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Datre answers Dennis (Part 2 Datre197)
Continued from Datre 196

JOHN; What about his comment on reverse aging?

DATRE; Now, you talk about reverse aging. So what would you reverse? Have you ever stopped to think about what you’re asking? Why would you, as a mature individual, want to reverse and go back through – all the way to being a child? With your knowledge, that you have gained over that which you call your life to the present time – why would you want to loose all that? And, second of all, how could you? You reverse the aging process and you keep that which you have learned, what is a 3 or 4 year old going to do with the knowledge that a mature adult has? You see, it doesn’t work. The present day desire of always appearing youthful has become an obsession. You have attained this age, you have attained this knowledge. Why not approach this subject from a different standpoint? How about reaching the age of maturity and continue the learning process from that vantage point? The more you learn about yourself the more interesting physicality becomes. When you get to the point of truly ‘knowing’ what this physicality is all about and you realize that you are the ‘only’ creator of your reality, you will become so fascinated that you will forget to tell the brain how old you are. So reversing it, really, it doesn’t make sense.

Your evolution is related to that ‘principle’ that you all refer to as ‘time’. Now, if you are a mature adult and you wish to  s l o w d o w n  the aging process, then that is up to you to try it. To maintain a mature physical construct to work with and still keep your learning process going, that’s fine. There are many on your planet that do that. That is the ultimate. But, what you are all looking to do, is to stay young enough to do the many things that you want to do and want to achieve. That’s why so many people are living now to a hundred years old – its no big deal. People in their 80’s and 90’s, oh, they used to be old people. You’ll find people in their 80’s and 90’s as people in the world of music, politics, religion, everything you can think of, medical professions, everything. People are still mature and active enough so that they continue to do what they want to do. That’s what its all about.

Its convincing yourself that your body is not getting old at 65. ‘Well, its time to retire, I’m 65 I don’t know what I’m going to do’. So you live a year or two and then die, because you can’t find anything to do with your self. But, the man or woman that is enjoying LIFE, learning new things, active in anything that they want to do, people that learn to ski or swim at 70 and 80, now those people are not sitting around pretending to get old. You see, you have to do a very good job of ‘pretending’ in order to get your body to follow. Your body would prefer being active and interested. Your body gets ‘joy’ out of doing things that are creative, active, dynamic.

But, to reverse the process, I cannot see that one. Staying young at ‘any’ age – mature – not silly young, mature. That’s what a lot of people do when they get to the point of being in their 40’s and 50’s. They think they’re going to end their life and ‘oh, I’m getting old’. You hear them talk about it all the time. My goodness, they haven’t even started to live. They’re not even ‘mature’. They’re still in the process, they’re still ‘practicing’. Practice, keep on practicing, don’t give up practicing. It’s in the practicing that the learning takes place.

And what can be more interesting then learning, anything and everything that you desire to know about? Who was it that said, ‘the world is so full of a number of things, I’m sure that we should all be as happy as kings’. Its an old saying, but its true. You have the ability to explore any region of ‘thought’ and turn it into a viable activity that you want. You don’t have to be a millionaire to go to a public library and read a book.

So, enjoy the age that you are. Be as mature as you want to be. Don’t be concerned with the body – the body will follow. If you are interested and are enjoying, that which you call, your life experience, your body will follow. Continue.

JOHN; Dennis continues and asks; “Our experience within this bubble seems to involve the acceptance of certain core beliefs, but I would think even those core beliefs can be questioned and altered. Would a first step be to identify the core belief, question the belief, and then change it to the new desired belief?”

DATRE; You can do anything you want to with a belief – but you have to recognize it. Well a ‘core’ belief, if you want to call it a core belief, is the sun comes up and the sun goes down. That’s pretty much a given. That is a ‘core’ belief. Anything in between is of your own making. But that is one thing that everyone on your planet believes in, that I would call a ‘core’ belief. So, you have the core belief, the sun comes up and the sun goes down, but who says what ‘time’ it is? Its up to you to do with it whatever you want. But I would say, that was a core belief. And I don’t know why you would want to change that one. If you want to change it and make it all daylight, that’s fine, but I think you’d get rather tired of it.

