ‘energies’. As a child you were taught – that is a tree. So every time you see that energy constructed in a certain patterning – that becomes a tree. And, you make a picture of a tree as you have been shown as a child. A child sees a tree in a book and yet when a child sees a ‘real’ tree they know the difference. But it is still for them, ‘tree’.

You see, you fashion the energy first, named it, then drew a picture of it. Then the picture you drew coincided with what you see. That’s very simplistic, but that’s the way it works.

That’s why a child has to be taught the ‘words’ that go with the vibratory constructs. We’ve said it many, many, times that mother and father are different to each one of the children in that family. There are no two children that see mother and father the same. This is simply because, it is ‘their’ understanding of the vibratory patterning that they create to make mother and father recognizable to them. That is one of the things that is difficult for anyone to understand. We have explained it as a banana. You take a banana and cut it in half, give another person a half of the banana, you take the other half. You both agree it’s a banana. But do you know what their banana tastes like? No, it is an impossibility because it is ‘your’ creation. You all agree, but how do you know that the other persons banana doesn’t taste like what you think an orange taste like? Simply because they acknowledge that it tastes like a banana, but you don’t know.

That is why, there are no two people that can look at anything and see the same thing – it is an impossibility. Because, ‘you’ are the creator. You are the one that transforms ‘energy’ into what ‘you’ want it to be. Now, that energy that is, shall we say, agreed upon to be energy that you use to make a tree – you agreed upon that – so you all make trees. And you get different vibrations that make different kinds of trees. But, how often haven’t you looked at a view, out of a car window or a train or a plane or whatever, and you see one thing, you see a beautiful sunset. But, everyone’s sunset is different. It’s the vibrational patterning that ‘you’ put together to form ‘your’ pictures and no one else’s. Continue.

JOHN; And June continues on and asks; “To me, there has to be a beginning, a creator What or who created Nature, the Universe(s) and Datre, for that matter, how could we create US, the Universe, Nature, when we weren’t?”

DATRE; Who says you weren’t? We have said over and over and over again, YOU WERE, YOU ARE, YOU WILL BE. You are looking at everything from the concept of ‘time’. In the world of time, you have a beginning and an end. That is one of the constructs that is in your bubble that you work with. That is one of your, shall we say, things to ‘push’ against. A ‘time’ restraint. You have so many things you ‘want to do in a “life time” that I will never get it all done’. Because you have a limit set on the number of years that anyone on your planet is ‘supposed’ to live. Who set up the restraints? ‘But science tells us so’. They’re only looking at statistics from a ‘time’ oriented society.

Where’s your ‘time’ when you’re asleep? You’ll say, ‘well, I didn’t sleep much last night I only slept three hours’. Oh, really. Where did you go in those three hours and how much time did you spend in those three hours you were ‘not’ in your physical construct? You get back in your physical construct and say, ‘its got to be six o’clock’. Then the body says, ‘okay, its six o’clock’. You have told the body, the body produces – it is very simple.

But to say, how could it be, when you weren’t here? You’ve always been here. This is just a different school for learning for your education. That’s what its all about. There are those that don’t desire to be in physicality and work under the constraints of ‘time’, particle reality and all of these other things that you are experiencing. But you’re here because this is so ‘rich’. But you don’t understand that because you cannot perceive anything that isn’t here. Say that within the next five minutes the planet and all the people on it all disappear – what happens to you? Shocks you doesn’t it? You created it. Your playground isn’t there any more, what are you going to do? Being that you ALWAYS WERE, YOU ARE, you might be confused, but you are, and YOU WILL BE. You’ll have to figure from that point what you’re going to do next. And that seems an impossibility because, you have always – in this bubble – relied on the fact that there’s a God, that there’s a Source that you can go to and all you’re looking for is the bicycle with the training wheels because you don’t want to take them off. You’re afraid to ‘know’ who you are.

If you have a God and things don’t go right, its God’s will. You can do whatever you want. If you’re in another country, ‘praise be to Allah’ – regardless of what’s happening. But you see, that way you’re not taking responsibility for ‘who’ you are. It is very difficult in the physical construct to understand the UNLIMEDNESS of that which is ‘you’ because, to have ‘no one’ to rely upon to take care of you is a very scary situation.

You talk about the people that are afraid to die. My goodness, you still have someplace to go. But, what if there was no death and you died?

