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Datre answers Susmita (Datre198)

JOHN; And Susmita’s first question is; “Are we all playing psychological games (and mental and physical games) within and between our different aspects?”

DATRE; Wait a minute, between your different aspects? Why are you limiting it to that point? You don’t know your aspects. Can you tell me the name and address of one of your aspects? I bet you can’t. Very few people can. They say, ‘well I’ve known my aspect and this is my soul mate and this is my this and this is my that’. But, do you? You had an ’emotional’ relationship of a type of remembrance that different other individuals will trigger a ‘knowingness’ within you. The physical body has an emotional patterning. That is why people are ‘drawn’ to each other.

Walk into a room of 200 people. Then make contact, in one way or the other, just by saying hello to everyone in that room and see which ones your physical body relates to. You may find that there is no one there, now this is not ‘sexual’ attraction, don’t get that one put into the picture, that you’re emotionally stimulated by. In other words, you say hello to that person and that person turns around and says hello, and your instinct says – be it male, female, whatever – I’d like to know that person. And you’ve only said hello. That is not ‘you’. That is a physical attraction to that individual.

Now, what stimulated that? Think of it. Are you ever going to see that person again? Or, will you never see that person again? Or, will that person, every once in a while – in the future – come into your mind and you think, ‘I wish I had talked more with that individual’. You may meet again. You may never meet again. But there was something that attracted you to that individual. And you know what it is? It’s the physical construct.

Now, remember, this is only in the waking hours. Is that someone that you are going to want to be involved in that which you call your ongoing production, your play? Is that someone that’s going to enhance your life? Is that someone you need to make further connection with? You’ll sort it out in your dream state.

You see, your play is so well written and you don’t recognize it. Now, in the sleep state, you can discuss possibilities and probabilities. And you may say, ‘well, I don’t think this is going to work’ and the other individual agrees and that takes care of it. Or, you may say, ‘well’ I think maybe between the two of us, you want this experience and I need this experience, so maybe if we do it this way, we can both benefit’. Interesting? Don’t you wish that you would get to the point of going into the dream state and be able to pull it back and know, ‘this is what we have planned, lets go do it, lets put it in the play, lets put on this production. Then lets see if we get out of it what we want to get out of it?’.

That’s the fascination of physicality. But, that’s the point that is hard to get to. Now, don’t worry about your aspects. They’re there, they’re doing their own thing. If you ever come across them and you recognize them, or think you do, that’s fine. But its immaterial. If that is anything that is going to be of any value to you, that’s fine. If it isn’t, that’s fine too. But you don’t have to be concerned about what “other” people are doing. Only if that is something that you’ve set up that you want to experience.

And if it isn’t, and this might be that person that you met in that room of these 200 people. That person may every once in a while come into your memory pattern – that’s what the brain does. Something will happen, you will smell a certain odor, ‘oh, I remember, I can remember the smell of hot dogs and candied apples and that’s what was in that room, that was some of the things we were eating’. So, here comes that persons memory. You see, your life is so fascinating and you can’t see it. But that’s alright, you have all the time in the world, and then some. Continue.

JOHN; Susmita continues on and asks; “Do we all come as sparks from psychological entities?”

DATRE; Oh, now you’re getting really deep aren’t you? Now, who creates the psychological entity? Who put the “life spark” into the physical entity to make it work? It isn’t your neighbor. It isn’t your doctor that helped birth you. It isn’t your parents. Who has total complete control over your physical construct and what ‘you’ put into it or take out of it as you so desire? No one but ‘you’. Continue.

JOHN; And the final question from Susmita is; “Is the entire physical/visible universe primarily the work of psychological entities, who themselves came from the Universal Mind?”

DATRE; We don’t have any psychological entities that do anything regarding any of the ‘separate’ Universes. Now, we can help work with the components. But we don’t create your system. There are different levels of intensity and understanding that create your ‘physical’ constructs – shall we say, but that is you. Those that create, say your planet, know that they are creating your planet. The trees know that they are creating their own tree. There is a ‘knowingness’ that is in everything. Now, don’t get confused. A ‘knowingness’ should not be construed in anyway to have that which you call an intellectual brain to operate with. A ‘knowingness’ that is the expression of a tree is that the tree ‘knows’ that the cells that make up a tree know what to do. In other words, a tree knows how to grow. It has that knowingness of knowing it is a tree. It knows how to grow. It knows how to drop its leaves in the fall. It knows how to bring new growth in the spring. It knows how to flower. How to make fruits and nuts and all of these other things. It is a ‘knowingness’. It knows its ‘treeness’. It as plain and simple as that.

If you were to look at that in that context, now you can look at your physicality. Your physicality has that same type of knowingness. In other words, the cells that create your stomach has the knowingness that this is how they hold the shape and do what a stomach does, because it is a knowingness of those cells that make that part of your body work.

Now, you see, when a child is born all the knowingness of each individual organ, the fingernails, the hair, the soon to be teeth, the eyes to see, the ears to hear, the legs to walk and all of the inside organs. There is a ‘knowingness’ that those all exist and that these are to grow and there is a pattern to be followed. That is the knowingness of this physical construct. Your physical construct knows how to maintain itself. It can maintain itself. But it also needs help in maintaining itself to the degree that it needs to have certain elements that you provide for your physical body, your physical containment, that you need to supply to it. In other words, the physical construct knows it needs food in order to be able to nourish the cells to do the job they need to do. But, someone has to be there, shall we say to get the food to put into the body. You see, if the food is there the body can pick it up and put it in the mouth and do all of that. But, it has to have someone to get the food in front of them. You see, in all of these things the body functions, but it also functions with your help. Without your help it just be a body lying there and that would be of no good at all.

So, you’re getting into very complex questions and I’m giving you very simple answers. In trying to keep it simple you will begin your questioning and this is important only to the extent that you realize how grand you truly are. That’s what its all about. Then, in knowing how magnificent this creation is, of you and your body and interactions and all of this other, you’ll drop your one big problem, or one big issue, that confronts humanity as a whole, and that is ‘fear’. The more you realize the physical construct and your involvement ‘with’ it, then where is the fear? Because, knowingness and fear cannot exist together. They don’t fit, one negates the other. So, when you look at it from that standpoint and begin to understand the physical construct and what you need to do to sustain it, its such an automatic that you don’t think about it. This is fine, because if you were to think about all of these things all the time, there would be nothing else for you to do but contemplate your physical construction and what you do with it and how it works and all that kind of thing. When the main thing that you should be doing is experiencing that which you call ‘life’.

So, I’m putting all of these things in front of you to show what a magnificent thing you have all devised and set up for yourselves to experience – and that’s called physicality and the evolution of it. Enjoy it. Look at it as it truly is – magic. We thank you, we are Datre.


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