You see, the reason you’re in physicality, is because you enjoy making everyday the way you want to make it. Now, you’ll say, ‘well why does this happen? And why does that happen?’. Sometimes it will take a short period of time to figure out why it happened and sometimes it will take years to figure out why it happened. And sometimes something will happen and you’ll never figure out why that particular thing happened. But it doesn’t matter, because you can only live ‘today’ – you can’t live yesterday, you can’t live tomorrow. So if you live today, good-bad-or-indifferent, the sun has come up, you’re living, when the sun goes down you’re going to go to bed and its going to be over. Then, the next day you’re going to have another one. But, its up to you to decide what you want to do with it – nobody else.

You’ll say, ‘well its so-in-so’s fault’. Well, if its so-in-so’s fault, then why did you agree with so-in-so that this is what they were going to do and this is what you were going to do? So, where is it? The decision was made between the two of you. So you see, its nobody’s fault. You’re working cooperatively even if you don’t want to realize that you are.

Why did this happen? Why the bombings? Why the trade centers? Why were all these people killed? Why? Why? If you look for the answer you can find it, because its right there. But, its so much easier to join the Masses and get all emotional about it – and never look to see ‘why’ it happened. It’s the ‘discovery’ that makes your life interesting. Emotion is fleeting. Discovery, is lasting. Because, if you search for the answer, and you find the answer, you’re going to be so thrilled because you found it, that every time something happens – nation wide, global wide or personal – and you search for an answer and find it, that will bring you happiness. And the more you ‘discover’, the more you’ll ‘want’ to discover. The more you ‘want’ to discover, the more life becomes interesting. In making life interesting, you will not want to commit suicide – why end it when you’re having such a good time? Continue.

JOHN; And Dennis’s final question is; “Also, from a practical standpoint are there behavior changes to be made from within the existing framework, for example, Datre has recommended drinking plenty of water to aid the body system. Are there other recommended changes, would an increase in vitamins and other nutrients be beneficial since the body is regulated largely by certain hormones, would using certain hormones to reverse aging be advised?”

DATRE; Now, the reason I have recommended water is because we have said before, many times, water has ‘unique’ properties. Water has a very, very, different energy patterning. If you were to see – from our vantage point – the patterning of that which you call water, you’d be fascinated. It is so uniquely different than any other patterning that you have. And, because so many were writing to us who were having multiple problems – that there is no way we can solve anyway – the only way any physical problem can be solved is by the individual that is living within that physical construct. It can’t be done from the outside. So, what we were saying, is because of all these multiple problems, we suggested drinking water. Now, what can be more beneficial – to any construct, because you have an energy construct, even your particles are an energy construct. Energy is constructed differently to make particles, energy is constructed differently to make everything on your planet – but water is unique. Water does change things. Water changes many things. And in drinking water, you change the energy construct of the ‘patterning’ of your physical construct. Another thing that changes the energy patterning of the body, is that which you call ‘winds’. It is not generally known that wind blows right through the body. Individuals that live in big cities and go to lakes or woods or even city parks on weekends, come back to the city rejuvenated from the effects of the wind from the water or the woods and the grass and trees in the parks. People do not pay much attention to trees, however, they absorb the ‘toxins’ in the air and breath out beneficial energy.

We have seen how that changes. Then by being able to get into a physical construct and observe, through that which you call your, eyes, ears, nose, throat and everything else, we can observe, not only the physical construct we’re in at the time, but we can observe other peoples physical constructs. We have the ability to be in a physical construct, get out of the physical construct, for what you would call, the blink of an eye, and watch the molecular energy – if you want to call it that – of water and wind, then get back into the physical construct and watch the effect of water on other individuals. In other words, we can sit in a physical construct at a table and watch another individual drink a glass of water. And we can ‘see’ the change that is taking place – in the molecular structure of the individual that is drinking that water. This is also true of wind. And it is very unique. This is why we have suggested water.

