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Datre answers Dennis (part 1 Datre196)

JOHN; Today we have some questions from Dennis and the first question is; “Appling channeled information to enhance my growth is of interest to me. The underlying theme of Datre information seems to be to become an observer, and to act, with focus, upon those areas which you want to open up, or develop, within your experience. However, in practical daily life our reality, or bubble, is a construct based upon belief. Do you have any suggestions as to effective techniques, such as self-hypnosis, meditation, imagination, affirmation, to make desired changes?”

DATRE; What you’re looking for is a text book that tells you how to do all of these things. It is no text book that has ever been written. That is the fascination of being in the physical construct. You don’t have text books. The reason you don’t have text books on ‘how to do’ is because every individual is ‘totally’ different – there are no two of you alike.

It is like Edgar Casey who said, ‘eat 4 or 6 or however many almonds a day and it will ward off cancer’. He was giving a bit of channeled information from a doctor to a specific individual. So what does everybody do, is go down and buy almonds, and some people have been eating almonds, so many everyday, ever since they listened to the Casey information. And some have got cancer and some of them haven’t. But you see, you can’t set up a menu that says, ‘if you do this, this and this, you will achieve that’. It doesn’t work that way. It can’t work that way – it is an impossibility. If you want to meditate, what do you want to meditate for? What are you looking for in meditation? Are you looking to see pretty pictures? Are you looking for information? Are you looking for a ‘salt free’ diet? What are you trying to achieve? There is no one outside of you that can give you this information.

There is a very interesting group of words that not too many people have paid any attention to, those words are, ‘practicing medicine’. You don’t even pay any attention to the words. What are they doing? They’re ‘practicing’. They’ve been practicing ever since the medical profession was started with the first doctor and they’re still ‘practicing’. Sometimes they get it right and sometimes they don’t. But at least they’re using the proper verbiage that says they’re ‘practicing’. They’re not saying, ‘we have the ultimate answers’ however, this is the best information we have at the present time. That’s what everyone in physicality is doing, you are ‘practicing’ to achieve desired goals. Some of your practices don’t work and some of your practices do work.

But, you have to set up your own goals. What we have been trying to impress upon ‘all’ of you, is that you are ‘individuals’. There are no two of you alike – and that includes all in the Dead Zone and all of those in your various and sundry realities. Can you imagine the vast amount of numbers all of this contains? This is addition to the fact that you all ‘paint’ your own pictures. What we are trying get you to do right now, is to stretch your parameters and realize the vastness of this creation. You are but one piece of an ever changing and expanding evolution of humanity.

You can all sit and meditate and because you’re all sitting in the same room meditating, your thoughts are all mingling. When you come out of meditation you will find the majority of the individuals that all meditate together have achieved almost the same thing. This is because you are all picking up the combined energy patterns. But what about the person sitting over in the corner that doesn’t know what they’re talking about? He or she had nothing in common with the experiences of these other people. Now, they look at that person and say, ‘What did you get in your meditation?’. The individual is reluctant to say. Why? Because he/she does not ‘fit’ the norm. And the one that doesn’t fit the ‘norm’ is the one that is beginning to achieve their goal.

You don’t want to be like everyone else. Why would anyone want to be a ‘cookie cutter’ image? Everyone wants to wear a certain kind of jeans, because, ‘well, everybody wears that’. Why does everyone want to wear a leather jacket of a certain kind? ‘Because, everybody does it’. Where is your individualism? That is what you have lost. You don’t become an individual, you don’t achieve your goals if you’re following like everyone else. It doesn’t work that way. So, the next question.

JOHN; And Dennis’s next question is; “For example, Datre has discussed the changing nature of time within our bubble. It seems that the idea of time can be fluid, or replaced altogether by the idea of experience. However, for many of us time appears to continue to march on. While my experience of aging has been an overall positive one, I would like to think that aging can be eliminated completely, and its effects reversed, allowing us freedom of experiences outside the constraints of time.”

DATRE; Well, you’re looking at ‘time’ as something that has a strangle hold on you – it doesn’t. We have talked to you about ‘events’. When you get to the point of viewing your ‘day’ as different groups of ‘events’, then you don’t put a time on them. If you were to put a ‘time’ on them, it would not fit. It is like traveling from one city to another and you do whatever you are going to do in that city so you turn around and you drive back again. Then you’re back in the evening and you are talking to someone and they say, ‘well, you made a trip down to such and such a town, what did you do?’. So you go on to explain that these are the things that you did and when you left and when you got back. And the person looks at you and says, ‘you couldn’t have done that’. And you say, ‘why not?’. They say, ‘well, it simply doesn’t fit because what you did would take more time – if you did all of those things you wouldn’t have been back until 2 o’clock in the morning’. And you said, ‘well I was back in time for diner this evening’. ‘But you can’t do that’.

There’s the logical mind that says, it takes this much time to do this and this much time to do that. They’ve got it all figured out and therefore everything has to fit within that ‘time’ schedule. And the person that goes about what they need to do – they’re not late for appointments, do what they need to do and they get twice as much done as anyone else, simply because they’re not all hassled by looking at the clock and seeing what ‘time’ it is.

‘I have to get this done by 12 o’clock’. Already, you have said something very important and you did not hear yourself. ‘I have to get this done by 12 o’clock’. Now, the person that knows themselves and realizes that ‘time’ does not exist, has told the brain to record 12 o’clock when the job is finished. Most get in a panic and start racing through to get done by 12 o’clock because they have no information about the event related process called ‘time’.

The person that gave you the information of what you were to do and the time allotted to do it in – to finish by 12 o’clock – has nothing to do with your attaining that particular goal. The information was given to you, ‘you’ take the information and ‘you’ process it. And what are you going to do? You’re going to set it so that when you finish it will be 12 o’clock. Who puts the numbers on the clock? Its not the person that gave you the job to do. You’re the one that puts the numbers on the clock. You have completed your task.

You see how simple it is when you ‘know’ what you are doing? Time is fluid. The only thing that makes ‘time’ is an event. Between an event, how much time exists? And what does it matter? The person that ‘knows’ that they are in control of that which you call ‘time’ is not concerned about it. They don’t have the headaches and the stomach aches and the carpel tunnel syndrome that everybody has to have in order to be important and show that they are extremely stressed by their jobs that they are about to do. Or the women or the men that are hassled with the children or any of these other things are living in a world of tension that they can’t handle, because they have no knowledge about the fact that time does not exist. It is your ‘individual’ creation.

You’re setting it up. Time is ‘event’ related. So if your having ‘events’ instead of running them all together and keep looking at the clock ‘time’ – the clock ‘time’ is not going to work because you’re convinced that it is continuous. You are convinced that clock ‘time’ is continuous. It is not. Clock ‘time’ is time that ‘you’ regulate. Now, that should help you by realizing that ‘you’re’ regulating the time instead of the clock – an inanimate object – regulating you. Now, who’s in control? Continue.

Part 2 continued on Datre 197


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