And then everyone says, ‘oh, we want to go out there’. You know how you go ‘out there’ is alone. You don’t realize, to this day, that you are not your body. When you take the bodily structure away, unhinge the umbilical cord that connects ‘you’ with the body, both in the ‘living’ and the ‘dead’ zone, take off that umbilical core entirely – then ‘who’ are you? Something that you do not ‘know’ and you do not understand and are scared to death of. That’s WHO you are. Continue.

JOHN; Next June asks; Is it possible there is a creator but Datre does not ‘know’ this; perhaps because they have not been around long enough to know.”

DATRE; No, I think the thing is that ‘you’ do not know that ‘you’ are the creator. We’re being very, very tough on you now. We’re going into a New Millennium and it is time for you to quit pussyfooting around. We are not going to give you pabulum because you don’t need pabulum. What you and your whole world society has been doing is not paying attention to your evolutionary selves. You came here to learn and yet you have not paid attention to what is going on. All you have been interested in is me, me, me. How much money can I make? How can I get a new car? Am I going to have my relationship? Am I going to have a family? Everything is related to something you see and want in physicality. All you want to do is take care of the body. Get what I want. Have as much as I want before I die, because I don’t know when I die there’s going to anything else. There are still many on your planet that think death is the end all – that’s it.

But that is ‘not’ the evolution that we’re talking about. You have a Grand opportunity to work through a physical construct that gives you ‘limitations’. We have mentioned it before, everything you have is a ‘construct’ that you work with. A construct of your own making. You’re trying to tell yourself something.

It is not that Datre doesn’t know. Datre knows, simply because Datre are not in physicality. They can, if they want to see what is going on, they find a physical construct to work through so that they can see a ‘bit’ of what you call physicality. Because they’re curious. There are many that have never had physicality. There are those that have ‘had’ physicality but are no longer in the restraints of a physical construct – because they know they don’t need it. That is all I can tell you on this subject right now.

But, to go to a Source? Who’s greater than you? You ARE. You don’t have to have a physical body to BE. That is not essential. That was a Desire of certain individuals. And when they got it to a certain point they thought, ‘this would be fun to experience’ and they did. And the majority of them are still here experiencing. And they’re still fascinated. They’re still watching. Because this is very, very interesting. But once you ‘know’, the game is over. So, why not play the game as long as you can? But ‘learn’ from the game.

You came in here to be a ‘responsible’ individual. Have respect for yourself. Have respect for other people. Respect for yourself comes first, because you can’t have respect for anyone else if you don’t respect yourself.

They talk about the weeping and gnashing of teeth. My goodness, you’ve got it right here on your planet. Why do you have to die and go to hell to get the weeping and gnashing of teeth? I don’t know how you look at things. But I’m trying to get you to look at things with ‘clear’ eyes. There are many that are going to reject this information. And that is fine, that is up to them to do what they want to do.

If you are comfortable with a God. Waiting to die to go to a Source or be united with a Whole or All That Is or whatever you want to call it, if that is your ‘belief’, then that is the life that you will live. Until you ‘believe’ differently, that is the way you will live. And it doesn’t matter to anyone else on the planet. It only matters to ‘you’. Then someday when you get that urging to ‘know’, to really truly ‘know’, then you will begin to look for answers. And some of the answers will be staggering. But you will pursue, because there’s something inside of you that says, ‘I really, really, want to ‘know’ what this is all about’.

And until that day, be comfortable where you are. But ‘watch’ what you’re doing. Because no one can do anything ‘to’ you. You can only go as far as you want to go. And if your beliefs stand in your way, then find out what your belief is and how strong it is. Then, do you want to keep that belief or do you want to discard that belief? You all have to have beliefs of some kind otherwise you could not exist here, that is a part of your existence. But how much do you want to change? ‘Well, I can’t change, because’. Alright, that is your decision. We will leave that up to you. Next question.

JOHN; June’s final question is; “Our purpose, according to Datre, is to evolve through observation, experiences and learning. I have come to believe my main purpose was to evolve to ‘reunite’ with the Source. If, as Datre implies, there is really no-thing to strive for, or to seek, or to look forward to – no end game, why do we still try to evolve? Toward what objective?”

DATRE; To ‘know’ your Self. Not know your body. Not know what you’re creating. To find out who ‘you’ are. Because, here you have put up every barrier you can think of so that you don’t get to ‘know’ your Self. It is a GRAND journey as you start to peal off all of these exterior things that you have put in your way. Then find out, what is this really all about? Why are you here? What did you come into this physicality for? You came because it was fascinating. You wanted an experience that was totally different than any other place that you could think of to go.