We could suggest a lot of things. But if we sit here and give you the formula, it is like getting ready for an algebra test. We give you all the information that you’re going to need to take the test. We give you all the answers for the test. ‘Now, see if you can remember all of this, get in there and take the test’. Have you learned anything if you’ve memorized all the answers?

This is what they’re discovering in their school systems. That there are those individuals that are able to ‘memorize’ great quantities of material. Go into a room, take a test, get high scores on the test, and three days later have no idea what the test was about. They’re finding that again and again and again. What have they learned? They have learned to memorize. We don’t want you to learn to memorize. We want you to ‘discover’ the uniqueness that is ‘you’. Experiment, try things out. Talk to the body. The body says, ‘oh, I want potato chips’. So you go out and buy the biggest bag of potato chips you can buy and you sit down and eat the whole bag of potato chips. Is that sensible? And then they wonder why people are fat.

‘Oh, I want candy’, the body wants candy. Do you eat one piece of candy or do you sit down and eat the whole box? What are you learning? Learn to work with the body. The body doesn’t want a whole box of candy. The body doesn’t want a whole great big bag of potato chips. The body needs satisfaction of something that is within the potato chip or something that’s within the piece of candy. ‘Oh, but I’m a vegetarian and I don’t eat those things’. Belief systems, that’s fine. If that’s what makes you happy and comfortable and this is what you want to do, go ahead and do it. Do it until someday you’ll say, ‘I’ve had enough of that’, and try something else. Experiment! This is what life is all about. This is why people are bored.

They have these young children that are setting all these fires in Australia – because they haven’t anything to do. Now, does that tell you something? Watch what’s happening. If you are going to walk around and not be interested in life, how do you expect a child to be happy and satisfied, when all they see is dissatisfaction? The majority of the people on your planet, right this very minute, if you were to pole everyone on the whole planet, what do you think you would find? The people that are dissatisfied, far, far, out weight those on the planet that are satisfied.

Now, don’t you think something needs to change in order to change your planet and the ideas and the thought patterns that are in existence? And what better way then to start with yourself and ‘you’ be happy? You be satisfied. Its catching. If you walk down the street and smile at the first person you see in the morning, the person may look at you as if, ‘what’s he smiling about, what she’s smiling about?’. Alright, go to the next person and smile at the next person. It may take you a while, but somebody eventually will smile back. And what has it cost you? It has cost you nothing. But it has given satisfaction to some. Puzzlement to others. But what better way to start?

You see, its all the little things that those that want to be ‘spiritually’ and ‘highly evolved’ are looking for something that is very elusive and yet, its there all the time. And where is it? It’s right with you. It is your play and you can set the stage any way you want to. You can have a dramatic play. You can have a play of depression. You can have a play with laughter. You can have a play with despondency. You can have a play with any type of theme you want. The one that is most prevalent now, is the play’s of ‘mystery’. The mysterious. The magic. The magic is what people are looking for. And what is more magic than smiling at a person and having that person respond and smile back? Magic! Sure its magic, because the majority of the people don’t even see it. And if they do, they are in wonderment as to what that person is smiling at me for? So it gives them something to think about during the day.

Look for the ‘magic’. Look for the ‘excitement’. It is catching. We need to have more people satisfied rather than dissatisfied, in order to make changes on your planet. Dissatisfaction, everyone has that. So why not infuse the planet with something different? Very simple. Enjoy the life that you have to the beast of your ability. At the present time you may be having difficulties of many different kinds. Realize this is ‘your’ play. Change your focus. Enjoy being in a physical body to the best of your ability. Work with the body, it will change with you there’s no doubt about it. After all, what would you do without it? This is for all of you. This is not just for the person that is asking the questions. It is for each and every one of you.

You’re beginning a New Millennium, lets start something new. Don’t take yesterday and bring it forward. Very simple, the old year was tragic, despondency, unhappiness, fear – that’s your big number – all of these things, leave them in the old year. Start something ‘new’. Who can do it? You! Remember, the stage is yours. You do everything. You set it up the way you want it. So, plays on Broadway flop and they rewrite them. Okay, so your play last year was a flop, rewrite it, start over. We thank you, we’re Datre.


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