You have the ‘freedom’ within this little bubble that you live in and on, to do anything that you so desire. But you have to know ‘how’ and you have to know ‘why’ and you have to know ‘what for’. Because, answers to those questions bring knowledge to you. Then you take this knowledge and put it to use, then it becomes ‘wisdom’.

They talk about the wise-man and many times it is with a sneer – because they make fun of the wise-man. But the wise-man/woman walks among you. And you do not even know who they are. They have an appearance that is no different than yours. They live in physicality. But they live in physicality with a ‘knowingness’.

Then you’ll say, ‘well how can this be any fun? This is supposed to be a playground.’. The wise-man finds it a great deal of fun because its like playing charades – he plays ‘with’ the peoples on the planet. He plays with Nature. He plays with everything, because he ‘knows’ he’s the creator. How can you have more fun then knowing ‘who’ you are, being able to do whatever you want – because you’re constantly creating what you ‘want’ to do to see what you want to learn. You don’t realize that when you get out of your body at night or during a cat-nap or at whatever time that you actually leave the physical construct, you go and pick out from your possibilities/probabilities and you act out the play. You see it all evolve, just like these grand playwrights that you have on your planet. They have a vision of what they want so that they can put it on paper or put it in a movie. They ‘see’ it, then they create it. But that’s what you do at night.

You take these things and you play with them and you create. ‘Yes, this is, no this isn’t exactly what I want because if I do it this way I might miss out on what I really wanted to learn and understand. So, lets take another probability/possibility and run it through and see if this is what I want. This is what I want. This is what I’m going to do. When I get back in the body in the morning and I’m going to remember, this is what I’m going to do. This is the direction I’m taking. And you may bump along for a long time before you get your ‘play’ in physicality the way you want it. You keep tweaking it and tweaking it. Just like the people that write the plays. The writer, the script writer, the producer. All of these people all working together to produce a play on Broadway or London or Paris. They all do that. But you see, what you do is, you do it all at night. Then wake up in the morning then put it into action. You’ve done it, you know this is the way you want it and in physicality you’ll keep tweaking it and tweaking it and tweaking it until you get what you want. Then one day you’ll say, ‘oh, now I understand, I’ve waited for that answer. I’ve finally understood what this was all about. Okay, what’s next?’.

That is a GRAND learning. You create it. You act it out with possibilities/probabilities. You put it into motion in your waking hours. You may not like what you’re doing, but you’re doing it. Because you have set into motion that this is what you want.

You’ll say, ‘well, that person didn’t act out their part right and therefore’. Wait a minute. That person acted out their part exactly the way ‘you’ set it up. Its ‘your’ reality. Yours and yours alone. A very hard concept. But this is the way it is.

And there are those that are beginning to get a glimpse of what is happening. There are those in physicality that are beginning to get a glimpse of what is happening on your planet. It is being said on your planet, ‘we were so busy having fun over these last few years and finger pointing at everybody, that we did not pay attention to what was happening. We don’t know where we’re going, but it certainly has to take a different direction.’. These are people here in the United States that know that they have lost valuable years in the evolution of the species. And are ready to pull up their boot straps and get going. This has been decided upon.

Someone asked a question once that said; ‘well, you said at one point you would give us things that would knock our socks off.’. Alright, you’ve had some of it already.

You see, you set these things in motion – all of you as a ‘species’ – for your ‘species’ evolution. Because, what more exciting vehicle do you have to work with, than a physical construct? Then you’ll say; ‘well what about out there?’. What about ‘out there’? If it was so exciting ‘out there’ why are you in here? This is where the ‘excitement’ is. Out there is plain simple boring. You’re in here for the ‘excitement’. Out there is not nearly as exciting as in here because you are in a state of exciting development. And you want to throw it all away?

You all want to throw it all away until you go through that little separational vibration of ‘living’ to the Dead Zone. Then you say; ‘oh, if only I had stayed another week, I could have solved this dilemma and I could have gone onto something else.’. Too late. Your decision was to end it, that’s it. Now you start over again. At whatever stage you ‘remember’ to start over again. Maybe because you did ‘that’, you’ll pay more attention the next time around? Then you’ll say; ‘then you’re talking about reincarnation’. Well, everything is happening all at once. So what’s reincarnation? You may go backwards and change some things in another reality.

You see, you don’t realize the latitudes that you have. And you don’t recognize it simply because, you can rearrange the ‘past’, you can rearrange the ‘present’, you can rearrange the ‘future’ in any way you want to. You don’t recognize it simply because you’re always there – where ever ‘there’ happens to be. Next question.

JOHN; That was it.

DATRE; We thank you, we are Datre.


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